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									                        NATIONAL PARLIAMENT OF SOLOMON ISLANDS
                        8TH PARLIAMENT – 1ST SESSION – 4TH MEETING
                                    DAILY HANSARD

                                      FRIDAY 24 TH AUGUST 2007

                             (Draft Copy – Subject to Changes upon revision)

The Speaker, Rt Hon Sir Peter Kenilorea took
the chair at 9.30 a.m.                                  Hon SOGAVARE: Point of order, Mr Speaker.
                                                        Sir, I want to make a series of points of order
Prayers                                                 here and refer to Standing Orders 27. Mr
                                                        Speaker, the motion as worded and appears in
                 ATTENDANCE                             the Order Paper for today is procedurally and
                                                        constitutionally flawed, and would like it to be
          At prayers all were present with              ruled out.
          the exception of the Ministers                         The proposed motion as presently
          for National Reform & Aid                     formulated contravenes at least three provisions
          Coordination, Lands & Survey,                 of the Standing Orders - 27(3)(a), which
          Home       Affairs,    Forestry,              provides that “If the Speaker is of the opinion
          Environment & Conservation,                   that the proposed motion or amendment is one
          Finance & Treasury, Foreign                   which infringes, or the debate on which it is
          Affairs, External Trade &                     likely to infringe, any of the provisions of these
          Immigration and the Members                   Orders” 27(3)(e) which provides that the motion
          for West Guadalcanal, East                    is “framed in terms which are inconsistent with
          Honiara, Central Kwara‟ae,                    the dignity of Parliament and (f) it contains or
          Rennell and Bellona, Small                    implies allegations which in the Speaker‟s
          Malaita, Ranogga/Simbo, East                  opinion cannot be substantiated by the Member.
          Are Are, North West Choiseul,                          I elaborate as follows, Mr Speaker.
          North Malaita, Maringe/Kokota,                Firstly, Mr Speaker, objection is taken to the
          Gao/Bugotu,                                   wording of the motion in terms that Parliament
          Hograno/Kia/Havulei,        East              is not requesting or calling upon the government
          Makira, North Guadalcanal,                    to do what it asks but dictating or demanding its
          North New Georgia, West                       acknowledgement. Sir, that is contrary to the
          Kwaio, Ulawa/Ugi, and South                   dignity of Parliament.
          New Georgia/Rendova.                                   Secondly, Mr Speaker, the motion is
                                                        also unbefitting to the dignity of Parliament in
                                                        characterizing what happened as an illegal entry
STATEMENT             OF        GOVERNMENT              and invasion. That is a conclusion which cannot
BUSINESS                                                be made without judicial determination. That
                                                        matter is still before the Papua New Guinea
MOTIONS                                                 Courts.
                                                                 Sir, any description in terms of an
Motion No.8                                             invasion is an attack on our sovereignty which
                                                        this Parliament cannot countenance.
Mr BOYERS: Thank you, Mr Speaker.                                Thirdly, Mr Speaker, the description of
                                                        what happened as an illegal entry and invasion
and demands as bona fide are allegations which                  I have already had clarification on this
cannot be substantiated by the Member                  on legal base in legal and also with the full
particularly when those are legal conclusions the      approval of the Speaker. But Mr Speaker,
court is yet to determine, the Member lacks legal      notwithstanding I would like to leave it to your
qualification.                                         chair. I believe the process I am portraying here
         Mr Speaker, the proper addressing of the      is not a demand for compensation but it is
motion and the so called bona fide demands is          recognition of the voice of traditional people
the Government of Papua New Guinea. The                representing their sovereignty, their rights and
Solomon Islands Government does not own the            their laws, which has been declared in this
Papua New Guinea Military Craft. Also the              House that this is the proper place to present
flight is not an aircraft. I think the motion just     those.
quickly needs amendment and will benefit from                   I am not asking the government to
grammatical proofing and proper English.               allocate funding out of the consolidated fund. I
         But I think the most serious of the           am just asking that the demands and protests be
objections, Mr Speaker, by the Government is           recognized as a right.
Standing Order 28, which provides as follows.                   As of today my people have had no
“In the case of a motion or amendment to a             response to the letters and request to this
motion, the effect of which, in the opinion of the     Government and to the PNG Government
Speaker, is that provision should be made for          through the executive.
any of the purposes set out in section 60 of the                By the muffle of my voice on behalf of
constitution (that is to say, that such motion if      my people, there is no other conduit to be able to
carried, will require the introduction of a bill to    express the process of good governance,
make provision for imposing or increasing any          transparency and accountability. The Standing
tax, for imposing or increasing any charge on          Orders are there and to suppress the sovereign
the consolidated fund or other funds of Solomon        right, Mr Speaker this Parliament has already
Islands including aid funds which have been or         been hijacked. I stand here with full sovereign
might be made available to Solomon Islands or          right to express my people‟s concern on this
for altering any such charge otherwise then by         floor.
reducing it, or for compounding or reducing any                 This motion does not have to be passed.
debt due to Solomon Islands)”, and then it went        But I just want to make sure that my peoples‟
on to provide what actions the Speaker should          voices are heard. If the government sees it fit
take Mr Speaker.                                       not to approve or vote against this motion, so be
         We do not have money. There is no             it. But the voice of my people has a right on this
budget provision and we are not intending, and         floor of Parliament to be heard.             Their
this motion, Mr Speaker, if it is to be allowed        grievances have been muffled and silenced.
today, it must first of all under Standing Orders               I leave it to your decision, Mr Speaker.
28 needs to be approved by Cabinet because it
involves payment of compensation. With those           Mr Speaker: From the chair, first of all, the
admissions, I request if you could rule that this      motion itself has the word „considers‟. On the
motion is not in order and ask the Member              other point raised by the Prime Minister that the
concerned to withdraw it.                              case is before the courts, and that is the court is
                                                       in Papua New Guinea and therefore it is a
Mr Boyers: Mr Speaker, I acknowledge the               different jurisdiction to that of Solomon Islands.
Prime Minister‟s concern on this motion.               But there is a word to be proved by evidence,
Notwithstanding this is a motion in response to        which is „illegal‟, which I think the Prime
the Government‟s declaration surrounding this          Minister has a point there if it can be amended.
thing, and that I feel it is my constitutional right   Unless proved otherwise the word „illegal‟ in the
of representing the sovereignty of this country        motion needs to be proved by evidence. For that
has now been hijacked in the processing of not         reason I would like to ask the MP for West New
allowing the process of freedom of                     Georgia/Vona Vona to discuss with the learned
representation of my people‟ concerns.                 Attorney General or the Clerk to amend the
wording of the motion so that right words are        of my people under the Constitution and the
put in the motion before it can be allowed to be     responsibility of the Government to serve the
debated again.                                       people.
         I will suspend the Sitting for 20 minutes             This motion represents upholding the
for the Attorney General and Member for Vona         sovereign rights and sovereign laws and most
Vona to sort out the wording „illegal‟. That is a    importantly the rights and obligations of this
ruling from the Chairman.                            Parliament in representing the voice of the
                                                     people via the Legislature, especially if that
Hon Sogavare: Point of order Mr Speaker.             voice is being deprived of response.
Can I ask the Attorney General to shed some                    My people have waited 10 months and
light on some of the points you raised.              the silence is deafening, and due to this silence, I
                                                     have no option but to bring this before this floor
Attorney General: Mr Speaker I want to put           of      Parliament     for   transparency       and
this point on the floor of Parliament for the        accountability sake.
people of Solomon Islands to hear that I do have               Mr Speaker, I would like to start by
an ethical problem rising on this motion on its      briefly refreshing this House and Nation by
amendment on its defects. Mr Speaker, I must         revisiting the events of that early morning the
excuse myself from any task concerned with the       10th October 2006 in Munda. You all know the
motion for self evident reasons.                     events when a PNG Military plane buzzed into
                                                     the Munda Airport under the cover of darkness
Mr Speaker: Thank you. With the assistance           in the early morning.
of the parliamentary staff legal people, they                  Munda residents were woken to the
could find the right words for this motion.          sounds of screaming turbo props as attempt after
Otherwise Standing Order 27 (3) that if it is in     attempt was made to land without being seen.
the Speaker‟s opinion that the motion could be       Those that managed to get to the airstrip hid in
moved then that is final. However, because of        the bushes and watched with horror as the gate
the wording of the motion, I would like to ask       of the plane dropped and armed personnel took
the MP for Vona Vona especially the language         their positions on the strip in intimidating
in this motion. That is the ruling from the chair.   manner. As the plane dropped its cargo of three
                                                     people, including the Attorney General sitting in
       Sitting suspended for 20 minutes              this Chamber, the armed soldiers jumped aboard
                                                     and disappeared into the darkness from whence
Parliament resumes                                   they came. Its human cargo was watched as
                                                     they hid in the bush before they decided that no
Mr Speaker: As directed under Standing Order         one had seen them and then made their to the
27(2) the motion is amended. I have now              hospital end of the strip, but they were soon
allowed the Member of Parliament for West            apprehended by the authority.
New Georgia/Vona Vona to continue move his                     The people were angry over this action
motion.                                              as no planes land at night in Munda because if
                                                     there is any large aircraft such as that military
Mr BOYERS: Thank you, Mr Speaker. I rise to          plane, the village elders and community are
move the amended Motion No. 8 which says             made aware of its arrival days before hand by
“That the Government considers what action it        the airport authorities. This is the custom that
will take to address the bona fide demands of the    exists between the enforcement and regulatory
people of Munda over the unscheduled entry and       authorities in the communities living in and
landing of a Papua New Guinea Military plane         around the airport.
at Munda on the 10 th October 2006.”                           Mr Speaker, the Bougainville Crisis is
         Mr Speaker, as the MP for West New          still afresh in our minds where guns have been a
Georgia/Vona Vona Constituency, I am                 nightmare of our people. Incursion of PNG
presenting this motion to bring to light the         military is not a new issue which has led to
seriousness of what has happened. It is the right
compensation issues that has only been partially     through Solomon Islands and has landed in
resolved.                                            Munda this morning.
         Original compensation that was                       Mr Speaker, there has been a full
allocated for this purpose was used for the PNG      briefing with the Commissioner of Police and
Chancery and for the University Students‟ fees       other core authorities including immigration
etc. That is a fact. The reason for that is if the   officials and the matter is now in the hands of
PNG Authorities paid compensation direct to          the Police.
those affected, then the compensation demand                  Mr Speaker, I also have called the PNG
from the Bougainville Authorities would be a         High Commissioner to my office after
thousand fold. So just hide it in an aid package.    Parliament this afternoon to find out and
         Mr Speaker, in 2004, I was appointed        express to them the concerns of the Solomon
the Chairman of the PNG Solomon Islands              Islands Government. Unfortunately, as usually
Border Committee with the responsibility of          required, there was no diplomatic clearance of
creating an effective mechanism for border           the reported military light aircraft, which
movement for the traditional people, but most        brought in the Attorney General.
importantly to re-establish border relations with             As of this afternoon, it is now within the
PNG, which eventuated in the ratification of         hands of the Police to take care of Mr Moti (if I
Sovereign Border Treaties. These Treaties were       can mention the name) and he will now be
security treaties so that each countries             subjected to the Immigration Laws of this
environment and people are protected and             country including breach of the Passport Act”.
respected.                                                    The Minister further went on to say after
         Why did PNG Authorities think that my       question, “but at the moment what we are
people were a threat? We have not even had an        concerned about is breaching of the laws of this
apology, not a national apology or one for the       country and he will now be subject to the full
Munda people? This was no accident. It was a         brunt of our legal laws.” unquote.
planned act, which resulted in the breach and                 There it is again for the record, Mr
violation of international law and sovereign laws    Speaker. On the 11th October the Honorable
of this country.                                     Prime Minister was asked a question without
         If we had been invaded, are we at war?      notice by the Leader of Opposition on his
Or someone from inside Solomon Islands               knowledge and involvement of how this flight
conspired with outside foreign forces to invade      could have happened and all the Prime Minister
us. It was an armed invasion, the cargo of what      responded to was the acknowledgement that he
I called a bomb, which has now infiltrated into      had sent a political appointee and a legal aid to
our sovereign system through the backdoor like       assist the encumbered Attorney General and
a computer virus. My people have been                referred to the Foreign Affairs Minister‟s
terrorized and the issues must be addressed.         statement as having answered the issue loud and
         Mr Speaker, this leads me to the            clear. The honorable Prime Minister in support
reaction and response of the Government. This        of the Minister of Foreign Affair‟s statement
event happened in last year‟s sitting of             denied any involvement.
Parliament in October 2006 and the response                   I am moving this motion, Mr Speaker,
from the Government was from the Foreign             because I have been given the mandate of the
Affairs Minister who made a statement in             Chiefs and Community Leaders, including the
Parliament, which I would like to read it again      Provincial ward members, Church leaders and
what the Foreign Affairs Minister said to this       business leaders of Munda to represent them on
House.                                               this issue. The leaders are also supported by the
         With your indulgence Mr Speaker I           Western Provincial Government in their protest.
would like to read that statement and I quote:       This is the burden and privilege that I willingly
“Mr Speaker, the Government would like to            have to accept.
clarify that we have been informed that the          Days following the illegal incursion, community
Attorney General who was held in Port Moresby        leaders met and drafted the official protest
over the last week or so has now found his way       demand letter dated 17th October 2006. As
mandated, the letter was delivered to the                     communities in Munda and an official
Solomon Islands honorable Prime Minister, the                 apology for using our area for illegal
PNG honorable Prime Minister, the High                        operation.
Commission and copied to all relevant
authorities with all signatures.      The only          (2)      The PNG to pay $10million in
response was from the Ministry of Foreign                        compensation       to  the traditional
Affairs as we have heard and the Prime Minister                  communities of Munda and an official
saying on radio that people of Munda have the                    apology for using a military plane to
right to complain. That was all.                                 carry out an illegal international
         With your indulgence, Mr Speaker, I                     operation armed invasion in our
would like to read the letter of demand from my                  community using fear and intimidation.
people:                                                          We further advise that until our
                                                                 demands have been addressed to our
“From West New Georgia/Vona Vona                                 satisfaction that we as the traditional
Constituency                                                     people’s leaders will hold you and those
Church Council. Official Protest of Demand                       you support contempt of our security
dated 17 th October 2006.                                        and human rights retain the right to
                                                                 protest our action accordingly. You
To the Honorable Prime Minister of Solomon                       respectful and immediate response is
Islands and                                                      most appreciated.
The Honorable Prime Minister of Papua New                         Yours faithfully,
Guinea.                                                          The Chiefs and Community Leaders of
                                                              Munda” unquote.

                                                        There has been no response to that letter until to
Dear Honorable Prime Ministers,                         date.
We, the traditional Leaders of Munda are                         Mr Speaker, some might say why
insulted by the recent action the Solomon               $10million. As far as I am concerned, this is an
Islands Government and the Government of                indication of the seriousness of the offence that
Papua New Guinea in the planned escape of the           the Munda people and leaders are protesting
Prime Minister’s friend and appointed Attorney          about.
General, Mr Julian Moti by the PNG Defense                       Mr Speaker, where is the letter of
Force using Munda as the off loading ground to          protest from the Minister of Foreign Affairs
this planned illegally and disrespectful                demanding an explanation from the PNG
undertaking on the night of 9th October 2006.           Government? Where are the charges against this
     We, the undersigned signatories on behalf          illegal entry? Where is the Police investigation
of our people, fully realize that this military style   on the acting Attorney General facing the full
landing is in breach of both our country’s              brunt of the law as the Foreign Affairs Minister
bilateral commitment and also our security as           had stated?
the traditional people that the Solomon Islands                  One can only be left with the conclusion
Government represents.                                  of political interference and this is reinforced by
     We have been intimidated by the PNG                the fact of the refusal to allow the Defence
Military with a direct attack to military invasion      Inquiry into Solomon Islands to interview
and we will not accept our sovereign rights to be       witnesses. The Inquiry was disallowed because
abused and our area to be used as a place of            of the excuse of sovereign jurisdiction. Where is
criminal convenience by the Prime Ministers             our Commission of Inquiry, Mr Speaker? Is
appointee or the PNG Government’s military.             this, politicians serving themselves, allowing
We therefore demand that:                               laws to be broken and then using the word
                                                        sovereignty to protect themselves? Is this
(1) the Solomon Islands Government pay                  encouraging an act that led to our laws and
    $10million in compensation to traditional           international laws to be broken endangering the
lives of Solomon Islanders all for the sake of this   these changes? If the PM is innocent then why
person that is now sitting here in Parliament         disallow investigation into the events? There
classified as an international fugitive? Did you      has been clear denial to address my people‟s
call that sovereignty?                                demands with a full investigation. Where is the
         What we are seeing, Mr Speaker, is the       Civil Aviation investigation? Where is the
abuse of our nation and it is starting and has        criminal investigation? Where is my people‟s
always started at the top. To lead is to serve.       investigation? Why did the Solomon Islands
That is what is on our Coat of Arms. A                Government not protest in the strongest possible
crocodile and a shark are standing there too.         terms? Where is the PNG Authority‟s national
These two animals are cold blooded animals that       apology to Solomon Islands? Where is the PNG
can eat human beings. They are top line               apology to the people of Munda? Where is the
predators with no respect and regard for              Prime Minister‟s address to clarify his position
anything except survival. The Coat of Arms is         to my people in relation to the Prime Minister‟s
our warning as these two animals do not serve         personnel and AG on board the flight? The
anyone. This is no disrespect to our Coat of          questions here are only 8 and not 666.
Arms, Mr Speaker, as it is our sovereign                        Mr Speaker, there is nothing. Where is
recognition and I am very proud of it.                the condemnation of this illegal act by the Prime
         We saw it with the previous Police           Minister? Why? Is it because of advice from
Commissioner, we saw it with the Defense              the then Acting Attorney General at that time
Inquiry rejection to come to the Solomon Islands      who comes from Munda? Is it denial or just the
and we even saw it on the floor of Parliament,        problem that the problem came from PNG? If it
Mr Speaker.                                           is PNG‟s fault then tell my people that.
         My people have been insulted by this                   This incident did not happen by
military invasion and to add to the insult they       accident, act on it. The April Riots Inquiry was
have been badly insulted by being ignored.            no problem to address, and that was a domestic
What kind of talk is this? Munda people have          issue. How much more important is this breach
the right to complain.                                of sovereignty, breach of international law,
         After the Police Enforcement Agencies        breach of bilateral security treaties, breach and
moved in with the full brunt of the law as the        violation of our laws that are there to protect my
Foreign Affairs Minister said, all of a sudden        people. As leaders is this how we treat our
there was an attempt to legalize the whole            people?
process through political interference:                         Truth is the only tool that can set people
                                                      free and until truth prevails we will never have
       get rid of the Commissioner of Police         trust or prosperity. What sort of unity with good
        because he was seen to be representing        governance is this, Mr Speaker? You cannot
        foreign influences,                           win the hearts of people if you treat the law with
       manipulate immigration process to make        contempt, as my people have been treated with
        entry legitimate;                             contempt. My people‟s bona fide demands have
       when he gets challenged the Solicitor         been ignored. You have not responded to say to
        General is threatened because he is           those people that you have nothing to do with
        telling the truth, so get rid of him with     the flight which carried your political appointee
        threats.                                      to the PMO, your legal aid and your favorite
       steps to get a new Commissioner that          Attorney General. Is this issue of the people‟s
        can be controlled so that he can arrest       right is going to be addressed Mr Speaker?
        anyone that is a threat to the AG and                   My people need security of mind that
        make sure certain people cannot be            their safety and environment is not threatened.
        investigated.                                 When laws are broken that affects their safety,
                                                      the Government of the day will protect and
There is too much wantok business going on            uphold their rights, as I am doing now, Mr
here, Mr Speaker. Why would the PM create all         Speaker, and I am doing it passionately. Why
Mr Speaker? Because I know it is right and you        we are going to hear the same speech in the next
know and everyone else know that I am right.          Parliament. We will hear the same things said
        This is what the Minister of Foreign          by the MPs for West New Georgia/Vona Vona,
Affairs stated on the 3rd October 2006 seven          East Are Are, Small Malaita, North Vella and
days before the illegal entry and invasion of this    may be you too, Mr Speaker. Let us bring some
plane in making his Government‟s position clear       rules back into this House otherwise we will just
on the diplomatic impasse between Australia           continue to come to waste each other‟s time
and Solomon Islands. I quote Mr Speaker, with         listening to the same things that we continue to
your indulgence again: “This Parliament, Mr           say in this House when in fact the Government
Speaker, as I have said must remain a symbol of       has already put to action to deal with those
our country’s sovereignty and we should be            matters. The PNG Government is also going
proud and passionate in defending this                through elections this time, and so you give
sovereignty including defending it from outside       time.
influences and interferences” unquote.
