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									                                              The Spring 2009 Commencement Ceremony
                         will be held in the James H. Hilton Coliseum, on Saturday, May 9, 2009, at 1:30 p.m.

Ticket Information                                                    The Processional
Tickets will not be required for admission to the Ceremony.           Candidates will march into the coliseum side-by-side (two-by-
                                                                      two). Students will be lined up in pairs in the college line-up
Caps and Gowns                                                        areas and will proceed to the candidate seating area in this
You are required to wear a black cap and gown to the ceremony.        order. If you wish to be seated by a particular person during
You may purchase a cap and gown from the University Bookstore         the ceremony, you may want to have a partner chosen prior to
(Memorial Union). You should not wear a corsage with your cap         arriving at Hilton Coliseum.
and gown.
                                                                      The processional, lead by your college dean, will begin at 1:30
Your cap should be worn level, not tilted, with the tassel on the     p.m. You will be lead to your seat by a marshal. Please be seated
right side during the processional. Decorations on caps may be        when you reach your seat. At the end of the processional, please
confiscated. Your gown should hang freely from the shoulders;          stand for the color guard and The Star Spangled Banner. After
appropriate business clothing should be worn under your gown.         the anthem, you will be instructed to be seated.
Please, no tennis shoes or flip flops.
                                                                      Caps should be worn during the processional and while degrees
Arriving at Hilton Coliseum                                           are being conferred. Feel free to either remove or retain your cap
Plan to arrive at the Coliseum at 12:45 p.m.                          during those portions of the ceremony when you are seated.

Upon arrival at Hilton, please go directly to your line-up area and   Conferring of Degrees
check in with Registrar’s staff. See map on reverse side to locate    Candidates will be led to the stage by a marshal and will be
your college lineup area. Do not take a commencement program          instructed when to begin crossing the stage. Proceed to center
at the entrance; we will have one for you on your chair.              stage to shake hands with the president or provost and receive
                                                                      your diploma cover. Jolesch Photography will take your
Leave purses and other valuables with family or friends.              photograph as you are receiving your diploma cover. Exit the
                                                                      stage by way of the center staircase and return to your original
The Ceremony                                                          seat.
The ceremony will begin at 1:30 p.m. and end at approximately
3:30 p.m.                                                             Recessional
                                                                      At the end of the ceremony, please remain standing until the
Bringing champagne to the ceremony, displaying signs, and             faculty recessional is concluded. There will not be a student
engaging in disruptive activities is prohibited. Staff will           recessional. Family and friends are welcome to come to the
confiscate any bottles or containers of alcohol. Possession of         arena floor to greet you following the faculty recessional.
alcohol may result in not being allowed to participate in the
ceremony.                                                             Diploma Distribution
                                                                      Graduation requirements will be verified after graduation and
Please turn off cell phones during the ceremony.                      diplomas will be mailed on May 28, 2009, to all candidates who
                                                                      have completed degree requirements.
The lights in the Coliseum will be at full intensity for              If your diploma mailing address changes, please contact the
photographs. You are welcome to come to the arena floor after          Graduation Office, 210 Enrollment Services Center (formerly
the ceremony for photos.                                              Alumni Hall), by phone at (515) 294-9372, by fax at
                                                                      (515) 294-9925 or by e-mail at graduation@iastate.edu
Jolesch Photography of Des Moines has been contracted to take         before May 22, 2009.
your photograph prior to the ceremony and again as you are
shaking hands with the president or provost on stage.                 Special Assistance
                                                                      Any graduate or guest needing special assistance prior to or
Free color proofs of your photos will be mailed to you within
two weeks following the ceremony. All photographs taken at            during the commencement ceremony (elderly, wheelchair,
commencement will be posted on Jolesch Photography’s public           sign language interpreter, captionist, etc.) should contact Denise
Web site at www.jolesch.com. You may view or purchase                 in 214 Enrollment Services Center (formerly Alumni Hall) or
photographs through this Web site and are under no obligation         phone (515) 294-0767, by May 1st to make arrangements.
to purchase photos.
                                                                      Contact For More Information:
Questions regarding photographs should be directed to Jolesch         The Graduation Office
Photography, 2771 104th Street, Suite E, Des Moines, Iowa             210 Enrollment Services Center (formerly Alumni Hall)
50322-3812, or phone 1-800-833-6769.
                                                                      Phone: (515) 294-9372
                                                                      Fax: (515) 294-9925
                                                                      E-mail: graduation@iastate.edu

Office of the Registrar                                                                                                         Over
                            College Line-Up Areas in Hilton Coliseum (Spring Semester)

                                                                                                           Design (brown tassel)
Business (drab tassel)                                                     North                           After entering, turn right and go to the
After entering, turn left and go to the                                                                    northeast side of the Coliseum. Check in
north side of the Coliseum. Check in           Restrooms                                       Restrooms   with staff outside of the entrance to sections
with staff outside of the entrance to                                                                      112-112-213-214 on level 3
                                                                   Bus              Design
sections 106-206-207 on level 3.
                                                                                                       H Sci
                                                                                                                 X   Human Sciences (maroon tassel)
                                  North                                                                              After entering, turn right and go to the
                                  Stairs                                                                             northeast side of the Coliseum. Check
                                                                                                                     in with staff outside of the entrance to
                                  South                                                                              sections 118-218-219 on level 3.
                                  Stairs         Elevator                                                        X

     University Bookstore
     Cap and Gown pickup
                                                                          Level 3              Restrooms

        (before ceremony)                                              Main Entrance

                                                 Red Room

                                  Stairs                                 Offices
             West Entrance
                                  South                    Restrooms
          West                                                                                                                     East
                                               Gold Room

Agriculture and Life Sciences                                                                                  Note: You cannot cross from one side of the
(maize tassel)                                                           Level 2                               Coliseum to the other on Level 1 or 2.
After entering, go to the stairs on
the west side of the Coliseum, go
down two floors to level 1. Check
in with staff.                                 AGLS
                                      Stairs                       Entrance to Chute
                                                                                             Coliseum            Stage

                                   South                                                     Candidate Seating
                                   Stairs                                Elevator

                                                                         Restrooms                                           Parking

                                                                           Level 1           South
                                                                 Scheman Building
                                                    Located to the West of Hilton Coliseum
 Liberal Arts and Sciences                                                                   Engineering (orange tassel)
 (B.A., B.L.S.-white, B.Music-pink,                                                          Students will line up in the Scheman Building (located to
 B.S.-golden yellow tassels)                                                                 the west of Hilton Coliseum) and will process to Hilton
 Students will line up in the Scheman Building (located to the west                          Coliseum. Enter through the south doors and proceed to
 of Hilton Coliseum) and will process to Hilton Coliseum. Enter                              the first floor lobby area. Check in with staff at the counter
 through the south doors and proceed to the second floor lobby area.                          on north side of lobby.
 Check in with staff at the counter on north side of lobby.

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