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                                                Police Fitness Personnel of Ontario Newsletter
                                                                 Spring 2010
                                             Visit our website: www.pfpo.org.

                  PFPO EXECUTIVE                                             Table of Contents
President:         Gary Goguen
                   Hamilton Police Service                Upcoming Certified Police Fitness Appraisers ………1
                   ggoguen@hamiltonpolice.on.ca           Reducing Running Pains by Running Barefoot………2
Vice President:    Marion Reeves                          Fast Food Made Easy...…………................................2
                   Peel Regional Police
                   905-453-2121, ext. 3880
                                                          Eating to Build Muscle….…………...…….………........3

Treasurer:         Nancy Wagner Wisotzki
                                                          3 Easy Steps to Stay Motivated ..………………….….4
                   Georgian College
                   705 728-1968, ext. 1433                Vitamin D……………....……………………………..….4
                                                          Ontario Police College Physical Training Facilitator
Secretary:         Shelley Howes
                   Waterloo Police Service                Course……………………………………………………5
                   519-653-7700, ext. 8872

Region 1 Rep:      Josie Hollingshead                     Certified Police Fitness Appraisers Course: April
                   Niagara Police Service                 26th to 30th, 2010 at the Ontario Police College
                   905-688-4111, ext. 3419
                                                          Recertification Workshop April 28 – 30, 2010
Region 2 Rep:      Tim Finlay
                   Toronto Police Service                 by Claire Shaw
                                                          We have had a great response for the Certified Police
Region 3 Rep:      Cori Slaughter                         Fitness Appraisers’ Course and have completely filled the 32
                   Ottawa Police Service                  available spaces on this course.
                   613-236-1222, ext. 2058
                                                          Six individuals have registered for the Recertification
                                                          Workshop (remember recertification is required every three
Region 4 Rep:      Joanne Pendrak                         years). Spaces are still available on the recertification
                   Sudbury Police Service                 workshop.
                                                          To register contact:
Region 5 Rep:      Al McKenzie
                   Thunder Bay Police Service             Suzanne Bray
                                                          PFPO Administrator
Region 6 Rep:      Tracey Chokomolin                      PFPO.Administrator@pfpo.org
                   Nishnawbe-Aski Police Service
                                                          Further information about both courses is available on the
                                                          PFPO website, www.pfpo.org
Education Rep:     Jo Anne Rutledge
                   York Regional Police                   Mr. Claire Shaw
                   905-830-0303 Ext 7415
                                                          Team Leader, Police Physical Training
                                                          Ontario Police College
Newsletter:        Claire Shaw                            Phone: 519-773-4244
                   Ontario Police College                 Email: claire.shaw@ontario.ca

