Blank Credit Report Form Lesson Plan by lmd11395


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									                                  Lesson Plan
          Unit: 10 Grade Academic and Career Portfolio Development
              Lesson Plan #4: Credit Check & Fall Conference Prep
                   9:20 – 10:05 am Tuesday, October 19, 2004

1. Attendance: Remember to submit attendance on Skyward

2. Distribute and Review Credit Checks and Transcripts
       Remind students to keep track of progress towards graduation
       Ask students to individually review for accuracy
       If they have a question or concern, students should make an appointment with their
          counselor (before school, after school, during lunch or sign up on clip board in
          Counseling Office)
       Have students file credit check in “Student as Learner” section

3. Goal Setting for Success Form
      1st Draft form should be completed
      Ask student to neatly transfer information to NCR form (final draft)
      Remind students that form will be shared with parents at Fall Conference
      Tell student to leave the “present grade” blank for now. They will fill this in at the Fall
         Conference when they receive their progress report
      Explain that the “target grade” is the grade the student would like to have by the end
         of the semester. They can fill this in now or at the Fall Conference
      Have students file all NCR copies of Goal Setting Form in “Student as Learner”

4. Fall Parent Conference Sign Ups
           Collect forms and fill out master appointment schedule
           As you assign appointment times to students, please circle or highlight the
             time on their yellow sheet that works into your master appointment
             schedule and return it to the student as their confirmation
           Make phone calls to parent to establish appointments for unscheduled students
             Note: allow students to use cell phones and classroom phone at this time
           If the student is not able to contact a parent at this time, student should take
             appointment sign up sheet home and return it to you ASAP
           Note: if parents are not able to attend, the student is still expected to attend an

5. Dismiss students at 10:05 am to 2nd period class. Remind students that there will be
only a FIVE (5) minute passing time to their next class.


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