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Ontario Small Business Grants - Excel

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Ontario Small Business Grants document sample

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									                                                                 GRANT & FUNDING OPPORTUNITIES INVENTORY
         Program Name                            Eligible Applicants                                 What projects can be funded                                  Funding Amounts                          Date                                           Website Address
Aboriginal Community Capital        First Nations, Aboriginal non-profit corporations   Promotes self-reliance by funding community facilities             Funding may be up to 75% of project     none             
                                    and Metis Nation of Ontario (MNO) Charter           (community centers, friendship centres, small business             cost (maximum of $300,000). For
Grants Program
                                    communities sponcered by the MNO Secrtariat are     centres) that provide a delivery pouint for community services     remote fly-in communities up to
                                    eligible                                            and business activity.                                             maximum of $500,000

Allstate Foundation                 Charities and not-for-profit organizations           involved in a variety of activities or educational initiatives    Not specified                           After January 15, 2010.
                                                                                        around road safety, crime prevention, and home safety

Animal Welfare Foundation of        non-profit charitable organisations are eligable    Supports projects and activities which will further the cause of   maximum funding is $5000                none             
                                                                                        animal welfare in Canada

Ark Angel Foundation                non-profit charitable organisations are eligable    support conservation projects, environmental awareness             no maximum given                        none             
                                                                                        projects and wildlife protection projects. Programs that
                                                                                        contribute to conservation, restoration, preservation and
                                                                                        enhancement of natural habitats

Atkinson Foundation                 Registered charities                                 innovative projects that demonstrate how to improve the           Not specified                           Not specified.   
                                                                                        futures of children and youth at risk through more effective
                                                                                        early years programming and policies.

Aviva Community Fund                                                                    Competition provides a chance to voice an idea that will create Not specified                              Between October 13 and
                                                                                        a lasting change in your community. The most popular ideas,                                                November 29, 2009. Check
                                                                                        as chosen by Canadians, will have a chance at sharing in the                                               Website for 2010 Info
                                                                                        $500,000 Aviva Community Fund.

Bell “Connected to Communities”     Registered charitable and not-for-profit            focus on the health of children and youth up to 18 years of age Not specified                              Not specified    
                                    organizations .

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation   collaberative endeavours with government,           global health, education improvements and community                no maximum given                        none             
                                    philanthropic and not for profit partners           activities that have a positive impact e.g. libraries, cultural
                                                                                        activities etc

Blue School Program                 Any class from Kindegarten, through to High         Projects that stimulate student participation in activities that   Funding is limited to $200 per class and none            
                                    School. Or an entire school may apply               enhance learning about the value and health of worlds oceans       $500 per school
                                                                                        will be considered for funding e.g.wetland habitat restoration &
                                                                                        shoreline improvements

BMO Kids in Motion                  Charities across Canada                             focus on keeping children healthy and active; local programs       Not specified                           February 28, annually.
                                                                                        involving children and youth between the ages of 3 and 18 in
                                                                                        sports and activities with a focus on physical participation.

BMW Canada Inc                      non profit charitable organisations                 projects involving education, children and youth, safety issues,   no maximum given                        none             
                                                                                        and the environment

Breakfast Clubs of Canada                                                               Breakfast programs in schools with children aged 5 - 18 years      Not specified                           Not specified.   
                                                                                        old that feed children living in underprivileged areas and that
                                                                                        meet requirements of a healthy meal.
Breakfast for Learning - Nutrition   Applications are accepted from Canadian schools        to establish or enhance breakfast, snack or lunch programs for Not specified                                                   30-Oct-09
                                     and community-based groups                             children and youth.
Program Grant

Build-A-Bear Workshop Grants         Registered charitable organizations.                   Funds will cover specific programs that offer direct support for   Average grant is $1500                  April 30, July 30 & November
                                                                                            children in the areas of health and wellness.                                                              30 annually.

Canada Ontario Resource              First Nations, their memebers and organizations,       resource and economic development initiatives of First Nations maximum $35,000                             none                 
                                     and Treaty organizations in Ontario are eligible       peoples providing financial assistance to develop and utilize                                                                             emid=28
Development Agreement (CORDA)
                                                                                            renewable natural resources

CanAdapt Program                     Not for profit orgnisations, universities, colleges,   The program is designed to help Ontario's agriculture, agri-food no maximum given                          none                 
                                     cooperatives marketing boards, aboriginal groups       industry and rural communities adapt and grow in a rapidly
                                     and individuals                                        changing world economy. Focused is placed on food safety,
                                                                                            environmental sustainability, marketing and competitiveness,
                                                                                            human resources and rural development, innovation and

Canadian Shield Foundation           Non profit groups can apply for projects               to promote ecology in the Canadian Shield. Can apply for           no maximum given                        none                 
                                                                                            projects including but not limited to, education, science,
                                                                                            environment and conservation,

