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									           Federal Supply Service
    Authorized MOBIS Schedule Price List

Mission Oriented Business Integrated Services

   Special Item Nos. 874-1, 874-2, and 874-3

       Contract Number: GS-10F-0130J

     June 15, 2004 through June 14, 2009
               Option Period 1

       Current as of Modification FX21
              Revised 10/10/06
                      FEDERAL SUPPLY SERVICE
                        SCHEDULE PRICELIST

                        Special Item Nos. 874-1, 874-2, and 874-3

                                     MOBIS SERVICES

SIN 874-1    Consulting Services
SIN 874-2    Facilitation Services
SIN 874-3    Survey Services

                              8757 Georgia Avenue, 8th Floor
                                 Silver Spring, MD 20910
                                      (301) 562-2300
                                    (301) 495-3172 Fax

                            Contract Number: GS-10F-0130J
             Period Covered by Contract: June 15, 2004 through June 14, 2009
                             Current as of Modification FX21
                                    Revised 10/10/06

                             General Services Administration
                                Federal Supply Service

Products and ordering information in this authorized MOBIS SCHEDULE Price List is also
available on the GSA Advantage! System. Agencies can browse GSA Advantage! by accessing
GSA’s Home Page via the Internet at .
                                         TABLE OF CONTENTS

Section                                                                                                              Page

          INTEGRATED SERVICES.........................................................................1

          What MOBIS Is .............................................................................................. 1

          How to Place an Order.................................................................................... 1

          The Benefits to You ........................................................................................ 1

   II.    CLIENT INFORMATION .......................................................................... 2

   III.   MOBIS SERVICES PROVIDED ............................................................... 3

          Consulting Services ........................................................................................ 3

          Facilitation Services........................................................................................ 5

          Survey Services............................................................................................... 6

   IV.    PRICE LIST .................................................................................................. 8


   VI.    TERMS AND CONDITIONS APPLICABLE TO MOBIS .....................14

                                                                                                             99-193 – rev. Oct 2006



In order to facilitate Federal agencies’ response to dynamic and evolutionary influences, GSA
Federal Supply Schedule 874 (MOBIS) is in place. This Schedule provides the vehicle to meet
mandates such as Government Performance and Results Act or government reinvention
initiatives, and to continuously improve mission performance.

KRA’s MOBIS Schedule contract offers management services categorized under the following
Special Item Numbers (SINs): Consulting Services, 874-1; Facilitation Services, 874-2; and
Survey Services 874-3.


Once your agency determines that an outside source is needed for your mission oriented business
function(s), for:

       •      Orders Under $2,500

              Prepare a Statement of Work (SOW) of your choice and place the order directly
              with the contractor for the item/service that best meets your needs.

       •      Orders Over $2,500

              To ensure that a “Best Value” determination is made, as required by FAR 8.404:

              -       Prepare the SOW
              -       Send a Request for Quote to at least three Schedule contractors
              -       Review the three quotes, and consider price, plus administrative costs
              -       Select the contractor that provides the “Best Value” to your Agency
              -       Place the order directly with the contractor


GSA Management Services has done the work for you. You do not need to take the time and
expend the resources to conduct competitions. GSA has conducted the vendor analysis, and
made sure that the contracting documents comply with all the relevant rules and regulations.
GSA is always available to you should you need any type of assistance in your selection process!

If you have any questions, we encourage you to get in touch with GSA at either 1-800-241-
RAIN (7246) or by e-mail: , or to visit their Web site:

                                 II. CLIENT INFORMATION

                                GENERAL SERVICES ADMINISTRATION

                                        Federal Supply Service
                             Authorized Federal Supply Schedule Price List

On-line access to contract ordering information, terms and conditions, up-to-date pricing, and the option
to create an electronic delivery order are available through GSA Advantage!TM, a Menu-Driven Database
System. The internet address for GSA Advantage!TM is: . For more information on
ordering from Federal Supply Schedules, click on the FSS Schedules button at

                              Schedule for Mission Oriented Business
                                   Integrated Services (MOBIS)
                           Federal Supply Schedule Industrial Group 874
                                       Industrial Class 8742

                              Contract Number: GS-10F-0130J
                    Contract Period: June 15, 2004 through June 14, 2009

Contractor:             KRA Corporation                                 DUNS No.: 19-728-7501
                        8757 Georgia Avenue, Suite 800                  CAGE Code: 1W229
                        Silver Spring, MD 20910
                        Telephone: (301) 562-2300
                        Fax:           (301) 495-3172

Contract                Will Cline, Sr. Financial Analyst
Administration:         Telephone: (301) 562-2308
                        Fax:            (301) 495-3172

Business Size:          Large

                         III. MOBIS SERVICES PROVIDED

                            SIN 874-1: CONSULTING SERVICES

There could be no better match for many MOBIS efforts than the services offered through
KRA’s Organizational Consulting group, which is exclusively devoted to management,
organizational, and business improvement initiatives for clients facing critical structural,
strategic, personnel, and other operational challenges.

