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					                              Past Taste Sponsors
                              2005                          Sysco                         2003
                              Farm Fresh                    Tecnico                       Farm Fresh
                              Sheraton Norfolk Waterside    Hampton Roads Heating         Sheraton Norfolk Waterside
                                  Hotel                        and Cooling                    Hotel
                              Jackson Hewitt Tax Service    Whole System Associates       Morrison Healthcare
                              Morrison Healthcare Food                                        Food Services
                                  Services                  2004                          Hous ehold Recovery
                              Rainbow Cactus                Farm Fresh                       Services
                              Creative Impressions          Sheraton Norfolk Waterside    CheckCare Systems
                              Jones Printing                    Hotel                     Bank of America
                              Premier E vents               Morrison Healthcare Food      Hoffman Beverage
                              Ringer Creative                  Services                   PayDay Payroll Services
                              STIHL Corporation             Strategy Partners, Inc.       SouthTrust Bank
       P.O. Box 1940          WVEC TV 13                    WVEC TV 13                    TowneBank
   Norfolk, Virginia 23501    ABNB Federal Credit Union     Jackson Hewitt Tax Service    Webb Technologies
       757.627.6599           Exhibits, Inc                 Jones Printing                City of Norfolk   Freedom Aut omotive           Portfolio Magazine            Electronic Systems
                              Portfolio Magazine            Premiere E vents              Harvey Lindsey Commercial
                              Sinclair Radio Group          Sinclair Radio Group              Real Estate
    2006 Chairperson:         Vandeventer Black LLP         Associated Distributors       Miles Roofing, Inc
    James R. Harvey III
                              USAA                          Creative Impressions          Kimnach Ford
   Vandeventer Black LLP
                              Access Mortgage               Convergent Technologies       L & L Real Estate
                              Applied Management            D.D. Jones                    Levin’s
                                  Engineering, Inc          Hoffman Beverages             McGuireWoods
                              Arriba Corporation            Hous ehold                    Nulas er
                              Associated Distributors       Mechanic al Services          Pepsi
                              Bank of America               O’Brien et al                 Portfolio Recovery Services
                              Chartway Federal Credit       PayDay Payroll Services       Pat Angleman, GSH Reality
                                  Union                     Pepsi                         Arart Development
                              D.D. Jones                    Rainbow Cactus                Judy Boone Realty
                              Hoffman Beverages             Ringer Creative               Foodbank Volunteer
                              Hous ehold                    STIHL Corporation                Advisory Council
                              Lighthouse Pointe             TowneBank                     The Garden Gate
   Presenting Sponsor:        Payday Payroll Services       RBC Centura Bank              Steve Graham
                              Pepsi                         City of Norfolk               Loretta & Chuck Grant
                              QVC                           Exhibits, Inc.                Peter & Nancy Huber
                              Resource Bank                 Harvey Lindsey Commercial     Robert Jack
                              TowneBank                         Real Estate               Kamerach Group
                              Williams Mullen               Kimnach Ford                  Richard & Judy Levin
                              Colonial Webb Contractors     McGuireWoods                  Paul & Ellie Lipkin
                              Kimnach Ford                  Miles Roofing, Inc.           William L. Nusbaum
                              Miles Roofing, Inc            Radman Radiological Inc.      Physiotherapy Associates
  Supporting Sponsors:        Professional Services, Ltd.   QVC                           John & Elizabeth Shannon
                              Radman Radiological, Inc      Acme Paper and Supply         Jane & Ed Stein
                              Acme Paper and Supply              Company                  VSA Resorts
                                  Company                   Karen Joyner                  Howard M. Webb
                              All Star Maintenance, Inc     James & Karen Squires         Marc & Christine Weiss
                              Brian Machamer                Tecnico                       Annette Wilkins & Steve Knox
                              Diane Hill                    Paul & Ellie Lipkin           PortFolio Magazine
                              Dr. and Mrs. Bullaboy         Marc & Christine Weiss        The Coast
                              Foodbank Volunteer            Steve Graham                  Jones Printing
                                  Advisory Council          Foodbank Volunteer Advisory   Premiere E vents
                              Herc ules Fence Company           Council                   Creative Impressions
                              Jim & Kim Harvey              Rudolph Miller                Convergent Technologies
                              John & Carole Duckett         Jennifer & Robert Smith       Strategy Partners
                              Judy Boone                    Michael Jones                 Exhibits, Inc.
                              Karen Jaffe                   John & Carol Duckett          O’Brian et al
                              Marc & Christine Weiss        Lynn & Paul Francois          CreativE dge
                              Michael Jones                 Annette Wilkins               Sheridan Kline
                              Paul & Ellie Lipkin           United Church Pantries        Sysco
                              Robert & Esther Jack             of H.R.                    Ringer Creative
                              Robert & Jennifer Smith       Sysco
2002                        2001                         2000                        1998
Farm Fresh                  Robin & Warren Miller        Bank of America             Merrill Ly nch
Morrison Management         Harvey Lindsay Commericial   Farm Fresh                  Farm Fresh
    Specialist                  Real Estate              Hoffman Beverage            Hoffman Beverage Company
Pepsi Cola Bottling Group   Farm Fresh                   Norfolk Southern            NationsBank
The Coast                   Hoffman Beverage             American Funds              Nina & Steve Gordon
City of Norfolk             The Coast                    Marc Weiss                      D’Angelo/
The Virginian-Pilot         Sam’s Club                   Ellie & Paul Lipkin             Advantac Capital
Hoffman Beverage            Cenit Bank                   The Coast                   Jackson Hewitt Tax Service
Bank of America             American Funds                                           Lee & Barnard Jaffe
PayDay Payroll Services     Bank of America              1999                        Ellie & Paul Lipkin
BB&T                        Wachovia                     Merrill Ly nch              Frederic S. Sukoff
SouthTrust Bank             Herit age Bank               NationsBank
Portfolio Recovery          Ellie & Paul Lipkin          The Coast                   1997
Associates                  Marc & Christine Weiss       Trader Publishing Company   Harris Teeter
Webb Technologies           City of Norfolk              Nancy Bangel & Mark         Dr. Harry Allen and
Anheuser-Busch, Inc.        Loretta & Chuck Grant            Robbins                       Dr. Mary Maturi
Herit age Bank and Trust    Coca-Cola                    Ellie & Paul Lipkin         Hoffman Beverage
D.P.I. Mid Atlantic         Levin’s                      Frederic S. Sukoff          Hofheimer, Nusbaum,
Priority Star Sales         Webb Technologies                                              McPhaul & Samuels
Harvey Lindsay Commercial   Council Realty                                           Lillian Vernon
     Real Estate            Dycarp Carpet Cleaning                                        Corporation
Allstate Equipment          John & Elizabeth Shannon                                 NationsBank
Company                     Peter Huber                                              S.L. Nusbaum Realty
    Inc.                                                                             Portfolio
Advantage Sales and                                                                  WVEC
    Marketing                                                                        2WD
Loretta & Chuck Grant                                                                Marpol, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jack                                                             Ellie and Paul Lipkin
Ellie & Paul Lipkin                                                                  Goldblatt, Lipkin &
Marc & Christine Weiss                                                                    Cohen
Betty & John Shannon
The Freiden Agency
Retail Allianc e
Ellen McDonald & Joseph

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