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					Research Triangle Region
  Life Sciences Companies

                           w w w. r e s e a r c h t r i a n g l e . o r g
                                                                                                   Person                                            Warren


                                                           The Research
                                                             Triangle                     Orange
                                                               Park                                 Durham                                Franklin

                                                                                       UNC-             Durham           RDU
                                                                                      Chapel                             International
                                                                                        Hill                             Airport
Quick Facts
                                                                                                                    NC State
▲ Home of The Research                                                                                            Wake
  Triangle ParkTM, 13 coun-                                                  Chatham

  ties, mix of urban/rural
  areas                                                                                 Lee

▲ Three major research
  universities (Duke, NC State,                                     Moore
  UNC-Chapel Hill)                                                Pinehurst
▲ $2 billion/year in federal                                                                                                                            Maine

  research funding
                                        Wisconsin                                                                                   VT
▲ Nation’s largest                                                                                                                         Mass.
  concentration of contract                                                                                       New York
  research organizations                   Chicago
                                                                                                                                     N.H.     R.I.

▲ Population 2 million                                                                            Pennsylvania     New York

▲ Labor force 1 million                    Illinois
                                                                             Ohio                       Philadelphia

▲ 44 percent of workforce                                                               W. Virginia

  holds a college degree                                                                Washington D.C.
▲ Southeast U.S. location on                                Tennessee

  major transportation routes                                                                                              Research Triangle Region
                                                                                                                           North Carolina • USA
Clusters of Innovation                                                                          North Carolina

The Research Triangle Region                                       Atlanta           South Carolina

is a world leader in these                            Alabama
                                       Mississippi                    Georgia
innovation-rich clusters:

▲ Advanced medical care

▲ Agricultural biotechnology

▲ Analytical instrumentation

▲ Biological agents/Infectious                                                      Florida

▲ Clean/Green technologies

▲ Defense technologies                                                                           Miami
▲ Informatics
                                  Contact us to learn more about growing your company in the
▲ Interactive gaming
                                  Research Triangle Region, North Carolina.
  and e-learning
                                  Research Triangle Regional Partnership                                      The Research Triangle Regional Partnership is a
▲ Nanoscale technologies
                                  P.O. Box 80756                                                              public/private partnership that promotes economic
▲ Pervasive computing             RDU International Airport, NC 27623-0756 USA                                development for the 13-county Research Triangle
▲ Pharmaceuticals                 Phone (919) 840-7372                                                        Region of North Carolina comprising Chatham,
                                  Fax (919) 840-0142                                                          Durham, Franklin, Granville, Harnett, Johnston,
                                  E-mail                                            Lee, Moore, Orange, Person, Vance, Wake and
                                                                            Warren counties.

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                                            Research Triangle Region Life Sciences Companies

3TeX Inc. of Cary develops products for prosthetic joints and         Advanced Liquid Logic Inc. of Morrisville develops digital
limbs, fibrous scaffolds for surgical repair and tissue engineering   microfluidic lab-on-a chip devices for highly automated, rapid and
through advanced three-dimensional woven fabrics and composites.      portable liquid handlers for a diverse range of applications.                                                

AAIPharma Inc. of Morrisville and Chapel Hill is a global             Aerie Pharmaceuticals Inc. in The Research Triangle Park is
provider of product development and support services to the           dedicated to the discovery and development of medical innovations
pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries.          in the field of ophthalmology. Based on intellectual property licensed                                                     from Duke University Medical Center, Aerie is developing a pipeline
                                                                      of proprietary products for the pharmaceutical treatment of glaucoma.
AbD Serotec of Raleigh, a division of MorphoSys, designs,   
manufactures and sells immunological and cell biology reagents
for research.                                                         Affinergy Inc. of Durham develops site-specific biological systems                                                     using biofriendly binders that selectively adhere to proteins, drugs,
                                                                      cells and other biomaterial surfaces to kick start biology toward
Abraxis Bioscience Inc. of Durham is a fully integrated               an intended outcome. Affinergy is focused in the orthopedic
biotechnology company dedicated to delivering progressive             and biologic drug delivery markets with a growing interest in
therapeutics and core technologies that offer patients and medical    cardiovascular applications.
professionals safer and more effective treatments for cancer and
other critical illnesses.                                                    Agarigen Inc. in The Research Triangle Park is engaged in
                                                                      the development of novel biopharmaceutical expression and
Accentia BioPharmaceuticals Inc. of Morrisville is a vertically       processing technology. Agarigen is developing ways to make
integrated biopharmaceuticals company focused on the acquisition,     commercially viable proteins using mushrooms.
development and commercialization of late-stage specialty   
pharmaceuticals and biologics for targeted therapeutics.                                                      Agile Sciences Inc. of Raleigh has identified novel small
                                                                      molecules that inhibit and disperse bacterial biofilms. The company
Addrenex Pharmaceuticals Inc. of Durham is a focused                  is investigating multiple applications in medicine, agriculture
specialty pharmaceutical company that develops and commercializes     and industry.
drugs to regulate the adrenergic and noradrenergic systems and
help patients with adrenergia-related medical conditions.                                                      Agilent Technologies Inc. of Raleigh is the world’s premier
                                                                      measurement company and a technology leader in communications,
Adherex Technologies Inc. of Durham conducts discovery and            electronics, life sciences and chemical analysis.
development for novel cancer therapeutics. It has multiple products
in the clinical stage of development, including eniluracil, ADH-1
and sodium thiosulfate.                                               AIHF Clinical Research LLC of Raleigh conducts clinical                                                       research studies in multiple therapeutic areas of family practice,
                                                                      internal medicine, sports medicine and orthopedics.
ADMeT Technologies Inc. of Durham is a product and device   
company supporting the pharmaceutical industry in drug discovery.
ADMET offers fresh and cryopreserved human hepatocytes and            Ajinomoto AminoScience LLC of Raleigh is the only
multicoaxial bioreactors for 3-D growth of hepatocytes.               pharmaceutical L-amino acid manufacturer in the United States with                                             services that include patented amino acid production technology.
Adroit Pharmaceutical Development LLC of Durham
identifies new formulations and process technologies for drug         Alaeras Inc. of Cary specializes in design and manufacturing
delivery, with primary focus on inhalation and dermatological         of drug delivery products. The company is currently developing
product development.                                                  a platform technology for dry powder nasal vaccines that do not                                                require refrigeration.
Advanced Animal Diagnostics Inc. of Durham
commercializes proprietary technology for the diagnosis of            Alba Bioscience Inc. of Durham distributes blood group
valuable farm animal diseases, including those that affect milk       monoclonals and research reagents in North and South
and milk products.                                                    America that are manufactured in the United Kingdom by Alba                                     Bioscience Ltd. This well-established GMP facility has research
                                                                      and development laboratories and extensive collaboration with
                                                                      a variety of centers within the immunohematology world.

