Jeff Mustard Joins Eurorient Financial Group as Head of Service/Communications & Spokesperson For the Chairman of the Board, Mr. Ron Nechemia by EurOrient


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									16 March 2009                                                                                 Media Contact
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                       Jeff Mustard Joins Eurorient Financial Group as
                      Head of Service/Communications & Spokesperson
                      For the Chairman of the Board, Mr. Ron Nechemia

LOS ANGELES, CALIF.: 16 March 2009 – Continuing its aggressive expansion identifying top-tier
talent to fill key Executive-Level positions in support of its human resources and institutional development
agenda, EurOrient Financial Group, (“EurOrient”) announces the appointment of Mr. Jeff Mustard in the
capacity as Spokesperson for the President & Chairman of the Board, Mr. Ron Nechemia, with
responsibility for the formulation and administration of corporate communication strategy and programs.

Prior to joining EurOrient, Mr. Mustard operated his own independent advertising, marketing, public
relations, film and video production, and internet development company. A multiple award-winning writer,
producer and director, Mr. Mustard has produced long and short-form television commercials and
television programs, sales and marketing promotional videos, and has created and executed print, radio and
television advertising campaigns. Among his numerous writing credits for all mediums, he is also the co-
writer and ghost author of a Wall Street Journal Best Selling Business/Success/Motivation Book published
by John Wiley.

He is also the former Director of Communications for Sterling Financial Investment Group, a financial
services company with its corporate headquarters formerly located in Boca Raton, Florida that got its
inauspicious start operating out of a cleaned out broom closet of another firm. Mr. Mustard’s advertising,
marketing, media and public relations campaign drove the company from its nascent three-person
operation into a global financial services organization with more than 350 investment professionals
operating out of 59 offices in 9 countries.

Mr. Nechemia the Chairman of the Board of Director of the EurOrient Financial Group, considered the
founding father of private-sector development banking, says “the EurOrient Financial Group is changing

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from a relatively straightforward project financier institution into a full-fledged private sector global
development bank responding to a wide range of development needs. As the needs of the developing
countries continue to implement economic reforms; as their needs for infrastructure, human resources, and
new technology grow; as investments in environmental protection become more pressing; and as
socioeconomic concerns like poverty, education, health and population, water supply and sanitation, and
urban development and housing become more urgent, the EurOrient faces increasing demands on its
assistance and services. In response, the need for continued support for the EurOrient and for the
understanding of the EurOrient Financial Group has led to greater demands from various quarters and
interest groups for more information about the EurOrient and for greater transparency and accountability
with regard to its activities.”

Mr. Mustard was hired to foster feedback and enhance public access to policies, programs and services. He
is also responsible for building and maintaining communication partnerships to help meet the diverse
information needs of citizens and to achieve the EurOrient Financial Group’s global communications
objectives. Says Mr. Nechemia, “Mr. Mustard possesses unique combination of skill sets in both marketing
and communications arena and natural instinct to the issues that will help drive our communications
messages to our many constituencies throughout the world.”

Despite the financial crisis and the global economic deterioration,” says Mr. Nechemia “we are celebrating
the 4th year of non-interrupted growth and we are cautiously scaling up our operation for the benefit of
developing nations seeking sustainable economic development and poverty reduction and to boost
EurOrient's institutional capacity.” Mr. Nechemia added, “EurOrient’s sustainable growth is accredited to
the successful business model pursued by the institution and the strong economic ties into Asia, Mr.
Mustards extraordinary media skills and marketing savvy will contribute greatly to our image and the
enhancement of our brand to the myriad stakeholders and constituencies, both internal and external.”

About EurOrient
EurOrient Financial Group is a private sector global development finance institution accredited by United
Nations General Assembly on Financing for Development. The mission of the EurOrient Financial Group

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is to support the economic and social development efforts of the less developed countries as they, in
particular, seek to achieve the Millennium Development Goals ("MDGs").

The EurOrient's principal objective is to reducing poverty and promoting sustainable economic growth.
EurOrient invests in projects and programs that promote social development, build human capacities, and
address host government priorities for investments in physical infrastructure that promote and enhance
social development. These projects include roads, transportation and communication systems, water,
sanitation and other types of investments with social development outcomes such as improved quality of
life and increased human knowledge and skills.

Since being founded more than 20 years ago, EurOrient Financial Group today seeks to increase
substantially the development impact of its activities by adopting new approaches in pursuit of its five
strategic priorities; they are: (i) strengthening the focus on frontier markets, including small and medium
enterprises (SMEs), this includes infrastructure finance; (ii) building long-term partnerships with emerging
players in developing countries; (iii) differentiating through sustainability competencies; (iv) addressing
constraints to private sector growth in infrastructure, agribusiness and advance technology; and (v)
developing local financial markets through institution building and the use of innovative financial

EurOrient at Glance
Headquarters: Los Angeles, California
CEO: Mr. Ron Nechemia

Media Contact: Jeff Mustard, Spokesperson for the President and the Chair Person of the Board of
Directors of the EurOrient Financial Group

Tel: 818-206-5322 - Email: ###

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