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									LEGAL AID SOCIETY OF EVANSVILLE, INC.                                           City of Evansville

105 ADMINISTRATION BUILDING                                                     Vanderburgh County

1 N.W. MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR. BLVD.                                            United Way


Sue Ann Hartig, Executive Director        812-435-5173
Kevin Gibson, Staff Attorney
Garvin D. Senn III, Staff Attorney        812-435-5220 fax
Karen G. Paulin, Senior Legal Secretary
Vicki Boerner, Junior Legal Secretary
Sonia Keepes, Junior Legal Secretary

                                MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING
                                 OF THE LEGAL AID SOCIETY OF EVANSVILLE, INC.
                                              REGULAR MEETING
                                               118 VINE STREET
                                             EVANSVILLE, INDIANA
                                     MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 11, 2006, 11:45 A.M.

I.             Call to Order and Roll Call

               The regular bimonthly meeting was called to order at 12:00 noon by president David Guerrettaz.
               Present were President David Guerrettaz, Vice President David Kent, Secretary Cathy Nestrick, and
               members, Amy Berkemeier, Mike Devoy, Brian Goebel, Alan Jones, Daniela Vidal, and Scott Wylie.
               Excused was Treasurer Karen Heard and board members JD Strouth and Angela Freel.

               Also present were staff members, Executive Director Sue Ann Hartig, staff attorneys Kevin Gibson and
               Garvin Senn, and secretaries Karen Paulin, Vicki Boerner, and Sonia Keepes.

II.            Old Business

               A. The following items were provided and distributed to the board members at the meeting:

               1.     Minutes of meeting of July 10, 2006
               2.     Audit for 2005
               3.     Budget as of June 30, 2006
               4.     EBA Newsletter
               5.     Bridges Newsletter
               6.     “Impoverished Families Need Help with Daily Life” by Sue Hartig - Courier and Press
               7.     “Indiana Poverty Rate Rises”
               8.     “U.S. Poverty Rate Unchanged Last Year”
               9 & 10. United Way Position Statement (2)
               11.    Breakdown of caseload for attorneys
       B. The following items were carried forward from the July agenda:

       1.     Bridges Out of Poverty update - Sue is going to Columbus, Ohio to meet with people from other
              communities who are bringing Bridges to their community. Please talk to Sue if you would like
              more information on Bridges or would like to borrow any of the Bridges books.

       2.     VLP family law mentor program - A calendar of available attorneys to mentor a lawyer taking a
              family law case for the first time is now available for the VLP. This is similar to the calendar
              used by the Women-in-Law Section to assist the staff of the two battered women shelters.

       3.     Drug house ordinance training - Sue attended a “Drug House” ordinance training. Attorney Jeff
              Wilhite does this training and tells landlords not to rent to anyone without doing a criminal
              background check and discourages renting to anyone with any criminal record or a small claims
              or a bankruptcy background, thus creating a class of people with nowhere to live.

       4.     Slogan - A possible new slogan for the Legal Aid Society of Evansville, Inc. was presented to the
              board. “Legal Aid - Shelter from Life’s Legal Storms” with a lighthouse as the Legal Aid
              emblem was a suggestion made by the 2006 summer intern during her internship.

       5.     Pediatric Clinics - Legal aid organizations across the country are partnering with pediatric clinics
              as a way of helping clients and often share office space. Currently Legal Aid has pamphlets
              distributed to all local pediatric clinics in Evansville.

       6.     Western Kentucky Legal Services - After receiving an inquiry about Kentucky’s separation rule
              for filing dissolutions, LAS contacted the Owensboro office of WKLS and was told that WKLS
              has a rule that parties must be separated 90 days prior to a divorce action being filed by WKLS.
              This is not required by law.

       7.     LAS Staff Training - LAS staff have undergone a variety of internal training: CPR and AED
              performed by the Red Cross, Hispanic cultural diversity training by Maura G. Robinson,
              disability and cultural diversity training by Gary May, and African American cultural diversity
              training by Rev. Floyd Edwards.

       8.     Mission Statement - Discussion of adopting a new ( shorter) mission statement ( samples have
              been made available to you ) is deferred until the November board meeting.

