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									                         PLAINFIELD FIRE PROT. DIST.
                                P. O. BOX 911
                             PLAINFIELD, IL 60544

President Barnes called the April 13, 2010 meeting of the Board of Trustees of the
Plainfield Fire Protection District to order at 6:00 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance. A
roll call vote was taken with Trustees Robinson, Bennett, Barnes, Hebert and Lehmann
all being present.

Secretary Bennett read correspondence from Manhattan Fire Department for assistance
at an apartment fire, and thank you notes from St. Mary Immaculate School and
FF/Paramedic Matt Deliberto.

Upon the President’s request, a motion was made by Trustee Hebert to approve the
meeting minutes from March 2010, seconded by Trustee Bennett, all in favor.

A motion was made by Trustee Lehmann to accept the March 2010 Treasurer’s
report, seconded by Trustee Robinson, all in favor.

A motion was made by Trustee Bennett to pay the bills presented for April 2010 in
the usual manner, seconded by Trustee Robinson, all in favor.

Open Forum – None

Old Business – Chief Eichelberger stated that the updates on all the station issues are
contained in his report.

Status of all grants – Chief reported that the Fire Prevention grant has been denied due
to lack of funds being available and we have also been denied for our station
construction grant due to all funds being awarded and there is no money available. The
Assistance to Firefighters Grant and Safer Grant are still pending.

Vehicle Status – Chief reported that the Committee went to look at the Pumper/PUC on
the 5th and 6th of April and will be heading back to Appleton, WI to look over the Tanker
and return with the new Pumper/PUC on April 29 & 30, 2010. Approximately three to
four weeks after that, the Tanker will be ready. Chief then presented a list of equipment
needed for the Tanker that had been bid out to three vendors. The low bidder was
Alexis Fire Equipment in the amount of $24,641.39. A motion was made by Trustee
Robinson to award the purchase to Alexis Fire, seconded by Trustee Lehmann, a
roll call vote was taken as follows: Trustee Robinson – yes; Trustee Bennett –
yes; Trustee Barnes- yes; Trustee Hebert – yes; Trustee Lehmann – yes; motion

Chief Eichelberger also stated that are numerous additional items that we will be
purchasing for the vehicles after they arrive and we see what is needed to put the new
vehicle in service and keep the current vehicle stocked as a reserve.

Two Ordinances were presented to the Board for review, one was a proposal to
increase the established schedule of charges for emergency medical services provided
to residents and non-residents of the Plainfield Fire Protection District and the other is
an Ordinance providing for fees in response to emergency situations requiring
specialized or technical rescue services. These ordinances will be placed on the May
2010 agenda for adoption.

Cell Tower proposal - Attorney Gilbert advised the Board that he has spoken with a
representative from MD-7 who was acting on behalf of T-Mobile with regard to the
existing cell tower on the Campus property. MD-7 is offering us a lump sum as
opposed to our current monthly income from the property. After discussion, the Board
took no action on this item.

Chief requested that the Board review and consider approval of a graphic emblem with
our PFD logo and a flag that the committee would like to have placed on the side rear
door of the tanker on the side that stores the porta-tank, which is now just plain white.
Chief presented the design emblem proposed to be placed on the side panel, at the
cost of $1,600.00 along with a brief discussion regarding the “tender/tanker”
controversy. Discussion was held, all Trustees were in agreement of the addition.

Chief Eichelberger requested approval from the Board to upgrade our engines to ALS
status with or without grant approval. Discussion was held. A motion was made by
Trustee Hebert to approve the upgrading of five engines, the truck and the squad
to ALS status with or without grant approval, seconded by Trustee Lehmann, a
roll call vote was taken as follows: Robinson – yes; Bennett – yes; Barnes – yes;
Hebert – yes; Lehmann – yes; motion carried.

New Business – Chief requested that the Onan Generator contract be tabled until the
May meeting to obtain further information.

Chief stated that he has received a quote from Arbor Tek with regard to fertilizing and
spraying of the trees and bushes at Stations 1, 3 & 4. We will not do anything at Station
2 during construction. There was also the annual contract with Spring Green for
fertilizer and weed control. Discussion was held. The Board approved Arbor Tek to
spray trees and bushes at the three Stations as well as Spring Green fertilizing and
weed control on the lawns at the three Stations. DC Stratton will take care of delivering
mulch to each station for the crews to disburse.