Aldagen Inc. of Durham is a biotechnology company                        American Agricultural Services Inc. of Cary is a full-service
advancing a pipeline of clinical-stage regenerative therapies.           agricultural, chemical (pesticide) and biotechnology study
Aldagen has three product candidates in clinical development             management firm. American Ag has developed methods for
for chronic heart failure, critical limb ischemia and pediatric          managing research, development and registration for the ag-chem
metabolic disorders and malignancies.                                    and ag-biotech industries worldwide.                                                

Alditri Technologies Inc. of Raleigh is developing a process             Amorsus Pharma LLC of Raleigh is developing a sustained-
for coating non-woven fibers and fiber-based systems to selectively      release product incorporating both bupivacaine and dexamethasone
remove toxic pathogens from fluid streams.                               for use following tooth extraction to provide patients with prolonged                                                          anesthesia to reduce intra-operative and post-procedure pain.
Algynomics Inc. of Chapel Hill is developing and marketing
genetic markers in the field of pain and developing medical devices      Analytical Solutions Inc. of Durham is a contract analytical
that integrate information from genetic pain biomarkers with             laboratory that provides quality, timely and cost-efficient analytical
neurological and psychological assessments.                              and bioanalytical services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology                                                       and nutraceutical industries.
Alion Science and Technology Corp. of Durham provides
technical expertise and operational support to government and            Apex Bioscience Inc. of Chapel Hill is a wholly owned U.S.
commercial customers. Alion has three labs in The Research               subsidiary of Curacyte AG, a German research-based biopharma-
Triangle Park: a human exposure and atmospheric sciences                 ceutical company dedicated to the discovery and development of
laboratory, life sciences and inhalation toxicology laboratory           hospital therapeutics for acute and critical care conditions.
and wind tunnel laboratory.                                    
                                                                         Apogee Medical Inc. of Youngsville is a contract manufacturer
Almac Diagnostics of Durham develops and delivers genomics               for the medical device industry and specializes in urological
solutions for the advancement of science and the improvement of          catheter products.
patient care.                                                  
                                                                         APP Pharmaceuticals LLC of Raleigh is the leading manufac-
Alnis BioSciences Inc. in The Research Triangle Park has                 turer of multi-source and branded injectable pharmaceutical products
expertise in the fabrication of nanoparticles and the use of these       for acute medical care both in patient and ambulatory settings.
particles for life science applications. Alnis is currently developing
proprietary MagNaGel™ nanoparticles that combine diagnostic,
drug and device capabilities to better detect, characterize and          Appealing Products Inc. of Raleigh is a research and
treat cancer.                                                            development company located on the Centennial Campus of
                                                                         North Carolina State University. API has developed products in the
Alpha-Gamma Technologies Inc. of Raleigh provides                        areas of forensics, toxic gas and liquid detection, detection of trace
research and consulting services in environment and life sciences.       explosives, detection of poisons in food and personal protection
Its services include research and consulting in toxicogenomics,          from toxic materials.
bioinformatics, data mining and warehousing for government,    
biotechnology and pharma clients.                                                      Applied Micro Products Inc. of Chapel Hill uses environmentally
                                                                         friendly treatments to extend the functional life of wood structures.
AlphaVax Inc. in The Research Triangle Park is developing      
a new vaccine technology with broad applications for infectious
disease, cancer and biodefense threats that have the potential to        Applied Technologies Inc. of Cary is a product design and
redefine vaccines and the role they play in medicine. AlphaVax           engineering firm providing product development, materials selection
uses a specialized viral vector system to make alphavirus replicon       and process-development services to a wide range of end markets,
vaccines, called alphavaccines, which have shown excellent               including medical, transportation and electronics, in both the
protection in multiple models for infectious disease and cancer.         industrial and commercial sectors.                                               

Alte Biosciences Inc. of Cary is a drug delivery-based                   Arbor Pharmaceuticals Inc. of Raleigh is a specialty
therapeutics company that commercializes technologies to enhance         pharmaceutical company focused on the licensing, development
the safety and performance of proprietary drug products.                 and commercialization of products for pediatricians. Founded in                                                          2006, Arbor actively identifies and licenses unique, patent-protected
                                                                         therapies proven to effectively treat common pediatric illnesses.

Arbovax Inc. of Raleigh has a unique technology that                   Asylum Research of Raleigh manufactures advanced
modifies arthropod-borne viruses (arboviruses) preventing              scientific instrumentation, including scanning probe/atomic force
them from replicating in mammalian cells. Arbovax will                 microscopes (SPMs/AFMs), for nanoscale science and technology.
leverage this technology to facilitate development of a                An SPM/AFM is used for visualizing surfaces and measuring
portfolio of improved vaccines against the worldwide threat            surface properties at the nanometer level.
of arthropod-borne diseases.                                 
                                                                       Asymchem Laboratories Inc. of Morrisville is a contract man-
Argolyn Bioscience Inc. of Durham uses proprietary                     ufacturer of advanced chemical intermediates for the pharmaceutical
peptide modification methods to repeatedly derive and develop          and biotech industries. Asymchem’s administrative headquarters is
novel and value-added therapeutic products to address major            in North Carolina and its manufacturing plants are in China.
unmet medical needs.                                         
                                                                       ATeX Technologies Inc. of Pinebluff designs, develops and
Argos Therapeutics Inc. of Durham develops breakthrough                manufactures medical textiles and component solutions for the
immunotherapies that target the unique features of a patient´s         medical industry.
disease. This new generation of personalized cancer and infectious
disease therapeutics, created using “Arcelis” technology, trains
the immune system to recognize and attack the disease. Argos´          Athenix Corp. in The Research Triangle Park is a Bayer
scientific leadership in RNA-loaded dendritic cells and advanced       CropScience business focused on improving crop productivity,
manufacturing processes provide a platform to tackle virtually all     delivering innovative products to farmers and securing a sufficient
forms of cancers and infectious diseases.                              supply of food, feed, fiber and biofuel for a growing world                                              population. Athenix provides genes, proteins, processes, traits and
                                                                       transgenic organisms for multiple sectors, including seed, agricul-
Aristos Pharmaceuticals Inc. of Cary provides generic                  tural chemical, specialty chemical, industrial enzymes and energy.
medications throughout various therapeutic classes. The      
headquarters and executive offices are located in the Cary office.                                                   Attagene Inc. of Morrisville is a biotechnological company
                                                                       that develops new generations of molecular technologies for
Array BioPharma Inc. of Morrisville is a biopharmaceutical             systematic analysis of cell signaling. Attagene’s flagship technology
company focused on the discovery, development and commercial-          is FACTORIAL™, a first-in-class technological platform for assessing
ization of targeted small molecule drugs in the areas of cancer,       activities of practically unlimited numbers of transcription factors
inflammatory diseases and pain.                                        within a cell.                                       

ArrayXpress Inc. of Raleigh is a laboratory services company           AviFluVax LLC of Holly Springs is an emerging veterinary vaccine
that designs, produces and analyzes microarrays.                       company, developing oral feed-based veterinary vaccines.
                                                                       Avioq Inc. in The Research Triangle Park is developing and
Arysta LifeScience North America LLC of Cary provides                  manufacturing immunodiagnostic products. The company’s first
customer-driven products and services to crop-protection customers,    product, the Avioq HIV-1 Microelisa System, is a U.S. Food and
primarily in specialty crops and niche markets.                        Drug Administration-approved HIV assay licensed from BioMerieux.                                            

Asklêpios Biopharmaceutical Inc. of Chapel Hill is a                   Axitare Inc. of Raleigh is developing technology to enhance
biotechnology company engaged in the development and delivery          the aroma and flavors of food.
of novel protein and cellular-based therapies through design of
proprietary biological nano particles.                                 Axum Pharmaceuticals Inc. of Durham is developing                                                         therapeutic vaccines.