Canadian Tire Community              sponcer award applications from non profit         community based projects that provide a positive contribution          no maximum given                        none                 
                                     organizationa that they support. Judging panel and to communities in which Canadian Tire Stores are located
Environmental Award Program
                                     staff select the winning projects

Canadian Wildlife Federation’s       non profit individuals and organizations are leigible projects must be consistent with the objectives of the candian      no maximum given                        none                 
                                                                                           wildlife federation (sustainability, envirenmental and wildlife
Funding Program
                                                                                           research, protection of wildlife and the development of
                                                                                           understanding of the impact of human activities on the

Canadian Women’s Foundation          not for profit registered womens organizations that programs doing economic development work and work to                  1 year and multi year awards - 1 year   none                 
                                     are using the most effective approaches to end      prevent violence against women and girls may apply                    grant from $20,00 to $25,000. some
                                     violence against women                                                                                                    multi year grants are made to some
                                                                                                                                                               economic development and teen
                                                                                                                                                               vilence prevention programms

Canon Canada Inc                     registered charities reional and Canada wide           various projects in the following catagories - arts and culture,   no maximum given                        none                 
                                                                                            health and welfare, athletics, education, community services,
                                                                                            and the environment.

Charles Stewart Mott Foundation      non profit organizations                               Civil Society, Environment, Flint and Pathways out of Poverty      no maximum given                        none                 

Chawkers Foundation                  non profit organizations                               Capital, operating, building, equipment and matching funds, as no maximum given                            none                 
                                                                                            well as seed money, busaries and research projects will be
                                                                                            considered. Projects involving education and the environment
                                                                                            will be considered.
Community Development Program     Eligible applicants include non-profit organizations,   The Community Development Program, Building Rural and             For rural regions, funding can reach up                          30-Sep-12
                                  organizations or associations, universities, co-        Northern Partnerships is a program which offers funding to        to one half of total project costs, to a
                                  operatives, non-governmental organizations              assist rural and northern regions to get information, and         maximum of $200,000 per project and
                                  (NGO's), local governments, and provincial and          access/develop the expertise, tools and processes they need       up to $100,000 per fiscal year. For
                                  territorial governments (only when there is no local    to: Respond to rural/northern challenges and opportunities;       northern regions, funding can reach up
                                  government presence). Preference will be given to       and Become more competitive by collaborating regionally,          to two thirds of total project costs, to a
                                  projects that: impact resource-based rural and          building on their local assets and developing unused potential.   maximum of $200,000 per project and
                                  northern communities (forestry, agriculture,                                                                              up to $100,000 per fiscal year.
                                  fisheries, mining and energy); have a multi-
                                  sector/multi-community collaboration in addition to
                                  funding partners, or are regional in nature; and
                                  support the transfer and adoption of knowledge
                                  and know-how around the use of new technologies
                                  for community development and knowledge
                                  building purposes

Community Investment              registered charitable organizations and registered      education - skill shortage initiatives, Environment - water and   $500 - $25,000                               none                 
                                  non profit societies                                    water ecosystems, Local Community Support - community
                                                                                          infrastructure, United Way, Youth Initiatives, cancer, and
                                                                                          grassroots live arts and culture

Conoco Canada Resources Ltd       non profit groups located where Conoco                  funds environmental programs where Conoco is active, along                                                     none                 
                                  employees work and live                                 with funding environmental organizations that share similar
                                                                                          values to their own

Development Information Program   Communication activities are eligible e.g. radio        Development of mass media and educational initiatives aimed max $250.000 per program                           none                 
                                  television, print, magazine and exhibitions             at increasing awareness and understanding of international
                                                                                          development and cooperation issues among Canadians. Mass
                                                                                          Media, Classroom and Journalism.

Donner Canadian Foundation        registered charities are eligible                       promotes research and debate on the role of government in the no maximum given                                 none                 
                                                                                          economy and the resposibilities of citizenship. Succesful
                                                                                          proposals have a national or wide regiona impact and grants
                                                                                          are available for workshops, seminars, conferences and
                                                                                          experimental ventures.

Dreamcatcher Fund                 Ontario First Nation status members, residing on        Minor sports teams; individual athletes 25 years old and under; Not specified                                  Various times throughout the
                                  First Nation Territory.                                 special events.                                                                                                year.

Ecoaction                         Community groups                                        Climate change, Clean Water, Nature and Clean Air                 no amounts given                             1st November 2009    

EJLB Foundation Environmental     canadian registered charitable organisations            3 areas of interest are 1) Medical & Scientific Research in       $500 - $350,000                              none                 
                                                                                          neuroscience that pertain to schiziphrenia and mental Illness. 2)
                                                                                          Coomunity Organisations providing assistance to those
                                                                                          suffering from mental illness. 3) Protection of the Environment

Endangered Species Recovery       non governmental organisations can apply.               sponcered by WWF and Environment Canada. Fund sponsors Will fund up to half of projects costs up none                               
                                                                                          conservation projects that aid endangered wildlife and habitats to maximum of$25,000.
Fund (ESRF)

