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									                              UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS
There are two ways to apply for Minnesota unemployment benefits. An individual may apply for
unemployment benefits by completing the application online at www.uimn.org; or by phone using
the Applicant Self-Service System (Twin Cities Metro 651-296-3644; Greater Minnesota 1-877-
898-9090 (TTY 1-866-814-1252).

The application process will be easier if the individual knows know the name and address of
his/her last employer, the dates of employment (especially the date last worked), why the last job
ended and his/her social security number. The individual will also be asked for the names and
dates worked for any previous employers (including out-of-state employers) in the last 18 months.
To make sure the account is not delayed, complete and correct information must be provided.

An individual should apply for unemployment benefits as soon as he/she becomes unemployed or
hours of work are reduced. Waiting to apply may cause a loss in benefits. Applications are
effective the Sunday of the calendar week in which the completed application is submitted.
Benefits may not be paid for any weeks the individual was out of work before the application
becomes effective.

More Information
More information regarding unemployment benefits is available at www.uimn.org or by calling the
Minnesota Workforce Center Customer Service number: Twin Cities Metro 651-296-3644;
Greater Minnesota 1-877-898-9090 (TTY 1-866-814-1252).

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