Astellas Pharma U.S. Inc. of Durham has a research                     b3bio Inc. in The Research Triangle Park develops medicines
laboratory that explores chemical compounds, natural substances        using small RNA molecules to target individual cells and tissues with
and proteins to find new drug treatments. Astellas uses technologies   precision. The company’s technology could be used to treat cancer,
such as genomics, bioinformatics, radiation analysis, computer         inflammation and infection.
analysis and image analysis to develop pharmaceuticals that are
effective for patients and competitive on the global market.

BASF Crop Protection in The Research Triangle Park and Holly           BioCryst Pharmaceuticals Inc. of Durham has expertise
Springs is a leading producer of agricultural products, including      in drug discovery, clinical development and regulatory affairs.
herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, plant regulators and seed        BioCryst advances its compounds, peramivir, forodesine and
technologies, which offer the highest level of crop-protection         BCX4208 and generates new compounds from its own discovery
solutions to farmers across the United States.                         engine structure-based drug design.                                      

BASF Plant Sciences LLC in The Research Triangle Park focuses          BioDelivery Sciences International Inc. of Raleigh is a
in the areas of more efficient agriculture, renewable raw material     specialty pharmaceutical company focused on developing innovative
and nutritional food and feed crops.                                   products to address growing market opportunities, including pain.                                              BioDelivery utilizes its owned and licensed patented drug delivery
                                                                       technologies to develop, partner and commercialize clinically
BASF Professional Turf and ornamentals in The                          significant new products using proven therapeutics.
Research Triangle Park is a business group that develops and 
markets chemical solutions for improving turf quality through pest
management, which includes weed, disease and insect control.           Biofuel Advanced Research and Development LLC of                                                     Hillsborough is establishing biodiesel production plants in the United
                                                                       States and India. BARD currently uses soybeans as the primary
Bayer CropScience LP in The Research Triangle Park focuses             feedstock but plans to transition to algae feedstock.
on preventing diseases through diagnosis, vaccines and innovative
medicines and offering high-quality nutrition by the process of
agriculture. Bayer CropScience is expanding in Morrisville by          Biofuels Center of North Carolina of Oxford is a nonprofit
adding a research and development center and the firm’s bianalytics    organization assisting all aspects of biofuels development. The
and regulatory affairs operations.                                     center’s goal is to develop a statewide biofuels industry to reduce                                             the state's dependence on imported liquid fuels.
BD Biosciences of Durham sells premium products and
instrumentation, including antibodies and reagents for flow            BioGaia Biologics Inc. of Raleigh sells products and licenses to
cytometry, western blotting, immunofluorescence and ELISA,             companies operating in the area of functional foods and beverages
as well as bioimagers, flow cytometers and cell sorters for research   and healthcare. BioGaia conducts research into development and
and clinical applications in the fields of immunology, oncology        manufacturing of probiotic solutions that build human health.
and drug discovery.                                          
                                                                       Biogen Idec Inc. in The Research Triangle Park is a biophar-
BD BioVenture Center in The Research Triangle Park was                 maceutical company principally engaged in discovering and
established by BD Technologies as the first private life science       developing drugs for human healthcare through genetic engineering.
new business incubator.                                                Biogen’s research and development activities are focused on novel                                  products for multiple sclerosis, inflammatory, respiratory, kidney and
                                                                       cardiovascular diseases and in developmental biology and gene
BD Diagnostics-TriPath of Durham manufactures, assembles               therapy.
and markets systems for improving cervical cancer screening
through advanced preparation techniques and computer-assisted          BioKier Inc. of Chapel Hill is developing therapeutic opportunities
screening technologies.                                                in the areas of type 2 diabetes and obesity.
                                                                       Biolex Therapeutics Inc. of Pittsboro and Durham is a
BD Technologies in The Research Triangle Park develops                 clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company that uses its patented LEX
next-generation and new technologies in the areas of parenteral        System to develop hard-to-make therapeutic proteins and optimize
drug delivery, diabetes care, diagnostics and biosensors and cell      monoclonal antibodies.
and tissue engineering.                                      
                                                                       BioLink Life Sciences Inc. of Cary develops high-value-added
Better Medicines LLC of Durham has expertise in pediatric,             research tools and products for the life sciences, clinical and animal
immunological, cardiovascular and central nervous system diseases.     health communities.
Better Medicines currently focuses on diseases with an established
cause-effect relationship and readily accessible clinical models.                                                BioLogical Technologies Inc. of Raleigh is developing
                                                                       technology for harvesting plankton biomass from the ocean to
                                                                       produce carbon-negative liquid fuel.

BioLume Inc. of Morrisville is a privately held biotechnology             Bioplastics Inc. of Durham manufactures high-precision accurate
company that develops and commercializes a portfolio of                   dynamic multi-sensor validation services and instruments for
proprietary bioluminescent (light-producing) proteins with many           polymerase chain reaction (PCR), real-time PCR and incubator
first-in-class applications in the food, beverage, cosmetic and           laboratory cyclers. Bioplastics manufactures injection-molded
diagnostic imaging markets.                                               vessels for use in the molecular biology laboratory, specializing                                                           in PCR and real-time PCR.
Biomanufacturing Research Institute & Technology
enterprise (BRITe) Center for excellence of Durham,                       Bioptigen Inc. in Durham developed a new class of in vivo
located on the campus of N.C. Central University, provides                optical imaging systems for biomedical applications. These systems
biotechnology and pharmaceutical sciences education. It is part           provide real-time imaging of internal tissue microstructure,
of a statewide initiative funded by the Golden LEAF Foundation            advancing critical applications in drug development, genetics
to make North Carolina a premier provider of skilled workers for          research, tissue engineering and medical vision.
the biotechnology industry.                                     
                                                                          BioResource International Inc. of Morrisville is a global
Biomanufacturing Training and education Center                            biotechnology company focused on harnessing the natural power
(BTeC) of Raleigh, located at N.C. State University’s Centennial          of enzymes to address unique agricultural and industrial concerns.
Campus, works to fuel the growth of the state’s emerging        
biomanufacturing industry by creating the most well-trained,
industry-focused workforce in the world. BTEC deploys an                  BioSignia Inc. of Durham is a leading technology company
unparalleled system of advanced, hands-on training and                    focused on bringing innovative predictive modeling solutions to the
education in a current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP)                 preventive health and life insurance markets. BioSignia develops
environment using facilities and equipment that match those               cutting-edge technology that determines the risk of morbidity
in place at the world’s leading biomanufacturing companies.               and/or mortality.                                          