III.   Report and Communications

       A. President and Executive Committee - David Guerrettaz, David Kent, Cathy Nestrick, and Karen
       Heard - There was no report.

       B. Vice President and case report - David Kent -

       In the first seven (7) months of 2006, we received thirty-seven (37) requests for help/information via e-
       mail and fourteen (14) requests by regular mail. These fifty one (51) items were addressed by the

       A breakdown of cases open, closed, and pending by each attorney was distributed..

       C. Secretary and approval of the minutes - Cathy Nestrick
David Kent made the motion to approve the minutes of the regular meeting of July 10, 2006. Brian
Goebel seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

D. Treasurer, finance report and finance committee - Karen Heard - Chair, JD Strouth, Alan Jones,
Brian Goebel, and David Guerrettaz

1.     County budget hearings will be September 13, 2006. No one need attend.

2.     David Guerrettaz provided an update of the executive director salary supplement matter. After
       lengthy discussion, Scott Wylie made a motion to empower the Executive Committee to act in the
       best interests of the organization regarding this budgetary issue. Cathy Nestrick seconded the
       motion. The motion passed unanimously.

E. Nominating and Personnel Committee - Cathy Nestrick, Chair

1.     Yvonne Carter has resigned from the board due to time commitments. She has been replaced by
       the Evansville Bar Association by Angela Freel of Rudolph, Fine, Porter, and Johnson.

2.     We welcome Daniela Vidal, GE Plastics, appointed by the Mayor.

3.     An informal lunch at the Old National Bank Bistro was held on August 16, 2006, with less than a
       quorum of board members present to get to know each other.

       The next informal luncheon is set for Monday, October 30, 2006, at the Old National Bistro.

4.     Attendance letters have been sent to each board member. This will be done annually. Seven (7)
       board members had perfect attendance this year. These board members were given gift cards
       from Starbucks: Karen Heard, Alan Jones, J D Strouth, David Guerrettaz, David Kent, Cathy
       Nestrick, and Scott Wylie.

5.     Board term expirations in 2007: Karen Heard (1st term - May - EBA), JD Strouth (2nd term -
       May - Commissioners), Alan Jones (2nd term - May - Commissioners), Cathy Nestrick (1st term -
       November - EBA).

       Cathy Nestrick agreed to serve another term. Karen Heard has not yet responded on serving
       another term. The board needs to start working on new board members earlier and differently
       than in past years. The board roster matrix should include one female, one male, one African
       American, and someone with a medical or public relations and marketing background.
       Kami Boyd from WFIE, Andrea Baltzell from the Vanderburgh County Health Department and
       Karen Ruthenberg or Diane Wargel from ECHO Community Health Clinic are persons to

       Board term expirations in 2008: David Guerrettaz (2nd term - May - EBA), David Kent
       (2nd term - February - EBA), Brian Goebel (1st term - May - Mayor), Mike Devoy - (1st term -
       August - Mayor).

       Board term expirations in 2009: Scott Wylie (1st term - May - EBA), Angela Freel (1st term -
       August - EBA), Amy Berkemeier (1st term - July - County Commissioners), Daniela Vidal (1st
       term - July - Mayor).
F. Public Relations and Fund Raising Committee - David Kent, Chair

1.     Sue Hartig and David Kent will meet with June Miller to schedule and define a strategic planning

2.     Legal Aid will be the recipient of the proceeds of the upcoming 2007 Law Day Auction to be
       held in May of 2007. This event has raised Five Thousand Dollars ($5,000) to Eight Thousand
       Dollars ($8,000) in past years. Scott Wylie volunteered to work on forming a committee for the
       Law Day Auction. The committee would not need to consist of board members only. Sue said
       she would obtain a list of past donors from Susan Helfreich and Beverly Corn. Each board
       member could donate an item for the auction.

3.     We will need to begin immediately after the Law Day Auction to think of fundraising ideas for
       Legal Aid’s 50th anniversary which will take place in October 2008 and also for an activity to
       celebrate the anniversary.

G. Focus on Service - Sue described a client whose history included (allegedly) stabbing the father of
      her child, presuming her four year old child was with the father when she did not know,
      disappearing with the child during parenting time while felony charges were pending against her.
      The client did not like or adhere to the advice given to her by Sue and thus would not have been
      positive in describing her experience with Legal Aid.