                                   shoes? Unfortunately, our           companies have made an effort
Having Running Pains,              bodies have become                  to make a shoe that is as
Maybe It’s Your Shoes?             accustomed to walking with          neutral as possible for those
By: Stéphane Gregory               shoes. Our feet are weak, and       who prefer the barefoot
                                   they might not be able to           feeling. Such shoes include
Have you ever wondered why         support our bodies right away.      Vibram FiveFingers, New
people always seem to get hurt     Therefore, the following steps      Balance MR800, Nike Free
when running? Shouldn’t we         will aid in the transitioning:      and Vivo Barefoots. These
be running with ease with all                                          shoes are a good compromise,
the advancements in the            1) Strengthening your feet          allowing your foot to function
running shoe? Even with our        should be the first step! Foot      naturally.
advance shoes, 65 to 85% of        strengthening exercises are
all runners will still get an      easy, comfortable, and can be       To conclude, barefoot running
injury while running. In fact,     done anywhere. To strengthen        is proving to be essential in
research has shown that            your feet, doing barefoot           reducing running injuries. By
runners with expensive             BOSU ball balance training is       strengthening your feet and
corrective shoes will get hurt     excellent to build the stability    slowly progressing to running
more often than the runners        muscles in the leg. Using           barefoot may improve your
using old torn shoes. Could it     resistance bands to work the        running ability and possibly
be that the shoes are the          ankle muscles will help             make running pain free again.
problem? If everybody is           increase the strength of the
wearing shoes and still getting    ankle. Finally, pulling a towel
injured, could it be the shoes     across a slick floor using only     Fast Food Made Easy
that are the cause of the          your toes will help build up        By: Kyle Bendell
running pains. There is            your arch. Keep the heel on
actually no evidence-based         the ground, and simply curl the     How fast is fast food? Our
research supporting the notion     toes to pull the towel closer (to   busy schedules demand us to
that shoes help reduce running     increase difficulty add a soup      eat on short breaks or on the
injuries. Dr William Rossi         can on the end of the towel).       run. Often a fast food chain is
said it best: “It took 4 million                                       the answer to satisfy our
years to develop our unique        2) Practice running outside for     hunger as we fly through our
human foot and our                 short bouts on soft grass, dirt     day; but how healthy and fast
consequent distinctive form of     or sand for 15 minutes to get       is this alternative? Maybe you
walk, a remarkable feat of         accustomed to the feeling.          can get a shrivelled fatty
bioengineering. Yet, in only a                                         burger from eateries in less
few thousand years, and with       3) Change your stride pattern       than five minutes, but that’s
one carelessly designed            to fit YOU! Run in a manner         only because it’s been waiting
instrument, our shoes, we have     that you feel comfortable, and      beneath a heat lamp for hours
warped the pure anatomical         that your feet land softly. The     for you. At a more upscale fast
form of human walk,                POSE method has been shown          food place, where they cook to
obstructing its engineering        to reduce running injuries, and     you, you’re looking at a
efficiency, afflicting it with     increase endurance.                 minimum 10 minute wait. At
strains and stresses and           www.posetech.com                    the end you’re still ingesting
denying it its natural grace of                                        mysterious processed meat and
form and ease of movement          For those that are afraid that      a ton of high fructose corn
head to foot.”                     being barefoot would hurt their     syrup.
                                   feet. You can get the comfort
So what can you do to fix this     of shoes, but the feeling of        What if you could make
problem? Just throw away the       being barefoot by using             yourself a nutritious meal with
                                   barefoot shoes. Some shoe
wholesome and well balanced        3 egg whites                        Nutrition Facts: 642 calories,
ingredients in that same 10        2 whole eggs                        70 g protein, 74 g carbs, 12 g
minutes? No mystery meat,          4 oz. cured ham, chopped            fat
hidden carbs or abundance of
unhealthy fat made in the same     Turn on broiler. Pour olive oil     Eating to Build Muscle
amount of time it would take       into a large skillet placed over    By: Stéphane Gregory
to hit the drive thru.             medium heat. Add broccoli
                                   and onion and cook, stirring        To gain muscle, you have to
Here are several low               occasionally, until vegetables      EAT!! You need adequate
carbohydrates, high protein        begin to soften. Meanwhile,         amount of energy from your
meals excellent for fuelling the   beat egg whites and eggs in a       diet to support the heavy
body to build muscle and keep      medium bowl. Add ham to             training you are doing.
you going throughout the day.      broccoli-onion mixture and          Inadequate diet leads to
These sample recipes will help     heat for a minute or so. Add        smaller gains, overtraining,
you get lean without               eggs to skillet and let cook        and injury.
compromising taste and time.       without stirring until set          Your diet should be broken
                                   around the edges. Remove            down into 45-65% from carbs,
To help you make a meal            skillet from stove and place        25-30% from fat, and 15-25%
faster, try these tips!            under the broiler until eggs are    from protein.
-water will boil faster if you     entirely set. (If your skillet
add a dash of slat and cover the   handle isn’t ovenproof, wrap it     CARBS (45-65% of your diet):
pot                                in aluminum foil first.)            Carbohydrates are the best
-shop for pre-sliced vegetables,                                       muscle sparing nutrient to
from onions, broccoli,             Nutrition Facts: 508 calories,      ingest. Eating lots of carbs
mushroom and peppers               51 g protein, 8 g carbs, 30 g fat   will prevent your body from