Environment and Sustainable       Encourages partnerships between canadian non            sponcered by Canadian International Development Agency.           Canadian non profit organization must        none                 
                                  profit organizations and similar organizations in       Focused on environmental driven projects in developing            match funds from ESPD
Development Program (ESDP)
                                  developing countries.                                   countries
Environment Fund                     non profit organisations                                 Contribute to environmental conservation and wilderness             $2,000 - $10,000                       none   
                                                                                              protection projects, research and education

FEDNOR                               Municipalities, First Nations and non-profit             FedNor is a federal regional development organization in            Various                                none   
                                     community organizations                                  Ontario that works with a variety of partners, as both a
                                                                                              facilitator and catalyst, to help create an environment in which
                                                                                              communities can thrive, businesses can grow and people can
                                                                                              prosper. Various projects funded

First Nations and Inuit Science      First Nation and Inuit governments and non profit        promotes science and technology as an educational and/or   no maximum given                                none   
                                     organizations. Participants must work with Band          career choice and supports the development and enhancement
Tech Program
                                     Council and first nations and Inuit communities          of essential employability skills

First Nations and Inuit Student      First Nation and Inuit governments and non profit        supports skills acquisition through the provision of wage           maximum of $3,000                      none   
                                     organizations. Participants must work with Band          subsidies for short term work experience and assists First
Summer Employment
                                     Council and first nations and Inuit communities          Nations and Inuit secondary and post seconday students to
                                                                                              prepare for future entry into the labour market

First Nations and Inuit Work         First Nation and Inuit governments may submit            supports the promotion of employability skills, exposure to         no maximum given                       none   
                                     proposals                                                career opportunities, and promote education to unemployed
Experience Program
                                                                                              First Nations between ages 15 - 30

First Nations and Inuit Youth Work   First Nation and Inuit governments and non profit        supports opportunities for mentored work experience, the            maximum of $3,000                      none   
                                     organizations. Participants must work with Band          devlopment and enhancement of employability skills, such as                                                                 =en&pagename=CBSC_QC%2Fdisplay&c=Finance
Experience Program
                                     Council and first nations and Inuit communities          communication, problem solving and working with others.
                                                                                              Exposes youth to a variety of career options.

Forest Research Partnerships         Funding will be provided for forestry related,           sustainability of forests, forest industry, and communities that    at least 50 % of the funds must come   none   
                                     university based research that involves                  rely on the forests.                                                from the Canadian based orgnisation
                                     collaboration with Canadian based, non academic                                                                              that wil use the results
                                     institutions that will use the results of the research

Forzani Group Ltd. - The Power of    Support for community groups, non-profit agencies A nationwide program created to recognize organizations and                Not specified                          Not specified.
                                     or schools.                                       schools that assist and support at-risk and disadvantaged
Sport for Kids Program
                                                                                       families, and youth between the ages of 5 to 18 who would
                                                                                       benefit from the infusion of sports in their lives.

General Mills Canada - Champions     Non-profit registered charitable organizations            work in the areas of youth fitness and nutrition. The goal is to   Up to $5000                            Not specified.
                                                                                              encourage communities across Canada to improve the eating
For Healthy Kids Grant Program
                                                                                              and physical activity patterns of young people ages 2 - 20.

George Cedric Metcalf Charitable     Registered charitable organizations                      Funding for environment, social services and arts and culture       $1,000 - $100,000                      none   

Go for Green Program     registered and/or established non profit trail group trail promotion projects that promote environmental awareness 13 grants available at $3,000 each               none   
                                                                                          and an active lifestyle                                                                                                         ram_e.html
Golden Gardens                    organized seniors groups                             interested in creating a garden that is beneficial to wildlife      up to $10,000                           none                          www.wildabout

Good Life Kids Champion Grants    Registered charities                                 provide opportunities for kids to benefit from an active life,      Up to $10,000                           Throughout the year.
                                                                                       primarily focused on elementary school-aged children.

Green Apple School Program        Registered elementary or high schools in Ontario     Funds support environmental projects that encourage                 $1000 grants                            March 1, 2010 (but submit asap
                                  that have approval from class teacher/ project       conservation and healthy living.                                                                            – applications are assessed as
                                  leader and school principal.                                                                                                                                     soon as they are sent in).