BioMarck Pharmaceuticals Ltd. of Durham and Raleigh                       Bio Source Inc. of Youngsville purifies used cooking oil to
is a privately owned biopharmaceutical company dedicated to               make biodiesel.
the discovery and development of new drugs for the treatment of 
pulmonary diseases and disorders associated with the over-secretion
of mucus and pulmonary inflammation in patients with chronic              Biotechnics Inc. of Hillsborough provides preclinical safety
obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma and cystic fibrosis.                assessment for pharmaceutical development and chemical safety                                                          studies in laboratory animals.
BioMedical Devices Inc. of Apex specializes in designing
and manufacturing a wide variety of medical and surgical devices          BioTechnology Transfer LLC of Raleigh provides solutions
including but not limited to those for use in the fields of laproscopy,   and services to early-stage companies that want to develop their
cardiology, neurology, gynecology and vascular surgery.                   technologies. BioTechnology Transfer specializes in regulatory                                              solutions and uses a multi-disciplinary team approach for strong
                                                                          system designs.
BioMedomics Inc. in The Research Triangle Park develops and     
markets advanced research and clinical reagents, assay instruments
and data analyzing/processing tools to serve broad ranges of              Biotecnol Pharmaceuticals Inc. of Durham is a fully owned
biomedical applications related to drug discovery and development         subsidiary of the public company Biotecnol SA that is developing a
and clinical diagnostics.                                                 diverse pipeline of antibody products. The Research Triangle Park                                                       site eventually will be a research and development facility.
bioMérieux Inc. of Durham provides diagnostic solutions
(reagents, instruments, software) that determine the source of disease    Boron Molecular Inc. in The Research Triangle Park is a
and contamination to improve patient health and ensure consumer           specialist fine chemicals manufacturing company providing
safety. bioMérieux’s products are used for diagnosing infectious dis-     building-block compounds, focusing on boronic acids, boronic
eases and providing high-medical-value results for                        esters, biaryls, cubanes and specialist chemistry services to the
cardiovascular emergencies and cancer screening and monitoring            global pharmaceutical, biotechnology, fine chemicals and
as well as detecting microorganisms in agri-food, pharmaceutical          materials markets.
and cosmetic products.                                          

Botanics Integrated LLC in The Research Triangle Park is a                 Catena Pharmaceuticals Inc. of Durham is a drug discovery
startup company engaging in the research and development of safe           company developing proprietary anti-angiogenic G-protein coupled
and effective mechanism-based standardized botanical extracts (as          receptor (GPCR) antagonist compounds with a focus on cancer
dietary supplements) for human use. Its research has identified spe-       and fibrosis.
cific botanical extracts that may be useful to patients suffering from
hyperuricemia, gout or hypertension.                                                 Cato Research Ltd. of Durham is a global, full-service contract
                                                                           research and development organization providing strategic and
Brainerd LLC of North Carolina of Dunn provides the                        tactical support for clients in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology,
highest-quality industrial, reagent, food and specialty chemicals.         medical device and medical diagnostic industries. Cato Research’s
Brainerd supplies more than 10,000 unique chemicals for industrial         services range from design and management of preclinical and
and government use.                                                        clinical studies to submission of regulatory documents required for                                                   marketing approval.
Bruce Technologies Inc. of Chapel Hill produces radionuclides
for diagnosis and therapy in nuclear medicine.                             CD Neural Technologies of Durham focuses on design and                                               development of advanced tools, equipment and methodology for
                                                                           neuroscience research.
Burleson Research Technologies of Morrisville is a contract      
research organization that provides laboratory services to clients
from the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, chemical manufacturing             CeeTox Inc. of Apex is a contract research organization focused
and health care industries with proof-of-concept, pre-clinical, clinical   on in vitro toxicity screening of potential drug candidates and
and toxicology studies that reflect BRT staff scientific expertise.        chemicals.                                                 

Carbon-to-Liquids (C2L) Development Center of                              CellzDirect Inc. of Durham and Pittsboro is a preeminent
Durham, a unit of Southern Research Institute, provides independent        cell-based bioscience company that provides innovative ADME
technical support to clients who are developing and integrating            products and services to expedite rapid, accurate data with
advanced energy systems and transportation fuel production tech-           valid interpretations to accelerate the development of safe and
nology. C2L facilitates the commercial development and acceptance          effective drugs.
of new technologies that convert America's diverse, non-petroleum
carbon sources into high-value products, such as clean diesel fuel,
jet fuel, methanol, ethanol, ammonia and electric power.                   Cempra Pharmaceuticals Inc. of Chapel Hill is a biotech-                                                    nology company that develops medicines to meet the increasing
                                                                           need for treating drug-resistant bacterial infections in the
Cardinal Health of Raleigh researches and manufactures                     community and hospital.
medical instruments and devices.                                 
                                                                           Cenduit LLC of Durham is an interactive response technology joint
Carolina Biodiesel LLC of Durham is a biodiesel distributor                venture between Thermo Fisher Scientific and Quintiles Transnational
that grew out of an environmental organization. Its businesses             Corp. that opens the door to a new level of clinical trial support by
currently include fuel distribution and green transportation (car,         acting as the central conduit of data between the clinical supplies
bus and limousine rental).                                                 and the clinical development markets.                                        

Carolina Biogas LLC of Chapel Hill is investigating alternate              CeNeRx Biopharma Inc. of Cary is a drug development
bioenergy resources.                                                       company with a therapeutic focus on diseases of the central nervous
                                                                           system. CeneRx focuses on identifying and developing promising
Catalent Pharma Solutions Inc. of Morrisville provides                     therapeutics to treat diseases related to neurotransmitters and the
analytical and other scientific services as well as inhalation product     nervous system.
development. The Raleigh facility is designed to manufacture liquid
and lyophilized formulations in glass vials ranging from 2cc to
100cc. The facility is also equipped with segregated cell culture and      Centice Corp. of Morrisville designs and manufactures
fermentation trains for bulk biochemical manufacturing operations.         molecular spectroscopy optical sensors that are used in general                                                           purpose and application-specific products. Computational sensors
                                                                           combine multiplexing optical designs with electronics and
                                                                           proprietary mathematical algorithms to achieve both extreme
                                                                           sensitivity and uncompromised resolution.