        Mr Speaker, even the Foreign Affairs          Mr Haomae: Point of order Mr Speaker. Since
Minister agrees with me. Funny the PNG High           the Minister mentioned the MP for Small
Commissioner was not expelled.                        Malaita I would like to raise a point of order.
                                                      These motions are different, Mr Speaker. The
Hon LILO: Mr Speaker, point of order. My              Minister even when moving the Supplementary
memory has now rewound itself and I thought I         Appropriation Bill the previous week also used
am rehearing the same things that have been           the same words when he moved the
mentioned by the same speaker in a meeting,           Appropriation Budget. So it is the same. Who
which is just a recent meeting of Parliament as       are you accusing? You used the words when you
well, and I thought that we need to bring some        moved the Appropriation Bill and the
very fundamental rule of this Parliament back to      Supplementary Appropriation Bill too.
light again.                                                   The Member is surmising under the
         Mr Speaker, we might contravene Order        pretext of his motion, and I do not see any
36(3) if you allow the Member to continue with        difficult with it because in the final analysis Mr
his speech because he is saying the same things       Speaker, they are different motions.           The
in a previous motion, and the motion I am             circumstances and also the content and
referring to was the motion I have been advised       substance are quite different. Thank you Mr
by the Office of the Clerk that there was a           Speaker.
motion moved in this House in the last meeting
of Parliament, Mr Speaker, and the same               Mr Speaker: Thank you honorable Minister of
Member for West New Georgia/Vona Vona                 Finance and MP for Small Malaita. I think we
spoke on the same matter, the tune was the            shall allow the honorable Member to finish off
same, the wording of his speech was same under        his presentation and then the government side
the motion moved by the Honorable Leader of           will either speak for or against the motion and
the Opposition, and MP for Central Kwara‟ae,          then it shall be put to the vote.
and the motion was that “SIG allows the PNG
Defense Force Board of Inquiry to enter               Hon Lilo: Mr Speaker, can I just conclude what
Solomon Islands for the purpose of its enquiry”.      I am saying. The fact that the MP for Small
I am hearing the same content of the speech at        Malaita made reference to the Supplementary
that time is the same one he is now delivering.       Budget and the Appropriation are totally
Order 36 rule (3) puts some limit in restriction to   different parameters. It is now clear to me that
that kind of speech Mr Speaker. And if we             the MP for Malaita has never listened to the
continue we will only say the same things which       speeches we have been making in here. What I
Parliament has already made a decision on.            delivered in the 2007 Budget is different from
         The right thing the Member should do is      the Supplementary Budget. They are totally
to try to move a motion to rescind the previous       different.
decision that Parliament has made. Otherwise
         But, Mr Speaker, the matter I am                       Mr Speaker, it is important that this
arguing about is ruling on Order 36(3) and Small       motion be seen in its true light and that is in
Malaita has no right to order me to sit down           considering these demands as their right so that
because it is a fundamental rule of this House. I      true healing can take place. It is important that
am raising that fundamental rule because the           in a country such as ours where diversity is
Chamber will soon be empty. You are singing            unified through respect of each other through the
the same song from the last meeting that you are       process of inclusiveness. This is a fact everyone
singing again in this meeting. Who wants to            will acknowledge. You do not have to put
sing the same chorus every time? That is why I         yourself in my people‟s shoes to know that they
am raising that issue but of course it is subject to   are right, and so I ask when you contribute on
your ruling. I am raising that particular concern      this motion, talk as if you are talking to them as
in relation to Order 36(3) so that we bring back       a representative of your people.
Parliament‟s rule to this House.                                Thank you, Mr Speaker, I beg to move.

Mr Speaker: Thank you Minister of Finance.                                (applause)
As I said we allow the Member for West New
Georgia/Vona Vona to continue his presentation         (The motion is now open for debate)
and any Member of Parliament or the
Government wants to speak on the motion can            Mr HUNIEHU: Mr Speaker, on behalf of the
do so and clarify some of these points.                people of my constituency of East Are Are I rise
                                                       to speak in support of the motion before
Mr Boyers: Thank you, Mr Speaker, for                  Parliament this morning. The intervention by
allowing me to complete my motion under                the Minister of Finance only goes to say that,
parliamentary privilege to talk.                       „when a stone hits a dog it barks,‟ and I hope Mr
         As I was saying, Mr Speaker, even the         Speaker, that, that is not the meaning of the
Foreign Affairs Minister passionately agrees           interventions this morning. But I also think that
with me but it is funny the PNG High                   as one of the leaders in the Western Province, he
Commission was not expelled for this much              himself should be serious about this motion.
more serious breach of sovereignty in                           I see this motion as important in the
international law, isn‟t it. One law for them, one     sense that it addresses our relationship with our
law for you and one law for us. That is not the        neighbors such as Papua New Guinea and for
way of justice and unity. Are we going to ignore       that matter Vanuatu, Australia and New
the voice of our people? People had their              Zealand. We share common air and sea borders.
sovereign laws of safety breached. All we are          We share common values in customs, relations
saying is that inside influences have the right to     and therefore the maintenance of our
abuse sovereign laws and the safety of the             relationship for good practices of foreign
people. It is being done in the past. Mr Speaker,      conduct is crucial in maintaining this
so why not do it again?                                relationship.
This motion affects all of us. It reflects not just             This is where I am coming from that the
the Munda people, it reflects the right of every       issues relating to the uplifting of our Attorney
Solomon Islander that has the same right. The          General to Solomon Islands, whilst it is
bottom is protesting and it is being sent to the       disgraceful as certain laws of the two countries
top with no response. Now it means recognition         have been violated in that exercise. Here, Mr
at the top in the floor of Parliament. Are we          Speaker, I do not know who to blame because
going to ignore our people when they demand            according to the secret diplomatic note written
attention or we are just going to ridicule them?       by our Prime Minister to his Papua New Guinea
There has been no response from the                    counterpart, he asked him to do everything
Government to my people who are demanding              possible to uplift our Attorney General to
accountability. This is the people‟s Parliament        Solomon Islands. I really do not know what he
and your decision today will start the healing or      meant by that.
sour the wound.
          For us as an independent nation, I          hope the Government will appropriately design a
wholeheartedly support the intention of the           scheme to address this issue if this motion is to
motion that our political independence, our           be passed.
territorial boundaries must be respected by our                In as far as the number game is concern,
neighbors. This is how wars are created. Wars         we on this side of the House do not have the
are created when a territorial integrity of another   number. It is your side of the House that has the
nation is violated or disrespect shown by another     number but this motion is not about the number
country.                                              but it is about our genuineness to solve a
          It happens in the world, Mr Speaker.        situation, a problem, an issue that was developed
Just because we do not have military planes it        between our two Melanesian countries, and it
did not happen, and as a government and a             must be this Parliament that resolves such issues
parliament we must raise concerns on this issue       amicably. I would like to see this Parliament
because the mover of the motion clearly stated        resolve those issues within the context of the
how the Bougainville Crisis affected our              motion that is before this House this morning.
bilateral relationship with PNG. Compensations                 Many times when a Member of the
were asked, people from Papua New Guinea              Opposition moves a motion, the tendency of the
intruded into our seas, into our country and the      government is to oppose the motion. Sometimes
people of the Western Province having the same        the motions are genuine and they are moved in
traditions and ways requested the Papua New           the interest of the nation and in the interest of
Guinea Government to pay compensation to              the people we represent but just because we do
them for the loss of lives and for the disrespect     not have the number they are defeated. But the
shown during those day.                               request was made, as the mover said, about 10
          Mr Speaker, we do not want to continue      months ago, and so it is enough time for
with that kind of exercise. We do not want to         someone to make the decision. There is enough
continue with that kind of exercise in the future.    time. That is good governance.
Unfortunately, this particular issue was created               That is all that I want to say about this
by the government, it is the own making of the        motion. I hope that my Prime Minister and his
government. I concur with the mover of the            Government will agree with the mover of the
motion that many misleading statements in             motion to seriously look into the contents of the
relation to this particular issues were made by       motion and make positive resolutions for the
Ministers of the Crown and even the Prime             people of Munda, and not only that but an
Minister himself. I maintain that we must             apology by the Prime Minister of Papua New
respect the dignity of this parliament and what       Guinea to Solomon Islands people will be the
we said in this parliament must reflect nothing       right course of action are to be taken on this
but the truth.                                        issue. Thank you, Mr Speaker.
          The motion is very precise underpinning
the concerns of the people of Munda. But this is      Hon NUAIASI: Mr Speaker, thank you for
a national motion because Papua New Guinea            giving me this opportunity to speak on this
has broken our territorial laws, disregarded our      important motion which the Member for West
political independence and violated our laws in       New Georgia/Vona Vona brought up in this
terms of the United Nations Charter and it            Parliament House.
should have immediately issued a statement of                 Mr Speaker, I for one could not
apology. If a statement of apology did not come       understand why this motion has to be brought to
pursuant to immediately after this incident           Parliament. Sir, since we claim ourselves to be
happened, I can only suspect that the Prime           Melanesian, there are means and avenues which
Minister must have permitted this operation,          we can go through to come up with solutions.
thus violating our own aviation and international     Therefore, I could not see any logic for this
laws.                                                 motion to be brought in this honorable House in
          Mr Speaker, this is a simple motion and     order for us to debate.
I would like to thank the Prime Minister for                  As I can see, Mr Speaker, this is an issue
amending that motion to be more flexible and I        where people are claiming compensation in
relation to relevant custom laws, foreign laws       Are was invaded like that what would you have
and everything. I would like to call on the chiefs   done? I was also born in West Are Are, my
through the Provincial Government to come            genealogy is connected to Are Are. I know that
together and bring this issue to the National        chiefs and people from West Are Are would
Government just like what has happened during        have done the same thing, they would have
the Bougainville Crisis.                             protested if they are invaded like this. You
         Mr Speaker, since this motion has come      better revised your views, the MP for West Are
before this honorable House, I could not support     Are on that score.
this motion because this not the way to solve our              Sir, it is already 10 months, exactly 10
problems or any compensation for that matter in      months that this issue was brought up to the
the Melanesian way. We all have the same             Government by our people at Munda of West
understanding, responsibility and relationship in    New Georgia/Vona Vona. That is a long time
the Pacific. Our cultural identity is very much      given the timeframe for this issue to be
important. As a man from West Are Are, I think       addressed. I think because the government does
that would be the best option for us to take on      not consider or taken it on board and that is why
this matter. By taking that option this matter can   the Member representing the views of his people
be resolved easily or understandably between         has brought this motion to Parliament.
ourselves rather than all of us talking about this             He is not a foreign agent. He is an agent
motion in this House.                                of the people of West New Georgia/Vona Vona,
         Papua New Guinea as we have already         his people at Munda and that is why he is
known is one of the Melanesian countries and         bringing the views of his people on the floor of
likewise its cultures and customs are similar to     Parliament. Is he a foreign agent? No.
ours in here. Sir, not at any time does Papua                  In my view, it is proper to bring this
New Guinea say, „no‟ to us when we ask it for        matter to this floor of parliament because it is
anything on the process or when we ask it to         here that we can resolve problems. This is a
compensate us, if we are doing our part and          customary motion because it involves customary
come up with solutions.                              law allowed under our Constitution.
         With these few comments, I oppose this                The MP for West Are Are and Minister
motion.                                              for Agriculture who has just left the chamber
                                                     belongs to the block of chiefly system in the
Mr HAOMAE: Mr Speaker, I stand on behalf             southern region called Aruaraha. I belong to
of the hereditary high chiefs of Small Malaita       Talahahu on the chiefly island of Small Malaita.
and the Small Malaita people to associate            Some chiefs are self appointed.
ourselves with this motion moved by the                        I read in the newspaper and I heard over
honorable colleague MP for West New                  the SIBC that may be some people from
Georgia/Vona Vona. As I promised the Minister        Western Province telling the police to go and
for Finance I will not repeat what I said during     arrest the chiefs at Munda for making a demand
that motion because that was substantively a         to the government because it is demanding. This
different motion.                                    is not demanding. It is a submission to the
         Mr Speaker, this motion is asking the       government to consider the invasion of their
government to „consider‟, and I do not see           territorial. This is invasion not only on the
anything wrong with that word „consider.‟ This       territory at Munda but the integrity, sovereignty
is a national motion, and I stand here to speak on   and the territorial integrity of Solomon Islands.
it because the incident that happened in Munda       This is in line with the customary practices we
can also happen in Small Malaita. This world is      adopted.
becoming very, very small. This inc ident can                  There is already precedence for this.
happen to any constituencies of anyone of us in      The Prime Minister, you and I were on board the
this Parliament, and that is why I speak on this     MV HMM Tobruk when we delivered the
motion on behalf of my chiefs and my people.         compensation claims of the people of
         My colleague and wantok who has just        Guadalcanal and Malaita. There were some
sat down, the MP for West Are Are, if West Are       exchanges done and a reconciliation process on
things that happened during the ethnic tension.     ports of call. Also the Attorney General came
The Government paid compensation to people of       from heaven when he landed at Munda with the
Malaita when somebody wrote derogatory              courtesy of the PNG Defence Force and the
remarks at the market against the Malaitan          Papua New Guinea Government.
people. Precedence and groundwork that was in                Therefore, on that note it can also
the customary law is already there. This is not a   happen in the Prime Minister‟s constituency. It
demand to arrest the chiefs in Munda. It is in      can also take place in the constituency of North
line with the compensation in customary law         East Guadalcanal. It can happen, because of its
that is allowed by our national constitution.       close proximity, in the constituency of
Read Schedule 3 of the preamble to the              Shortlands. It can happen in the constituency of
constitution and you will see it in there. We       West Are Are, (the Minister has gone out
know the laws that were infringed during that       because he knew he was saying something that
time. We are aware of the laws that have been       is not right) in the southern region custom. If he
broken during that time.                            supports this motion, the Prime Minister will
         I find it very amusing on how we           dismiss him, and that is why he has gone out and
twisted the definition of invasion. When the        that is why he wants to break the custom of the
PNG Military plane landed without permission it     southern region for purposes of him remaining
is really invading into our sovereign territory.    as a Minister and he wants to cut out the island
But the government sadly was saying it is not an    of Munda and let it float to the sea not knowing
invasion. Some of us are saying it is real          where it will land.
invasion. If you are saying it is not invasion               I do not want this illegal entry to happen
then it means you are aware of that flight or       in Small Malaita. Mr Speaker, no, no, not at all,
silence means permission.                           very true, that is why I wholeheartedly support
         I am not privy to the top secret of the    this motion.
government but the unscheduled flight can be
read in the body language and the wordings that     Hon TOSIKA: Thank you, Mr Speaker, for
it is permissive, as the MP for East Are Are has    giving me this opportunity to talk on this
said.                                               motion. First, the learned Attorney General who
         The issue here, Mr Speaker, as I have      is in the chamber now is a victim of a cooked
said is in line with our customs and we have our    strategy. If we could recall, his appointment
precedence for that for the government to           was made by Solomon Islands to be appointed
consider. It is just to „consider.‟ What is so      as the Attorney General of Solomon Islands.
difficult about that? If the government cannot      This victim traveled from India to Singapore and
even consider this motion then I do not know        then on his way to PNG his passport was
and wonder whether the Government wants to          confiscated. As the appointed Attorney General
cut out the island of Munda in West New             of Solomon Islands he was sheltered at the
Georgia and let it float outside or does it still   Solomon Islands High Commission at PNG,
want Munda to remain a territorial integrity of     which is a rightful thing for him to do since he
this country.                                       was appointed as Attorney General of Solomon
         This is a real happening that has          Islands. Therefore, the only place he can seek
happened to our people in that particular area,     help is with our High Commissioner in PNG.
and as I have already said it can happen to any     The fact remains that PNG does not have any
constituency in this country. It can happen to      problem with this person. The problem is
Small Malaita constituency, it can happen to        between Solomon Islands and Australia. This
Russell/Savo constituency because the motion        sex scandal that we always talk about in the
talks about illegal entry and invasion. Illegal     media and so forth is something that the court in
entry is quite different from invasion although     Vanuatu has considered and has given its finality
on this occasion they are the same because it is    to it already. There are documents that show
illegal entry and invasion at the same time.        this.
Illegal entry refers to stowaways and people                 (Please allow me time to talk. Although
coming into the country without permit through      you are a chief but allow me to talk). The PNG
Government does not see any problem with this          Mr TOZAKA: Thank you, Mr Speaker, for
and the Court had ruled on this issue already in       giving me the floor and this opportunity to
PNG and has squashed it.                               contribute to this motion, which in the beginning
                                                       I would like to say that on behalf of my people
Mr Haomae: It is not about the court case but it       of North Vella I support this motion.
is about the demands of the people in Munda.                    Mr Speaker, I also would like to confirm
                                                       to my colleague MP for Gizo/Kolombangara
Hon Tosika: The fact remains that the problem          that both of us should be driving and leading out
is between us and Australia. The fact is that          on this motion since both of us originate from
only when he was appointed as the Attorney             that part of the Western Province. We should
General of Solomon Islands this case was again         both be standing tall here defending the people
raised which about nine years ago he has been in       of Western Province, and in this respect the
and out of Australia and nothing was done to           people of Munda.
him. That is the reason why this person was sent                This motion has come to the corridors of
here by plane to Munda. What really happens is         this Chamber, Mr Speaker, because people from
that PNG did not have any problem with this            Munda, our people from Munda are people of
person and therefore he told them to send this         the affluent class, people who are educated,
person to Solomon Islands so that it is Solomon        people who are aware of their cultures, their
Islands and Australia‟s business to deal with,         tradition and people who know the government
and not the business of PNG in this case.              systems. They have been groomed in that way
         The fact here is that the Munda Airport       and they are well aware of their rights.
is not owned by traditional chiefs, it is not                   When they wrote the letter copied to all
owned by traditional chiefs.               It is an    Members of Parliament including the
international aerodrome declared by Customs,           government they meant what they said. I also
and since it is an international aerodrome it is       received a copy of this letter and I know that
where international flights can land. The people       most of the people who signed the letter are
were paid royalties for this airport, it is governed   traditional leaders of Munda, and I respect what
by aviation regulations. I do not see any reasons      they said through this motion.
why compensation should be paid on this flight                  Sir, what they are saying is that their
with due respect to my colleague MP for West           territory has been invaded. It is their place, they
New Georgina/Vona Vona.                                are protecting their territory, they are protecting
         In my view, we need to carefully look         their land, their air space and their heritage. It is
into this issue and consider other associated          their territory.
matters in relation to this issue. In my view, this             The question is also posed here that if it
claim of compensation is too big because               happens to your constituency what would be
according to our traditional ways of resolving         your reaction or how would you feel. They
conflicts, and if you are a chief of South Malaita,    think you would feel the same as them. If it
compensation is something where two parties            happens to North Vella I will be standing tall
come together and make peace between                   here and also reacting in the way that my
themselves, and it is not something to burden          colleague MP for West New Georgia/Vona
another party. It is not something to burden           Vona is reacting.
another party. If you say compensation must be                  Mr Speaker, when the people of Munda
that amount then it means you are not a chief.         checked all the necessary checks about this
         Mr Speaker, I think Munda airport is an       plane coming to their land, and find out from all
international aerodrome declared by the                the signals and all the replies that this flight did
Customs Act and I think this compensation in           not come through the government system, they
respect to traditional chiefs in this case is an       immediately reacted. They reacted because their
irrelevant point to consider. Thank you, Mr            understanding is that this airstrip belongs to their
Speaker.                                               government. It belongs to the Solomon Islands
                                                       Government, and the Government is supposed to
                                                       be defending our sovereignty.