KRA has the capability to provide assistance on a wide range of organizational and management
issues that strengthen organizational structure and work process flow capacity. KRA’s services
include organizational analysis and development, as well as performance measurement and
management. KRA provides seasoned professionals with hands- on, executive-level experience
in all facets of organizational and management development.

KRA’s consulting service principles are team-based, cross-functional, and participatory. As such,
KRA uses a redesign approach that ensures maximum input and ongoing participation from all
agency staff involved. KRA’s redesign approach includes:

       •      Detailed work plans that clearly lay out scope of work, tasks, accountabilities, and
              time frames

       •      Solid data collection and analysis: facts, not feelings, must support
              recommendations for change

       •      Emphasis on proper diagnosis: understanding the problems, determining root
              causes, and establishing clear, realistic objectives

       •      Encouragement of staff input and participation to ensure buy-in, accuracy, and
              inclusion of all relevant ideas

       •      Transition planning to ensure minimum disruption to the organization and to

       •      Knowledge transfer to enable organizations to build internal capacity for ongoing
              organizational improvements

KRA provides quality organizational consulting and work process improvement services to
support client organizations in enhancing the effectiveness of their operations. KRA provides
expert advice, guidance, technical assistance, and training in support of MOBIS consultation
efforts on two distinct levels, as detailed in the following sections.

Organizational-Level Services

Organizational Analysis and Redesign. KRA assists organizations in establishing efficient and
effective ways of delivering products and services. Staff consultants conduct extensive
organizational studies, perform work process reviews, work with clients to set goals, and develop
organizational redesigns based on established objectives. Consultants further assist in
implementing organizational changes using methods that help minimize work disruption while
maximizing desired improvements and results.

Strategic and Action Planning. KRA assists organizations in developing a strategic framework
to make complex decisions, to set long-term goals, and/or to make operational improvements.
Consultants help apply strategic thinking to identify and resolve key issues, establish critical
result areas, develop action plans, and assist in implementing strategic decisions.

Team-Building. KRA provides facilitation and training services to build teams within
organizations to enhance coordination, communication, information sharing, and cooperation
across organizational boundaries. Consultants have the ability to develop teams, to assist them in
coordinating and implementing plans, to build team consensus, and to train teams in self-
sustaining facilitation skills.

Process-Level Services

Work Process Improvement. A work process is a series of steps that converts work inputs to
product or service outputs. KRA’s consultants review work process steps, effectively map out
work flows, and use problem-solving techniques to find the root of operational problems.
Consultants then analyze the process to identify opportunities for greater operational efficiency,
improved customer satisfaction, streamlined activities, and standardization. Consultants then
integrate process improvements with organizational redesign to implement changes without
sacrificing work quality. Consultants also help clients develop the internal capacity for
continuous improvement efforts within the organization.

                           SIN 874-2: FACILITATION SERVICES

Organizations, including Federal Government agencies, in the United States today are
increasingly turning to participative approaches to get work done better and faster. Everything
from strategic planning, to cross-unit problem solving, to actually getting work out of the door is
likely to involve the use of groups more than ever before. With this change toward greater use of
groups and teams has come an increased demand for skilled facilitators who can help groups be
their most productive.

KRA and its small business partner, Management Consulting Associates, practice an Active

Facilitation Approach, which views the role of the facilitator as a temporary group or team
leader. This leadership role has a very significant impact on group effectiveness, despite the fact
that the facilitator does not get involved in the content of the group’s work. Employing the
Active Facilitation Approach enables the group to focus its work on the task at hand knowing an
unbiased professional is providing the structure, processes, and the push (probably the most
distinguishing characteristic of the approach) to help the group get where it is trying to go.

The facilitator in the Active Facilitation Approach has a strong attachment to the group and its
task. Unlike conventional facilitation approaches, in this approach, the facilitator shares
responsibility with the group for getting its task accomplished, and may assume the following

       •      Neutral “Servant” Of The Group. As in all group facilitation, the facilitator in
              the active facilitation approach has an unbiased service role. He or she is bound to
              be neutral, that is, to treat all participants and all ideas in the group with the same
              respect. The facilitator has no interest in what decision is made, but has a strong
              interest in a decision being made.