Green Municipal Enabling Fund     Canadian municipalities and their public sector or   priorities given to fund cut in greenhouse gas emmisions, to        grants covers up to 50% of eligible     none                
                                  private sector partners are eligible                 improve local air, water and soil quality and to promote            costs to a maximum of $100,000
                                                                                       renewable energy

Green Municipal Investment Fund   Canadian municipalities and their public sector or   projects must improve air, water or soil quality, protect the       finances 15% (25% in exceptional         none               
                                  private sector partners are eligible                 climate, or promote renewable resources                             circumstances) of the capital costs of a
                                                                                                                                                           qualifying project

Green Streets Canada              Municipalities and First Nations communities         improve urban forests and provide citizens with an appreciation 50% matching funding to come from           none                
                                                                                       of how trees contribute to the environment.                     other sources. The grant possible is
                                                                                                                                                       based on population size ranging from
                                                                                                                                                       $3,000 - $20,000

Greencover Canada                 must be a registered land owner. Be and indian in initiative to help you, as a producer, improve your grassland          no maximum given                        none                
                                  lawful posession of farmland, or be an Indian Band management practices, protect water quality, reduce green
                                  meeting these conditions                           house gas emmisions and enhance bio diversity and wildlife

Greening Canada’s School          schools                                              fulfills the need to protect the health of children by sheltering   no maximum given                        none                
                                                                                       then from UVB rays. Trees strategically placed on school
                                                                                       grounds offer the solution

Habitat 2000                      any class from kindergarten to high school as well helps students working on projects aimed at recovering and        $200 per class or $500 per school           none                
                                  as organized youth groups are eligible             conserving wildlife habitat. Funding available for resource kits,
                                                                                     and non capital resources needed for the project
Habitat Conservation Trust Fund   anyone or any group can apply                         purpose is to conserve, enhance and gain further knowledge of $2000 - $200,000                               none               
                                                                                        biodiversity, fish, wildlife and habitat

Healthy Communities Fund –        Local and provincial not-for-profit organizations     provide and enhance opportunities for physical activity and    Up to 60% - 80% of total eligible             23/4/2010
                                                                                        community sport and recreation. Funded projects generally fall project cost
Ontario Ministry of Health
                                                                                        under one of four types: planning, implementation,
Promotion                                                                               development, or a combination thereof

Helen McCrea Peacock              registered charitable organizations and initiatives   foundation supports environmental organizations whose work      no maximum given                             none               
                                  carried out within the province of Ontario            and initiatives have a positive impact on the environment, such
                                                                                        as solutions, awareness and education of a broad number of
                                                                                        people on environmental matters. Will fund projects involving
                                                                                        environmental research or those that promote environmental
                                                                                        education and awareness

Henry White Kinnear Foundation    registered charities only                             funding interests include arts and culture, crafts, universities, no maximum given                           none               
                                                                                        hospitals, medical research, AIDS research, museums, child
                                                                                        development, physically disabled children, First Peoples, family
                                                                                        services, the environment, YMCA and recreation

Historica (Foundation)            programs are school and school resource based         foundation strives to provide Canadians with a deeper                no maximum given                        none               
                                                                                        understanding of their history and the importance in shaping
                                                                                        their future.

Honda Canada Foundation           charitable groups with CRA status. Such as           will give grants for including but not limited to: opertion    no maximum given                               none               
                                  Educational institutions, charitable non profit      expenses, project costs, program costs, sclarships/fellowships
                                  organizations, scientific and educational charitable and research matching funds
                                  non profit groups, education research
                                  organizations, other tax exempt, national
                                  institutions in the fields of education, environment
                                  and engineering

Hydro One Power Play              Municipalities and registered charities.              Grants are available for capital projects for facilities where the   Up to $25,000                           June 30,2009 Check website
                                                                                        primary purpose is to support children’s community sports and                                                for 2010 info                .aspx
                                                                                        active play.

In Kind Canada                    registered charities, schools, church, government, computers, business machines, office furniture, and                     no maximum given                        none               
                                  government sponcered agencies, and United          stationary/art supplies etc. can be provided by the foundation.
                                  Nations agencis are eligible with an annual
                                  membership fee

Indian Environmental Assistance   Indian bands, Tribal councils in all provinces, Innu environmental issues of an operational nature affecting               $3000 - $100,000. Funding is only       none               
                                  and Inuit of Labrador, and other associations of     reservce land, water or air and areas used for traditional            given when groups approach Indian
                                  bands or communities, institutions or organizations practices like hunting, fishing or trapping.                           and Northern affairs as a last resort
                                  manadated by bands or communities to address
                                  environmental issues on their behalf may apply.
Invest Canada Community            Smaller communities with limited economic         Focusing on supporting the attraction, retention, and expansion match 50% of initiative costs $3,000-       none                  
                                   development resources, primarily interested in    of foreign direct investment;                                   $300,000                                                                    investissement/index.aspx?lang=eng
Initiatives (ICCI) Program
                                   obtaining assistance to offset costs associated
                                   with developing tools aimed at foreign investor
                                   servicing. Mid-sized regions and communities with
                                   some professional staff and existing economic
                                   development programs requesting assistance for
                                   specific marketing oriented activities. Larger
                                   regions and communities with active foreign
                                   investment programs interested in assistance to
                                   develop and implement multi-year international
                                   investment attraction and retention strategies.