         Why talk about sovereignty all the time     government, and this is offending the people of
and yet we are not defending our country? We         Munda. That is the point I want to make here.
are supposed to be standing tall protecting our                Sir, you know the government system if
country. If this plane happens to go to other        the government does not have what is being
airstrips, Mr Speaker, as we know                    proposed to it. It does not mean that the
internationally, you can just guess what would       government must meet what people want but we
happen to such a plane. Some of them are             must respond to them. At least a letter of thank
grounded and peoples lost their lives. Now that      you saying the letter is received or
it happens in our country, what are we doing?        acknowledging the letter and something is being
We welcome them for landing there. We are            done on it. If I hear that the other side of the
giving them a rose garden.                           House is doing that then I have reason to say
         What would be the signal of this to         that something is being done. But if there is no
people overseas looking into our country? What       letter of acknowledgement to this letter by the
would they think of us? The Solomon Islands          chiefs of Munda, then it is in the government‟s
Government and people are just like that. Other      court and this matter is not going to end but it is
people can just come in treating us like that even   going to continue, and they are pressing it on.
though they have their government, they have         Sir, when we are talking about our chiefs, our
their laws and legislation and their system, but     elders and our system that we are now
that is how these people are. That would be          addressing, it has to start and it must be led by
their reaction. They will say, we can do             the government to respect our structure. These
whatever we want to do with these people             people come from a class of people in the
because they are good people, their island is        stratification of our community in our country.
paradise. That is what they are saying. Do you       They are very proud of their class, they are very
think what they are saying is true? No, Mr           proud of their customs, and when there is no
Speaker, that is not what I mean. It means           acknowledgement and response made to them,
others can come and enjoy themselves in our          that is why it came here.
country because we cannot protect ourselves.                   Sir, this motion is a straightforward
We are very complacent about this. That is a         motion. It is only asking the government to
very bad precedence we have set in our country.      „consider‟. Now I am not going to delve into
                                                     what has happened which leads to this motion,
Hon Lilo: You signed the agreement after we          as that is a matter the Government has stated that
passed the facilitation.                             it is dealing with it. I am satisfied that it is being
                                                     dealt with according to the process of the law.
Hon Tozaka:          Thank you Member for                      Sir, I would like to urge the government
Gizo/Kolombangara for your comment on that           not to put this issue aside hoping that it will take
but your term will come when you can talk.           control of itself naturally. No, Mr Speaker.
         Mr Speaker, one thing that surprises me,    There are instances of this where we put things,
and the Honorable Prime Minister whom I              soft things under the mat, under the carpet, so to
respect very much will inform the House the          speak hoping they will take care of themselves
House it if it is true that it is about 10 months    naturally but eventually they erupt becoming
now since the people of Munda have written a         very difficult for us to resolve. When things do
letter to the government. If it is true then the     not yet happen, could we address this issue?
Government has all the right to say no to their      People are talking, people are bringing their
compensation. I am sure they might not be            concerns to the government, let us address and
asking for $10million but they are entitled to       resolve it amicably with the people on this
receive some sort of acknowledgement through         particular issue, which happens to come from
letter or memorandum or may be discussions           Munda in the Western Province. So that if the
perhaps in addressing this problem. It is about      same thing happens to another province, we will
10 months now. If that has not happened, Mr          stand up and support that particular province on
Speaker, then I am very surprised with this          its demand because it is their right according to
                                                     our structure, according to our system, according
to our law and how we live harmoniously in this       are members of a sub regional grouping which is
country, Solomon Islands where we have                the MSG where our relationship is very much
different cultures, different traditions, different   close, so much so that anything that happens to
religions, different ways of looking at things but    another also affects the other. Matters of
we are one people and one country.                    international law that we sometimes are trying to
         And as much as we would like to be           make an issue out of, we ourselves too have
where you are on the other side of the House, we      waived it in the context of the border
cannot be because somebody has to be the              arrangement we have on the movement of
captain of the boat and the captain of the boat is    people and so forth. We have waived some of
the one who must make sure issues are                 those requirements.
addressed amicably so that the boat can continue               If you look at the border agreement we
to travel and achieve what it wants to achieve        have with the western part of this country we
         With these few words, Mr Speaker, I          have actually allowed citizens of Papua New
support the motion.                                   Guinea to as far as Choiseul, Shortlands right up
                                                      to almost two miles from Vella La Vella.
Hon LILO: Thank you, Mr Speaker, for                  People of Papua New Guinea citizens are
allowing me to contribute to this motion moved        allowed to travel around those areas.
by the MP for West New Georgia/Vona Vona.                      What I am saying here is that the strict
         Mr Speaker, that constituency is my          principles and rules we are talking about in
neighboring constituency of Gizo/Kolombangara         terms of the international law that applies to
Constituency and it is only appropriate that I        other countries and our border relations with
should also speak on this motion because the          other countries, we ourselves too have waived
territory and the air space we are talking may        them by allowing our citizens to move around.
have been claimed to have been violated, and as       We allowed problems to happen in our country
a result this motion comes in is also the airspace    so that we can sort it out in the same way we
of Gizo/Kolombangara. Because of that I feel I        have weighed some of those requirements.
should say something on this motion.                           If you look at the problem that happened
         Mr Speaker, when I listened to the           on the 10th October 2006, that is exactly how the
Member moving the motion it was the same              Government has been trying to deal with this
speech he read when contributing to the motion        problem. In fact it is not a problem that was
that was moved by the Leader of Opposition and        created by us. Let us get right down to the root
was defeated in the last meeting seeking the          of that problem as to why the 10th of October
government to allow the PNG Defense Force             happened.
Inquiry to enter the Solomon Islands Territory to              You know and as the Minister of Police
carry out its inquiry here in Solomon Islands.        has said, the Attorney General of Solomon
         Mr Speaker, the issues we are talking        Islands was duly appointed under the laws of
about are issues the Government has been              Solomon Islands. Now when you talk about
addressing all along. We all have the right to        respecting a sovereign decision why do people
bring the views of our people into this House.        on the other side not respect that particular
But I think what we bring into this House             decision of the appointment of the Attorney
matters. If we bring in something good, we also       General of Solomon Islands under the
expect something good to go out. If we bring in       Constitution of this country at that time which
rubbish things then we expect rubbish too to go       some forces have hijacked in Port Moresby?
out. That is what it is like. That is what we are     And in fact rumors have it that two members of
really concern about in here. That is why I said      the Opposition, a week before that particular
and I come back to the point raise by the MP for      Friday were in Port Moresby helping people out
West Are Are that there are ways and process to       there to design this particular case to arrest the
address the issues the MP for West New Georgia        Attorney General. Whoever they are you are
has. The process is there.                            part of the problem, you are creating that
         Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands         problem.
are Melanesian countries. These two countries
        You know that you are a Member of            associated to it. For instance, some of the 666
Parliament of Solomon Islands, you know that         questions will have to be answered. Those
you should respect the sovereign decision of a       questions must be answered too. We need to
legitimate government elected by the people of       find out those people who went scheming up this
this country and yet you go scheming up with         case in Port Moresby. We need to find out
forces outside to hijack that sovereign decision.    because rumors have come out very clear and
Rumors have it, and I said rumors.                   we need to find out. I will continue to say it is
                                                     rumors because if we had waited and this motion
Mr Huniehu: Point of order Mr Speaker.               is withdrawn we will find whether or not there is
According to Standing Orders the Minister must       truth in that rumor that is going on.
substantiate who in the Opposition is he                       Mr Speaker, what I am saying here is
referring to.                                        that the Government is still putting in place the
                                                     actions needed in addressing this issue and at the
Hon Lilo: Yes, Mr Speaker, I said rumors so I        same time when we talk about the issue of
need not substantiate that. That is rumors in        sovereignty whether or not rights of our people
passing. I am making the statement in passing.       in certain parts of our country have been
I am making that statement in passing. Later on      violated, in the same token too we should be
things will evolve and then some of these issues     consistent in the way we respect sovereign
will be revealed. But what I am saying is that       decisions.
the process is still going on right now and yet we             Mr Speaker, I see this motion as too
are trying to push motions like this to interfere    early, in fact there is no need for it because we
with the process that is going on.                   should allow the process that is going on right
         We talk about 10 months delay or 10         now to really get down to the very root of why
months but nothing has happened, but do you          we got ourselves into this kind of mess that we
know that the first compensation we received         are in this time. But in terms of whether or not it
happened 10 years after the Bougainville Crisis.     is necessary for the incident that has happened
Can you see the process of Melanesia here?           on the 10th October 2006 to happen, as I have
That is the process of Melanesia. We have to go      said there are certain fundamental aspects of
through the process of talking to people, making     international law that exist in a country like ours
sure everybody understands the context as to         and our neighboring country of Papua New
how the problem arises and what would be the         Guinea that we have actually waived to allow
solution we have to work towards and so forth.       for the free movement of people.
This process is still going on and that is why we              I am not saying that that is exactly what
on this side are saying that this motion is not      we are doing but the point is that when the
really necessary because the process is there.       Attorney General who was duly appointed under
The process is still going on both in terms of the   the Constitution of Solomon Islands arrived in
law and in terms of the Melanesian context.          Papua New Guinea, and we know that PNG
These two go together. Very shortly they will        finds that there is no case against him in PNG
come together. At the moment they are going in       and therefore what has PNG got to do with him.
parallel and so we need to bridge them somehow                 The country that duly appointed him
before we can come to a common ground.               under its Constitution is Solomon Islands and so
         Mr Speaker, what I am saying here is        he has to come to Solomon Islands. He cannot
that we should allow that process to continue.       stay in PNG because what is he going to do in
We feel that the way the government is dealing       PNG? He must come here because we are the
with this matter is acting very responsibly and      ones who want him to come. The Government
very sensibly to this particular problem. But at     of Solomon Islands elected by the people to
the same time we are conscious of the fact that      oversee the management of the affairs of its
there are many factors right behind that needs to    people appointed him and that is why he must
be brought as well.                                  come and that is why he is here today with us.
         You cannot just quickly run to a solution   Now will you not respect that sovereign
with this problem. There are many things
decision? Of course, you must respect that            Minister of Finance and the Minister of Lands
decision.                                             should support this motion and address the cries
          Mr Speaker, I do not want to talk very      of the people at Munda.
long on this issue but I will be brief and my brief            Mr Speaker, this is my brief contribution
differs from the brief of the MP for Small            just to say that I support this motion.
Malaita. The points that I am raising I think
really point to the fact that this motion at this     Hon WAIPORA: Mr Speaker, I am going to be
stage is not really necessary. We should just         very brief.
push it aside to allow the process of government               Mr Speaker, as a minister of principle
that is taking place right now so that we find out    and as a man of principle I will say this. The
and understand the issues surrounding what has        Western Provincial Premier, his Deputy and his
happened to us, what has caught us all into this      officials have already visited my office four
situation that we still at this time could not get    times. During these visits they came with their
our minds out of it, well at least the minds of       budget and other different issues. I do not know
you on that side, because we on this side are         why this issue was never brought to my
clear in our minds on that particular issue but       attention. I find it hard supporting this motion
that is what I thought should happen.                 because I do not want anything that happens in
          I would like to say that this motion is     the provinces to bypass the Provincial
not really necessary and therefore I do not           Government        Authorities.           Provincial
support it. Thank you, Mr Speaker.                    Government authorities are established legal
                                                      systems in our country.
Mr MANETOALI: Thank you, Mr Speaker,                           The process starts with the national
for this opportunity for me to briefly contribute     government to the provincial government
to this motion.                                       authorities. Therefore, any problems must also
         Mr Speaker, I would also like to thank       go through provincial authorities to help out
the mover of the motion. This motion is simply        before it comes to me and when it comes to me
a demand from the people of Munda in the              together we will go and see the Prime Minister
constituency of the Honorable MP moving this          or whoever is responsible so that the problem
motion. Their complaint and demand is about           has some weight on it before it is put to the
the landing of the fighter plane from Papua New       government.
Guinea in Munda. And on behalf of my people                    I heard about this complaint through the
of Gao/Bugotu Constituency, I support this            print media, the radio and may be the Solomon
motion because it is the cry of our people at the     Star but I do not know anything about it. When
grassroots level. It is the cry of the grassroots     the Premier and his Deputy and officials came to
people in Munda because a fighter plane landed        visit my office but did not raise the matter with
in their area at a time they were asleep causing      me I said to myself that I will just wait for them.
fear to them.                                                  But as it is now may be it is to do with
Mr Speaker, that plane brought in the learned         some political things down there and that is why
Attorney General, which by profession he is my        I find it hard to support this motion unless my
brother and friend. I call the Attorney General a     honorable Premier who is answerable to me
learned friend who was transported by this            from the Western Province comes and tells me
plane. Sad to say that on his way to come and         about it before I can support this motion.
take up his appointment here in Solomon                        At one stage, Mr Speaker, a long time
Islands, something happened to him and that is        ago a former Member for Savo/Russells, not the
why that plane brought him. But that is beside        current one but brought a motion to Parliament
the point. My point is on the landing of this         asking for a certain road to be built and when it
plane at the airfield in Munda.                       is going to be built. The Chairman of the
         Mr Speaker, the Government should just       Governing Council at that time stood up and told
address this motion. I think Members from the         him that the government is not aware of that
Western Province who are in the government            road he is talking about. He said he was not
side like the Prime Minister himself, the
ware because his council did not inform him and       remove that word but he still insists that it be
so there is no government plan for the road.          included. And so by inclusion of those words
         I am referring to this example because       has made this motion to be much more
during that time the Chairman referred to the         complicated because that is a legal question
Council supporting the member so that together        established in law that that demand is bona fide.
they come to the Council for approval. I am just               As well as that, Mr Speaker, the way the
talking about the way or procedure as the             new motion is worded is still formulated in the
Minister responsible for Provincial Government        way of a question. You need to prescribe
that that is the system I am going to follow. If      exactly what you need the government to do.
that issue is a true issue but unless I heard it      That is why I raised the point earlier on under
from any delegation of the Honorable Premier of       Standing Order 28 because what this motion
the Western Province who always comes to see          really boils down to is asking the government to
me, I will not support t his motion. I think it is    pay compensation. I think that is a question
about four times now that they made                   rightfully for the Cabinet of Solomon Islands to
appointment to see me. But during those               decide upon because there is no budgetary
appointments they just talked about their plans       allocation for it.
in regards to the tsunami, they talked about the               Just imagine if this motion goes through
budget and its supplementary budget and other         they will not stop there like what the honorable
shortcomings of the Western Province in regards       Mover is trying to tell us that they only want the
to staffing and things like that. But I do not        Government to consider it.
know why they did not bring up this Munda                      Mr Speaker, if this motion is passed
issue with me. I think they want to go directly       through this house, I tell you the whole tribe
to the Prime Minister on this issue. So now I         down there will come up saying that Parliament
want to advise the Prime Minister that                has approved the motion and so it has to pay
sometimes you do not have to open your doors          them. That is why I was insistent that before
to the Premiers so that they do not bypass me. I      this motion is to be legally tabled,
should sort out things properly with them before      constitutionally tabled before this house it must
they come to you.                                     go through the Cabinet first. The Cabinet must
                                                      approve it under section 60 of the constitution
                    (laughter)                        because       it    involves    the    government
                                                      appropriating money to meet that demand if this
I do not know anything about this issue because       motion goes through this house.
they went directly to the Prime Minister with it.              I guess you can already know , Mr
They bypassed me. But the legal system of this        Speaker, the constitutional problem, procedural
country is through the Provincial Government          problem and the legal problem this side of the
Minister? He is the one directly responsible for      house has to allow this motion to go through.
the provinces. I will not support this motion         As voiced out by those who have already
because I do not know anything about this             spoken, we have to oppose it. That does not
demand.                                               show we are not aware of the problem that our
        With those few remarks, Mr Speaker,           people in Munda were alleged to have.
thank you very much and I oppose the motion.                   As the Member for Gao/Bugotu said, it
                                                      is the landing of the plane that the people down
Hon SOGAVARE: Mr Speaker, as the leader               there are complaining about because it disturbed
of this side of the House I will talk very briefly    them in the night as the honorable mover has
on this motion.                                       said. But when big RAMSI planes landed there
         This motion has gone through some            at night they did not complain about it.
amendments but I think some of the fundamental                 Sir, we have some serious problems here
issues that we are concerned about are still there,   in allowing this motion to go through. There is
Mr Speaker, for instance the use of the words         also a lot of talk being said in here. We come in
“bona fide demands”. I understand there was           Parliament and use a lot of big language or big
insistent request to the honorable Member to          words like our people, my people and so on.
         I think one point raised by the Member     We saw it in the Island Sun – “PM‟s secret
for North Vella is closest to something I can       letter.” The secret letter is what they have been
sympathize with, and that is his request asking     reading in Parliament. I am very surprised that
us to acknowledge the letter. To be honest, Mr      people can go that low in their thinking capacity
Speaker, we only heard those requests in the        and making a total fool of themselves by coming
media saying that the people are demanding the      and reading those letters in Parliament and
government for compensation.                        publishing it in the newspapers. The so-called
         Sir, a point that also needs to be made    secret letter referred to in the newspaper is
here as well is that the people from Munda          normal communication between Prime Ministers
themselves, people around there need to be one.     of two independent states. We do not have
Their voice must be one. There are people           anything. I was surprised that it came out
actually coming to us saying that this demand is    actually. It is communication between two
not right. So I do not know which people the        Prime Ministers - the Prime Minister of
Member is actually representing here because        Solomon Islands and the Prime Minister of
there are differences in the views and opinions     Papua New Guinea. What is wrong with that?
of the people themselves in Munda saying that       What is wrong with it so that we come and read
we throw this motion away as it is not right.       it here and say this is the Prime Minister‟s secret
         In fact I just received a note this        letter, as if the world will fall down?
morning advising me that it is not supported by               I can imagine, Mr Speaker, the
the people of Munda. Somebody saw this              excitement of the people who found this letter.
motion tabled, a senior representative from         They must have said, „now we got them by the
Munda and just put a note to me saying that the     shot and curly‟. I am amused Mr Speaker. I am
motion by the honorable Member is not               amused.         The people will be making a
supported by the people of Munda. He said that      fundamental error in law if they conclude that
the honorable is only playing politics or           that letter is requesting the Papua New Prime
campaigning to come back next time. Munda           Minister to arrange the repatriation of Julian
people have agreed to pursue the matter direct to   Moti through clandestine flight to Munda.
the government and not through politics.                      That, Mr Speaker, would be reading
         I guess we are caught up in a situation    what is not in that letter. You read it! This is a
that we claim this matter comes from our people,    law abiding government, Mr Speaker. Every
and we use terms like that in Parliament when       decision that we take so far is in accordance with
the people themselves are not united on this.       the law of this country. We have won case after
We need to be clear in here as to which people      case. How are we going to ask Papua New
are asking the honorable Member to table this       Guinea to break our own laws?
motion in Parliament today and demand the                     Sir, considering the fact that the
government to consider it.                          Attorney General of Solomon Islands was
         Everything we say in here, Mr Speaker,     illegally arrested, illegally detained and illegally
boils down to who takes the responsibility. If      dealt with by certain Papua New Guinea police
we seriously ask this question, Mr Speaker, we      officers who are working with the Federal Agent
are actually barking at the wrong tree. We are      of Australia. That is actually what happened
wasting our time here in Parliament by putting      there. Everything they did to the Attorney
these things to the government. If you are so       General of Solomon Islands in Papua New
concerned about this illegal entry or the so        Guinea was illegal and not right according to
called illegal entry of the plane and something     law. Is that what you want them to do, to break
like that then we are actually barking at the       the laws?
wrong tree.                                                   Mr Speaker, just because we are lost in
         I know that the honorable mover has        the agendas of somebody else we make a total
been campaigning in the media on this issue         fool of ourselves. And for that reason, Mr
leading to the vote of no confidence. In fact he    Speaker, Solomon Islands has a genuine
was really ready that if that motion was tabled     concern. He is an officer of the crown and in
that is the issue he would have come out with.      fact under laws of Australia itself he is a
protected person. They broke their own laws by                 As much as I sympathize with our down
arresting him illegally in Papua New Guinea. I        people there, Mr Speaker, this issue really
will not rest on this issue, Mr Speaker, I will       should be addressed in some other ways. The
take it to the International Court of Justice. I      first point as I said, we need to establish that
will take Australian to court.                        somebody needs to take responsibility before he
                                                      is hammered. And now you are assuming that
Mr Gukuna (interjecting): Yes, go to court and        the Solomon Islands Government must take that
do not talk touch much about legal matters.           responsibility. That is not right. That must fall.