Cerene Biomedics of Durham is developing an implantable                Chimerix Inc. of Durham discovers, develops and commercial-
medical device that will prevent epileptic seizures by delivering      izes therapeutics with enhanced pharmaceutical properties that are
targeted micro-scale thermoelectric cooling to the neocortex           active against a broad range of viral diseases.
of the brain.                                                
                                                                       Cirrus Pharmaceuticals Inc. of Durham is a contract product
Cetero Research of Cary is a world leader in early clinical,           development company assisting biotechnology and pharmaceutical
bioanalytical and niche late-stage research services.                  companies with dosage form development projects. Cirrus works                                                         with startup, mid-size and multinational companies to provide a
                                                                       broad array of research and development services, including
Charis Diagnostics Corp. of Raleigh is a contract research             physical and chemical characterization, formulation development,
organization that specializes in producing monoclonal antibodies       stability testing, container/closure selection and process development
to small molecules or haptens. Charis has years of assay design        as well as scale-up and technical transfer to manufacturing.
and development experience with multiple detection systems,  
including polymerase chain reaction, time-resolved fluorescence
and colorimetrics.                                                     CivaTech Corp. of Raleigh utilizes proprietary processes to                                              develop novel sleeve-like materials for radiation therapy, including
                                                                       coronary stent applications.
Chaperone Therapeutics Inc. of Chapel Hill is an early-phase 
biotechnology company researching cellular protein folding
mechanisms to treat diseases associated with abnormal protein          CivaTech oncology Inc. in The Research Triangle Park and
folding and aggregation, such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, ALS         Chapel Hill creates a product that will be the standard of care for
and Huntington’s disease.                                              low-dose-rate brachytherapy. The first focus of CivaTech Oncology                                          will be on prostate cancer, seeking to provide physicians and
                                                                       patients with a superior brachytherapy treatment option for
Charles River Laboratories Inc. of Raleigh and Cary                    battling cancer.
provides research models, laboratory animal support services 
and pre-clinical and clinical services to the biomedical market.                                                         CiVentiChem of Cary is a contract research organization that
                                                                       offers medical chemistry and custom synthesis services.
Charles River Laboratories Inc. – PAI of Durham is one       
of the largest preclinical services companies with highly technical
and a broad range of essential preclinical services around the         Clean Burn Fuels LLC of Raleigh is an ethanol plant that will
world bringing quality, responsiveness and innovation to the           take millions of bushels of corn and produce ethanol. Clean Burn
pharmaceutical, biotechnology and healthcare industries.               also plans to capture and compress carbon dioxide gas to a liquid                                    form to dry ice.
Cheminova Inc., headquartered in The Research Triangle
Park, is the U.S. subsidiary of Cheminova A/S, a Danish company        Clinical Data Inc. in The Research Triangle Park is a worldwide
that develops and produces herbicides and other plant protection       leader in providing comprehensive molecular and pharmacoge-
products.                                                              nomics services as well as clinical diagnostics to improve patient                                                      care. Clinical Data is organized under two worldwide divisions
                                                                       (PGxHealth™ and Cogenics™) segmented by service offerings and
ChemoGenics Biopharma LLC in The Research Triangle Park                varying client constituents.
provides drug discovery research services to pharmaceutical and
biotechnology companies. Services range from preclinical to clinical
aspects of drug discovery, including phase I-III studies.              Clinical Sensors Inc. of Chapel Hill has developed a catheter                                           sensor to detect the onset of sepsis and monitor the effectiveness
                                                                       of treatment.
Chesson Laboratory Associates Inc. of Durham is a
healthcare products company that has sole licensing rights to all      Code Refinery LLC of Apex is dedicated to help design, develop
medical applications of unique, patented polymers.                     and ensure the accuracy and compliance of software that performs                                                    in vital applications. With an emphasis on U.S. Food and Drug
                                                                       Administration-regulated systems, Code Refinery works extensively
                                                                       with medical devices, lab automation and specimen handling.

Cogenics, a subsidiary of Beckman Coulter Genetics, of Morrisville    Cromoz Inc. in The Research Triangle Park is developing
provides a full range of genomics services for both research and      innovative techniques that will provide researchers at biotechnology
regulated projects, including services to support pharmacogenomics    and pharmaceutical companies a vehicle for target drug delivery.
discovery and validation and biomarker research and development.      The primary objective of the drug delivery tool is to reduce the
Cogenics offers integrated services for DNA and RNA extraction,       amount of drug used during chemotherapy and reduce potential
genotyping, full-sequencing services, including next-generation       drug side effects.
genomic sequencing, and gene expression.                    
                                                                      Cropsolution Inc. of Morrisville is a product-based company
Cognosci Inc. in The Research Triangle Park develops                  focusing on the discovery of new proprietary antibiotics through
anti-inflammatory compounds for treatment of neuroinflammatory        proprietary technologies that permit the rapid synthesis and selection
diseases, such as multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease and         of biologically active molecules.
traumatic brain injuries.                                   
                                                                      CryoFacets Inc. of Durham is developing advanced technology
CoLucid Pharmaceuticals Inc. of Durham is a biotechnology             for the blood industry.
company focusing on therapies for central nervous system (CNS)
disorders. CoLucid is developing migraine therapy with the clinical
development of a neurally acting anti-migraine agent.                 Cytex Therapeutics Inc. of Durham is developing bio-artificial                                                       devices to treat orthopedic diseases and improve quality of life
                                                                      for patients.
Constant Systems Inc. of Sanford, designs, develops and     
manufactures high-pressure cell disruption equipment.                                               Cytonet LLC of Durham is a cell therapy company focused
                                                                      on liver repair. The company has two clinical trial programs for liver
CoResearch of Durham, a business unit of Duke Medical                 metabolism disorders, including urea cycle defects and
Strategies Inc., is an electrocardiography and imaging core           Criglar-Najjar syndrome.
laboratory that provides cardiac safety services for pre-human,
first-in-man, phase I-IV clinical trials.                                                    DARA BioSciences Inc. of Raleigh is a development-stage
                                                                      pharmaceutical company that acquires promising therapeutic
Corneal Science Corp. of Raleigh and Southern Pines                   molecules and medical technologies directly or through investment
manufactures over-the-counter products used for dry eye disease       in established companies. DARA focuses its therapeutic development
and other sight-threatening ocular diseases.                          efforts on small molecules from late preclinical development through                                                phase II clinical trials.
Cornerstone Therapeutics Inc. of Cary is an emerging
specialty pharmaceutical company focused on the development           DaVINCI Biomedical Research Products Inc. of Garner
and commercialization of niche prescription medication within         provides innovative pre-instrumented animals, surgical services
the respiratory arena.                                                and patented devices to lab animal researchers in leading research                                                          organizations worldwide.
Cotton Inc. of Cary improves cotton cultivation through genetic
and biotechnology tools, enhancing yield, quality and resistance      Deston Therapeutics of Chapel Hill is the acute care division
of cotton varieties.                                                  of TRx Pharma, a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on                                                     acquiring, marketing and developing therapies for metabolic and
                                                                      chronic inflammation diseases.
Covidien Mallinckrodt of Raleigh manufactures acetamino-    
phen, the active ingredient in Tylenol®. It is the world's largest
acetaminophen plant, supplying customers in more than 100             Digital Healthcare Inc. of Wake Forest is the world’s leading
countries around the world.                                           provider of technology for the early detection of sight threatening
www                                                      eye disease.
CPS Biofuels Inc. of Cary focuses on the conversion of vegetable
oils (free fatty acids) and their byproducts (glycerol) into usable   Diosynth Biotechnology Inc. of Morrisville, Cary and The
alternative fuels and fuel additives.                                 Research Triangle Park supplies contract manufacturing services for                                                   the global biotechnology industry. Diosynth is a global leader in
                                                                      technology-driven process development and cGMP manufacturing
                                                                      of recombinant proteins, monoclonal antibodies and peptides.

