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									Geneseo Hills Homeowners Association Board Minutes. Unapproved minutes
August 17, 2010
Gary Gallens, Gus Stetter, Eddiela Sheets, Heidi Gazay and Chad Weinzierl present. There were
no guests.
The meeting was called to order by Gary at 6:07 p.m.
There were no recorded minutes from the July meeting. A copy of the agenda was given to the
The treasurer’s report was read and accepted. Gus moved and Chad seconded. There were no
June, 2010 Expenses
        Electricity                                $440.16
        Water Engineer                               604.00
        Chemicals and Analysis                       1,691.48
        Insurance                                  1,072.00
        Postage/Billings                               44.44
        Real Estate/Income Tax                     1,319.08
        Lawn Mowing                                  125.00

       Total                                      $5,296.16

June, 2010 Income
       Water/ lights                              $1,070.00
       Money Market Interest                           28.88

       Total                                      $1098.88

Water Usage/gal #1                              1,163,940

Money Market Balance                              $37,663.89
Checking Account Balance                            2,338.17

July, 2010 Expenses
       Electricity                                $537.46
       Water Engineer                              637.85
       Water systems Repair                        753.85 (generator rental)
       Chemicals and Analysis                      244.09
       Postage/Billings                              1.22
       Real Estate/Income Tax                        7.93
       Lawn Mowing                                 100.00
       Treasurer                                    75.00

                     Total                        $2,357.40
       July, 2010 Income
       Water/lights                                    $10,705.00
       Money Market Interest                                28.35

               Total                                   $10,733.35

Water usage/Gal #1                                     1,061,110

Money Market Balance                                   $45,684.31
Checking Account Balance                                 2,693.70

Old Business
         Gus reported that there were six (6) homes currently for sale in the subdivision. Eddielea
was asked to deliver two (2) packets to new homeowners. Gary will copy the bylaws and
covenants for the subdivision as well as the Phenix Township by laws to be given to each new
homeowner. Gary reported that he had received two (2) bids for generators and was waiting to
hear from at least one more company. A discussion followed about buying only one (1)
generator for Well House #3, a bigger one that could support the need for water when the
electricity was out. This would require a bigger motor. Gus moved that information be gathered
for this. The motion was approved. Gary is having plans drawn up, for approval by the Board,
for an additional building to be built at Well House #3 to be used for meetings and chemical
storage. Funds for this would be available if a second generator is not purchased.
         The drainage issue on Deer Path Court has been addressed and is being dealt with by the
         The street light at the end of Hart Drive has been turned off at the request of the residents.
If any one, living near a green electrical box, is interested in having a street light placed their
area, they should contact Gary or Farmer’s Electric. The Board indicated an interest in having
the light placed at Well House #3.

New Business
       Eddielea will paint the sign at the end of 1280.
       Gary discussed his participation in the Drinking Water Conference.
       The proposed date for the Annual meeting was set at Oct 21, 2010. Firm plans will be
decided at the Sept. Board meeting. A Thank You was received from Mrs. Lopez for the
availability of water during the recent electrical outage.
       The Sept. Board meeting will be held at 6 p.m. at Well House #3 on Set 14, 2010.
Respectfully submitted, Eddielea Sheets

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