                                                      That argument must fall.
Hon Sogavare:            The Solomon Islands                   I will find the letter and respond, Mr
Government has genuine concern about the              Speaker, as requested by the Member for North
safety of a public officer, Mr Speaker, an officer    Vella. But I would like the people of Munda to
of the crown and is perfectly entitled to request     be united on this issue. What is their real
him under diplomatic note for the protection of       thinking? They are not one on this issue. A lot
that officer. That is no. And I expect them to        of them are basically against the idea of asking
take him on a normal commercial flight and land       compensation.
him there at Henderson. It is not in our interest              In fact we also have compensation
to ask Papua New Guinea to break its own laws         claims against Papua New Guinea too, if we are
or our own laws.                                      to pursue this thing, for violating the sovereign
         You see this is what they are trying to      rights of an officer of the crown, how they dealt
drag at. They are saying that the two Prime           with him there. We left those things behind
Ministers have been talking and so they arranged      because we will deal with them in an appropriate
for that plane to land there. This talk leads up to   way and at the right time.
this landing. You are reading too much into this               Mr Speaker, to say that we are not doing
thing. That is our problem in this house. For         anything on this, in fact the Minister for Foreign
you to say that we arranged for this plane by         Affairs has actually sent a protest note to Papua
saying that a political appointee and a lawyer        New Guinea to tell them that we are not happy
went there and arranged for this flight, is reading   with the landing of this military plane. We did
too much into this too and it will not stand in       make that protest through the diplomatic
any court of law.                                     channel.
         Mr Speaker, that is not right. The                    Sir, the constitution really protects the
problem with some of us is that we jump into          rights of people of this country, and we do not
conclusion very quickly.                              need to go very far. We are Members of
                                                      Parliament and we know that our rights are
Mr Huniehu: Point of order Mr Speaker.                covered under the constitution.
When I made reference to that letter this                      Mr Speaker, the most appropriate thing
morning, I did not say that the Prime Minister is     for the honorable mover of this motion to do is
asking his Papua New Guinea counterpart to            for him to seek proper legal advice to take
break his own laws. That statement was not in         appropriate legal action under section 18 of our
the so called secret letter. What I was only          constitution. Section 18 entitles people who
saying is perhaps this reference to the Prime         claim their constitutional rights have been
Minister of Papua New Guinea to provide all           violated to identify those rights, they need to be
possible assistance to the two gentlemen who          cleared and you seek redress through the high
went to Papua New Guinea may be. That is              court. Section 17 of our constitution provides
what I was referring to.                              this answer to the honorable Member‟s plea on
                                                      behalf of his people. If compensation is what
Hon Sogavare : Thank you, Mr Speaker, that is         they claim and it is genuine as bona fide as
a very hopeless interjection. That is not right.      outlined in this motion then they are entitled to
“May be” is assumptions. You talk about facts         seek compensation, and not ransom under
in this house. That is not right.                     section 17 from the person or authority that
                                                      contravenes that right.
          That is why in the beginning I said we         court we would have resolved all these
really need to establish who is responsible here         outstanding issues with Australia. I ask him to
before we bark in this house. We are shouting at         be a man enough to go ahead and take Australia
each other totally unnecessary in here. I would          to court so that all these things can be resolved.
be the first one to come if the government is            He disallowed the PNG Inquiry from coming
really doing these things. We do not need to             which led to the incompletion of the PNG report
argue here because the government takes full             because it only deals with PNG. They put a
responsibility. But on this issue, the government        request to come to this country to deal with the
does not have anything to do at all with the             issue but the Government did not allow it.
landing of the plane there. It boils down to that        Therefore, I cannot understand why he said it is
and there are of course proper venues here that          a legal issue and so people of Munda have been
can be looked at.                                        denied a legal avenue. If that is the case then
          Just for interest sake, Mr Speaker, if         allow the people of Munda to have access to the
compensation is what we are really concerned             legality of the whole argument. He must take
about here is, we are yet to debate a motion that        everything to court. Take it to court and there
is premised, I guess on the same concerns that           we will settle everything. We will accept the
the Opposition speakers have come up with                outcome of the court and we will say Australia is
demanding compensation from all the                      wrong or PNG is wrong or Solomon Islands is
governments that invaded our country over land,          wrong. Since he promised to go to court he
over seas, over gardens and over our lives when          must go to court.
they brought in their fighter jets, planes, ships,                As I said all the points have been raised
ammunitions, mines, tanks and soldiers to fight          and so that is what I would like to raise and I
in the Second World War. I think it will be best         have to support this motion on behalf of the
to move such a motion one time and actually              people of Munda. I am sure the note that comes
debate it and demand those countries that came           to you is also from a political rival or whatever,
violating our territories to pay us compensation.        but I think the essence of this motion is asking
That is one point I want to raise here.                  us to consider a request that has been put to us,
          Sir, what I want to say is that this side of   and there is no hurt if we consider it. We cannot
the House finds it very difficult to support this        deny there were some military personnel in
motion or otherwise sympathize with the                  Munda. The thing has happened and if you just
concerns raised by our people. We will look for          ignore it we might as well forget the bona fide
that letter and we will appropriately respond to         demands of North West Choiseul because it is a
it, if that is what is requested by the Member for       very long standing issue, and I think you take it
North Vella.                                             to court too if you are going to be consistent in
          With that contribution, Mr Speaker, I          your stand.
am sorry to say that this side of the House will                  That is my contribution and I look
not support this motion. We will vote no against         forward to the Prime Minister taking this issue
it with due respect.                                     to court so that we can settle this issue once and
                                                         for all.
Mr GUKUNA: Mr Speaker, my contribution
will be very short. With all the points that have        Hon Sogavare: Mr Speaker, this issue is for the
been raised, I am just surprised that the Prime          people of Munda to take to court. We will take
Minister stood up and talked too much about the          Australia to court over other issues.
legality of this issue or whatever when he knows
very well that he was the one who stopped the            Mr Gukuna: Sorry, I thought I heard him
inquiry from Papua New Guinea from coming to             saying he will take them to court.
this country. That inquiry would have given us
some legal insight into this whole issue.                Mr Boyers: Mr Speaker, I would like to thank
         I am glad to hear him saying that he will       all the speakers, including the Prime Minister for
take Australia to court because that is what he          their contribution. I would also like to thank
should have done. Had he taken Australia to
those who have not contributed as a signal of          to protect the sovereignty of this country as the
whether they vote for it or they do not.               Foreign Affairs Minister mentioned in his
          Mr Speaker, I have taken on the              statement. We failed to see anything.
mammoth task of being the David facing the                       I feel very awkward, Mr Speaker
Goliath. But as a man of principle , without fear      presenting this motion on this floor but it is not
and favor I take it as a privilege. Who in this        my decision. The Prime Minister said that the
House who has not paid compensation casts the          people of Munda are not united. I disagree
first stone? It is part and parcel of tradition. I     100%. Those who received copies would know
actually paid compensation last week to assist         that this is an initiation from the people
one of my constituents, not all of it but part of it   themselves. I feel difficult and I said in my
because I respect that there are different ways of     covering letter to the Prime Minister.
expressing and fixing problems. This motion is                   If some people are talking like that then
both representation of law and custom and              I know too that some people in the community
whether they are parallel or they are united that      would like to be main man. If there is anyone
is the truth.                                          saying that then he needs to come out clear and
          The MP for West Are Are said this is         tell us who he is so that the people who signed
not the right place for this motion as there are       the petition know who he is.
other avenues. Mr Speaker, those other avenues                   You are saying it is political. I know
have expired. Silence was my answer. If                that rivals in the last election are really sour. I
anyone had listened carefully when this issue          am not worried if I win or lose in the next
was brought up, the late MP for Munda                  election. What I am worried about is that I
mentioned on the radio that I was mandated to          represent my people. I said I am my people
be spokesperson to represent this issue.               because it is the people who elected me to
          The Minister for Provincial Government       Parliament. My children are their blood.
said that the Western Provincial Government did                  Mr Speaker, the Minister of Police
not mention this issue to him. The conduit of          mentioned when he contributed to this motion
responsibility that I was given and mandated to        the legality of the AG. I am not talking about
do was to the two Prime Ministers. One was             that. If there is a court case, leave it to the
through the Prime Minister‟s Office and one            courts. If there is confusion then leave it
through the PNG High Commission. After                 because I cannot deal with that. I am dealing
communications failed between the Prime                with my people‟s demands. They are not saying
Minister‟s Office and the Ministry of Provincial       the AG must go and face the law or he must do
Government, it is clear indication that this           this or that. No. We are just talking about a
further silenced.                                      PNG plane that came and landed in our area.
          There was talk about compensation and                  Mr Speaker, I must remind this House
customs not to come into this issue. I would like      that this airfield is a gift to the Government in
to know that during the Bougainville Crisis,           the 1950s. Can anyone tell me where in the
when our late Prime Minister, Solomon                  country has anyone gifted land? It was gifted
Mamaloni defended this country and its                 for the betterment and greater good of their
sovereignty with passion when there were               people and this nation. And for this kind of
demands, and this has been a controversy up            action to happen back to them on something that
until today as I have mentioned when moving            is a gift is an insult. It is an insult. Do you think
this motion that it has been paid through an aid       the people there should not be feeling anything?
package. That is what we expect. I know I was          The next minute there is a threat sent to them
Minister of Finance before and I know the              that if you do that we will take you to court.
dealing. I understand it.                              Since what time in our history is such a thing
          This is not a matter of asking the           like that? You are threatening people who also
Government to pay $10million.                If the    have their right. These people are educated
Government considers that it cannot then that is       people and they respect their tradition. They
fine. But please represent the issue on the            respect other people, and they do not want to be
international front reflecting the desire of leaders   abused or feel as though they have been abused.
This is just consideration whether you support it       protest note against the illegal entry, intrusion
or not. It shows the strength and weakness on           and invasion of the territorial boundaries and
how well we listen to our people.                       the airspace of Solomon Islands by members of
         Mr Speaker, the Member for Gizo                the PNG Defense Force. There has been an
Kolombangara was playing his cards very                 obvious breach, invasion and intrusion of a
carefully. He is my colleague in the next               sovereign nation’s territorial boundaries and
constituency and I respect his contribution but         the airspace as was in this case. One would
throwing it into a position of rumors saying that       expect a diplomatic protest in this strongest term
two Members of the Opposition went over there           possible against an invasion and intrusion.”
and so on. What is that? Is it KGB or CIA?                       In this case there is no evidence of such
         In fact he was referring to me, Mr             a diplomatic protest. Forget about the claim
Speaker. I was coming back from a meeting in            from Munda. It has been thrown away. Just
Bangkok with the Foreign Affairs and Finance            deal and protect this nation‟s sovereignty and
Ministers of Nauru on the basis of regionalizing        my people‟s sovereignty. That is all we are
our airline and then giving us an airline, a plane      asking. Do not worry about going to Cabinet for
with out covers on sharing basis. I have not seen       approval to take funds from the consolidated
that man before. I do not know him. It was only         fund. Just leave it as it is. Just deal with the
after I arrived in Honiara when I heard it. What        PNG process. It is up to you. This is what the
kind of conspiracy theory is this?                      motion is saying. Just tell us. But to reject it on
         Just look at Solomon Airlines today.           the floor of Parliament is a sign of weakness.
They did not want to listen and so today it is                   As far as I am concern, Mr Speaker, my
bankrupt. But anyway, I was doing my job.               people‟s safety is more important than a
         Mr Speaker, the Finance Minister was           foreigner Attorney General sitting in this
referring to the free flow of people from PNG to        Parliament. If the Prime Minister thinks that this
Solomon Islands is open. What he was referring          foreigner AG is more important than the
to is the special areas agreement, which reflects       indigenous people…
the traditional identity and customs of the people
that share a common border that this government         Hon Sogavare: Point of order, Mr Speaker.
recognizes, embraces it and protects it.                That comment is very discriminatory. The
         It is true that the border is there and they   Attorney General is duly appointed under the
have the right to move around. But it is not an         constitution and laws of Solomon Islands. If
open movement. Only special people with                 Members of this House jump into all sorts of
traditional rights according to customs have free       conclusions when I use this using this word
movement. Do not misinform this Parliament?             foreigner in this House and breed something into
Stop saying that the people‟s traditional               that, and not reference to people who are legally
movement is similar to a military plane.                engaged under the laws of Solomon Islands.
Everyone inside that plane have no traditional                   I was referring to the influence of people
rights according to the special areas agreement         who have no right and, not even appointed and
unless they are from South Bougainville,                recognized under the laws of Solomon Islands to
Choiseul and some other places under the                give advice or influence this country on the
special areas agreement. The Foreign Affairs            decisions it takes. The Attorney General is duly
Minister knows this well. In fact the Finance           appointed under the Constitution of Solomon
Minister knows this because he took up the job          Islands.
as Chairman of the Border Agreement. He is
misinforming Parliament. This flight was not            Mr Boyers: Mr Speaker, I am not disputing the
covered under any treaties, and so it is a breach.      appointment. I am just comparing the position
         Mr Speaker, I would like to quote a            of a foreigner and a Solomon Islander. I am
passage that is now a public inquiry report with        responding to what the Prime Minister said
your indulgence and I quote. It says, “There is         about looking after the safety of our people. I
no evidence before this Board that the                  am talking about my people‟s safety. He could
Government of Solomon Islands had sent a                not come on a commercial flight and therefore
he has to come through the back door, and there       the efficient and effective services rendered in
was a failure to act. That is what I am talking       ensuring the smooth running of the affairs of
about – the failure to act.                           Parliament during this current session.
         Mr Speaker, it also says in the preamble              I also wish to commend my colleague
of our constitution and highlights the proud          Ministers in particular for the tabling of a
wisdom and worthy customs of our ancestors.           number of bills in Parliament for enactment. I
Although there are only three of us in this           wish to congratulate those on the other side of
Parliament who do not have ancestry here, there       the house for taking their time and effort in
is only one in this House that would not be           justifying whether wrongly or rightly their
worthy to comment on that. But if you would           attempts to disapprove what this side of the
like to know further the worthy customs of my         house considers as consistent with the laws of
children‟s ancestors, you can come to Munda           this land. All in all, Mr Speaker, it is one of the
and experience the traditional custom ceremony        best sessions ever so far, when heated arguments
of Roviana.                                           were made with everyone wanted to be lawyers
         Mr Speaker, as a colleague of everyone       but at the end of the day there is always
in this House, I am doing my job. There are no        compromise that the majority rules and the
hard feelings. I am just trying to speak the truth    matter is dispensed with within the name of
as I see it to represent the people. That is how I    democracy that makes life more interesting and
feel it and I have been told. I am sure everyone      worthwhile.
understands it.                                                Fellow Solomon Islanders please lend
         If the Government does not support the       me your ears. I am standing here not to praise
motion, there is nothing I can do about it. One       Caesar but to bury him. Mr Speaker, it is of
thing I have done is represent my people of what      great concern to note that certain factions of our
I believe is the sovereignty of this country.         society are more interested in the affairs of
Whatever else beyond that, so be it. But no one       others rather than issues that are more pertinent
can say in this nation or in this Parliament that I   to the well being of Solomon Islands and its
have not done best for my people who mandated         people.
me to speak today.                                             Mr Speaker, this has become more
         The government that does not listen or       permanently featured in media coverage or even
protects its people is a sad day for Solomon          on this floor of Parliament by individuals or
Islands. I wish the Prime Minister and the            interested groups who profess to be representing
Government well in serving their country as I         the least privileged - the lame, the blind, the
am trying to serve mine now.                          weak, the oppressed of Solomon Islands have
         With those few words, Mr Speaker, I          been soliciting financial assistance purposely to
beg to move.                                          advance others interests rather than promoting
                                                      the most needy services to improve the quality
The noes have it.                                     of life of Solomon Islands community and
The motion was defeated.                                       Mr Speaker, it saddens me most to note
                                                      that those who advocate to be the mouthpiece in
       Sitting suspended for lunch break              protecting the affairs of Solomon Islands people
                                                      have opted to do the opposite. Mr Speaker,
(Parliament resumes at 2 pm)                          those people concerned, in my view, should not
                                                      reside in Solomon Islands but rather be
(Debate on the sine die motion continues)             repatriated to the country of their interest in
                                                      order to use the more advanced platform in
Hon KAUA Mr Speaker, I wish to thank you              advocating and advancing those interests.
for giving me the floor to contribute to this                  Mr Speaker, it would be of paramount
motion of sine die.                                   importance that we put our priorities right and
         Mr Speaker, in so doing may I first of       have more time and energy to focus and put
all applaud you and your hard working staff for       right what is good for our people and country
and not to be bogged down with what I consider         those practices in place, we will continue to face
as trivial, irrelevant and not in the best of our      those challenges.
interest.                                                       Mr Speaker, I wish to express my
          Mr Speaker, we need to change our            profound appreciation to the government for the
attitudes and ways of doing things and think like      wisdom in seeing fit that after a well deserved
Solomon Islanders and avoid the usual mindset          exchange of views by both sides of the house,
of continuing to maintain the status quo. We           we have arrived at a compromising resolution in
must not draw into someone else‟s affairs and be       adopting a new mechanism after 29 years of
used as their puppet. If the current status quo is     independence as a way forward in rectifying
not in the best interest of Solomon Islands then       those anomalies we have lived with for 29 years.
why do we have to entertain it? I say why?             Mr Speaker, I wish to applaud each and every
          Mr Speaker, if we are not prepared to do     one from both sides of the house that this is a
that then I am afraid that we will not address         sign of maturity, and we must endeavour at all
tangible changes that are pertinent for the            cost to redirect and re-examine our laws and
advancement of this country, Solomon Islands           legislations that would enable us to solicit
and its development for the betterment of our          adoptable changes that are of significant
people and future generations.                         importance and warrants a well deserve
          Mr Speaker, it is in this regard that we     development aspirations of our people and the
should be reminded not to continue to repeat the       nation at large.