H. Executive Director - Sue Ann Hartig

1.     Volunteer Lawyer Program update- all is going well.

2.     All Conflict of Interest Statements from board members have been submitted.

3.     Outcome measures

       a.   Value of services calculated annually
       b.   Financial report distributed quarterly
       c.   Satisfaction survey to open file clients in March and September
       d.   Judicial survey was done in 2006; will be done again in 2010
       e.   Annual report distributed each May

4.     There was no update on the possible future office move.

5.     Sue Hartig was convener at a recent meeting of the Council of United Way Agency Executives
       with area legislators about concerns over privatization of TAIF, food stamps, and MEDICAID,
       and the WORKFORCE Investment Boards.

6.     Sue represented Partners In Caring along with Lynn Hert from Deaconess and Rodney Stockment
       from Lucan Place in making a presentation to the Chamber of Commerce Transportation
       Committee concerning shortcomings in transportation. Current bus routes and times are not
       conducive for the persons who need to get to and from work and school by public transportation.
       This needs to be addressed as part of the I-69 and economic development initiatives.

7.     Sue’s appointment to the Indiana Pro Bono Commission is official.
      8.     Sue reiterated her invitation to board members to spend half a day with
             Legal Aid.

      9.     Sue discussed her letter to the editor. She invited the board to visit on the
             website to learn more about Ruby Payne’s views on generational poverty.

      10.    Sue Hartig described the poverty simulation course that was held in Louisville, Kentucky.
             The poverty simulation kit is available for One Thousand Two Hundred Dollars ($1,200).

      11.    The United Way Kickoff and Day of Caring is September 15, 2006. Sue is in charge of the Day
             of Caring and as such a member of the UW Campaign Cabinet.

IV.   Travel requests

      1.     Garvin Senn is scheduled to attend the National Consumer Law Center seminar on November
             10-13, 2006 in Miami, Florida. Cathy Nestrick made a motion to approve his attending with
             funding for airfare, hotel for four nights, per diem, ground travel and registration with a second
             by Amy Berkemeier. The motion passed unanimously.

      2.     Kevin Gibson is scheduled to attend a live CLE on Unbundled Services on October 25 & 26,
             2006, in Indianapolis, Indiana. Cathy Nestrick made a motion to approve his attending with
             funding for mileage and hotel one night, per diem, parking, and registration with a second by
             David Kent. The motion was approved unanimously.

      3.     Sue Hartig attended a Poverty Simulation seminar in Louisville, Kentucky on August 23, 2006.
             She is also scheduled to attend a Pro Bono Commission meeting on September 25, 2006, and a
             Bridges Out of Poverty providers meeting on November 20 & 21, 2006, in Columbus, Ohio.
             Alan Jones made a motion to approve mileage, hotel, and per diem, and parking for all three
             events with a second by Cathy Nestrick. The motion passed unanimously.

      4.     Vicki Boerner and Sonia Keepes will attend a workshop on Effective Business Writing on
             September 27, 2006.

      5.     Kevin and Garvin will attend Leadership and Team Building in Evansville on November 15 at a
             cost of $199 each.

      6.     Sue will attend the Athena seminar on October 12.

V.    Board meetings are held on the second Monday of each odd numbered month at the YWCA. Lunch will
      be provided for $8.00 per person. Meetings start at 11:45 a.m. and continue to 1:15 p.m.

      The remaining 2006 board meeting date is November 13, 2006.

      The dates for board meetings in 2007 are as follows:
      January 8, 2007, at the YWCA at 11:45 a.m.
      March 12, 2007, at the YWCA at 11:45 a.m.
      May 14, 2007, at the YWCA at 11:45 a.m.
      July 9, 2007, at the YWCA at 11:45 a.m.
      September 10, 2007, at the YWCA at 11:45 a.m.
      November 12, 2007, at the YWCA at 11:45 a.m.
       Informal board lunches with a limit of six board members present will be October 30 (Monday) and
       December 12 (Tuesday) at the Old National Bistro at 12:00 noon.

       The 2007 dates will be February 21 (Wednesday), April 4 (Friday), and June 11 (Monday).

VI. The meeting adjourned at 1:20 p.m. after a motion by David Kent.

Cathy Nestrick, Secretary

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