Irving Oil Foundation              non profit, charitable organizations, universities    Environment, Education and Community needs                          no maximum given                    none                  
                                   and education institutions

Ivey Foundation                    not specified                                         Private foundation with 2 important goals: guide the            no maximum given                        none                  
                                                                                         Foundations approach to conserving forests and forest values
                                                                                         in Canada: protection and sustainable use. The foundation has
                                                                                         3 primary areas where it believes its grant-making efforts will
                                                                                         help to achive its program goals. Policy & Law, Applied Science
                                                                                         and Markets

J.W. McConnell Family              registered charities                                  supports the development of environmentally and economically no maximum given                           none                  
                                                                                         sustainable communities, gives aid to important social and
                                                                                         cultural institutions in health, education and the arts, to promote
                                                                                         generosity and volunteerism, and to provide opportunities for
                                                                                         youg people. Funds a wide range of projects, primarily those
Job Creation Partnership Program   not for profit organizations, Band/tribal councils,   support projects developed by sponcers that create jobs             no maximum given                    none                  
                                   and public health and educational institutions        providing EI eligible paticipants with opportunities to gain
                                                                                         meaningful work experience

JumpStart – Canadian Tire          Community-based JumpStart chapters identify                                                                               Not specified                       2x/year: Jan 1- June 1 and July
                                   children who meet the criteria and who would                                                                                                                  1- Dec1.
                                   benefit from the program.

KidSport Ontario                   Individual athletes between age 6 -17,                to help him/her pay for registration fees and/or purchase           $50 - $250                          On-going.             

Laidlaw Foundation                 non profit, charitable organisations in Ontario       development of children youth and the arts, as well as the          Catalyst Grant up to $500           none                  
                                                                                         environment and community                                           Project Grant up to $50,000

Learning Grounds Grants and        Publicly funded schools and not for profit daycare    Grants to aid in ground naturalization projects that turn asphalt   Schools $500 - $2000                none                  
                                                                                         and turf grounds into educational resources by lanting trees,       Day Care $500 - $1000
Awards of Excellence
                                                                                         shrubs and wildflowers etc.

Local Initiative Fund              not specified                                         The Canada Fund for Local Initiatives complements CIDA's            between $150 and $50,000, average   none                  
                                                                                         bilateral program by supporting small projects (between $150        $15,000
                                                                                         and $50,000, average $15,000) in the technical, economic,
                                                                                         educational, cultural, or social development of local

Local Partnership Fund             Regional Partners                                     Projects that tie into the NTAB TOP Report                          Up to $20,000 per project           none mentioned        
Max Bell Foundation               registered charities                               Supports creative and innovative endevours that encourage     no maximum given                           none                    
                                                                                     development of human potential in support of social, academic
                                                                                     and economic goals. Supports projects that encourage
                                                                                     entrepreneurship and leadership

McLean Foundation                 Not Specified                                      The foundation awards grants in a wide range of areas,            Not specified                          Not specified.          
                                                                                     including education, health, welfare, arts, and conservation. It
                                                                                     maintains a flexible policy, with particular emphasis on projects
                                                                                     showing promise of general social benefit but which may initially
                                                                                     lack broad public appeal.

Meat Plant assistance Program     opening new meat processing plants or abbatoirs    new met processing plants and abbatoirs                          The province shares these costs with                             1-Oct-09
                                                                                                                                                      you, up to set maximums. For eligible
                                                                                                                                                      capital costs: Ontario pays up to 50%
                                                                                                                                                      of these costs, to a maximum of
                                                                                                                                                      $25,000 per plant. Examples of items
                                                                                                                                                      you could claim for are: knife sanitizers
                                                                                                                                                      and hands free sinks, floors and walls,
Mike Weir Foundation              Registered charitable organizations.               Grants support programs that directly benefit the physical,      refrigeration, drains and additions.
                                                                                                                                                      Not specified                             On-going, with grants awarded
                                                                                     emotional and educational welfare of children.                                                             by March 31.

Moving on Sustainable             not for profit, non govenmental organizations,      fund educational and outreach programs, workshops and          no maximum given                                               15-Oct-09
                                  community organizations, first Nations and          strategy sessions, and studies/analyses that promote or inform
Transportation (MOST) Program
                                  Aborigial organizations, educational and academic about sustainable transportation
                                  institutions, ;abour organizations and businesses
                                  and industries and their professional associations.

National Hockey League Players’                                                      Fund is intended to provide equipment grants for grassroots      Not specified                           Not specified, but applications
                                                                                     hockey programs, not as a substitute for existing funding or                                             being accepted now for 2009-
Association Goals & Dreams
                                                                                     fundraising activities.                                                                                  2010.