legacy of the past but build on those experiences               Mr Speaker, ever since the country
for the advancement and development of our             attains independence, we have been depending
nation, Solomon Islands. This should be the            on aid assistance and critics have continued to
fundamental obligation of all 50 elected               advocate even to the extent of selling our
Members of Parliament. We must at all cost put         sovereignty lest aid assistance ceases and not
our people, our country first before ourselves.        forthcoming. If aid donors are offended by our
          Mr Speaker, we are not elected to            actions, we must protect at all times otherwise.
represent the interest of others but the interest of             Mr Speaker, it is not my intention to
our constituents and none other. Hence, I call on      discard the individual contributions and
all of us in this Chamber to refrain from doing        invaluable contributions continue to be rendered
so and seriously consider why you are elected to       by our development partners in which we
this honourable house.                                 continue to enjoy ever since we attain
          Mr Speaker, I wish to touch on the           nationhood both physically and financially in
impasse that occurred and the discrepancies that       enhancing the development of this country. I do
need to be corrected in order to avoid further         appreciate and would like to thank the donors
occurrences. Mr Speaker, whilst I acknowledge          both through bilateral and multilateral
that we do not have just the Government and            arrangements for the efforts of having capacity
Opposition in this honourable house, we also           building in our nation and to get us to where we
have a third sector in this Chamber, the               are now. I noted with keen interest and
Independent Group.                                     acknowledge the continual improvements done
          Mr Speaker, when giving examples of          by them through RAMSI for the police, the law
countries or practices involving procedures, the       and justice sector, the public service and finance
processes adopted in the administration of the         and treasury.
affairs of their parliaments, we tend to forget                 Mr      Speaker, over        the    years,
that we are not like other countries surrounding       development partners have also continued to
us to make valid comparisons with. We do not           assist and develop efforts in various sectors
have developed political parties with permanent        including infrastructure, transport, health and
party politic affiliations. Mr Speaker, after 29       education. Health and education continues to be
years, governments are formed after elections          a priority sector of this government and will be
completed during that lobbying period, hence           so in the future. The most important resources
there are no political parties with leadership         we have are people. I wish to thank the Ministry
succession. It is in that respect in the absence of    of Education and Ministry of Health for ensuring
that better health care and quality education                  Mr Speaker, no one would dispute that
continues to be provided for our people.              but the point of contention here is what we do
         Mr Speaker, what the Grand Coalition         after all these years to remedy the situation in
for Change Government advocates through its           order for Solomon Islanders to take control of
policies, is to take stock of the considerable        their own destiny and be in the driving seat and
achievements and adversities experienced on           not to be dictated who has the economic power
partnership approach adopted by successive            whereas in many instances is owned by other
governments and development partners in the           parties. No wonder, Mr Speaker, all the
development of Solomon Islands over the years.        laborious national plans produced year after year
Mr Speaker, one can only take the time and            with good intentions could not be implemented
energy to browse through the volumes and              because we have little to say and we do not have
volumes of feasibility study reports in the           economic power in our hands.
various sectors produced by consultants, most of               Mr Speaker, it is evidently advocated by
whom are non Solomon Islanders that in every          the wisdom of those who have gone before us on
instance all projects funded in the name of           the floor of this Parliament year after year, that
Solomon Islands, millions of dollars year after       unless we move away from the ideology of
year was spent on TAs, and very little or none at     foreign dominance and neo colonization to a
all is spent on tangible development which have       state where we are free to decide for ourselves,
insignificant impact or benefit to the people of      we cannot achieve our final destiny of attaining
Solomon Islands. Limited effort is put in place       self reliance and complete independence. The
for Solomon Islands counterparts to gain the          concept adopted by our forefathers in a
needed skills on positions occupied by                meaningful way in their simple economic
expatriates.                                          system through hard work, sweat and
         Mr Speaker, I wish to pay special tribute    interdependent of each other.
and commendation to the people and the                         Mr Speaker, I must congratulate the
Government of the Republic of China for its           Grand Coalition for Change Government and its
unwavering assistance and for the trust accorded      leadership for the bold stand taken on many
to the Government and people of Solomon               occasions in saying „no‟ than to say „yes
Islands. The Republic of China, Taiwan is the         master‟. I strongly feel and think that we should
only country whose assistance is without              now begin to say more of „no‟ than „yes master‟.
conditionality or without any strings attached. It    If we are to achieve our ultimate objective as an
is the only country that has assisted to advance      independent nation, I therefore encourage all
in meaningful and effective manner to the             Solomon Islanders to say more „noes‟ than „yes
government‟s bottom up approach policy. ROC           master‟. This syndrome must be stopped at all
is a model of a true helpem friend despite threats    cost and a change of attitude be practiced now
and intimidation by certain aid partners that         than never. I challenge all of us here to think as
claim to be a true helpem friend. It has stood by     Solomon Islanders and to avoid this usual
the people of Solomon Islands even during the         mindset that you are inferior to others.
darkest hours in our history.          I therefore             Mr Speaker, fear of saying „no‟ cannot
challenge others who claim to be genuinely            be overemphasized if economic power is in the
assisting Solomon Islands in its aspirations to do    hands of foreigners. Simply, we cannot say „no‟
likewise and put their money where their mouth        to our development partners because we are not
is.                                                   equal in so far as the power of money is concern,
         Mr Speaker, almost every aid                 hence we cannot impress on the partners what is
assistances provided to Solomon Islands, has          best for us in determining the rate of
already been predetermined by the aid agencies        development necessary for our advancement.
of its conditionality tie as to how the money is to            Mr Speaker, the current government‟s
be spent. The recipient country has very little to    approach in advancing the bottom up approach
say. After all it is their money and they have all    is the fundamental mechanism put in place to
the right to determine how it is to be spent.         empower indigenous Solomon Islanders is an
                                                      approach in the right direction, and I encourage
every Solomon Islander to take advantage of           same information data withheld by the Public
such an opportunity. Every single one of us here      Service.
must realize that outsiders cannot develop                     Mr Speaker, reviews will be made to the
Solomon Islands. That is why we cannot allow          structure of all jobs in all ministries to be
non Solomon Islanders to direct and tell us what      evaluated before the end of this year. In this
is best for Solomon Islands. They know nothing        exercise, unnecessary structures will be trimmed
about Solomon Islands and it is eminent that we       off or amalgamated with other performance
ourselves must take the lead in deciding for          similar roles. My Ministry staff has been
ourselves.                                            instructed to carry out spot checks in all
         Mr Speaker, the efforts of my Ministry       Ministries to ensure public servants are doing
suggest that, and to this end a number of             the work they are paid to do. This is part of the
changes have been advanced or planned to be           monitoring performance. Those who are found
advanced on the structure and directions of our       to be not performing will be processed for early
public administration. Our public servants will       retirement and retain only those who are
be made to be responsiveness to the elected           committed in the service.
government agenda and will be groomed to                       Mr Speaker, the government and
improve efficiency and effectiveness with strong      especially our Public Service continues to face
emphasis on service delivery and outcomes. Mr         with the growing demand for service cost by the
Speaker, the problem we face to effectively           increasing population, increase specialization to
deliver needed services to our people in the rural    decisions by public officers. The difficulty of
area is lack of capacity in both the ministries and   retaining professional and technical staff is
provinces. This situation is not of our own           because of attractive incentives in the private
doing but it is a legacy from those who opposed       sector and scattered geographical settings and
changes and reform on our people. As a result         difficult terrain under which public officers are
of that, we have not yet reached the capacity to      expected to serve under.
render services to our people. My Ministry                     Mr Speaker, despite these difficulties
therefore has progressed with the following           many hundreds of public servants across
activities in our efforts to build capacity           Solomon Islands have contributed to the
throughout our government system.                     development of this country and volunteered
         Mr Speaker, you will know that bodies        their time and effort to discharge their duties. I
besides the normal granting of scholarships for       thank those many public servants and especially
in-service training, IPAM has been up and             the     Permanent       Secretaries,     Provincial
running to induct public officers not only on the     Secretaries, Heads of Departments who walk an
culture of our Public Service but to instill in       extra mile in the service of this nation. I
them the purpose of performance for outputs and       acknowledge particularly those officers who
principles of accountable, good governance,           during times of hardships are called to duty. I
transparency, ethical leadership, induction and       pay special tribute to the nurses, the doctors who
basic management courses have been run for            serve in our hospitals and clinics. I also pay
Ministries, Provinces and the Honiara City            tribute to police officers, immigration, customs
Council.                                              and quarantine officer who serve as our security
         Mr Speaker, also my staff in                 on the first line of defense. The engineers who
collaboration with the Attorney General‟s             build our infrastructures, the teachers who teach
Chamber and stakeholders have completed               in our schools, the lawyers and judges who make
reviews of the General Orders and the Public          sure our courts are operational. The accountants
Service Commission Regulations. Copies will           who make sure government commitments are
be made available to all Public Service system to     paid for. Special tribute also goes to the
place the recommendation of the role the              Chairman of all Public Service Commission and
Auditor General Report will be better addressed       the staff of my Ministry. And finally to the
and that it should link with the Treasury             energetic staff of the National Parliament, and
Information System and distinct but has the           especially you, Mr Speaker, for making sure that
our business in Parliament continues to be           the Grand Coalition for Change Government‟s
organized and run smoothly.                          policy on people centred, bottom up approach
         Mr Speaker, things may have not             and indigenization of democracy, has not found
happened hastily as expected but we have made        it easy to be changed from status quo to venture
considerable improvements in our performances.       out in faith from known to the unknown in order
The current improvement in our economy does          to be sure that things we hope for and be certain
have direct link with improved performance in        of the things we cannot yet see. Yet I believe
the Public Service and our government system.        we daily discover that by knowing the God of
         Mr Speaker, the message of my               heaven and earth gives meaning to life and by
contribution to this motion is simply – we must      obeying him, gives purpose to life. Therefore,
all work extra harder and not dependent on           Mr Speaker, we thank God for all that is past
handouts which are not always to our advantage       and we continue to trust our living God for all
and the advantage of generations to come. Our        that He reveals to us daily to be responsively
differences must be brushed aside and let us         responsible of doing them daily because God is
work together for the betterment of our beloved      always today and not tomorrow.
nation, Solomon Islands. There is no better time              Mr Speaker, at this juncture may I share
than now that our beloved nation, Solomon            with Members of Parliament and with the public
Islands, calls all of us today to duty.              what the Ministry of Lands has seriously taken
         Mr Speaker, before I resume my seat I       to address national land matters. Mr Speaker,
wish to remind us of the words said by President     the recent report of the Public Accounts
Abraham Lincoln and I quote: “With malice            Committee on its examination of the Audit
towards none, with charity for all, with firmness    Report into the Land Registration procedure and
in the right as God gives us to see the right, let   the Kukum Subdivision Report, has revealed a
us strive on to finish the work we are in.”          lot about land issues, and what has been
         Mr Speaker, with those remarks I            happening under our noses. These are serious
support the motion.                                  concerns both for the Government as well as the
Hon BOSETO: Thank you for the opportunity                     Mr Speaker, this issue as identified
to share my contribution to the motion of sine       under the Audit Report has summarized as
die. First of all, Mr Speaker, let me thank you,     follows:
Sir, for your able management of the
constitutional functions and procedures of the       (1)     Lack of communication between the
daily sittings of the present meeting which shall            Commissioner      of    Lands      and
be concluded and Parliament shall then stand                 stakeholders such as the Town and
adjourned sine die.                                          Country Planning Board, the Surveyor
         Secondly, Mr Speaker, let me thank the              General, Director of Physical Planning,
Prime Minister for his presentation of the motion            and the Valuer General.
of sine die in this honourable house. Mr
Speaker, current issues, challenges and concerns     (2)     The need for a fairer, equitable and a
raised in the speech of our Prime Minister                   documented process in decision making
remains an agenda of the government and the                  relating to the development of land.
people of our beloved country of Solomon
Islands to address and masterly overcome them        (3)     Statutory compliance requirements were
by our faith in God through the unconditional                not adhered to.
love of Jesus Christ.
         Mr Speaker, may I also take this            (4)     Lack of documentation in processes
opportunity to thank my Permanent Secretary,                 including land approval checklist, letter
Undersecretary, heads of divisions, technical                of offer, payment evidences and
assistances and helpers within the Ministry of               correspondence to approved and
Lands and Survey. Mr Speaker, I know that the                rejected land applicants.
Ministry of Lands, as a major implementer of
(5)    Non compliance to financial instruction       (3)    Removing statutory powers to allocate
       in the daily revenue transfer, revenue               land vested in both the Commissioner of
       collection of stamp duty and land                    Lands and the Minister for Lands and
       rentals.                                             transferring the same power to an
                                                            independent land trust board.
(6)    Fraudulent activities, conflict of interest
       and other financial irregularities            (4)    Place a moratorium in the issuing of
       conducted by Lands Officers.                         further temporary occupation license
                                                            whilst encouraging proper residential
        Mr Speaker, the Ministry of Lands is                development of current temporal
now trying to rectify the situation not just in             occupation licenses by converting them
relation to the subdivision and sale of the                 into fixed term estate.
Kukum Land but the overall routine function
and performance of the Ministry as well. The                  Mr Speaker, to date the Ministry has
Ministry needs to try and restore the public‟s       started embarking on its reform program through
confidence and sound credibility in its service      the following activities:
        Mr Speaker, a detailed action plan was       (1)    The reinforcement of administrative
produced in response to the recommendation of               standard operating procedure.        This
the Audit Report which outlined all the                     includes the proper set up of the registry
necessary actions required to be taken, in                  and filing system, better communication
attempting to address the shortcomings and                  links and consultation within the
maladministration identified under the Audit                Ministry, review of the procedures in
Report.                                                     land allocation from application to
        Mr Speaker, the problem as identified               registration and granting of land titles,
under the Audit Report is in fact part of a much            the enforcement of legal requirements
broader concern which is understood to have                 and follow ups.
been going on unchecked for quite some time
now. The severity of the situation has not           (2)    Request for the reinstatement of the site
simply been resolved of maladministration and               development fund to revert back to
fraudulent activities but a case of gross                   application of land through the public
misapplication of the laws including regulations            tender process and at the same time
and processes.                                              suspend the direct land allocation
        What is the Ministry doing about this?              process. In the interim an administrative
Mr Speaker, under the Grand Coalition for                   arrangement has been put in place to set
Change Government‟s policy, a major land                    up a committee to assist the
reform program is currently underway, which is              commissioner in screening all land
addressing as part of the reform process:                   applications and allocations.

(1)    Ensuring that land allocation, utilization    (3)    Recovery of revenue from land rentals
       and administration in all urban centres              by publishing all outstanding rentals on
       strictly comply with the requirement of              oath    to   the     Solomon     Islands
       existing regulations.                                Government.

(2)    Enforce      existing     legislation to      (4)    Following the recovery of land rentals,
       discourage speculation in regard to                  the record of each land parcel will be
       under-developed government allocated                 updated. Further inspection will be
       land with the view to returning such                 carried out followed by a massive
       lands for further allocation.                        exercise to repossess all under
                                                            developed land within Honiara through
                                                            the legal process of forfeiture in
        consultation with the Attorney General‟s      setting up of the Land Reform Unit offices in the
        Office. The Kukum Land issue will be          nine provinces. The items are being stocked
        featured under this exericise.                with the Land Reform Unit office.

(5)     Internal investigations are currently                18 laptops, nine desktops, 40 horse
        being carried out and to date three                   power engines, nine ray boats, 3 vehicle
        officers have been disciplined including              four wheel drives, furniture for
        one dismissal. Our recruits are updated.              provincial offices.
        There maybe more.
                                                               Mr Speaker, during provincial tours the
(6)     The Valuer General‟s Office is currently      team will look for office spaces for land reform
        being revamped and this week a new            unit in the provinces. Currently, there are no
        Valuers Association is being established      existing offices and as such we are looking for a
        under the Ministry‟s coordination with        site for construction of new offices. We are
        the view of standardizing valuation, a        hoping that by end of the year, the Land Reform
        special criteria across the board for both    Unit will be fully functioning according to the
        the government and private through the        plans with the approval of Parliament next year,
        formulation of appropriate legislation        all provinces will have units in each province
        and regulation.                               made of four officers. That is a team leader,
                                                      assistant team leader, a recorder and secretary.
         Mr Speaker, the Ministry has a lot to do     These teams will be working with provincial
and with the support of other relevant ministries     governments in the effort to visit rural
should be able to rectify the situation as early as   communities in rural areas in getting
possible. As a concept, reform is taken to mean       information on matters relating to traditional
a change improvement towards the future.              customary land issues.
         Mr Speaker, I would like to outline very              Mr Speaker, this information is very
briefly the recent activities of the Land Reform      vital for the completion of a new act of
Unit. Mr Speaker, the Land Reform Unit has            Parliament, which I hope to introduce in this
started operation on the first week of this month.    Parliament House in the next sitting. We are
Mr Speaker, the office has just been established      looking forward to your full support to get the
and is progressing well in terms of office set up,    program going which will get our rural people
ordering of office equipment, furniture as well       actively take part in a form of development
as organizing the overall land reform tour            economically or socially.
program to all the nine provinces in Solomon                   Lastly, Mr Speaker, the bottom up
Islands with the assistance of three office staff.    approach is our faith‟s target or faith‟s goal to
We are also expecting two assistant directors to      reach, to experience and to witness.
be part of the team. Hopefully the assistant                   Mr Speaker, many people still do not
directors would commence duty soon if not next        see the target or the goal of the Grand Coalition
week.                                                 for Change Government Policy on the bottom up
         Mr Speaker, the Land Reform Unit has         approach to be realized. Perhaps, Mr Speaker,
set up itself well and a tour programs have been      they only think of it in terms of material and
set in place to tour all the provinces with a         financial benefits to immediately reach every
delegation of four people. The tour program           person in our rural area and villages.
starts systematically with Choiseul, Isabel,                   Mr Speaker, I will say yes that it is
Temotu, Renbel, Central and lastly Western and        partly about material and financial benefits but
Malaita Provinces in December. The main               the bottom up principle does not encourage
program initiative will be to discuss government      promoting the permanent sickness of handouts
land reform with provincial executive and             and perpetual dependency on other people‟s
administration.                                       economic sweat.
         Mr Speaker, so far the Land Reform
Unit has ordered the following equipment for the
        Mr Speaker, in my view the bottom up                   Mr Speaker, God‟s heart is always full
philosophy and its holistic approach is to do the     of love for the world. The word of love became
following:                                            a human being in person of our Lord Jesus
                                                      Christ. He was born in the inn of the animal in
(1)     To educate and empower the least in our       order to witness God‟s priority, his people
        rural area to discover his/her worth and      centered. God‟s name is love and His two
        the potentiality that he/she must be          greatest commandments is to love more and
        given respect and trust to make a             more in order to love others more.
        contribution within his own family,                    Mr Speaker, the God Almighty is the
        village, community and the wider              only great shepherd of the people and their
        society.                                      environments of the world. He called our
                                                      government leaders, church leaders at all levels
(2)     He/she must grow towards maturity in          of our nation of families, nation of tribes, and
        solidarity with team leadership and team      nation of nationalities, to listen to His voice and
        work.                                         to take of His sheep and feed His lambs. He
                                                      today warns all of us leaders as He warned the
(3)     He or she must learn to obey God‟s            leaders of Israel in the Old Testament more than
        political will. That is to love one           4,000 years ago. He said, “You are doomed you
        another. This means to have strong faith      shepherds of Israel. You take care of yourselves
        in God that works through the love of         but never tend the sheep. You drink the milk,
        Christ.                                       you are clothed made from the wool and kill and
                                                      eat the finest sheep but you never tend the sheep.
(4)     He or she must be mature enough to            You have not taken care of the weak ones, heal
        stand against paternalistic attitude or top   the ones that are sick, bandage the ones that are
        down one way traffic communication in         hurt, brought back the ones who wandered off or
        order to build an interdependent              look for the ones that were lost. Instead you
        community locally, nationally and             treated them cruelly because the sheep had no
        internationally.                              shepherd. They were scattered and the wild
                                                      animals killed and ate them.