-look for pre-chopped chicken                                          breaking down your muscle for
and beef slices (many of the                                           protein. It’s best to aim to
frozen meat slices are very                                            consume complex carbs over
lean and healthy, but be sure to   TURKEY CHILI                        simple carbs in your diet.
check the labels!)                 1⁄2 lb. lean ground turkey          GOOD SOURCES of carbs:
-many supermarkets sell pre-       breast                              whole grain products, long
cooked meat such as chicken          (93% lean)                        grain brown rice, fruit,
and turkey breasts, perfect for    14.5-oz. can diced tomatoes         potatoes, sweet potatoes/yams,
quick preparation                  1⁄2 cup tomato paste                cereals made with whole
                                   1⁄2 cup water                       grains, legumes, beans, whole
                                   1 cup kidney beans, drained         wheat pasta, starchy
                                   and rinsed Nonstick cooking         vegetables, milk.
                                   spray                               AVOID: sweets, granola bars,
                                                                       white bread/rice, syrups,
                                   Coat the bottom of a stockpot       candy, table sugar, sugary
                                   with nonstick cooking spray.        cereals, pop, energy drinks.
                                   Add turkey and brown over           However, use simple carbs
                                   medium-high heat, stirring          during exercise such as
                                   frequently to break into small      Gatorade or an apple after a
                                   pieces. When fully cooked,          workout.
HAM AND BROCCOLI                   drain fat, stir in remaining
FRITTATA                           ingredients and heat through.       FAT, should comprise about
1 tsp. olive oil                                                       25-30% of your daily calories.
1⁄2 cup chopped broccoli                                               Stick to healthy fats, i.e.
1⁄2 medium onion, chopped
polyunsaturated, and                start “tomorrow,” but
monounsaturated fats, e.g. Oil      tomorrow never comes. Others        Step 3: Use the SMART
(olive oil, canola oil, any         may find maintaining a healthy      principle when designing your
vegetable oil), nuts (almonds,      diet a challenge. This article      goal. SMART represents:
walnuts), legumes and beans.        will outline 3 easy steps to take
Avoid unhealthy fats (solid at      so one can stay motivated and       S-pecific goals – i.e. I want to
room temperature), i.e.             reach their goals and often         lose weight versus I want to
saturated and trans fats. e.g.      surpass them.                       lose 5 lbs in a month
butter, anything with                                                   M-easurable goals – i.e. You
hydrogenated oils (trans fat),                                          want to take 15 seconds off
cheese (ok in moderation), red                                          your 1.5 mile time versus you
meat, junk food and store                                               want to get faster
bought baked goods (cookies,                                            A-ction Oriented and
ice cream, donuts), creamy                                              Adjustable goals – You should
dressings and sauces, whole                                             be able to decide how you’re
milk, cream                                                             going to achieve your goal and
                                                                        your goals should be
PROTEIN (15-25% of your                                                 adjustable to accommodate any
diet, or 1.4g/kg BW to 1.7g/kg                                          unforeseen setbacks
BW):                                                                    R-ealistic goals – Identify a
Your body does not store                                                goal that is attainable and
protein like it stores fat and                                          realistic. Wishing to lose 10
carbs, any excess protein will      Step 1: Try not to begin your       lbs in a week is not a healthy
be excreted in your urine.          journey alone. Having a             or realistic goal
HOWEVER, you do require             partner who shares a common         T-ime oriented goals – Goals
protein to rebuild your             goal is a great way to stay         need to follow a time line and
muscles. When training for          motivated. Even if your partner     many smaller goals should be
size, your body requires more       doesn’t share the same goal,        set at smaller time increments
protein, research indicates that    you can use them as a support       to lead up to your ultimate goal
1.4 – 1.7 grams of protein per      group to pick you up when you
kg of your body weight.             feel like straying from your        Try employing these 3 steps
Preferably, aim to get ALL          goals. Even creating friendly       for your next goal as it will
your protein needs from             competition between you and         help with staying motivated to
HEALTHY FOODS. Use                  your partner is a great way to      achieve your goals.
protein supplements to do just      motivate the both of you.
that, supplement your healthy
food diet.                          Step 2: Set goals which are         Vitamin D
                                    attainable within the near          By: Kyle McCumber
3 Easy Steps to Stay                future. Research shows that
Motivated                           individuals are less likely to      Vitamin D is a fat soluble
By: Kyle McCumber                   attain set a single goal which is   vitamin which is important in
                                    in the distant future. You are      the absorption of calcium,
Every journey begins with a         much more likely to attain          modulating neuromuscular and
single step. The adventure to       your goal if you set smaller        immune functions and
increased fitness and overall       goals in the near future which      reducing inflammation.
health is no different. Many        lead up to your ultimate goal.
individuals may find it difficult   Having proximal goals is an         Vitamin D is known to many
to begin an exercise program        easy way to keep one                as a vitamin we can receive
as they keep saying they’ll         motivated.                          from sun exposure. Having