Chief reported to the Board that the first meeting was held with the newly created
Foreign Fire Tax Board. Lt. Ryan Johnson has been appointed President; Rytis
Juzolenas, Vice-President, John Economos, Secretary and Steve Hawkinson is
Treasurer. Discussion was held with regard to the disbursement of money and different
ideas were discussed. Chief stated that he felt the Board will be happy with the
members and indicated he felt it was a very responsible group on the committee.
Several thoughts were discussed, such as coffee, replacing recliners, beds some
workout equipment at Station 2, and the possibility of going commercial grade on
kitchen pots and pans, etc. The first item they would like to purchase is a new grill for
Station 3 as their grill is no longer in a safe condition; however at this time the FF Tax
Board does not have any funds. Chief inquired if the Board would consider purchasing
the grill with the intent of reimbursement when funds come in around November?
Discussion was held, the Board approved the purchase with reimbursement.

Chief reported that we signed our annual contract with Heritage FS locking in at $2.94
per gallon on 20,500 gallons of diesel and $3.03 for midgrade gasoline for 5,500
gallons. A brief discussion followed.

At the last construction meeting, Robb Carlson recommended that we take aerial
pictures approximately every month. Information will be forwarded to us with regard to
cost, however, Chief requested permission to approve the pictures if the cost will be
less than the $5,000.00 limit. Permission granted.

Discussion was held with regard to the Groundbreaking Ceremony for the Campus.
The date was set for Monday, May 3, 2010 at 10:00 a.m.

There was a brief discussion about the status and inquiries with regard to our existing
headquarters station. No action was taken.

Chief’s Report – Chief stated that the monthly billing income for March was $67,643.34.
The monthly call report, EVT report, Safety committee updates, construction report and
EMS written report as well as the Chief’s written report were all presented to the Board
for review. Clarification of the purchases reported in the Chief’s meeting regarding the
equipment on the new vehicles and the computer upgrades in compliance with the
recommendations made by the recent evaluation were given to the Board.

Trustee Robinson inquired if we would be installing the lettering on the ambulances as
requested by IDPH. Chief stated that he received a letter from IDPH indicating that they
will be adhering to their policies. Therefore, when the Inspector comes out and requires
that we install the backwards lettering of “ambulance” across the front of the ambulance,
we will do this by installing bug shields and placing the lettering on the guard.

Discussion was held regarding Senate Bill 3336 publication of ordinances. Attorney
Gilbert stated that the District is required to publish ordinances that appropriate money
or impose a fine. Chief stated that the intent is to save on publication costs

Trustee Robinson had several questions on the various reports that needed clarification.
He also requested that we take progress pictures periodically of the new construction
and post them on the website for all to see. A brief discussion was held regarding
station location.

Trustee Robinson also asked if the Board was interested in participating in the IFSI
Memorial Plaque program and purchase an engraved block for the learning center. We
will look at the cost and deadline to be included in the dedication and put on the May

Committee Reports –

Administration – Trustee Barnes – no report.

Vehicles – Trustee Robinson – no additional report.

Land & Buildings – Trustee Bennett – Trustee Bennett reported that at the last
construction meeting, it was determined that Carlson and FGM Architects will be
installing a brick wall around the generator at Station 1 as soon as weather permits,
digging this by hand. The parking lot at Station 4 will have four sections of the concrete
replaced by the handicap section that has standing water. The roofs have been
replaced at both Stations 1 & 4.

EMS – Trustee Hebert – Trustee Hebert commented that he felt the EMS report was
very helpful and would like to receive copies of the advisory committee meeting minutes

Personnel – Trustee Lehmann – It was noted that one of our full time firefighters, Derek
Ellenberger, lost his father suddenly, details to follow.

Inspector/Deputy Chief Report – DC Stratton reported on all of the continuing training
classes that are being held over the next several months. DC Stratton also reported
that personnel attended the funeral in Homewood for the firefighter killed in the line of
duty. There are personnel currently attending the Chief Shabbona Academy, with
participation here for one week. DC Stratton reported that there are changes being
made at the Village in the Inspection Department. The annual Spring Fest is scheduled
for May 15 & 16, 2010.

Chief Eichelberger advised the Board that we will be hosting a class on Monday, April
19, 2010, regarding personnel evaluations, with most of our Officers attending the class.

A motion was made to adjourn to closed session by Trustee Barnes at 7:16 p.m.
to discuss workman’s compensation issues, personnel issues, collective
bargaining issues, potential sale of real estate and pending litigation, seconded
by Trustee Robinson, all in favor.

A motion was made by Trustee Barnes to return to open meeting at 7:25 p.m.,
seconded by Trustee Bennett, all in favor.

Trustee Barnes stated that during closed session, discussion was held regarding
pending litigation and personnel issues. No action was taken.

A motion was made by Trustee Bennett to adjourn the regular meeting at 7:27
p.m., seconded by Trustee Robinson, all in favor.

                           Respectfully submitted,

                           Trustee Dennis Bennett, Secretary
                           Cheree Lewis, Finance/HR Director

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