(5)     He or she must learn to judge our                      To me, Mr Speaker, the bottom up
        nation‟s progress, not just simply in         approach is first of all to listen to the cries and
        terms of self consumerism but in terms        the voice of the weak, the vulnerable, the
        of self discipline , lifestyle and self       excluded the marginalized, the voiceless, the
        contentment.                                  oppressed, the exploited and the neglected.
                                                               Mr Speaker, I hope and pray with all my
         Mr Speaker, biblically speaking in the       colleagues in this Honorable Chamber that our
context of unconditional love of the kingdom of       home grown constitution of a federal state
God, the bottom up approach is to reach out to in     government which is being considered for its
humility and responsibly with compassion of           established by the congress at present in Honiara
love in action. For example, Mr Speaker, Moses        may once again listen to these challenging words
of the Old Testament was inwardly urged by            of the great Shepherd, Jesus Christ the Lord in
compassion of love in action. He voluntarily          order to come up with the responsibly
decided to drop down from the palace of the           responsive structures and systems that is both
royal family of King Pharaoh in Egypt and came        empowering and participatory.
down to identify himself with the economically                 Before I resume my seat, Mr Speaker,
poor, politically oppressed and the racially          let me say that God, our great Shepherd who
alienated.      This is truly the leadership          calls all our leaders and people of Solomon
conversion of to lead is to serve, empowering,        Islands remains faithful. He will continue to
setting free the marginalized, the excluded and       lead us, guide us, protect us and defend our
the oppressed.                                        people and our nation in the name of the prince
                                                      of Peace and the King of Justice.
        Mr Speaker, with those few remarks I                   In this regard, Mr Speaker, I would like
beg to support the motion. Thank you.                 to thank my chiefs, men and women, children
                                                      and youths and all people of North East
Hon SIKUA: Thank you, Mr Speaker, for                 Guadalcanal Constituency for your support,
giving me this opportunity to contribute to the       patience and understanding so far. In particular,
Sine Die motion.                                      Mr Speaker, I want to thank them for their
         Firstly, I would like to thank the           understanding, respect and support for the
Honorable Prime Minister for his very able            political position and stands I have taken during
leadership as head of the Grand Coalition for         the period leading up to the recent no confidence
Change Government for moving the Sine Die             motion. In hindsight I am sure they will agree
motion on the 21st of August 2007.                    that wisdom will always prevail and that I have
         In addition, Mr Speaker, I would like to     made the right decision and choice.
thank all my Cabinet colleagues and government                 Mr Speaker, during this meeting we
backbenchers for their cooperation and spirit of      have passed a number of very important bills. I
togetherness during the testing times which has       wish to thank those Ministers who are involved,
now allowed us to hold on to the reigns of power      their staff and other government authorities
now and I hope for a long time to come.               involved, especially the Attorney General‟s
         Mr Speaker, I also wish to thank the         Chamber for their hard work in making sure
Leader of the Opposition and members of the           bills are brought before Parliament.
Opposition side particularly the MP for East Are               Mr Speaker, in particular I wish to thank
Are for allowing us to continue being in              my good friend, the Minister for Police, National
government by quickly withdrawing his no              Security Justice and Legal Affairs for bringing
confidence motion.                                    the Correctional Services Bill to Parliament. I
         Mr Speaker, I also take this opportunity     do support the Bill and I look forward to
to thank you and your most esteemed office for        working together with his Ministry and the
the smooth running of this Parliament meeting.        Solomon Islands College of Higher Education in
To the Clerk and all staff of the National            regards to developing the education and training
Parliament Office, I also extend my sincerely         programs for inmates as mentioned in the Bill.
thanks for the timely preparation of meeting                   Nonetheless, Mr Speaker, I wish to urge
papers and for paying our sitting allowances on       the Minister to quickly upgrade the prisons in
time. I would also like to thank the Hansard          other provincial centers so that Tetere Prison can
staff for their up to date recording of the daily     be scaled down and eventually removed from its
Hansard. I must say that the Parliament website       present location. Mr Speaker, I say this because
is indeed an important research tool for              Tetere Prison is very close to the border between
parliamentarians and other interested parties         the two constituencies of North and North East
both locally and overseas. So keep it updated         Guadalcanal and when the prisoners escape my
regularly.                                            people in North East Guadalcanal Constituency
         Mr Speaker, I must also say thank you        usually get very frightened especially women
to you for this very fruitful meeting. We started     and children.
off in a very tense atmosphere because of the                  Mr Speaker sir, as the Member of
intended motion of no confidence but upon             Parliament for East Guadalcanal, I thank the
withdrawal of the motion and the days became          National Government and our donor partners
weeks, Members of Parliament on both sides of         especially the Government and people of Japan
the House felt relaxed and behave in a civilized      for funding the main road project from Lunga to
manner towards each other, which is very good         the Berande River.
Mr Speaker. This is a healthy sign, and as                     In this regard, Mr Speaker, I also take
National Leaders we must always keep the best         special note of the request by my good friend,
interest of our people and country at heart as the    the Minister for Infrastructure Development and
first priority and our little differences and petty   MP for East Kwaio to work together with my
politics should not keep us in perpetual enmity.      chiefs and landowners to minimize and settle
                                                      land disputes that have arisen and are slowing
down the implementation of important national        headquarters as well as looking at the issues to
projects.                                            do with shipping needs within the province.
         Mr Speaker, may I remind my very                     Mr Speaker, with regards to the question
good friend, the Minister for Infrastructure         of reconciliation, the southern part of
Development once again that the Bokokimbo            Guadalcanal is more advanced in this program
Bridge is now like a wharf sitting in the middle     and I congratulate them and their Member of
of the river after the recent heavy flooding. I      Parliament for taking the initiative in this regard.
hope that work can be done urgently to restore                Mr Speaker, I hope that with funds
the main road on both sides of the bridge so that    being approved in the 2007 Supplementary
traffic can pass through the bridge once again.      budget, the reconciliation initiatives at various
Mr Speaker, I also would like to thank the           levels in the northern part of the Province can
national government for its policy to return all     commence and completed at the end of the year
alienated land to indigenous landowners. In my       or early next year.
constituency there are parcels of alienated land              On the issue of adopting the State
yet to be returned to my people and I would like     Government System, Mr Speaker, I am happy to
to urge the Ministry of Lands and all concerned      note that a group of people comprising elders
parties to fast track the process as my people are   and members of the Constitutional Review
now tired of waiting.                                Congress are currently in Honiara to begin work
         Some of my constituents, Mr Speaker,        on the draft federal constitution. This review
have a big interest in the Lunga land and I ask      exercise will take about a year to complete after
all responsible authorities to bring some closure    which a draft bill will be brought before
to this long running and outstanding issue           Parliament next year. Mr Speaker, I therefore
immediately. It is sad to observe that whilst my     ask my people of North East Guadalcanal to be
people are waiting patiently for something to        patient with the Government because all these
happen, the backdoor dealing and selling of land     good things will take time if we are going to do
at Lunga is continuing to this very day and          them properly for our own future, for our
responsible authorities are powerless to stop this   children‟s future and that of succeeding
practice.                                            generations.
         Mr Speaker, the Government‟s move to                 Mr Speaker, as the Minister for
establish the post of Constituency Development       Education and Human Resources Development I
Officers and for recruiting them is worthy and       now wish to make a number of comments on
commendable. I am sure they will enhance and         education issues.
greatly assist Members of Parliament in                       Mr Speaker, the Teacher‟s Strike that
implementing the development needs in our            occurred at the beginning of this school term is
constituencies to support the Government‟s           now behind us. However, I am pleased to
bottom up approach.                                  inform this Honorable House that officials from
         On the bona fide demands of the             my Ministry with assistance of officers from the
Guadalcanal people, Mr Speaker, I do not             Ministry of Public Service and Ministry of
subscribe to the views expressed by my friend,       Provincial Government and Rural Development
the MP for East Are Are that the present             are making very good progress in processing the
government is not doing anything about the bona      re-leveling payments to the unified pay structure
fide demands of the Guadalcanal people. I want       for more than 3,000 teachers. Apart from this,
to assure my people of North East Guadalcanal        more than 5,680 teachers will be paid their
that this is the only government that is seriously   salary arrears back dated to July 2006 as well as
addressing our demands, and indeed that of the       the payment of inducement, boarding, extra
whole nation, as the issues have been built into     curricula, long and dedicated service benefits
the Government‟s policy framework documents.         and annual leave travel expenses for teachers
         Mr Speaker, I want the people of North      before the end of this year.
East Guadalcanal Constituency to know that the                Mr Speaker, I wish to register my
Government is looking seriously at how it can        sincere thanks to my colleague Minister for
quickly address the issue of having a permanent      Finance and Treasury, the Minister for Public
Service, the Minister for Provincial Government       end of 31st May this year. Mr Speaker, this will
and Rural Development, the Minister for               help to control the tertiary budget and keep costs
Commerce, the Honorable Attorney General and          within the budget.
staff, and my own Permanent Secretary,                As you may be aware, Mr Speaker, since last
Divisional Heads and staff and members of the         year and gain this year, the Ministry of
SINTA Executives and SINTA Branch                     Education has not made any requests for a
chairpersons in the provinces for their support       supplementary appropriation for the tertiary
throughout the period we were sorting out the         support budget. This is because I have flatly
teacher‟s issues.                                     refused to be pressured by anybody to accept
         Mr Speaker, the Government is very           scholarship at the last minute. Mr Speaker, I
committed and has always endeavored to fulfill        want us all to realize that there is a process to be
its obligations to improve the working                followed in regards to the award of government
conditions of all teachers. However, as a former      scholarships and we must all respect that process
school teacher and educationist yourself, you         regardless of who we are.
will have observed the deteriorating attitude and              Mr Speaker, the issue of delay in the
un-professionalism of some teachers today. Mr         payment of student allowances for the Solomon
Speaker, this does not include those good             Islands Government‟s sponsor students at the
teachers who have gone into teaching out of           University Laucala Campus has again featured
their own good will and their own personal            prominently in the local print and electronic
needs and desires like people who have taken up       media up to today. The good news is that our
teaching out of necessity.                            students have now received this allowance and
         Mr Speaker, I am not talking about           every one is happy.
those people who joined the ranks. I am talking                I have just noted in today‟s paper, Mr
about those people who join the ranks because         Speaker, that some students have not receive the
they had no other alternative, no other avenue of     full balance of their allowances and I want to
expression except to go to a field that had           assure them that they will be receiving the
security and gave them some form of                   remaining balance of their allowances in the
opportunity in life. Mr Speaker, you will agree       next fortnight or so.
that these kind of teachers lack patience,                     Mr Speaker, contrary to what the MP for
consistency and responsibility and they ignore        East Are Are is saying, I want to stress here that
the needs of their peoples in this kind of matters.   the delays are due to administrative hiccups
         Mr Speaker, with teachers now being          rather than economic reasons. It has nothing to
paid very well and on the same pay structure as       do with the government‟s ability in paying these
public servants, all parents, guidance, children      allowances.
and all stakeholders in education expect that                  Mr Speaker, the delay at the beginning
teachers should now work hard and stop missing        of this year was caused by the late passage of
classes at the expense of students and their          this year‟s budget by Parliament. Also you will
future. I also want to say here that parents,         recall that at the beginning of this year, the USP
guidance and children and indeed members of           no longer pays students‟ allowances in advance
the general public have the right to report any       as was the practice in the past. Mr Speaker, this
teachers missing classes to their relevant            is due to the prevailing situation in Fiji which
education authorities so that appropriate             according to the USP Administration has created
discipline can be against them.                       uncertainty in the University‟s finances as Fiji
         Mr Speaker, I wish to take this              being the host nation is a major contributor to
opportunity to reiterate to all Members of            the university. Hence, Mr Speaker, the National
Parliament that applicants for the 2008               Training Unit within the Ministry has to raise
scholarship awards have already closed on the         payments for student allowances in a timely
31st May 2007. Therefore, I am not expecting          manner on Semester 1 and Semester 2 of this
people to try and coerce or corrupt me at the end     year.
of this year into accepting someone who has not                Mr Speaker, as there are multiple
submitted his or her application forms before the     players in this process and not just the Ministry
of Education or the Ministry of Finance, long       for East Are Are during his debate of the Sine
delays have been experienced. I know for a fact     Die motion that the number of scholarship
that my officials started the process of payment    awards for 2007 have decreased is not correct.
of USP Student allowances at the beginning of       In addition, his statement that scholarship
June this year. We were hoping at that time the     awards by donor partners have been reduced in
required funds could be ready by the end of June    2007 is also not true. For the information of
so that we could pay the students their living,     Parliament, Mr Speaker, the total number of
accommodation and book allowances as soon as        scholarship holders for this year is 1,127 which
semester 2 this year begins about three weeks       showed an increase of 344 new awards
ago.                                                compared to last year. In addition, Mr Speaker,
         Mr Speaker, we all know that this has      the number of students sponsored by AUSAID
not happened and therefore I take this              remains steady at 104 with 39 in Australia
opportunity to apologize on behalf of the           awards, and 65 regional awards.
Government and my Ministry to all SIG                        Mr Speaker, the number of students
sponsored students at the USP Laucala Campus        sponsored by NZAID remains steady also at 114
and elsewhere for the delay and for causing         with 37 in New Zealand awards, 64 regional
them any unnecessary trauma, hardship or            awards and 13 short term training awards.
anxiety caused by the delay. I hope all concern              Mr Speaker, the Commonwealth
parties will lift their game and improve on this    Secretariat is sponsoring two students who are
matter in the future.                               undertaking postgraduate studies towards a
         Mr Speaker, as you may have heard on       Masters and a PhD degree in Britain. Mr
the SIBC over the weekend and in Solomon Star       Speaker, the Republic of China currently
this week, the USP/SIG sponsored students have      sponsors 19 students who are attending various
sent me a petition alluding that this delays have   universities in the Republic of China on Taiwan.
affected their studies through semester I of this   An additional eight (8) students who have won
year. Mr Speaker, I have asked my officials to      the 2007 in Taiwan awards will be leaving for
look at this petition and on the basis of their     Taiwan this weekend to join the 19 continuing
advice, I will respond accordingly as soon as       students. Mr Speaker, the Government of Papua
possible.       Nonetheless, I urge all our         New Guinea is continuing to assist us by
Government sponsored students at the                sponsoring 132 students studying in various
University Laucala Campus to continue to work       tertiary institutions in Papua New Guinea this
hard despite these adversities so that they will    year.
maintain their reputation as being the top                   Honorable Members of Parliament will
academically performing group of students at        note the level of assistance currently provided by
the University of the South Pacific compared to     the Government of Papua New Guinea annually
other students from around the region, and          in the development estimates currently stands at
therefore making us proud                           $12.5million.      Mr Speaker, the remaining
         On this note, Mr Speaker, I am happy to    number of awards totaling 888 scholarships is
say that as we have read in the papers, the         what we commonly refer to as the SIG
Honorable Prime Minister has already received       sponsored students and which the ROC is
the first trance of the 2007 scholarship funding    assisting us with funding on an annual basis with
totaling $10million from the Republic of            the amount of $16.7million which appears in our
China‟s Ambassador to Solomon Islands on            development estimates.
Wednesday 22nd of August this year. Mr                       Mr Speaker, I wish to thank all our
Speaker, these funds which is part of the           donor partners for their continuing support to the
$16.7million in the 2007 Development                training of future human resource and leaders of
Estimates for ROC funding will ensure that we       Solomon Islands. Mr Speaker, I wish to high
will have sufficient funding for our scholarships   light here that the development of our greatest
throughout this year.                               resource, our human resources is proving to be
         Mr Speaker, talking about scholarship      very difficult and expensive as our population
awards for 2007, the statement made by the MP       grows and increases every year. What this
means is that we must commence without               kindergartens, primary schools, secondary
further delay the Government‟s policy to             schools and rural training centres. My Ministry
establish a USP Campus in Solomon Islands and        is working closely with other government
to transform the Solomon Islands College of          ministries and authorities to rebuild these
Higher Education either to a university college      education facilities.
or a fully fledged national university in its own              Mr Speaker, I hope that all the standard
right.                                               six pupils have found this week‟s secondary
         Mr Speaker, in relation to the              entrance examinations very easy and enjoyable
establishment of the University of the South         and I wish them a belated best of luck in their
Pacific Campus, a team comprising members of         results. In addition, Mr Speaker, I would like to
the USP Senior Management and the consulting         wish all form 3, form 5, form 6 and form 7
architects will be arriving early next month to      students, who will be taking their exams in the
undertake further discussions and survey             coming months, all the best, and remember the
regarding the SICHE lower Panatina Campus            saying that: “He who fails to prepare, prepares
before detailed drawings and costing can be          to fail.”
done as soon as possible.                                      In conclusion, Mr Speaker, I would like
         Mr Speaker, this issue seems to have        to thank you, the Clerk, and all staff once again,
dragged on for more than 22 years now but we         for your tremendous support. Please keep the
have experienced delays recently because this        Parliament website going and updated regularly.
team that I am referring to has been busy visiting   In fact your boys are already sick of me going in
and carrying out similar tasks in Kiribati, the      there telling them to chase this and that. Mr
Cook Islands and the Marshall Islands who are        Speaker, I urge you to press on with the
also going to build their own USP campuses.          Parliament Building Project, especially building
All in all, Mr Speaker, I sincerely hope that all    offices for Members of Parliament. It is very
Members of Parliament will support the funds         simple. It is a very simple fact that if we cannot
requested to construct our new USP Campus in         look after ourselves properly how can we be
the 2008 Budget submission from my Ministry.         expected to look after the whole country
         The transformation and upgrading of the     properly? I urge you to keep on with the
Solomon Islands College Higher Education             parliamentary building project.
should occur soon after, and I hope that the two               Also Mr Speaker, I wish to take this
private universities which have been planned by      opportunity to thank RAMSI for all the good
the Seventh Day Adventist Church and the             work it has done in bringing about law and order
Church of Melanesia can get off the ground           into our country. I wish to also thank all our
sooner rather than later.                            donors in the education sector for their
         Mr Speaker, in recognition of all these     continuing support. I wish to thank in particular
exciting new developments in the tertiary            New Zealand Aid, the European Union, the
education sector, I would like to thank the          Republic of China, Japan, Papua New Guinea,
Honorable Prime Minister for agreeing to             AUSAID, the United Kingdom, the World Bank
appoint a Parliamentary Secretary for Higher         and UN Agencies such as UNICEF, UNESCO
Education from amongst us to focus on and            and UNDP. In particular, I would like to thank
ensure speedy implementation of all these plans      the European Union and NZAid for their very
towards the development of higher education in       strong support to the education sector‟s
Solomon Islands. Therefore, I would like to          investment and reform program.
sincerely thank the Leader of the People‟s                     Mr Speaker, I wish to extend my best
Alliance Party for accepting this wondrous           wishes to all members of our sporting contingent
challenge, and in doing so leaving the tail on the   to the Samoa Pacific Games 2007. May they
other side of the House.                             perform to their utmost best and in the end make
         Mr Speaker, we are all aware of the         Solomon Islands proud as a strong sporting
devastation caused by the earthquake and             nation. Might I suggest that before we finish
tsunami in Choiseul and Western Provinces,           Parliament Meeting we should be sending them
including the damage caused to many of our           a message, I think this is an opportunity when
we are altogether to send them a message, say        was appointed legally by the Government of
next week with the signatures of all Members of      Solomon Islands. Let us have some more
Parliament so that it will boost their morale.       respect for each other.