Doe & Ingalls of North Carolina LLC of Durham is a fully              eno Research and Development Inc. in The Research
integrated chemical distributor recognized as a premier supplier of   Triangle Park is a full-service contract research organization that
high-purity raw materials to microelectronic and biopharmaceutical    offers a wide range of pre-clinical development services to meet the
manufacturers and reagents to the laboratory testing market.          needs of pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, animal                                                    health and nutraceutical companies. ERDI’s services range from
                                                                      lead discovery, custom synthesis and formulations through new drug
Drug Safety Alliance of Durham is a privately held company            applications and bringing a product to market.
specializing in safety, surveillance and pharmacovigilance services
for the biopharmaceutical and medical device industries.                                            enSolve Biosystems Inc. of Raleigh provides biotechnology
                                                                      solutions for maritime and industrial waste problems. EnSolve’s
Duke Clinical Research Institute of Durham is a large                 products include proprietary, biologically based treatment systems
academic clinical research organization that is capable of            that address oily bilge water, contaminated air, groundwater and
conducting any clinical research project from pilot study to global   process waste streams.
trials, device trials to outcomes analyses.                 
                                                                      entegrion Inc. in The Research Triangle Park specializes in
Duke Mass Spectrometry Facility in The Research Triangle              technologies for the control of hemorrhage, wound management
Park uses mass spectrometry technology to discover and diagnose       and associated tissue repair. Entegrion indentifies, invents and
biochemically based genetic disorders in newborns and young           develops device and biological technologies to meet clearly defined
children. It operates as a shared facility for analysis of peptides   medical needs.
and proteins using electrospray-tandem mass spectrometry.   
                                                                      enthalpy Analytical Inc. of Durham provides analytical support
effipharma Inc. in Chapel Hill is engaged in the discovery and        for the environmental and pharmaceutical industries. Enthalpy
development of novel therapeutics to treat disorders of the central   provides accurate, high-quality analytical services in a timely
nervous system.                                                       manner and for a reasonable cost.                                          

eisai Inc. in The Research Triangle Park discovers, develops          entogenex LLC of Chapel Hill is developing trypsin modulating
and markets pharmaceuticals in three main therapeutic areas –         oostatic factor (TMOF) technology for commercial applications.
neurology, gastrointestinal disorders and oncology/critical care.     TMOF is a small protein that interferes with digestion in mosquito
Eisai’s RTP facility is a pharmaceutical production and formulation   larvae, leading to their starvation.
research and development facility.                          
                                                                      envigen Pharmaceuticals Inc. in The Research Triangle
elior Biofuels LLC of Cary is developing a bio-jet fuel that          Park is a drug discovery company focused on the development of
resembles conventional jet fuel.                                      small molecules as protease inhibitors that can be used as effective
                                                                      treatments for HIV/AIDS, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.
eNCo Analytic Inc. of Cary is a full-service, independent   
contract analytical laboratory. ENCO specializes in providing
high-quality, timely results in conformance with cGMP.                ePL Inc. of Durham offers experimental and toxicological                                          pathology services on a contract basis.
endacea Inc. of The Research Triangle Park is developing a
series of proprietary A1 adenosine receptor (AR) antagonists as       erimos Pharmaceuticals LLC of Raleigh is a growing biophar-
drugs for inflammatory diseases, including asthma and sepsis, and     maceutical company focused on the discovery, development and
an endotoxin assay as a biomarker for patients at risk of sepsis.     commercialization of small molecule therapeutics to treat cancer.
Endacea is also interested in developing one or more of its water
soluble, orally bioavailable A1 AR antagonists as oral drugs for
patients with congestive heart failure and impaired renal function.   esoterix Inc. in The Research Triangle Park is a specialized                                                       laboratory service provider focused on high science, superior
                                                                      customer service and innovative new products.
eNDLS optics of Durham is developing optical systems for the
clinical detection of cancer.

eTHICoN Inc. of Raleigh is a global medical device company             For Patients Inc. of Durham and Chapel Hill develops, test,
that is the leader in surgical sutures (stitches). ETHICON has         manufactures, markets and distributes innovative medical devices
expanded its expertise into wound management, women’s health           and products. For Patients is the exclusive manufacturer and
and cardiovascular surgery.                                            nationwide distributor of the CathSling™, a patented, non-adhesive                                                        catheter securement device that supports the infusion lines of central
                                                                       venous catheters, portacaths and peripherally inserted central
eton Bioscience Inc. in The Research Triangle Park specializes in      catheters. Also available is the animal CathSling.
DNA sequencing and offers other services, such as gene synthesis,
mutagenesis and peptide synthesis.                                                        Fulcrum Pharma PLC of Morrisville is a global strategic drug
                                                                       development and regulatory service company providing services to
eTrials Worldwide Inc. of Morrisville is an eClinical software         the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.
and service company dedicated to making pharmaceutical, biotech-
nology, device and contract research organizations more efficient in
the important work they do in drug and device research.                Galaxy Diagnostics Inc. of Raleigh is a clinical testing                                                        company providing diagnostic testing for the detection of Bartonella
                                                                       infection in animals and humans.
exigent Pharmaceuticals Inc. of Durham is a biopharmaceu-    
tical company focused on the treatment and prevention of bacterial
and infectious diseases. Exigent seeks to discover and develop new     Ge Healthcare of Durham is a market-leading global provider
pharmaceuticals to treat bacterial infections using its proprietary    of in vivo medical diagnostic products for the early and accurate
technology platform.                                                   detection of disease. GE Healthcare’s products are injected into the                                         body to improve pictures obtained during medical scans and are
                                                                       focused on three areas of growing clinical need – cardiology,
experimental Pathology Laboratories Inc. of Durham                     neurology and cancer.
is the largest independent organization offering experimental and
toxicologic pathology services on a contract basis.                                                        GeneCare Medical Genetics Center of Chapel Hill is a
                                                                       private, academic medical genetics center with the mission to
expression Analysis Inc. of Durham is recognized as the                provide the highest-quality medical genetics services available.
market leader in microarray outsourcing for gene expression, 
genotyping and re-sequencing analysis. Expression Analysis
provides experimental design consultation, biologic sample             Gentris Clinical Genetics Inc. of Morrisville is an established
preparation, sample processing and data/statistical analysis           market leader and expert in providing superior quality applied
services to clients worldwide.                                         pharmacogenomic (PGx) services in a highly regulated and                                             complex clinical environment. Gentris has developed comprehensive
                                                                       and scalable laboratory processes and has provided PGx support
Family Health International of Durham is among the largest             domestically and globally for more than 200 phase I-III clinical trials.
and most established nonprofit organizations active in international
public health with a mission to improve lives worldwide through
research, education and service in family health. FHI offers a range   Gilead Science Inc. of Durham is a leading biopharmaceutical
of technical services, including clinical and other research in HIV/   company that discovers, develops and commercializes medications
AIDS, sexually transmitted infections and other infectious diseases,   to advance the care of patients suffering from life-threatening
contraceptive technology and women’s health.                           diseases in areas of unmet medical need.                                                  

Filtara Inc. of Cary is developing a lightweight medical               Gilero Biomedical of Durham and Raleigh is a full-service
oxygen device. The enabling technology is a patented nano-filter       biomedical product development company specializing in high-
membrane.                                                              volume disposables, such as drug and fluid delivery systems, and
                                                                       other medical devices constructed primarily of plastic and silicone
First Flight Venture Center in The Research Triangle Park              materials.
is an incubator facility for seed and early-stage diagnostics and
pharmaceutical companies.

Flexcell International Corp. of Hillsborough specializes
in designing and manufacturing products to service the
cytomechanics marketplace. Cytomechanics is a field of study
involving cell responses to mechanical load.