       •       Process Advocate. The facilitator proposes processes for helping the group get its
               work done, invites ideas for process alternatives from group members, and
               ensures that the agreed-upon process is used so long as it is working. In this way,
               the facilitator helps the group stay on a productive course.

       •       Progress Advocate. The facilitator is responsible for helping the group establish
               and maintain forward movement. As progress advocate, the facilitator is
               continually assessing the group’s progress toward its objectives and considering
               and proposing not only:

               Group processes: for example, ways to manage participant interactions or
               optional decision making methods, but also

               Task processes: for example, breaking the group into sub-groups to get several
               tasks done concurrently, proposing a planning step be inserted before the group
               launches into a discussion of an issue, or eliciting commitments to follow up
               assignments by individual members of the group.

                                SIN 874-3: SURVEY SERVICES

KRA, primarily through its Research and Evaluation practice, has extensive experience in
conducting data collections for numerous Federal- and State-level agencies to evaluate programs,
assess impacts, and monitor customer satisfaction. Our staff’s expertise and experience in all
aspects of survey design, implementation, and analysis provide the framework to our approach of
providing a comprehensive method for conducting survey-based data collections. Figure 1
presents the major steps we feel are critical to a valid and reliable data collection effort.

                                          IV. PRICE LIST

    1.        Table of awarded Special Item Numbers

                                      874-1: Consulting Services
                                           Option Period 1
                                  .75% IFF Fee included in labor rate

    Contract Period    Consultant I      Consultant II        Consultant III     Consultant IV       Consultant V
06/15/04 - 06/14/05
Hourly Rate              $       86.40     $       91.64        $       100.81    $         104.73    $       169.93
Daily Rate               $     691.23      $      733.10        $       806.44    $         837.83    $     1,359.41
06/15/05 - 06/14/06
Hourly Rate              $       89.43     $       94.84        $       104.33    $         108.39    $       175.87
Daily Rate               $     715.42      $      758.76        $       834.67    $         867.15    $     1,406.99
06/15/06 - 06/14/07
Hourly Rate              $       92.56     $       98.16        $       107.99    $         112.19    $       182.03
Daily Rate               $     740.46      $      785.32        $       863.88    $         897.50    $     1,456.23
06/15/07 - 06/14/08
Hourly Rate              $       95.80     $      101.60        $       111.76    $         116.11    $       188.40
Daily Rate               $     766.37      $      812.80        $       894.12    $         928.92    $     1,507.20
06/15/08 - 06/14/09
Hourly Rate              $       99.15     $      105.16        $       115.68    $         120.18    $       194.99
Daily Rate               $      793.20     $      841.25        $       925.41    $         961.43    $     1,559.95

                                      874-2: Facilitation Services
                                           Option Period 1
                                  .75% IFF Fee included in labor rate

    Contract Period    Facilitator I     Facilitator II       Facilitator III    Facilitator IV      Facilitator V
06/15/04 - 06/14/05
Hourly Rate              $       69.25     $       83.40        $       103.21    $         123.06    $       144.01
Daily Rate               $     554.04      $      667.19        $       825.69    $         984.51    $     1,152.10
06/15/05 - 06/14/06
Hourly Rate              $       71.68     $       86.32        $       106.82    $         127.37    $       149.05
Daily Rate               $     573.43      $      690.54        $       854.59    $       1,018.97    $     1,192.42
06/15/06 - 06/14/07
Hourly Rate              $       74.19     $       89.34        $       110.56    $         131.83    $       154.27
Daily Rate               $     593.50      $      714.71        $       884.50    $       1,054.64    $     1,234.16
06/15/07 - 06/14/08
Hourly Rate              $       76.78     $       92.47        $       114.43    $         136.44    $       159.67
Daily Rate               $     614.27      $      739.73        $       915.45    $       1,091.55    $     1,277.35
06/15/08 - 06/14/09
Hourly Rate              $       79.47     $       95.70        $       118.44    $         141.22    $       165.26
Daily Rate               $     635.77      $      765.62        $       947.50    $       1,129.75    $     1,322.06