cold and dark winters often       Constable Training program,       PRE REQUISITES
keeps us inside and out of the    candidates will become skilled    This course is open to all
small amount of sunlight that     in educating and motivating       police service members
we do receive. What can           others to pursue lifelong         assigned to or to be assigned to
happen if you do not receive      fitness and wellness and to       (full time, part time, volunteer)
your vitamin D?                   successfully complete job-        promoting physical training /
                                  related physical tasks.           physical fitness / wellness
Deficiencies in vitamin D can                                       within the work setting.
result in rickets in young
children and osteomalacia in      TOPICS                            Fitness level equivalent to
others. These are the classic        Why officers need to be fit   successful completion of the
results of deficiencies, while       Exercise planning             Ontario Police Fitness Award.
there are many other                 Proper warm-up and cool
deficiencies. Researchers are         down
currently linking vitamin D          Goal setting                  MISCELLANEOUS
status in individuals to cancer      Injury prevention             This course is directed to
risk and type 1 and type 2           Proper jogging/running        candidates who:
diabetes.                             technique                       Have demonstrated an
                                     Strength training                ability and willingness to
To insure that you receive           Police specific physical         work effectively in a
enough vitamin D in the               training                         diverse workforce;
months where you are sun             Interval training               Are in good physical
deprived, make sure you look         Circuit strength and             condition;
for whole grain cereals and           endurance training              Have demonstrated an
milk which are fortified with        Nutrition and policing           ability to make sound
vitamin D. Fatty fish such as        Stress management                decisions;
salmon and mackerel are also         Smoking and alcohol             Have demonstrated a desire
good sources of vitamin D.           Shift work and policing          to teach and ability to work
Vitamin D can also be                Aquatics and policing            well as part of a team;
supplemented in diets.               Back care and policing          Have well developed
                                     Body composition                 organizational, oral and
So make sure that you receive        Body mass index                  written skills.
your vitamin D in these sun          Ontario Police Fitness
deprived months. Taking a trip        Award (OPFA)                  DRESS
down south is always a way to        Physical Readiness            Court attire or uniform and
supplement vitamin D                  Evaluation for Police         service issue uniform suitable
deficiencies during the winter        (PREP)                        for instruction
months.                              Law Enforcement Officer
                                      Performance and Reaction      ASSESSMENT STANDARD
Police Physical Training              Drill (LEOPARD)               Candidates must meet
                                     Fitness                       standards in both written
Facilitator Course
                                      marketing/promotion           assignment and practical
                                     Certified Fitness             testing.
This course prepares
                                      Consultant Certification      Candidates will be assessed
candidates to facilitate core
                                      (CFC)                         throughout the course with
components of uniform Police
Physical Training (PPT).                                            respect to their knowledge,
                                  CLASS SIZE                        skill, judgment and attitude,
Through an internship
instructional method,                    2 participants            and their ability to consistently
concurrent with the Basic                                           present themselves in a
positive and professional

Diploma and evaluation will
be issued upon successful
completion of course

Complete uniform, gym attire,
business attire.

No fees for members of
Ontario Police Services for 60
days of training.


May 5 – Jul 30, 2010

Sep 8 – Dec 2, 2010


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