Nature Conservancy of Canada      non pofit organizations                            provides assistance to local conservation groups to secure       no amount given                         none                    
                                                                                     ecologically significant areas

Noranda Foundation                funds national organizations throught Canada       Projects in Education, Environment and Health                    average of $10,000                      none                    

North American Fund for           Non-government, non profit organizations           Fund community based projects that enhance the environment, up to $40,000                                none                    
                                                                                     trade and biodiversity, and decrease pollutants
Environmental Cooperation

Northern Ontario Heritage Fund    private/public partnerships, federal government,   Profect must aim at building strong communities                  no amount given                         none                    
                                  government realted agencies, First Nations and
                                  not for profit groups
ON-SITE                            industry, non profit groups, institutions and        joins professionals with employers who wish to increase their       no amount given                    none                 
                                   municipalities.                                      productivity. Professionals assist with activities such as
                                                                                        environmental or energy management, health and safety and
                                                                                        computer technology

Ontario Federation of School       High Schools in Ontario.                             More youth aged 13 to 19 years will then be able to participate     Up to $800                         Not specified.       
                                                                                        in non-traditional sports or physical activities in intramural
Athletic Associations (OFSAA) –
                                                                                        programs or leagues.
Try Day

Ontario Market Investment Fund -   projects are cost-shared, with the provincial        A 4-year $12 million provincial initiative to promote consumer      Not specified                      Not specified – applications
                                   government investing up to 50 % of the project's     awareness of Ontario-produced foods and encourage                                                      accepted on an on-going basis.
Ontario Ministry of Agriculture,
                                   eligible cost.                                       Ontarians to buy locally.
Food & Rural Affairs

Ontario Transportation Demand      Ontario municipalities                               Provides financial assistance for the development and           Up to $50,000                          5:00 pm, Friday, October 2,
                                                                                        implementation of Transportation Demand Management (TDM)                                               2009 Check Website for 2010
Management (TDM) Municipal
                                                                                        plans, programs, and services that promote alternatives to                                             info
Grant Program                                                                           driving alone such as cycling, walking, transit, or carpooling.

Ontario Trillium Foundation        Not Specified                                        Activities that promote physical activity and/or recreational       Not specified                      Annually – March 1, July 1, and
                                                                                        activities for people of all ages and abilities.                                                       November 1.

PACE - Local Initiatives Fund      Municipalities, First Nations and non-profit         Community Economic Development activities that support        Up to $5000                              none                 
                                   community organizations located in the Patricia      PACE’s strategic community planning objectives may include:
                                   Area Community Endeavours (PACE) region              working with communities to assess local problems, establish
                                                                                        objectives, plan and implement strategies to develop human,
                                                                                        institutional and physical infrastructures, entrepreneurship,
                                                                                        employment and the economy. PACE encourages private and
                                                                                        public sector partnerships, and, cost-shared partnerships.
                                                                                        Funding must not create on-going dependencies on
                                                                                        government funding sources.

Parents Reaching Out Grants –      School councils, parent organizations, school        Grants are to encourage parents to become involved in their         Not specified                      Not specified        
                                   boards, not-for-profits, and post-secondary          children's education and to support student learning.
Ontario Ministry of Education

Partenaire pour la Biodiversite    any private or public not for profit or for profit   projects include those that involve habitat protection, habitat     up to 70% of total project costs   none                 
                                   organization can apply                               enhancement, knowledge acquisition and education and

Patterson Foundation               Charitable, non-profit organizations in              with a major emphasis on projects and programs in the areas         Not specified                      No deadline, but committee
                                   Northwestern Ontario                                 of education, health care, religion, social welfare and the arts.                                      meets in June & Dec. to review

Population Health Fund             Voluntary, non profit, non government organzations goals is to maintain and improve the health and well being of    no amount given                         none                 
                                                                                      the population as a whole. Fund realses that many things other
                                                                                      that the health care system affect the health of the population.

RBC After School Grants Program    Any organization offering after school care or       Recipients must offer structured supervised activities in an        Not specified                      Not specified.       
                                   programs                                             environment that provides what RBC has termed the "3 Ss":
                                                                                        safety, social skills and self-esteem.

ReBoot Canada                      non profit organizations and individuals with limited Provides computer hardware, networking solution and support. Limit of 10 machines per organization    none                 
                                   access to technology

Research & Development Program     businesses, business associations, private and/or    assist in reasearch and evelopement initiatives in support of the no amount given                      none                 
                                   public partnerships, organizations, agencies,        Provinces Solid Waste-Resource Management Strategy
                                   municipalities, universities and individuals
Richard Ivey Foundation          registered charitable organizations                   grants warded for programs in Biodiversity in Forest dominated $5,000 - $500,000                                             11-Dec-09
                                                                                       ecosystems and Teletriage in healthcare

Royal Bank Financial Group       federally registered charities and publicly funded    encourage endevours that benefit the community. Interestin        no amount given                        none                
                                 educational institutions                              assisting educational, health, social service and civic and other
                                                                                       charitable organizations whose work enhances quality of life.

Rural Economic Development       partnerships and alliances between individuals,   Concepts considered include the economic development and             will cover up to 50% of project costs   none                
                                 businesses, community organizations(including not mprovement of rural communitiesn
(RED) Program
                                 for profit) and municipalities

S’Cool Life Fund                 Schools in Canada that are non-tuition elementary;                                                                     Not specified                           January 31, 2010.   
                                 projects must be for K-8.

