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					                                              Microsoft Dynamics
                                              Customer Solution Case Study

                                              New Software Helps Hospital Chain Share
                                              Information, Streamline Processes

Overview                                      “Microsoft Dynamics GP is quite an improvement in
Country or Region: United States
Industry: Healthcare
                                              technology over our old system. We’re happy with the
                                              product, and it’s a great platform for us to move
Customer Profile
Frankford Hospitals is a community
                                              forward with.”
hospital system with three inpatient          Robert Crossin, Chief Financial Officer, Frankford Hospitals
hospitals and three outpatient sites that
serve people in Northeast Philadelphia and    Today’s healthcare providers are under constant pressure to
Bucks County, Pennsylvania.
                                              improve patient care while reducing costs. To do this, providers are
Business Situation                            increasingly turning to new technologies that allow them to
Frankford Hospitals’ previous, MS-DOS®-
based financial system lacked functionality   streamline processes, eliminate inefficiency, increase productivity,
and integration with other solutions, which   and improve decision making. Frankford Hospitals, founded in
forced a heavy reliance on manual data
input and paper-based processes.              1903 to serve residents of Philadelphia, PA, is no exception. The
                                              community hospital system was burdened with an aging MS-DOS®–
Working with Microsoft® Gold Certified        based financial system that lacked functionality, made reporting
partner Tectura, Frankford Hospitals          difficult, and limited its ability to streamline processes. Working
implemented Microsoft DynamicsTM GP, a
fully integrated financial and business-      with Microsoft® Gold Certified Partners Tectura and Binary Stream
management solution, to approximately 40      Software, Frankford implemented Microsoft DynamicsTM GP, a fully
                                              integrated financial and business-management solution. It has
Benefits                                      helped Frankford simplify business processes, streamline financial
 Faster, more accurate financial reporting
 Report processing cut from 1 day to 1
                                              reporting, and simplify the process of ordering materials.
 Lower total cost of ownership
 Easier order requisition
 Streamlined business processes
“Microsoft is committed                      Situation                                          Hospitals. As a result, the department relied
                                             Founded by Dr. Joseph Ball and named after         on manual processes to maintain adequate
to R&D and really                            the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, neighborhood       financial controls, which also extended to
promotes growth in their                     it first served, Frankford Hospital opened its     purchase requests for materials. Under its
                                             doors on July 4, 1903. In the century since,       previous system, requests to purchase items
products, so we don’t                        Frankford has grown from a single facility into    were made by paper and sent to the
have to worry about                          a 500-bed, 4,000-employee facility and             organization’s purchasing department, which
                                             member of the Jefferson Health System.             would then manually create the purchase
having a solution that’s                     Frankford Hospitals consists of three              order.
out of date or isn’t                         inpatient hospitals and three outpatient sites
                                             that serve people in Northeast Philadelphia        Solution
supported.”                                  and Bucks County, Pennsylvania.                    Frankford Hospitals sought a cost-effective,
Jacqueline Kingman, Systems Administrator,                                                      integrated solution that could help increase
Frankford Hospitals                          Frankford sought a replacement for an aging        its overall operational efficiency, provide
                                             MS-DOS®-based mainframe system that was            better access to information, and simplify and
                                             becoming increasingly difficult and costly to      speed up reporting. “We really needed a
                                             maintain, according to CFO Robert Crossin.         more modern solution that could
                                                                                                accommodate our rapid growth,” Crossin
                                             The system’s limited functionality and lack of     says.
                                             integration forced many of the hospital’s 200
                                             departments to use various software                The organization evaluated six solutions, and
                                             applications to access the information             quickly eliminated four because they didn’t
                                             needed to perform their jobs effectively. Tying    provide the functionality the hospital chain
                                             those various systems together was difficult,      sought. From the two remaining candidates,
                                             with the hospital using interfaces that ran at     Frankford chose Microsoft DynamicsTM GP
                                             night to synchronize data across the               business software because it represented the
                                             disparate systems.                                 best combination of benefits, functionality,
                                                                                                and cost.
                                             In addition, the lack of integration between
                                             systems and a heavy reliance on manual data        With the help of Microsoft® Gold Certified
                                             input and paper-based transactions limited         Partners Tectura and Binary Stream
                                             Frankford’s ability to streamline processes.       Software, Frankford Hospitals implemented
                                                                                                Microsoft Dynamics GP, a fully integrated
                                             Nowhere were the limitations of the system         financial and business-management solution,
                                             felt more than in the organization’s finance       and integrated it with the facility’s existing
                                             department. The system’s reporting                 Siemens Medical Solutions INVISION hospital
                                             capabilities were not robust, which forced         information system. Built to deliver the
                                             staffers to manually compile and distribute        highest levels of ease-of-use, Microsoft
                                             financial reports.                                 Dynamics GP offers integrated, cost-effective
                                                                                                systems for healthcare delivery, helping to
                                             In addition, the system didn’t provide an          standardize and exchange financial
                                             effective way to drill down into multiple layers   information between entities. Frankford
                                             of data for further investigation. “When you       Hospitals rolled out the solution to
                                             have segregated systems, you can just              approximately 40 users.
                                             imagine what you have to go through to follow
                                             an audit trail,” says Jacqueline Kingman,          Because materials management is often the
                                             Systems Administrator at Frankford                 second-largest expenditure for hospitals,
Binary Stream’s Materials Management                 past, they had to print out a 500-page report
module offers complete supply chain                  and then painstakingly sift through it to
management functionality with a focus on             uncover additional details, Kingman says.
complex procurement and fulfillment features         “Now, our staff has the full cycle of
that are directly integrated to Microsoft            purchasing information at their fingertips.
Dynamics GP. As an integral component of its         When performing their daily audits, they can
overall hospital system, Materials                   begin in the General Ledger and quickly drill
Management easily integrates with Frankford          down to the original purchase. If a correction
Hospitals’ other systems.                            is needed, it can be performed before the
                                                     release of the month-end financials,” she
Frankford Hospitals’ Microsoft Dynamics GP           says. “I can’t even begin to quantify the hours
solution components also include General             this has saved.”
Ledger, which provides the organization with
several features it lacked previously,
including strong financial controls, easy-to-        Streamlined Financial Reporting
follow audit trails, and the ability to drill down   Microsoft Dynamics GP has helped Frankford
from summary information to corresponding            Hospitals reduce the time needed to produce
detail; Microsoft FRx®, which allows easy            month-end daily financial reports from about
reporting; and Great Plains Budgeting, which         a day under the old system to a mere hour.
simplifies the organization’s budgeting              Integration allows real-time financial
process. Other components include Accounts           information to flow directly from the General
Payable, Fixed Assets, Materials                     Ledger to Microsoft FRx, allowing the finance
Management, and Intercompany                         staff to easily create and e-mail financial
Transactions, as well as Tectura’s ReQlogicTM        reports to the head of each department.
requisition, purchasing, and procurement
software.                                            In addition to providing key financial
                                                     information, these monthly profile reports
Benefits                                             also promote accountability. Under the old
Microsoft Dynamics GP integrates with and            system, the organization relied on
extends office productivity tools, such as           department heads and supervisors to retrieve
Microsoft Office Outlook® messaging and              their departmental financials for review on
collaboration client and Microsoft Excel®            their own. Using Microsoft Dynamics GP and
spreadsheet software, which Frankford’s              Microsoft FRx, the finance staff quickly
employees use every day. According to                produces a preliminary financial report, e-
Crossin, Microsoft Dynamics GP represents a          mails it to each department manager and
substantial technological upgrade over the           supervisor, and requests a response within
organization’s previous system. “Microsoft           three days. If an expense exceeds budget, an
Dynamics GP is quite an improvement in               explanation and approval are requested. After
technology over our old system,” he says.            this process is complete, the final financial
“We’re happy with the product, and it’s a            statements are released.
great platform for us to move forward with.”
                                                     Easier, Faster Order Requisition
Timely Information                                   The powerful combination of Microsoft
With Microsoft Dynamics GP, Frankford’s              Dynamics GP, Tectura’s ReQlogic requisition,
accounting staff can conduct daily audits            purchasing, and procurement software, and
using real-time information. If the accounting       Binary Stream’s Materials Management
staff found a questionable expense in the            software has allowed Frankford Hospitals to
streamline its materials management and         is now mere clicks away, which helps in the
purchase-request processes.                     case of audit and reduces storage expenses.

