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									CardScan Office PLUS lets you share CardScan’s powerful capabilities with your workgroup. Includes 2 Executive scanners and 5 software licenses.

CardScan multiple user bundles extend the capabilities of the world’s most advanced card reader to fit your business needs perfectly. By buying the CardScan Office
PLUS bundle, you save 15% over the separate-purchase price of two Executive scanners and five user licenses.

Bundle price Rs 33000/- (Rs 37950/- if purchased separately)

CardScan is a desktop device that quickly and accurately scans the printed information from business cards into the correct fields of a powerfully
searchable, highly compatible electronic address book. In seconds, CardScan enters more cards than you could type in hours. Then, over 50 powerful
software features help you search, sort, and use that contact information more efficiently.

                                                                           Boost business productivity
                                                                           Right from the start, CardScan Office PLUS saves you
                                                                           hours by capturing business cards directly into your
                                                                           computer. Without typing, you and your team build a
                                                                           database of your vital contacts, either in CardScan’s
                                                                           address book, in Outlook, or in any other popular contact
                                                                           manager. Simply put, it’s the world’s fastest and most
                                                                           accurate business card reader.
                                     With two scanners and five user
                                     licenses, you can share contacts
                                     with your entire team to create a
                                      contact management network.

Save time in ways you never imagined
Over 50 powerful software features help you and your entire team search, sort, and use contact information more efficiently. Save color images of your cards, both
sides, plus all the information they hold, in searchable data form. Search by typing in just a few letters of anything you remember. Sort contacts into multiple groups for
rapid access. Save to the Web for access anywhere and secure backup. There’s even the AccuCard service to keep your contact records up to date.

                                   Highly compatible to the way you work today
                                   Stop retyping contacts from one program into
                                   another! CardScan Executive is compatible with
                                   every popular contact manager -- including
                                   Microsoft™ Outlook™, ACT!*, Lotus Notes, and
                                   many more. Sync it with your PDA or smart phone
                                   and take your contacts on the road. Save it to the
                                   Web with                                     Sync CardScan Office PLUS with your PDA
                                                                                              or smart phone

Easy to install, use, and upgrade
Take a quick look at CardScan’s new user interface. It couldn’t be simpler. In one view, you get the image of the card plus all the field-sorted contact information you
need. It’s easy to install, thanks to the plug and play install wizard. And when the time comes to upgrade, the path is fast and straight.

Fast, accurate, and reliable
Simply put, CardScan Executive is the fastest, most accurate business card reader available. Over 10 years in development have made it the most reliable, too.

    CardScan Executive Features

     •     Works with Microsoft Outlook, ACT!*, Lotus Notes, GoldMine*, Palm OS, smart phones, Windows Mobile devices
     •     Our fastest scanner
     •     Full color scanning
     • included (Web access and online backup)
     •     AccuCard service included (Keeps contact info up to date)
     •     Multiple licenses extend business productivity
Take it to trade shows. If you attend trade shows, see how CardScan can put you ahead of the game, by capturing and disseminating leads right at the event.

For the first time, realize the potential in your most valuable resource: the contacts you’ve spent a career building. Get productive. Get CardScan

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