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									Consumer rights and
      Section 3.1
You have just purchased a new CD and you can’t wait
 to listen to it. You put it in the car and plan to listen
 to it on the way home from school. You park in the
 last spot available in the lost – unfortunately the one
 that gets the most sunlight during the day and the heat
 index is supposed to reach 110!

You head into school, not even thinking twice about
 leaving your CD on the front sea. When the bell
 rings, you run to your car, anxious to hear your new
 tunes. You pop the CD in, only to find out it isn’t
 working properly.
 What were your expectations of the CD when you
                  purchased it?

   Why do you think the product malfunctioned?

Is it your responsibility for leaving the CD in the hot
 car, or the business’s for not telling you to store it in a
                        cool place?

Could there be a different reason for the malfunction
                   besides the heat?

          What steps should you take next?

BOTH parties have responsibilities, and they are
             not always clear-cut!
  Consumer bill of rights
• When you make a purchase, you expect to
  receive a fair value for the price:
  – You should be treated with honesty and respect
  – The product should be reliable and safe
  – If it is defective, you should be able to exchange it
    or get a refund

 Most businesses work hard to meet consumer
  Consumer bill of rights
• In 1962, President John F. Kennedy
  established a set of four fundamental consumer

• Later, other presidents added three more, thus
  creating the consumer bill of rights.
Consumer bill of rights

    With rights come responsibilities!

You cannot make rational decisions without
    gathering and using the information.
Consumer bill of rights
Right to safety            Responsibility to
                               use products
 Products must not                   safely
 endanger consumers       Consumers are responsible
 lives or their health.         for following the
                             instructions for proper
                            use and maintenance for
                                  the products.
 Consumer bill of rights
    Right to be             Responsibility to
      informed               use information

Businesses must provide    Consumers are responsible
 accurate information in           for using the
  advertising, labeling,     information to evaluate
    and sales practice.          product choices.
  Consumer bill of rights
 Right to choose           Responsibility to
                            choose carefully
Consumers should have a
   variety of goods and    Consumers should take
  services from which to     advantage of product
          choose.           variety by considering
                              many options and
                           making rational choices.
   Consumer bill of rights
   Right to be heard             Responsibility to
                                express satisfaction
The government must consider     or dissatisfaction
    consumer interests when
         creating laws.        Consumers should tell their
                                   elected officials their
                                opinions on consumer issues
                                    and inform them of
                                improper business practices.
  Consumer bill of rights
 Right to redress            Responsibility to
                                seek redress
Consumers should be able
  to obtain fair remedies   Consumers should inform
  to consumer problems.       businesses of product
                                defects and unfair
                              practices. Consumers
                               should pursue these
 Consumer bill of rights
Right to consumer          Responsibility to be
    education                  an educated
Sufficient information
 should be available for    Consumers should take
   consumers to make             advantage of
   rational decisions.       opportunities to gather
                             information and learn
                              how to make rational
                               buying decisions.
 Consumer bill of rights
Right to a healthy            Responsibility to
    environment                contribute to a
Businesses should avoid          environment
       polluting the
 environment and should      Consumers should support
 contribute to the welfare      businesses that operate
   of the community in          responsibly and report
   which they operate.         environmental abuses to

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