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									Backlash: Arizona gears
 up to combat “illegals”

          Sylvia R. Lazos
  Justice Myron Leavitt Professor
  William S. Boyd School of Law
By Bill Garner, The Washington Times
                                If I thought the majority of these people
                                were interested in becoming American
 Well we have values …. we      citizens … I might be more
                                accepting…. But the fact is they want
 don’t like illegals breaking   to reap the benefits of all this great
 the law in our town!!!         nation has to offer, without wanting to
                                be a genuine part of its culture or
                                             Arnold Schwarzenegger,
They take our jobs and                       Gov California
they don’t pay taxes.
                                  illegal immigrants "hate American
                                  people" and "are determined to
They are just here to             destroy this country, and there is
take advantage of                 nothing they won't do…are trying to
benefits and have                 "destroy Christian America" and
an easy ride in life.             replace it with "a godless new world
                                  order …illegal immigrants are trying
                                  to bring about the destruction of the
                                  U.S. "by self invasion."

                                       ~ Don Larsen, Leg Dist 65
                                       Utah Republican Party
Unauthorized Immigration
Estimated Number of Unauthorized
           in the U.S.


    Source: Pew Hispanic Center &
    US Dept of Homeland Security
Percent of temporary immigrants without documents who entered the US,
                  1993-1997, 1998-2001 y 2001-2004


         80                                                                                  77.0




                        1993-1997                        1998-2001                        2001-2004

                                                     Períod of Departure

  Sources : Estimates by CONAPO, “Encuesta sobre Migración en la Frontera Norte de México (EMIF), cuestionario de
        Procedentes de Estados Unidos, 1993-2004.”
              How many ?

 INS/DHS estimated that in 2008, there
  were 280,000 unauthorized immigrants in
  NV, or 2% of the total population.
 In Arizona, the estimate is that there are
  560,000 unauthorized immigrants, or 5 %
  of the total population.
 For California, the estimate is that there
  2.9 million unauthorized immigrants of 25
  % of the population.
 AZ SB 1070 – will this law lead to
        racial profiling?
 Sec. 2 “where practicable, any lawful
  contact by a law enforcement … of any
  lawful stop … where reasonable suspicion
  exists that a person is an alien unlawfully in
  US [he or she shall make] a reasonable
  attempt to determine immigration status..”
 “… may arrest if the officer has probable
  cause …that person committed a crime ..
  [such as not being able to show you are
  lawfully in US]”
 AZ SB 1070 – will this law lead to
people being afraid of police in a way
 that would hinder law enforcement
 working with communities of color?
 Sec. 3 makes it a criminal penalty (criminal
  trespass) under Arizona law for any
  noncitizen to NOT carry with him or her ID
 Law enforcement may arrest without a
AZ SB 1070 – does this violate the
 1st A right to associate and talk to
         anyone you please?
 Sec.4 prohibits an occupant of a motor
 vehicle .. to attempt to hire.. passengers
 for work.. In public streets”
AZ SB 1070 – of what regime does
       this remind you ?

 Sec. 6 allows anyone to file a complaint
 with attorney general, accusing any
 employer or neighbor of employing persons
 or contractors who knowingly employ
 unauthorized workers.
   The state AG may determine under AZ law
    what constitutes “knowingly” hiring an
    unauthorized worker…
   penalties to employers
          SB 1070 analyses
 MALDEF has a lawsuit, and complaint is
  on line, detailing constitutional
 Section by section analysis on line by Prof.
  Jack Chin
What about the Constitution?

               Can states “muscle in” the
                 enforcement of federal
                 immigration law?

                   ART. VI, § 2, CL. 2
  This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States
  which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all
  Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the
  Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme
  Law of the Land, and the Judges in every State shall
  be bound thereby, any Thing in the Constitution or
  Law of any State notwithstanding.
               ANTI-1070 protests

 Litigation had been filed by MALDEF
 People in the streets: 250,000 expected today
  in Phoenix. in Chicago on May1
 US Civil Rights Office considering filing lawsuit

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