        Finally I wish to thank my people of                  Having said that, Mr Speaker, I wish to
North East Guadalcanal Constituency once             go and touch on another observation on matters
again, and I hope to see you soon after the          that have been quite controversial in the media
parliament meeting whilst at the same time I am      and also on the floor of this Parliament. The
seeing some of them almost every day. May            Honorable Prime Minister has through the
God continue to shower us with His blessings         motion explained some of these issues for our
and wisdom.                                          information or information of the public. I hope
        With these remarks, Mr Speaker, I            these issues are now clear and we would not
support the motion.                                  have any more confusion but just because they
                                                     keep reoccurring, I too wish to say something on
Mr SITAI: Thank you very much, Mr Speaker,           a particular issue. But before that, let me say
for allowing me to join the batting as it were in    that the cardinal rule between states is mutual
contributing very briefly to the motion of sine      respect of each others‟ sovereignty. I have
die moved by the Honorable Prime Minister this       always taken this view throughout all these
week.                                                controversies because if one state does not apply
         I will be brief, Mr Speaker, and I only     that cardinal rule then the other state will
wish to make a few observations. Let me begin        naturally react in a way that that rule must be
by saying that at the beginning of this meeting I    maintained.
found the floor of Parliament to be very tense.               Let me come back to this issue relating
At times I thought we were going to have a riot      to what has happened to the learned Attorney
on the floor of Parliament just like what            General who was already appointed by the
happened outside of Parliament on April 2006.        Government of Solomon Islands in Papua New
Sir, that did not happen and we are ending this      Guinea and to relate that to the Government‟s
meeting in a very peaceful atmosphere. I can         actions that then took place. In my observation,
only say that this is due to our maturity. We are    the person that we have talked so much about as
men of goodwill. We have understanding and           we all know was on his way to Solomon Islands.
we are very peaceful people. I would like to         But whilst in Port Moresby, you would
thank us all for that understanding. Without that    remember that he became a stateless person
tolerance we would have ended up with some           because of what has happened to his passport. If
problems. But that maturity, in my view, should      any actions were to be carried out in his favor it
direct us or should assist to maintain political     would be best in my opinion purely on
stability in this nation. I believe we can do that   humanitarian grounds, apart from the fact that he
and use our conscience to decide on whatever         was a duly constitutionally appointed officer of
time is appropriate to deal with matters that are    the Solomon Islands Government holding that
quite sensitive or that will impinge on stability    post.
in this Parliament. We have to give an                        In situations of this nature, I think it is
opportunity for this government to survive and       reasonable to weigh decisions. In my view, Mr
implement its good policies for the benefit of all   Speaker, the issue about contravening our air
including our economy.                               space and landing at Munda, if you compare that
         Secondly on the same point, that            with what happened to the person and look at it
understanding and stability should a lso make us     on humanitarian grounds that is heavier than all
respect each other more on the floor of              other considerations. That is how I see that
Parliament. Sir, as one of the longest serving       issue.
Members on this Parliament, I would like to say               The Government of Solomon Islands as
that sometimes I feel very awkward to hear what      we were told by the Prime Minister through
appears to me to be insinuations directed and        what was termed as „secret letter‟ which was
leveled at certain people. A recent case in mind     perhaps not a secret letter at all but a
is the case on the learned Attorney General who      communication between the two Prime
Ministers expressing each other‟s views on this      you can see how much we are paying for those
issue, which perhaps resulted in a situation of      imports. Sometimes I believe it could be more
that nature but Prime Ministers can                  or near to the level of aid we are receiving from
communicate with each other.                         Australia. This is a fact and it is something we
         On that score let me add, Mr Speaker,       must not forget. But through economic growth
that we must not forget the existence of the         may be we could reverse the trend, and we are
Melanesian Spearhead Group. Perhaps our              getting there. That is one of my observations Mr
founding fathers of the MSG had this sort of         Speaker.
things in mind that as a group, a Melanesian                   The other is in relation to the creation of
Group they are threatened by a powerful nation       new ministries. I only wish to say that the new
or state within the region. Perhaps some             Ministry of Rural Development as has been
understanding can be reached in how to deal          mentioned in Parliament if put in place will
with these matters in a way that is acceptable to    strengthen the government‟s efforts to
our leaders. I contribute this in my own             implement the bottom up approach policy. I
observations as the wisdom of the founding           must thank the government too on that note for
fathers of the Melanesian Spearhead Group.           the appointment of constituency development
         Having said that, Mr Speaker, I would       officers who will assist MPs, their committees
like to move on to other areas of observation I      and constituencies to carry out those policies as
would like to speak on. Let me begin by looking      well as to monitor development projects,
at the much talked about economic growth. The        identify new projects and may be assist in
Minister of Finance mentioned in Parliament          training.
and they kept attacking him about it, calling it               What I need to ask the Government now
not the economy growth but the recovery or           is having trained the constituency development
whatever term you may wish to say it, as a           officers, please provide the necessary resources
simple layman I just want to say that the            to enable them do their work. I believe they
economy is growing. There is great potential for     have now completed their course and are all
us to grow the economy further through the           going back to their various constituencies to
policies of the present government. That can be      settle in and commence work.
done despite natural disasters that have hit us,               The other issue also in relation to
manmade disasters that we will encounter but I       constituency development is to humbly ask my
think through those policies we can do it. This      government or our government, particularly the
country is very resourceful in terms of resources    Ministers who are responsible to start moving
and manpower. It can be done. I do not have          the implementation of projects. Some of us or
any doubts about it. Let us put our acts together    all Members of Parliament I believe have
that we can do it for the betterment of this         requests documented and submitted for our
country.                                             constituencies.
         There is indeed economic growth, not                  It is now August, we only have two
much perhaps but that is a sign of achievement.      more months left before the next appropriation
If we keep up with that path, I believe we can       bill 2008. If we move the process so that people
grow the economy more. That can be attributed        can see things happening despite of whatever
to the prudent policies of the government we can     assistance we already have at our disposal there
make sector to come up to what we expect it to       are people that need attention and so I only wish
be in the future.                                    to ask the Prime Minister and the Government to
         At this juncture, Mr Speaker, let me also   perhaps look at those areas and assist them so at
share in Parliament a view that I have always        the end of the day it will be our people who
had in relation to our economy, in particular our    benefit.
trading situation with Australia. Remember that                Having made those observations, Mr
in terms of balance of trade, advantage is           Speaker, I wish lastly to thank you for your
enjoyed by Australia and not Solomon Islands. I      tolerance, good will and very able chairmanship
am raising this only because when you look at        of our meetings despite the difficulties we have
the imports we are bringing in from Australia,       had during this session. I would also like to
thank the clerk and staff for all their support in    on the floor of Parliament we can go out and do
enabling this meeting to run smoothly. I would        our exercises in that place so that every sweat
like to thank the staff of Parliament for their       can come out and we can be normal back and
continued assistance to parliamentarians.             cool down.
         I would also like to thank the Prime                  Finally, Mr Speaker, I wish to convey
Minister, members of the Cabinet, colleague           my best wishes to my people of East Makira
backbenchers, especially the government for           Constituency. I am going to visit you next
very able leadership, stern and firm, hard            month to interact with you. Now that our
working Ministers. During these three weeks           constituency development officer has been
we have had a good number of bills coming into        appointed and has gone through training, he will
Parliament. I am asking you to maintain your          work with your MP. He needs to make contact
performance. I would like to thank you all            with the people so that he can come out with a
Ministers for the hard work and inputs you are        roadmap of the constituency.
putting in to support the Prime Minister and the               Thank you very much Mr Speaker, and
Government to make things moving.                     with those few comments I support the motion.
         I would like to thank the public servants
for their hard work also in running our               Mr OLAVAE: Thank you, Mr Speaker, for
ministries. I would like to point out to the g        allowing me the floor to debate the motion of
Government that at times maybe you could              sine die.
review the appointment of some these personnel                 However, Mr Speaker, before I
who are not performing to the Government‟s            contribute to this motion I would like to thank
expectation.                                          the Prime Minister for moving this motion on
         Other people who deserve my thanks are       Tuesday and Members who contributed
the aid donors who continue to help us, our           significantly towards this motion.
church leaders, our other leaders at all levels and            Mr Speaker, I would also like to thank
our people in our various constituencies. Our         this Government for introducing the bottom up
people especially for the resilience, their           approach policy. This is the first time in our
patience having endured all those things at times     history after obtaining independence 29 years.
are now beginning to see things are happening.        Mr Speaker, this government has realized that
         On another issue, lest I forget, Mr          after 29 wasted years it puts in policies that will
Speaker, I urge our Government to continue to         help recover our ailing economy for the future
support the application of the Republic of China      progress and for the betterment of our people in
to the United Nations. Despite difficulties           order to improve their standard of living.
affecting ROC‟s membership, I firmly believe                   This Government under its bottom up
with the technology, the background, the wealth       approach is talking about the creation. You
they have, they can through the UN if they were       know, Mr Speaker, I do not see any problem
to become member they will share their wealth         with creation. The wealth of resources that our
and experience for the sake of others so that         Almighty blessed us with have been laying in
countries who have established relations with         the hands of the people throughout our 50
them will also benefit from this friendship.          constituencies.
         Mr Speaker, I do not have very much                   I used to say this in past sine motions
more to say at this late hour, I wish colleague       but I am going to say it again in a much better
MPs a good trip home if we have left home but         way. Mr Speaker, prior to us adopting the
if we are tied up with some work in Honiara, I        multilateral trading system, our forefathers used
ask us all to take care at all times, in particular   to live in the subsistence economy – the barter
we must watch our diet. The Minister of Health        system. There was not much problem in those
talking in Parliament the other day has given out     days. Until now most of the rural populace has
the same message. I hope that in the next phase       been living a subsistence way of living, and we
of the development of Parliament you will             are talking about 80% of our people living with
ensure that there is an exercise room for             their wealth of resources.
Members of Parliament. After heated debates
         We have been talking about the                who do the services? It is the current business
government‟s        problems,        political  and    people. Just look at the provincial capitals, look
economical problems because we established             at all the shops in the capital. Look at Honiara,
those artificial political structures. Our bountiful   who are those providing services? Who are
duty is to put in place right and conducive            those enjoying the budgeted money we have
economic policies for the betterment of this           been talking about or money that successive
country.                                               governments passed in this Parliament and
         Mr       Speaker,      this     Government    dished out annually.
formulated the bottom up approach policy in                     I wonder why this country, Mr Speaker,
order for 80% of our population living in our          has been facing economic problem. Look at the
rural areas can participate in sustainable             depletion of our foreign reserve in the Central
development and in the productive sector so that       Bank. This is because more imported items are
they supplement the current private sector to          brought in because the money that provincial
revive or recover the ailing economy that we are       governments and ministries have been spending
experiencing thus far.                                 was constituted into foreign exchange earnings
         From my observation, Mr Speaker, since        for our trading partners. So the real players are
attaining independence, we started with a very         the importers who are foreign merchant earners
expensive political structure. That is how I see       throughout the country. This has been going on
it. I do not know who was responsible in               making us to neglect our real foreign exchange
advising us to adopt this very expensive political     earners – our people. That is why the new
structure – the Provincial Government System.          Ministry the government is going to establish
         Track records have shown that                 will pave the way to battle this unfavorable
successive governments made money out of the           balance of trade we have been experiencing over
people‟s resources. Under the 1978 Audit Act           the years.
all revenue derived from the resources of rural                 We are talking about boosting the rural
people must be injected into the Treasury and          economy, boosting the production of more
our duty is to come here in Parliament and talk        copra, cocoa and timber export through that
about how we are going to distribute that money,       policy. That is why this government I think
and it has been going on in spiral for all these       although there are few issues that clouds the
doggy years. But the mechanism we forgot after         mind for the future, I think when it is compared
independence was the bottom up approach.               with past governments, I think this government
         The colonial masters, I know, started us      is about 60 or 70% better than the previous
off very well but after independence successive        government because the previous government
governments changed their policies to a more           never talked about the people and never talked
centralized system concentrating more on those         about the bottom.
political structures.       When we talk about                  I say this because when God created us
political structures we are only talking about         He created us from the bottom. The bottom of
allocating more money derived from the rural           the economy is the resources we are talking
people‟s resources under the Ministry of               about. This government realizes that and that is
Provincial Government.                                 why I support this government to be given this
         When we look at how the Provincial            term. That is how I see it, Mr Speaker.
Government has been expending money, Mr
Speaker, we all know that money was spent on                              (hear, hear)
services. And who has been providing those
services Mr Speaker? It is mostly the Chinese          Most of us are do not really 100% support them
Business people. So it comes to trade again            but when this government is compared with the
here.                                                  previous government on how it approaches our
         We have been relying very much on             people and how this government approaches our
imported items - consumable goods. At the end          people, this government is talking about
of the year we pass budgets and in January we          recognizing the mass population in the rural
started to expend money, and who are the ones          areas. The future looks better with the policies it
is now embarking upon. Mr Speaker, the policy        would like to inform this house too that I am
this government is going to implement will be        proud to be a part of this government on behalf
practically seen in the rural communities.           of my people of North West Guadalcanal.
         Mr Speaker, we have seen our political               Before I go into other areas, Mr
and economic problems in the last 29 years and       Speaker, I think it is appropriate at this time, on
this government is finding ways and means on         behalf of my people of North West Guadalcanal
how best it will alleviate the present               to sincerely thank the Grand Coalition
circumstances we are in and there will be a lot of   Government for Change for seeing it fit to open
hard work this government is going to do. And I      dialogue with my people on Tandai Ward in
think it is working towards that. I think we         North West Guadalcanal to discuss the Honiara
should cooperate and give time for this              land issue. I must applaud the Prime Minister
government to implement its good rural policy        for that. Thank you very much for seeing it fit
of the bottom up approach policy so that the         to do that and also my other colleague members
rural populace can have the chance of seeing and     of Cabinet and Caucus members. I understand
experiencing it because this has been a long         that the rest of the formalities and the process for
standing issue. The people have been waiting         us to come together will be done after this
for so long and we have been talking about rural     parliament meeting. I am yet to formally gather
people but there has not been any mechanism          my people to formally inform them of the
put in place to really realize that.                 position of the Grand Coalition for Change, and
         Mr Speaker, we are on the right track       I must applaud your leadership.
under this new roadmap. So give chance to this                I also would like to thank the Grand
government to implement its program of action        Coalition for Change that although this policy to
that will further help this country‟s economy.       the return of alienated land is an ongoing issue
         Finally, Mr Speaker, I would like to        since the SIAC Government, I think this
thank you for the way you have been conducting       government is serious; serious in a sense that it
this parliament meeting since it started. I          is under its policy guidelines. This government
congratulate you, Mr Speaker, as well as your        wants all alienated land to be returned to the
staff and the securities for securing Members of     original landowners, and with that too on behalf
Parliament whilst we are in here. I want to          of my people I would like to applaud you and
congratulate you for that. I also would like to      thank you for that.
thank people in my constituency for mandating                 Sir, on the same note it is appropriate for
me to lead them for the second term in this          me also to highlight some of my Department‟s
house. I think I will try my best to do what I can   achievements or issues that I need to brief
for them.                                            Parliament about. Mr Speaker, there has been a
         With those remarks, Mr Speaker, I           lot of work done in the Energy Sector. Since the
resume my seat.                                      beginning of the year my Ministry has worked in
                                                     collaboration with the World Bank, the SOPAC,
Hon USA: Thank you, Mr Speaker, for                  JICA on numerous energy projects in the urban
allowing me to briefly contribute to the motion      and rural areas. Mr Speaker, there is emphasis
of sine die moved by the Honorable Prime             on avoiding overlap of activities but ensuring
Minister on Tuesday.                                 that activities do complement each other.
        Before doing so, I too would like to join             Mr Speaker, generally although the
other colleagues in thanking you, Sir, for your      progress of activities under the Energy Sector
guidance throughout the meeting and also I           development budget is slow in meeting the
would like to thank the staff of Parliament for      estimated time frame, certain tasks have been
ensuring that all formalities are prepared before    accomplished. The slowness in the progress of
the next sitting day of meeting.                     activities is due to administrative reasons such as
        Mr Speaker, I also want to take this         sometimes we are trying hard our best to get
chance too to thank the Prime Minister for his       money from the Treasury but it is a bit slow
courageous leadership over this Grand Coalition      however I do not really take that as an excuse.
for Change Government. Also on this note I
But the Department is trying its best to move        Tingoa on Rennell and in Gizo. Installation
forward on that.                                     should take place around October 2007 when an
         Anyway Mr Speaker, the activities           expertise from Australia is available to assist my
implemented under the Energy Sector                  Ministry staff on installation work. Five wind
development budget are as follows:                   turbine have been ordered to be installed for trial
        Bio-diesel. Progress in the trial on        in sites in Langa Langa, New Georgia, Malaita
         blend coconut oil and diesel under the      Outer Islands and in other sites yet to be
         MOU between my Ministry and SICHE           identified.
         has delayed due to unavailability of                  The other sector, Mr Speaker, is hydro
         certain equipments. A local consultant      power. My Ministry had conducted surveys on
         has been engaged to undertake research      certain sites on Malaita upon request submitted
         on the potential of bio-diesel in           by communities. There are so many requests
         Solomon Islands.                            from communities around the country for such
         Mr Speaker, these studies are done by       surveys, and with our limited staff my Ministry
my Ministry while the initiative by the World        is working hard to meet these requests.
Bank for sustainable energy financing project                  Also solar power surveys have been
loans in July 2007 at the Central Bank of            conducted in numerous communities around the
Solomon Islands is progressing well and on           country. The Ministry is working on solar
time.                                                electrification in boarding schools in the
         Mr Speaker, the sustainable energy          country.
financing project will provide soft loans for                  On the Honiara Power Improvement
individuals, communities and entrepreneurs and       Project, on Wednesday I officiated the closing of
energy equipment suppliers through the ANZ           phase 1 of the Honiara Power Improvement
Bank to obtain solar home system, hydro              Project and the commencement of phase 2 of the
systems and coconut oil fibre generators.            project under JICA Project. This will improve
         Sir, feasibility studies has commenced      the Honiara Power consumers if they agree with
in 21 communities in the Western Province and        me.
10 communities in the Temotu Province for                      The other one is the Ngalimbiu hydro
piloting of coconut oil fired mini grid systems.     power and development of biomass plant at the
Sir, these feasibility studies should end by         GPPOL. The World Bank‟s preparatory work
November 2007 and implementation commence            on Ngalimbiu Hydro is progressing. This hydro
in January 2008. These pilot project schemes         is to provide power for Gold Ridge and Honiara.
will see these 31 committees obtaining loans         It is envisaged to develop a biomass plant
through ..... to purchase power generators that      utilizing palm oil waste from the GGPOL and
operate on coconut oil to be sourced from the        this will certainly connect to the main grid to
Enoghae Coconut Crushing Mill in the Western         supply Honiara residents.
