Ad Buyers by ochong


									What is the best kind of portfolio to
show your work, printed book or iPad?

    1.Virtual i.e.
    2.Book form
Business Practices for the Photographer

•Legal and business forms
•Industry standards
•Estimating costs
What do they look for? portfolios or online?

    They must have a their work online
    AND a physical book. Art buyers look
    for a specific style/content per
    project. Often we remember someone
    work from the past. The Art Directors
    often like us to send them a few images
    or websites. If they like some one's
    work, they call in the book that they
    usually share with the client.
What direct mail works for you? postcards?
unique mailings?

All of the above! Art buyers are barraged with artists and reps. We
love them! The reality is that if we are super busy with a current
project or projects, paperwork and meetings it's hard to pay
attention to online images as they come in...But, they often come in
at the perfect time or we always try to get a quick reminder/read
before having to put them in the e-trash due to restricted amount of
space the companies give us in our email stash. Postcards and
mailings often get put on our office walls or in a file of styles or
specialties. No one wants to hear their work was put in a file, but
we do pull them out when we have a project with those
requirements. We throw away our files every year due to space
limitations...some of us more than others.
What is the best way to do a cold call?

Now this is an interesting question since I cannot guarantee that an
art buyer actually has time to talk with a photographer. We give
more time to reps, because they help make our job easier....we are
usually overloaded with meetings, paperwork and
financials. (Something I didn't know going into it!) A personal or
professional recommendation is something we usually don't
ignore. Or, an email with image or two AND a web link followed by a
cold call is your next bet.

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