                                              874-3: Survey Services
                                               Base Contract Period
                                                 Option Period 1
                                        .75% IFF Fee included in labor rate
     Contract Period   Researcher I     Researcher II    Researcher III    Researcher IV     Researcher V      Researcher VI
06/15/04 - 06/14/05
Hourly Rate              $      38.78     $      52.47      $      69.44    $        93.05     $     111.28     $        169.93
Daily Rate               $     310.22      $    419.74      $     555.52    $       744.42     $     890.28     $      1,359.41
06/15/05 - 06/14/06
Hourly Rate              $      40.13      $     54.30      $      71.87    $        96.31     $     115.18     $        175.87
Daily Rate               $     321.08      $    434.43      $     574.97    $       770.47     $     921.44     $      1,406.99
06/15/06 - 06/14/07
Hourly Rate              $      41.54      $     56.20      $      74.39    $        99.68     $     119.21     $        182.03
Daily Rate               $     332.32      $    449.64      $     595.09    $       797.44     $     953.69     $      1,456.23
06/15/07 - 06/14/08
Hourly Rate              $      42.99      $     58.17      $      76.99    $       103.17     $     123.38     $        188.40
Daily Rate               $     343.95      $    465.37      $     615.92    $       825.35     $     987.06     $      1,507.20
06/15/08 - 06/14/09
Hourly Rate              $      44.50      $     60.21      $      79.68    $       106.78     $     127.70     $        194.99
Daily Rate               $     355.99      $    481.66      $     637.48    $       854.23     $    1,021.61    $      1,559.95

1a.          Identification of Lowest Labor Rates for Each Labor Category: Yes

2.           Maximum Order Threshold: $1,000,000

3.           Minimum Order Threshold: $300

4.           Geographic Coverage: Domestic

5.           Point(s) of Production: Same as contractor’s address

6.           Discount From List Prices or Statement of Net Price: Prices shown herein are net

7.           Quantity Discounts: N/A

8.           Prompt Payment Terms: Net 30 Days

9a.          Notification That Government Purchase Cards Are Accepted Below the Micropurchase

9b.           Discount for Payment by Government Commercial Credit Card: None

10.          Foreign Items: N/A

11.          Time of Delivery: To be negotiated with the ordering agency on each task order.

12.          FOB Point(s): Destination/domestic, location to be negotiated with the ordering agency on
             each task order
13.    Ordering Address: Same as contractor’s address (for fax orders: [301] 495-3172)

14.    Payment Address: Same as contractor’s address

15.    Warranty Provision: Contractor’s standard commercial warranty

16.    Export Packing Charges: N/A

17.    Terms and Conditions of Government Purchase Card Acceptance: N/A

18.    Terms and Conditions of Rental, Maintenance, and Repair: N/A

19.    Terms and Conditions of Installation: N/A

20.    Terms and conditions of Repair Parts Indicating Date of Parts Price Lists and Any
       Discounts From List Prices: N/A

20a.   Terms and Conditions for Any Other Services (If Applicable): N/A

21.    List of Service and Distribution Points (If Applicable): N/A

22.    List of Participating Dealers: N/A

23.    Preventive Maintenance: N/A

24.    Year 2000 (Y2K) Compliant: Yes

25.     Environmental Attributes: N/A

26.    Data Universal Number System (DUNS) Number: 19-728-7501

27.    Contractor is Registered in Central Contractor Registration (CCR) Database


KRA Corporation (KRA) of Silver Spring, Maryland, is a diversified professional and technical
services firm. Founded in 1981, KRA has an exceptional team of experienced and dedicated
professionals who provide high-quality services to local, State, and Federal Governments and the
private sector. Information systems analysts; database specialists; economists; facilitation,
training, and technical assistance providers; health care professionals; meeting and travel
planners; management and organizational experts; public policy researchers; publications
specialists; and technical information specialists are among KRA’s varied staff.

KRA Corporation has extensive experience and a track record of successful consulting services in
the areas of facilitation and conflict resolution, management consulting, organizational
development, program and policy evaluation, strategic planning, survey research, technical
assistance, and training.

Since its inception, KRA has experienced consistent expansion. The firm’s business base has
grown substantially since 1991, and sales have resulted in controlled, steady growth. KRA
currently employs more than 250 professional, technical, and administrative staff led by senior
staff who are thoroughly experienced in technical, management, and contracting areas.

KRA’s stability and growth are a direct result of the excellent relationships established with a
wide range of clients. The company’s overall success can be attributed to its commitment to
provide the highest level of service. KRA’s approach to management, recruitment, staff
development, and quality control is engineered to ensure the delivery of superior professional
services and products on schedule, within budget, and in response to the specific technical
requirements of each engagement.

KRA has been the recipient of numerous private and public awards and citations.