Province and the Temotu Development                            On the Gold Ridge Mine, Mr Speaker,
Authority Coconut Crushing Mill in Lata . The        work has progressed over the years, and
communities will pay up the loan of the              although there are delays in the full operation of
generator through are yet to be determined tariff.   the mine, I think land acquisition to acquire a
         Mr Speaker, my Ministry is working          site for relocation is on progress, and I think the
alongside the World Bank to seek financing or        Department of Lands is working on that.
transmission and distribution system of this mini              Mr Speaker, I also want to inform the
grid system which costs a lot. Upon its success,     House of other areas, which I think is an
Mr Speaker, this idea will be replicated around      ongoing concern by a majority of our people in
the country. The same loan also applies for          Solomon Islands, is the Mines and Minerals Act.
solar and ......hydro system.                        I think my department is working hard to
         The other thing, Mr Speaker, is the wind    identify certain areas within the Act for
resource assessment.            Wind measuring       amendment.
equipments obtained by my Ministry through the                 One area that needs to be looked at is
energy development budget are to be installed at     the area that allows a company to go out and
negotiate with the people.           Mr Speaker,             Mr Speaker, I also wish to thank you
sometimes there is a big gap that does not allow    and your staff for running this very important
the Minister to have some cross-checking            meeting of Parliament. I think we can all see
mechanisms before the signing of the license,       and witness what is going on in Parliament
and so my Ministry is working on that to make       House administratively with the quality of
some amendments to the Act.                         technology something is happening in
         Mr Speaker, finally before I resume my     improving this Parliament House that we
seat I wish to make some general comments, and      represent.
this is in regards to what my good friend who                Mr Speaker, first I would like to briefly
has just spoken said in regards to imported         thank the government of the day for seeing it fit
goods. I believe the concerned department is        in forming a new ministry of Women, Youth and
working hard on it. I think if we look at the       Children‟s Affairs. Mr Speaker, the ministry
country, Mr Speaker, most of the imported           itself speaks louder for the nation of Solomon
goods are just disposal goods without quality. If   Islands as I represent this very important
you look at the shops, Mr Speaker, the              Ministry. A small budget that was given under
concerned department will try and address this      the 2007 Appropriation Bill 2007, thank you
shortly. We can see goods flooded into the          Minister for Finance and thank you the
shops which if bought today go bad today. I         government of the day for seeing it fit in
think this is a concern of many of our people.      establishing this very, very important ministry in
         Without taking much time , Mr Speaker,     our country.
once again thank you very much for your                      The Grand Coalition of Change, the
patience in ensuring all formalities in this        name itself speaks louder. What it is saying in
meeting are in order. I also do not forget to       here is for us to change as a leader, if the people
thank my constituents for their trust and           who mandated us can change, we change this
confidence in me by putting me back again in        nation of Solomon Islands tomorrow for the
Parliament to serve them in these four years. I     betterment of our living.
want to assure them that I will be with this                 Mr Speaker, at this dying hour of this
Grand Coalition Government for Change until it      Parliament Meeting, I want to be vocal about
falls down or it continues to lead the government   Ministry that I represent. First, there will be a
throughout these four years that we are going       bill coming up and I look forward to that. I
towards.                                            thank the bills that have come before this House
         Also on that same token, Mr Speaker,       and approve in this House of Parliament. I think
may I appeal to members of the Opposition that      one very important bill of the Ministry that I
although I respect your views and concerns on       represent is a bill that will establish women
this government is running the affairs of this      representatives for this House of Parliament so
country, as MP for North West Guadalcanal,          that there is gender equality in this House in
please I want to let you know publicly that I am    order for the voice of the women to be heard so
one of the official members of the Socred Party     that there is balance of voice during parliament
and I will remain with the Socred Party and the     meetings.
Grand Coalition for Change to lead this nation               This is very, very important and I am
on behalf of my people of North West                looking forward to that bill. I am sure my
Guadalcanal.                                        Attorney General will support me on this Bill so
         With those few remarks, Mr Speaker, I      that the bill is passed in this House representing
support the motion.                                 the women‟s voice in this House. It could be
                                                    representative of the nine provinces. Why not?
Hon TANEKO: Mr Speaker, I too, on behalf of         Nine provinces, nine women representatives to
my people would like to contribute to this very     be in this House of the Parliament to balance the
important sine die motion, which traditional and    debating in Parliament. Thank you, Mr Speaker.
culturally is a time for us to say and express               The second bill is the youth parliament,
what we believe at the end of a meeting.            one of the second bills that I am looking forward
                                                    to bring to this House of Parliament. The youth
parliament I feel very strongly is the Bill that       those visions will come so that we can
will prepare our youths to be leaders of               implement and change the government as the
tomorrow. This could be done during school             name its self tells in here Grand Coalition
holidays, and I am sure this Parliament will           Government for Change, to change the nation of
agree. Let them train on the training ground in        Solomon Islands better for the future that how
here, breed them so that they can look forward         we can live and lead. Thank you.
to become leaders so that when they come in                      I thank the government, especially
here they can speak more commonsense in this           Minister for Finance for seeing it in bringing the
House of Parliament rather than finger pointing        appropriation bill 2007 in the House of
at each. It is enough of finger pointing but let us    Parliament and that is the only way that we can
breed and train them.                                  deliver the service to our people in whom we
          This is the dying hour and so I want to      represent.
make the Parliament lively. We are here to                       Mr Speaker, the fourth point I want to
speak so that the people who mandated us can           mention in here is the economy, and this is in the
listen to what we are expressing and saying in         report of the Central Bank in 2006. You know
here.                                                  report says in 2007 of how the economics is
          Mr Speaker, I am looking forward to          going and I like what the reports says. In 2007
that Bill on youth parliament. The youths out          there will be about 20% to increase the earnings
there are listening to me right now I know.            of the economy and Mr Speaker this government
There are about 40 to 50% of youths in the             already proven under the very, very important
country and we need to breed them in here to           bottom up approach that is going because the
become better leaders for a better tomorrow for        cash flow in the rural areas now is increasing I
the nation of Solomon Islands.                         thank the government of the day.
          I will be glad in celebrating the 30 years             I have seen it in my own constituency
of Independence of this country which is Youth         Mr Speaker Sir, and so I am really supporting
Parliament in here to be passed. And I am sure         this bottom up approach. Some may be have
my AG will support on those bill that I think that     seen it, some may have not but I have seen it Mr
is well fit to support my Ministry.                    Speaker Sir, the reality and it‟s a truth. Its a lot
          Mr Speaker sir, and this of course its       of truth in it and I feel very much that this is the
goner encourage the youths you know this is the        only way that we start haven have a new mind
only way that we can breed them, we got so             Sir,
many youths, the academic professionalizing                      I have always mentioned, shift our mind
train and that level if we can breed them now we       to the new areas to see how we can change this
will have when we retire we will say yes, we           nation.
have done a job.                                       You see alone Mr Speaker Sir, we are catering
          So the Grand Coalition for Change            whatever the bill that pass, whatever motion that
Government that have Prime Minister I look             we pass is the benefits of the beneficiary that is
forward for that bill and it is going to be a credit   the people whom we represent is a beneficiaries
to this government of the day if this bill is          that we are looking for, how they goner live to
passed.                                                enjoy this nation Solomon Islands.
          Youths listening out in the country, this              Mr Speaker sir, you know the tourist is
nation belongs to you. The nation that is leading      one of the areas that I will always mention here.
how we are going to live for the environment           I think whatever I prophesized here is real one of
how we goner use the ability of this country is        them is one of this 10% of the tithe.
totally lie on the youths. So support the ministry               This nation has already proven this
in the way and the support the government for          government has already passed what we
the betterment for tomorrow of your nation of          prophesized, what we professing here and I
Solomon Islands.                                       thank the government of the day Mr Speaker Sir,
          Mr Speaker sir, I am glad to mention         wonderful.
today in here in House of the Parliament for the                 That bill that been passed in here of the
visions that the new Ministry had and more of          tithing of the nation change the nation and that‟s
the mean vocal ............... the nation of the      serving our people who mandated us. And so
Solomon Islands how its heading its goner             the bottom up approach sir is a way forward for
change because we have goner done the God‟s           our nation, Solomon Islands.
principle I like it and that is reality. That‟s the            Mr Speaker, with this bottom up
truth and the Bible says the truth only will sets     approach, I feel very much by looking at the
free and I thank the government of the day and I      commercial banks and the institutes. I would
thank the Prime Minister, and I thank every           like the Government to encourage most families
cabinet Ministers and the back benchers as well       of the nation of Solomon Islands to save money
and the other side as well because God‟s              so that they can have the ownership. You see
principle nobody is goner against it Mr Speaker,      Mr Speaker, we can at times go to the
we all trust it and we all believe in thy word. So    commercial banks to borrow money but you
those are the things.                                 know what sir the practical of the terminology of
         Mr Speaker Sir, the new approach of          financing is the very man who deposits which is
this government that is mentioning the bottom         the true lender of the $1. And so who is that
up approach that‟s the only way out of this           lender? If we can strengthen that to rural people
nation of Solomon Islands.                            to make money and to invest it there he is the
         In directly Mr Speaker Sir, those are the    true lender of that particular money to the
indirect laborious of this nation, work for the       Corporate Body. You see, money does not fall
government so that they can increase the wealth       down from air, no. We work for it. So we need
of this government none other is the bottom up        to strengthen that bottom up approach by giving
approach, the bottom up approach.                     our rural people equal power and strengthen our
         The truth is that if we want to plant the    people in the village to earn and invest more
seed the fruit or whatever we take the seed and       money then they will be the true lender
the seed planting its goner be germinated that at     themselves to enable them borrow money from
the end of the day its grow it will bear fruit and    the commercial banks.
we may harvest it then we eat it and we enjoy it.              I‟m glad the Minister of Finance is a
         You see those are the things that‟s the      man of plenty of visions and he is going to
whole mechanisms of the bottom up approach            strengthen this bottom up approach. He had
let the 80% of the population of Solomon              already made the allocations for the rural
Islands to be part and participate in the             development in the financial institutes, which I
economic development none other, none other           believe there are many people who put in their
way.                                                  applications in the banks. And the banks have
You see poor people now in their right now            now started to support and to lend our people
some people are harvesting their cocoa some           money.
people are going out in the islands diving for                 Mr Speaker, sir I would like to tell the
trochus shells and bechedemers. What have we          Minister of Finance for his approval for
to do for these people Mr Speaker? Let us             reinsuring the country Solomon Islands. This is
strengthen and find other means to improve and        so that the Corporate Body get all the money
to encourage them on how they can earn their          paid through the premium to insure us and the
income. Those are the real things we have been        money be based in the Solomon Islands. I‟m
talking about towards the bottom up approach.         glad the Minister for Finance is here to take
How we are going to manage their resources so         action and I‟m looking forward for the Minister
that they can get good earning from their own         to reinsurance in the country. The pool of
sweat. This is what the bottom up approach is all     money needs to be strengthened. These are the
about, making them to participate and by              real things that our rural people need the most so
participating can earn the $1. Mr Speaker, the        that we can secure our own properties, secure
mechanism part is that every Member knows the         our own people for the sake of the guarantee
responsibility that we have and sometimes we          schemes taking the risks. We can take our own
complain but nothing we can do because of the         risks in here. But at the moment you know what
responsibility he is going to be paying, he is        … I look forward for another very important
going to suffer but at the end of the day we are      development in the country to establish and to
corporate reinsurance in the country, Solomon        up approach. How we can change our nation for
Islands. I‟m sure our Law/Constitution under         the future.
the Insurance Act will enable us to establish that   This is a new revelation Mr Speaker because I
wonderful Corporate Body.              Sure, our     have so many visions and revelations. I feel this
Government will support that one. This can then      revelation is going to encourage the Member of
be quickly catered for and to take our own risks,    Parliament. This will be registered in the
according to our own manageable know how to          Parliament House for somebody to pick it up
be catered in the country of Solomon Islands. In     from Hansard to implement the Policy of the
that way we will encourage and promote more          Government. I want to register that. You know
business men to involve in businesses Mr             the outstanding island in my constituency,
Speaker, sir.                                        Mono. Mono Island is one of the best for the
         Mr Speaker sir, I want this dying hour of   Free Zone, Duty Free Zone. You know what Mr
Parliament to be alive, to talk on the reality and   Speaker, Singapore. Singapore is a reclaimed
the truth of practicality of how we can save this    land but has the international airport. And we
station. That is how I feel, sir.                    go there for transit. It is a small island as I said it
          Let me come to debate. This is my          is a re-claimed land has the international airport
second term in Parliament and at times while         built on it. But for Mono Island it has centralized
sitting down here, I ask myself a question. What     the whole Region, Cairns, Japan, everywhere is
can I say to the Parliament House?                   centralized. The island itself is being naturally
Parliament House needs to be lively and real.        built and beautiful. It has clear, crystallized
When I see people finger pointing and saying         water and is built high. Do you know what Mr
words that is negative to each other I feel very     Speaker sir; there is a saying by Napoleon Hill,
emberaced I feel down.            This House we      “Think and Grow Rich” unquote. You see the
supposed to promote a lot of positive words to       island itself is very beautiful. It is a very
change and go forward in Parliament, to have         historical zone sir. The airport itself has two
the business of the mind and the spirit so that      ways traffic either you can land and can fly out
future leaders can take up positive words that are   at the same time. It was built by the ANZAC,
registered in the Hansard report to carry forward    New Zealand, Australia and USA, historical,
over the census of this nation, Solomon Islands      very, very historical. The airport itself is huge
rather than we finger point on the three that will   that it will bring fortune for this Island Nation,
come back Mr Speaker. When we come here we           Solomon Islands. I have registered it for 29
can say every word we want to say but one thing      years. I want to see it happen. The Government
I tell you Mr Speaker when we get out from here      of the day, the Grand Coalition for Change will
and go to our dinning lounges we become              take the …. to see fit if we can implement that
friends as one family. I want to register that in    Duty Free Zone area. This will be at Balalae,
the Hansard honorable members to continue.           Mono Island where I come from. As I said it is
We are here to express what we can think of          a very, very historical island. Balalae is next to
over that very spirit but when we get out from       it. It takes only five or ten minutes to go by
here just forget about the differences and           plane to reach Mono Island.
become one family. For we are one nation,                     Do you know the history of Balalae?
Solomon Islands. I like it Mr Speaker sir, as a      There were five hundred UK prisoners who built
friend and family.                                   that airport. This is a great advantage of their
         Let me take you Mr Speaker sir, for one     relatives who will come as tourists to visit and to
very important thing. I want to register that in     bring in foreign currency to the country.
the Hansard because it‟s traditional sine die
motion and I want to register a Duty Free Zone.      Mr Speaker: Point of order I‟ve suggested to
I‟m glad the Minister of Finance is starting to      forgo the interruption at 4.30pm under Standing
smile and you know. Mr Speaker, duty free            Order 10 (2) so that after the honorable Member
zone. You see this is one area that we have to       finishes I might adjourn Parliament under 10 (5).
look for because we are talking about the bottom
Hon. Taneko: Thank you Mr Speaker, for               remember sir for those people who put their seed
allowing me to continue with this very, very         in one way or the other to say we support them
important vision that I have. I‟m mentioning it      to reveal. And sometimes we forget because it
sir, not because I come from the Shortland           is a blessing that have come through us.
Constituency.      I mention it because such                  I want sir to say thank you and
development is got to be register so that            acknowledge those donor partners who, one way
someone can pick it up at the time that is ready     or the other giving the local and our fellow
to implement this Policy. That is what I am here     partners as well. I think this is very important
for. To voice out that vision and you see the        for us leaders who have seen every effort to see
island itself is huge and is more than the           that is fitten well to help and rehabilitate our
Singapore airport. It can be a best shopping         people. And so I would like to acknowledge of
centre, and foreigners and the locals can go and     all their support Mr Speaker. And even the
make their own department stores. You see            Government of the day the Grand Coalition for
we‟ve got to focus more. This is year 2007 and       Change have contributed a lot and I would like
in five years time we want to see those things       to say thank you for supporting our people from
happen. They will come and from there Mr             the Western and Choiseul Provinces.
Speaker we‟ve got Temotu and all the other                    Mr Speaker Sir for the bottom up
beautiful islands there but again Mono is a very     approach, I shall not talk too much on that.
centralized island. You don‟t need to it is cost     People out there the mechanism part of it the
saving, is huge …even now is a huge world war        people in there the all 50 constituency members,
two airstrip make use of it sir. We make use of      which I am looking forward to and if my people
that development while we are here. I know to        are listening at this hour those are the people that
build a new airstrip; a new airport is going to      they will be there to see it fit, analyze and be
cost millions. For this it is giant two ways         supportive. The only way is to support them so
traffic. You can just rehabilitate it and have it    that we can participate and share the things
for the many months.                                 together rather than just saying it well, it‟s fine,
           My Prime Minister is listening as I am    it is your work. No! I think this is the only way
expressing my vision. I want the Opposition to       we can. I don‟t want to say much of that Mr
be here listening but they have all gone out.        Speaker sir but regarding the bottom up
They say much but they are not listening to the      approach I am looking forward for those things
very vision that will change this Nation,            to happen.
Solomon Islands Mr Speaker sir. Five hundred                   I would also like to acknowledge sir
prisoners of war that is on record who built         while on this sine die motion the
Balalae, with local people from Choiseul, and        telecommunication.             I‟m     glad      the
the surrounding areas, which is rich in history.     telecommunication after 29 years is in
This will be the only one that let us to have the    Shortlands now and I thank the Gizo …for
direct flight to Japan. Japan …see their airline,    approving their land and that is the only way.
UK will come. They will get the flight from UK       We have to open up our resources sir if we want
maybe direct to Balalae. You never know. This        to see changes happen in our country. Let‟s open
is the only way Mr Speaker no doubt. And our         up our resources because the resources are the
Bible says, people without visions, perish. I‟m      answer for tomorrow‟s changes. If we block it
just expressing the visions so that we can           to hold on those resources we will never change
continue Mr Speaker sir.                             so I thank Telekom for establishing the new
           Let me acknowledge the Donor              telecommunication centre/station and that will
Partners. I would like to acknowledge the Donor      be at Nila station. I‟m sure they are listening. I
Partners sir for Western and Choiseul Tsunami.       believe the Parishioners there, or the
I know hey have done a lot. The question here        representative, the Chairman will meet them this
is let us see those good things that are supported   coming week. They are coming to see the actual
by our people, especially our people in here and     place for Telekom to put the station. It will be
I sympathize with them to what had happened to       on internet and that will help us in seeing how
them. That is part of life but one thing to
things are going on in the world we live in Mr       may God Bless you, your wives, children and all
Speaker.                                             our families together. As Minister for the new
           Lastly, Mr Speaker, I would like to       Ministry, I want to appeal to my youths here
thank all the Members of Parliament for their        before I take my seat. This nation Solomon
contribution, in Parliament. I would also like to    Islands belongs to all the youths of the Nation of
thank my Ministry, staff the hardworking             Solomon Islands. Abide with the principle,
Ministry.       They have just completed the         loving and caring neighbors, look after nation
Corporate Plan so that we can implement the          Solomon Islands so that we can be happy and
Government Policies of every vision that is in       enjoy for the betterment of the nations Solomon
the Ministry. And so I would like to thank them.     Islands.
           Currently, the Western and Choiseul        I support the motion. Thank you, sir.
Provinces for that Ministry hopefully I will join
them on Monday and that is why my sharing            Mr Speaker: Under Standing Order 10(2) I
here for the very important motion because that      adjourn Parliament until 9.30 am Monday 27th
new Ministry is going forward. And I would to        August.
thank them, the hardworking staff of the effort.
            I would also like to thank all                  The House adjourned at 4.40 pm
Government Ministries Mr Speaker sir, without
the partnership, without the sharing in
supporting the Government of the day; we will
not see the changes of the Government of the
day as to where we are now.
           For the new Ministries that are coming
up after we passed the Bill I‟m looking forward
to it sir.
           Mr Speaker I shall leave a word to
confirm where the Government is. Much has
been said so far and the Prime Minister has also
said it here. It is from the book of Psalm 190 Mr
Speaker, verse 1, 65 it says here, “Those who
love your law are perfect security”. It is true by
the word. We live by the word for every
revelation that we receive. And for that
command when we follow this Nation, Solomon
Islands will be under the 100% security cover of
the Almighty God, the Law binding all citizens
based in Solomon Islands. I‟m glad that Leaders
of our Government including the Prime Minister
had mentioned it and that is a confirmation. I
want to leave in Hansard so that this very
important scenario is to confirm with the
Supreme Law.
           Mr Speaker that is the very word. The
best security that we can abide to live under
referee is the Almighty supreme power of the
word to abide with the word that is our law of
the land. That will say of our constitution of the
           I wish you all good luck every Member
of Parliament and

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