GlaxoSmithKline PLC, headquartered in The Research                     Hospira Inc. of Clayton is a global healthcare company that
Triangle Park, is a research-based company with a wide portfolio       develops, markets and manufactures medication delivery systems,
of pharmaceutical products covering anti-infectives, central nervous   specialty injectable pharmaceuticals and critical care devices.
system, respiratory, gastro-intestinal/metabolic, oncology and         Hospira offers essential hospital products, broad and unique
vaccines products. GSK manufactures inhaled respiratory products,      manufacturing capabilities, and new technology solutions for
such as Advair Diskus, a powder inhaler delivery system for asthma     hospitals to improve medication and safety management.
medication, at its Zebulon facility.                         
                                                                       Howard Associates LLC in The Research Triangle Park provides
Global Vaccines Inc. in The Research Triangle Park licenses            contract research services to the pharmaceutical industry. It uses
early-stage vaccine technologies from universities and works in        rodent models to predict the efficacy of experimental compounds,
conjunction with the originating scientists to further develop its     especially for central nervous system diseases, and predict central
technology into usable products.                                       nervous system side effects for any therapeutic class.                                       

Glyconix Corp. in The Research Triangle Park is a development-         HTG Inland Technologies of Creedmoor designs, manufactures
stage pharmaceutical company engaged in the discovery of               and supplies precision injection-molded plastic components and
proprietary small molecule therapeutics created through our            assembly services to the medical industry
unique glycosylation and related carbohydrate chemistry, as well
as the development of proprietary boron manufacturing and
delivery technologies.                                                 Humacyte Inc. in The Research Triangle Park engineers                                                       human-based tissue scaffolds that can be shaped into tubes, sheets
                                                                       or particulate conformations and can be applied to many specific
Gorbec Pharmaceutical Services Inc. of Durham provides                 applications. The process results in the creation of an off-the-shelf
bioanalytical, formulation, development and pilot-scale production     product that can be utilized in any patient. Humacyte is developing
for the pharmaceutical industry.                                       its products for vascular replacement, injectable applications and                                                         indications that require a sheet.
GrassRoots Biotechnology Inc. of Chapel Hill is an
agricultural biotechnology company utilizing a systems biology         Hybrizyme Corp. of Raleigh develops and sells biological-based
approach to develop new valuable crop lines for the biofuel, food      tests (PCB food-test kits, TCDD test kits and PCB soil-test kits) that
and industrial markets.                                                allow for rapid and inexpensive testing of environmental and food                                                  samples.
Hatteras Instruments Inc. of Cary designs, develops and
manufactures physiological research instruments.                       HyperBranch Medical Technology Inc. of Durham is a                                            biosurgical device company focused on the design, development
                                                                       and manufacture of novel surgical sealants for general and specialty
Health Decisions Inc. of Chapel Hill is a full-service clinical        surgery use, including general surgery, ocular surgery and plastic
research company that accelerates clinical trial development and       cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.
delivers performance through its innovation and integration of
technologies and processes.                                                      i3 Global of Cary is a contract research organization that focuses
                                                                       on central nervous system, oncology, respiratory and infectious
Hemodynamic Therapeutics of Durham is researching                      diseases, endocrinology and metabolic diseases, and cardiology.
combination therapy for obesity-related hypertension.        
                                                                       i3 Research Inc. of Cary is a full-service, global clinical research
Hemoscience Corp. of Raleigh develops next-generation                  organization therapeutically focused on central nervous system,
wound therapy products through the integration of biopolymers          oncology, respiratory and infectious diseases, endocrinology and
and devices. Its services include design, development, regulatory      metabolic diseases, and cardiology.
consulting, manufacturing and packaging engineering.         

HoMS LLC of Pittsboro develops, manufactures and markets
natural pesticide products, such as the Bite Blocker line of
insect repellents.

Icagen Inc. of Durham is a biopharmaceutical company focused              InnovaSyn LLC of Chapel Hill sells SynthArray-6 and
on the discovery, development and commercialization of novel              SynthArray-24 parallel synthesis reactors.
orally administered small molecule drugs that modulate ion      
channel targets. Icagen also continues to explore the human ion
channel genome, for which it has completed the cloning of all             Innovative Neurophysiology Inc. of Durham designs
human ion channel genes, to identify new therapeutic opportunities.       and develops advanced tools, equipment and methodology for
Icagen has been purchased by Pfizer.                                      neuroscience research.                                                  

ICoN Clinical Research of Durham is a global provider of out-             Inspire Pharmaceuticals Inc. of Durham is a biophar-
sourced development services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology         maceutical company dedicated to discovering, developing and
and medical device industries. It specializes in the strategic develop-   commercializing prescription pharmaceutical products in disease
ment, management and analysis of programs that support clinical           areas with significant commercial potential and unmet medical
development from compound selection to phase I-IV clinical studies        needs. Inspire is focused on the therapeutic areas of ophthalmol-                                                      ogy and respiratory and is developing products for dry eye,
                                                                          cystic fibrosis and glaucoma.
ImmunoBiosciences Inc. of Raleigh has proprietary rights        
to a novel immune complex vaccine technology that is broadly
applicable to both human vaccines and animal vaccines. Also               Institute for Global Disease Medicines Inc. of Chapel
referred to as antibody-antigen complex vaccine technology, the           Hill develops drugs for infectious and parasitic diseases, as well
technology allows for improved safety and efficacy of viral and           as diseases such as cancer, obesity and respiratory ailments, using
bacterial vaccines, thus offering better vaccination strategies.          proprietary chemoproteomic discovery technology.                                       

ImmunoReagents Inc. of Raleigh produces antibodies used                   Integrated Clinical Trial Services LLC of Cary provides
in the in vitro diagnostic and life science markets within cGMP           the best solution for patient recruitment, enrollment, retention and
guidelines and QSRs. ImmunoReagents provides an extensive line            compliance challenges.
of secondary antibodies developed in chickens, goats, rabbits and
donkeys that are cross absorbed to remove unwanted activity to
other species antibodies. It also provides affinity purified polyclonal   Integrated Development LLC of Willow Springs specializes
antibodies to serum proteins, cancer and cardiac markers plus             in delivering products and services to help pharmaceutical and
immunoglobulins and bulk serum.                                           biotechnology companies meet and exceed cGMP standards.                                          

Inanovate Inc. in The Research Triangle Park is developing                Integrated Laboratory Systems Inc. in The Research
nano-structured biochip substrates to facilitate the next generation      Triangle Park and Durham provides research, testing and support
in biochip technology. The company’s substrates are used by biochip       services in the health and environmental sciences. The company
and pharmaceutical companies.                                             serves federal, state and local governments, as well as a broad                                                         range of commercial clients.
INC Research Inc., headquartered in Raleigh, is a therapeuti-
cally focused contract research organization with a reputation for        Integrated oncology Solutions Inc. of Raleigh is using
conducting global clinical development programs of the highest            nuclear receptor pharmacology technology to discover and develop
integrity. Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies look to INC         small molecule drugs to treat cancer.
Research for a complete range of customized phase I-IV programs 
in therapeutic areas of specialty and in innovative pediatric trials.                                                       Invisar Inc. of Durham is an engineering, product design
                                                                          services and test systems company focused on providing solutions
Incumed Inc. of Raleigh is a fully integrated medical device              to the medical device, medical equipment, pharmaceutical and
incubator dedicated to the creation and development of novel              biotechnology industries.
medical products. Incumed is staffed with proven talent and     
equipped to manage product development programs from concept
to clinical evaluation.                                                   Invitrox Inc. in The Research Park Triangle provides diagnostic                                                          and therapeutic assays and drug development services to the
                                                                          pharmaceutical and contract research industries that offer a high
InnerPulse Inc. in The Research Triangle Park is an early-stage           degree of specificity and sensitivity.
company that has created a disruptive technology platform for car-
diac rhythm management devices using interventional technology.