Safeway Foundation               charitable organization and non profit societies that committed to projects that improve the lives of children and     no amount given                         none                
                                 are registered.                                       families

Saputo                           Organizations that foster youth development           targeting three general areas: children’s nutrition, physical    Not specified                           Not specified.      
                                                                                       activity (especially soccer), and youth entrepreneurship.                                                                              medias/social/detail.aspx?id=476&langtype=4105

Schad Foundation                 non profit charitable organizations                   projects that provide education that changes the way people        no amount given                       none                
                                                                                       view their relationship with the earth. Conservation, restoration,
                                                                                       development and promotion of fair, resourceful and humane
                                                                                       treatment of the environment.

Shell Environmental Fund         any canadian citizen, service club, charitable        projects such as clean ups, environmental education, recycling, no amount given                          none                
                                 organization or environmental group                   and naturalization
Sir Joseph Flavelle Foundation   grants are NOT made to individuals, hospitals,        seed and project funding to orgnizations which are involved in no amount given                           none                
                                 universities or associations.                         innovative projects directly supporting the community. The
                                                                                       arts, children, community services, the environment, Native
                                                                                       Peoples, social issues and special needs groups

Stacey Levitt Women And Sport    This scholarship is open to a young woman, a girls'                                                                    A scholarship of $2500 is shared by     Not specified.      
                                 team, or a sport organization that exemplifies                                                                         five recipients.
Memorial Scholarship
                                 Stacey Levitt's ideals and qualities and
                                 demonstrates a keen interest in sports and a
                                 healthy lifestyle.
TD Friends of the Environment    non profit charitable organizations                   projects supported include those that protect and preserve the   no amounts given                        none                
                                                                                       environment, assist young Canadians in environmental
                                                                                       participation, and aid in partnerships betweenenvironmental
Techsoup                          Non profit and Social Benefit Organizations          Many nonprofits and social benefit organizations worldwide       no amount given                         none                
                                                                                       serve the needs of low-income, underserved populations and
                                                                                       create positive social change. We believe these organizations
                                                                                       could have even greater impact through the appropriate use of
                                                                                       technology. This requires assistance with obtaining, using, and
                                                                                       sustaining technology. In an innovative strategic partnership,
                                                                                       Microsoft, TechSoup Global, and others are developing a
                                                                                       global technology platform for the voluntary sector. As part of
                                                                                       their commitment to the this sector, corporations such as
                                                                                       Microsoft, Symantec, Adobe and Cisco use this platform to
                                                                                       provide donations, at scale, to worthy organizations around the
                                                                                       globe. Recipient organizations benefit from the consolidation of
                                                                                       many donation programs into one, and further benefit from the
                                                                                       wide range of training, collaboration, and support provided by
                                                                                       TechSoup Global and its partner organizations.

Telefilm Canada                   all                                                  development and promotion of the PREVIOUS in Canada                 no maximum given                     none                
                                                                                       through media, film, music and television
The Atkinson Charitable           registered Charities                                 focus on Early Childhood Education and development and/or           no maximum given                     none                
                                                                                       Economic Justice.
The Change Foundation             charitable organizations                             projects that promote, support and improve health and the      up to $800,000 annually                   none                
                                                                                       delivery of health care
The Dominion Group Foundation     non profit charities                                 funding prefeences include arts and culture, health care,      no amounts given                          none                
                                                                                       childrens programs, substance abuse, food banks, international
                                                                                       aid, the disabled, the homeless, medical research, treatment
                                                                                       centres, the environment, youth organizations, public parks,
                                                                                       service clubs, community centrea, social services and crime

The McLean Foundation             registered charities                                 supports projects in conservation, education, health, arts and      $500 - $50,000                       none                
                                                                                       social welfare
The Ontario Trillium Foundation   not for profit and charitable organizations          foundation makes grants that have Province wide impact as           Up to $150,000 Operating Grants,     none                
                                                                                       well as grants in local communities. Projects funded are for        Project Grants & Capital Grants
                                                                                       Arts/Culture, Environment, Recreation and Human and Social
The Salamander Foundation         registered charities                                 make grants for arts and culture as well as the environment for no amount given                          none                
                                                                                       specific initiative projects with clear objectives and measurable
The Seagull Foundation            non profit organizations                             funded projects include those that involve environmental            $100 - $5,000                        none                
                                                                                       protection and awareness
Tides Canada Foundation           charitable foundations in social justice and         funds projects that promote social change and environmental         no amount given                      none                
                                  environmental fields may apply                       sustainability
Toronto Maple Leafs Fund          community-based registered charitable                Project based programs that target sports and recreation,           Not specified                        March 31, 2010.     
                                  organizations                                        and/or helth and wellness of children and youth                                                                                        formation

Toronto Raptors Foundation        Registered Ontario charitable organizations.         Programs which target at-risk children and or youth (“at-risk”      Up to $25,000                        March 31, 2010.     
                                                                                       may refer to social and financial background and or disabilities                                                                       71.html
                                                                                       relating to one’s physical and or mental state).