In the past, the process for approving          Cost-Effective Solution from Trusted
purchases was completely manual. “If we         Vendor
needed approval on an invoice, it would be      Frankford Hospitals sees many benefits from
sent by intercompany mail to the                using a Microsoft solution. “Partnering with
department,” Kingman says. “It was very hard    Microsoft provides us with a lot of
to track expenses if the invoices were in       advantages,” Kingman says. “Microsoft is
limbo somewhere.” Microsoft Dynamics GP,        committed to R&D and really promotes
Binary Stream, and ReQlogic have helped         growth in their products, so we don’t have to
Frankford Hospitals automate and speed up       worry about having a solution that’s out of
that process. “Now I have the capability to     date or isn’t supported.” In addition to its
know when the invoice was received, whom it     superior performance over Frankford
was sent to, and if it was returned with        Hospitals’ previous system, Kingman
approval for payment. Then I can easily view    estimates that the annual cost of ownership
the batch or document and expedite payment      of Microsoft Dynamics GP is considerably less
for the vendor,” Kingman says.                  than that of the previous system.

Similarly, the system has helped Frankford
Hospitals streamline its process for
investigating situations when an invoice
amount differs from that of a purchase order.
Unlike the previous manual process for
resolving these conflicts, Microsoft Dynamics
GP automatically flags discrepancies and
outlines a workflow for followup and
reconciliation. Binary Stream’s Materials
Management software also allows staffers to
consolidate purchase orders to one vendor,
which wasn’t possible with the previous

Simplified, More Efficient Business
Microsoft Dynamics GP has helped Frankford
Hospitals simplify and streamline many
business processes. One example involves
managing the estimated 10,000 invoices the
organization receives and processes every
month. In the past, hard copies of every
invoice were archived at an offsite facility.
Using Microsoft Dynamics GP and a
document-imaging system, staffers now scan
the invoices and store them directly in the
system. As a result, access to the documents
For More Information                                            Microsoft Dynamics
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Hospitals products and services, visit the            
Web site at:

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