KRA’s Management Consulting Division offers a comprehensive range of research and
evaluation, health programs, and organizational consulting services. A wide variety of
information technology and communications and management services are offered through
KRA’s Operations Support Division. KRA’s Workforce Development Division focuses on work
in the Federal Job Corps and State and Local Welfare to Work programs.


1.    Orders

      Agencies may use written orders, EDI orders, blanket purchase agreements, individual
      purchase orders, or task orders for ordering services under this contract. All services and
      delivery shall be made and the contract terms and conditions shall continue in effect until
      the completion of the order. Orders for tasks that extend beyond the fiscal year for which
      funds are available shall include FAR 52.232-19 Availability of Funds for the Next Fiscal
      Year. The purchase order shall specify the availability of funds and the period for which
      funds are available.

2.    Inspection and Acceptance

      The Contractor will only tender for acceptance those items that conform to the
      requirements of this contract. The Government reserves the right to inspect or test any
      supplies or services that have been tendered for acceptance. The Government may require
      repair or replacement of nonconforming supplies or reperformance of nonconforming
      services at no increase in contract price. The Government must exercise its post-
      acceptance rights (1) within a reasonable time after the defect was discovered or should
      have been discovered; and (2) before any substantial change occurs in the condition of the
      item, unless the change is due to the defect in the item

3.    Support to Be Provided by the Government

      As determined by the ordering agency, the Contractor shall have reasonable access to:

     a.      Government publications; archival materials; videotape, film, photo, and graphic
             art repositories; and Government employees as is necessary and appropriate to
             satisfy the Contractor’s information requirements in completing project work.

     b.      Managers and employees within agencies where work is being performed that are
             essential to carrying out contractual obligations; subject matter experts to advise
             and assist the contractor with respect to technical aspects of operating systems
             selected for improvement; and physical support for carrying out work, such as
             room space, utility services drawn from existing sources, currently available
             instructional equipment such as computer terminals and audiovisual display
             devices when such use does not conflict with the organization’s operational

     c.      Technical reference material not subject to Privacy Act restrictions.

4.   Excusable Delays

     The Contractor will be liable for default unless nonperformance is caused by an
     occurrence beyond the reasonable control of the contractor and without its fault or
     negligence, such as acts of God or the public enemy, actions of the Government in either
     its sovereign or contractual capacity, fires, floods, epidemics, quarantine restrictions,
     strikes, unusually severe weather, and delays of common carriers. The Contractor shall
     notify the Contracting Officer in writing as soon as it is reasonably possible after the
     commencement of any excusable delay, setting forth the full particulars in connection
     therewith, shall remedy such occurrence with all reasonable dispatch, and shall promptly
     give written notice to the Contracting Officer of the cessation of such occurrence.

5.   Limitation of Liability

     Except as otherwise provided by an express or implied warranty, the Contractor will not
     be liable to the Government for consequential damages resulting from any defect or
     deficiencies in accepted items.

6.   Invoices

     The Contractor, upon completion of the work ordered, shall submit invoices for MOBIS
     work. Progress payments may be authorized by the ordering office on individual orders if
     appropriate. Progress payments shall be based upon completion of defined milestones or
     interim products. Invoices shall be submitted monthly for recurring services performed
     during the preceding month.

7.   Payment

     Payment will be made for items accepted by the Government that have been delivered to
     the delivery destinations set forth in this contract. The Government will make payment in
     accordance with the Prompt Payment Act (31 U.S.C. 3903) and Office of Management
     and Budget (OMB) Circular A-125, Prompt Payment.

8.   Resumes

     Resumes will be provided to the ordering agency upon request.

9.   Contractor Travel

     Any Contractor travel required in the performance of MOBIS work must comply with the
     Federal Travel Regulation or Joint Travel Regulations, as applicable, in effect on the
     date(s) the travel is performed. Established Federal Government per diem rates will apply
     to all Contractor travel. Contractors cannot use GSA city pair contracts.

10.   Incidental Support Costs

      Incidental support costs are available outside the scope of this contract. The costs will be
      negotiated separately with the ordering agency in accordance with the guidelines set forth
      in the FAR.

11.   Purchase of Incidental, Nonschedule Items

      The purchase of incidental, nonschedule items being acquired in the same procurement is
      allowable so long as the cost of the nonschedule item(s) is small and/or insignificant
      compared to the total cost of the procurement. This is based on two rulings by the General
      Accounting Office (GAO). The terms “small” and “insignificant” are not defined by
      GAO, nor will GSA define the terms. The utilization of this provision is left to the
      discretion of each Schedule user.


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