Toyota Evergreen Learning         publicly funded schools and not for profit daycare   funding can be used for the purchase of resources for school        Schools $500 - $2000                 none                
                                                                                       ground naturalization                                               Day Care $500 - $1000
Grounds Program
Tree Canada Foundation            any group that is plant trees for non commercial     to provide resources, education, assistance and finacial            maximum of $15,000 per project       none                
                                  purposes                                             support to encourage candians to plant trees to reduce the
                                                                                       effects of carbon dioxide emmisions.
Trojan Technologies Inc           non profit charitable organizations                  funding interest include environment and sustainable                no amounts given                     none                
                                                                                       development, education, health and arts
True Sport Community Sport Fund   Not Specified                                        Priority will be given to projects and programs that provide        $5000 or $25,000                     May 31 and October 31, 2009.
                                                                                       sporting opportunities for children and youth from low income,                                           check website for 2010 details
                                                                                       Aboriginal and new Canadian families.
Union Gas Ltd. (Charitable        charitable organizations registered with Canadian    Community investment focused on math and science                    no amounts given                     none                
                                  Customs and Revenue Agency                           education, enhancing leadership capacity, employee
Donations and Sponsorships)
                                                                                       volunteerism, United Way, Health, Social Services, arts and
                                                                                       culture and children
Urban Issues Program              registered charitable organizations                  focused on issues such as affordable housing, food                  up to $30,000 annually for 3 years                       
                                                                                       sustainability, protection of urban spaces, alternative transport
                                                                                       and the cultivation and preservation of cultural traditions
Urban Multipurpose Aboriginal     The National Association of Friendship Centres,        Funds support projects for Aboriginal youth between 15 and 24 Not specified                                  March 1.         
                                  the Métis National Council and its provincial          who live in communities with populations over 1,000.
Youth Centre (UMAYC) Initiative
                                  affiliates can apply.
Wal-Mart - Evergreen Green        open to all community groups working with their        assists community groups that are actively working to               up to $10,000                            none             
                                  local municipality or other institutional partners     transform degraded public space into healthy, dynamic natural
Walter and Duncan Gordon          non profit organizations, priority given to those      The Candian North - to support research and education               no amounts given                         none             
                                  north of the 60th parallell                            projects that increase Northern peoples ability to participate in
                                                                                         and help shape public policy. Fresh Wather resource and
                                                                                         Global Citizenship,
WILD School                       funding available for non capital supplies such as     students working on projects aimed at recovering and                $200 per class or $500 per school        none             
                                  plants, seeds, lumber, hardware, garbage bags          conserving wildlife
                                  and signs
Wildlife Habitat Canada           Individuals, private businesses. Non-government        allocates funds towards exceptional wildlife habitat          25% - 35% of projects costs                    none             
                                  organizations, and government agencies                 conservation programs. Funding includes habitat conservation,
                                                                                         applied research, and graduate scholarship awards.

Wildlife Preservation Trust       individuals and organizations working with, or on      projects supported include, but are not limited to captive          no amounts given                         none             
                                  behalf of endangered species to save them from         breeding, species re-introduction, public education, research
                                  extiction                                              and habitat protection.
William and Arlene Daniels        non profit groups may apply                            funding interest include social services, Jewish social services, no amounts given                           none             
                                                                                         hospitals and health care, poverty releif and environment.
Charitable Foundation
WISE Fund – Women in Sport        Girls and women and/or organizations                   offering sport programs targeted to girls and women who meet                                            $900 Between Nov 24 – Dec 11,
                                                                                         the grant criteria.                                                                                          2009.
Encouragement – CAAWS
Womens Partnership Fund           eligible not-for-profit and for-profit organizations   to carry out projects at the local, regional, provincial/territorial up to $500,000 per fiscal year          none             
                                                                                         and national levels. Ending violence against women and girls.
                                                                                         Improving women's and girls' economic security and prosperity.
                                                                                         Encouraging women and girls in leadership and decision-
                                                                                         making roles
Woodcock Foundation               Educational institutions and non profit                supports community development especially when there is an          no maximum given                         none                       www.rockpa.prg/cdrom/www/woodcock
                                  organizations                                          opportunity to improve the educational, economic and
                                                                                         environmental circumstances of communities in need.

Youth Internship Canada           businesses, organizations, health/educational          Provides funding to employers who create working experiences $10,000 - $15,000                               none             
                                  institutions, band.tribul councils, and municipal      for unemplyed/underemployed individualsless than 30 years of                                                                            06C9C8F?OpenDocument
                                  governments                                            age. Activities must address local community needs and
                                                                                         enable the employee to gain relevant skills.

Canada Cultural Investment Fund   Non profit organizations, post secondary institution                                                                       no amount given                          May 28 2010      
                                                                                         Supported projects will be those that help arts and heritage
(CCIF).                                                                                  organizations build and diversify their revenue streams,
                                                                                         strengthen their management capacities/business
                                                                                         competencies and generally help them become better rooted in
                                                                                         their communities.
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