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					Rationale               What is an extended school?

An extended school is the hub of the community. It works in partnership with
other agencies to provide access to a range of services and activities to help
meet the needs of children, young people, families and the wider community.
  The range of services, known as the ‘core offer’, fall into five main areas:
  Parenting support (things that parents and carers can be involved in too)
 A varied menu of study support activities (lunchtime and after school clubs
                      including help with school work)
     Quality childcare (looking after the children when you’re not there)
   Swift and easy access to specialist services (the right support for when
                              things are difficult)
     Community use (how other parts of the community use the school)
   By 2010, all schools should provide access to a core offer of extended
• Why have extended schools?
• Extended schools support and encourage children and young
  people to achieve their full potential. They can have a positive
  impact on children’s motivation, behaviour and engagement
  with learning. Extended schools also aim to improve the
  quality of life for everyone associated with them, as access to
  a wider range of opportunities raises aspirations for all.

• Shropshire's vision
• As part of the development of the 'Every Child Matters
  Change for Children Programme', Shropshire County Council
  is continuing to support the development of Extended
  Schools. By working in partnership with other providers and
  services and involving children, young people and their
  families we will see the development of high quality
  integrated services co-ordinated to meet the needs of people
  within their communities.
Cost, Time and Place

• £5.50 per child per session. £4.50 for
  additional children or £3.00 per hour.
• Monday to Friday (term time only).
• 3.00- 5.30 pm
• Class 1 base and hall.
• Starting in January 2009.
Who will be looking after my child?

• There will be a Club Manager and Assistant
•   We have advertised for a person who has
    experience of working with children.
•   All staff will be CRB checked.
•   All staff will receive training in First Aid, Food
    Hygiene and Child Protection.
•   Each candidate will be carefully interviewed to
    make sure they are best suited to our school.
What will the children do?

• We have purchased a range of new
  equipment which will only be used by the
  After School Club.
• We have tried to ensure that there is a
  range of activities that will promote all
  aspects of a child’s development.
Creative Development

• Jewellery making
• Painting
• Puppet making
• Special occasion Cards
• Sewing
• Salt dough modelling
• Music making
Personal, Social, Health, Emotional
• Board games
• Parachute games
• Cookery
• Jenga
• Marble run

• Computer games
• Poster making
Design & Technology

• K- nex
• Stickle bricks
• Jewellery making
• Craft
• Lego worlds
• Marble run
Physical Development

• Parachute games
• Climbing frame
• Outside trail

• Reading-quiet library sessions
• Homework-spelling
• Computer games
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