IPL Therapeutics LLC of Raleigh is a specialty pharmaceutical            Krenitsky Pharmaceuticals Inc. of Durham has a therapeutic
company focused on acquiring, marketing and developing therapies         focus on disorders of the nervous system. Two drug candidates
for children and adults.                                                 discovered by KPI have been licensed to other companies for clinical                                               development, manufacturing and marketing. KPI continues to
                                                                         conduct mechanism-of-action studies on one drug candidate.
JABB of the Carolinas Inc. of Pine Level develops fungal       
pesticides and provides biopesticide products that are safe, effective
and economical alternatives to conventional pesticides.                  Kryosphere Inc. of Durham is a biostorage company that                                                              provides biorepository, logistical and management services and
                                                                         will houses up to 5 million biological research samples at ultra-low
Jenken Biosciences Inc. in The Research Triangle Park                    temperatures.
is a specialty pharmaceutical company that develops drugs      
that modulate cytokine release involved in chronic inflammation-
associated organ damage, a $10 billion worldwide market.                 KSe Scientific of Durham sells scientific, safety and production
Jenken’s current focus within this broad opportunity is chronic          supplies to the pharmaceutical, biotech and environmental research
inflammatory liver disease, which includes chronic hepatitis,            and production markets.
cirrhosis and non-alcoholic steatohepatitis.                   
                                                                         Kurve Technology Inc. of Cary offers pharmaceutical
Kainos Medicine USA Inc. of Morrisville is dedicated to                  companies versatile, cost-effective and compact nasal drug delivery
the discovery and development of novel drug candidates for the           devices for local, systemic and nose-to-brain medical therapies.
treatment of a variety of diseases.                            
                                                                         L&M BioTech Inc. of Raleigh provides laboratory automation
KBI Biopharma Inc. of Durham is a leading contract                       and life sciences products to clinical, research and industrial
development organization for the biopharmaceutical industry. KBI         laboratories.
accelerates and optimizes drug development and manufacturing   
programs for client partners, including global pharmaceutical and
biotechnology companies and organizations in bio-defense. KBI            LaamScience Inc. of Raleigh has developed a nanocoating
is positioned to expand its capabilities in other areas of biophar-      technology that kills bacteria and viruses when exposed to light.
maceutical product development, such as process development,             Potential uses for the coating include its application to surgical
clinical manufacture, including fill/finish and GMP release, and         masks to help combat airborne threats, such as SARS. The patent
stability testing.                                                       technology uses biocompatible materials than can be attached to                                                     woven, nonwoven, natural and synthetic fabrics and surfaces and,
                                                                         when subjected to light, kills or inactivates most viruses and bacteria.
Kendle International Inc. of Durham is a leading global        
clinical research organization providing the full range of early- to
late-stage clinical development services for the world’s biopharma-      Laboratory Corp. of America® Holdings has two centers
ceutical industry. Kendle’s focus is on innovative solutions that        of excellence located in The Research Triangle Park. The Center
reduce cycle times for customers and accelerate the delivery of life-    for Molecular Biology and Pathology leads the industry in the devel-
enhancing drugs to market for the benefit of patients worldwide.         opment and application of polymerase chain reaction, a technology                                                           widely used in genomic testing. The center’s expertise is focused in
                                                                         diagnostic, genetics, oncology and infectious disease. The Center for
KHH BioSci Inc. of Raleigh develops and manufactures a                   Occupational Testing Services is the leading provider of urine, hair,
bioprotectant, called Milsana, which induces disease resistance          oral fluid and point-of-collection drugs of abuse testing services.
in plants. This product is derived from a plant extract.       

King Pharmaceuticals Inc. of Cary develops, manufactures,                Lantibio Inc. of Chapel Hill is a development-stage biotechnology
markets and sells therapies and technologies primarily in                company dedicated to the discovery, development and commercial-
cardiovascular/metabolic, neuroscience and hospital/acute care.          ization of effective treatments for ocular and pulmonary diseases.                                              

Kowa Research Institute Inc. of Morrisville is developing                LeAP Technologies Inc. of Carrboro offers automation
over-the-counter pharmaceuticals with a focus on the therapeutic         applications specializing in customizations based on CTC
areas of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, immunology,              Analytics™ PAL Autosampler Platform. LEAP serves automation
dermatology and ophthalmology.                                           needs in analytical laboratories.                                                    

LeukoMed Inc. of Raleigh is a drug-development company                   Medis Medical Imaging Systems Inc. of Raleigh is the
that has lead compounds that work through an entirely new                leading provider of software for the quantification of cardiovascular
mechanism of action that inhibits the production of the potent           images.
inflammatory cytokine TNF-alpha and certain of its related cytokine
family members. This unique mechanism of action provides
these compounds with safe, highly selective, yet very potent anti-       MedTec Inc. of Hillsborough specializes in the development of
inflammatory activity useful in targeting the wide variety of diseases   state-of-the-art laboratory test and validation equipment for the
in which TNF-alpha and its related family members play a role.           biomedical and genomics field.                                               

LipoScience Inc. of Raleigh is a medical technology company              Merck & Co. Inc. of Durham is building a vaccine production
dedicated to developing and marketing clinical diagnostic                plant that will produce two vaccines – one for chicken pox and
applications of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy.           the other for measles, mumps and rubella. The plant is expected
The NMR LipoProfile® test is the company’s flagship product, the         to eventually produce more than two thirds of Merck’s annual live
only commercially available diagnostic test that can quantify the        virus vaccine stock, which could amount to more than 25 million
number of lipoproteins in a person’s blood.                              doses per year. The plant will also manufacture Zostavx, the                                                      company’s new shingles vaccine, approved by the U.S. Food and
                                                                         Drug Administration in 2006.
Liquidia Technologies Inc. of Durham utilizes a proprietary    
platform technology to design, develop and manufacture precisely
engineered nanoparticles and patterned films for high-value              Metabolon Inc. of Durham is an emerging technology company
applications in Engineered Drug Therapies™ and optical films.            developing proprietary analytical methods and software for                                                         biomarker discovery using metabolomics. It conducts a fee-for-
                                                                         service business using metabolomics in pharmaceutical, biotech,
Makhteshim Agan of North America Inc. (MANA) of                          agriculture, cosmetic and consumer product research. In addition,
Raleigh, the North American subsidiary of a global agrochemical          it uses its metabolomics platform to develop diagnostics for cancer,
company, offers more than 50 branded insecticides, fungicides,           amyotropic lateral sclerosis (ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s disease) and
herbicides, PGRs and harvest aids from a portfolio of more than          metabolic diseases.
40 strategic active ingredients.                               
                                                                         Micell Technologies Inc. of Raleigh is an early-stage
Mardil Inc. of Morrisville is a medical device company focused           biomedical company developing combination product therapies
on innovations in minimally invasive treatments for mitral valve         in the cardiovascular, orthopedic and drug-delivery areas.
regurgitation. Its mission is to design, develop and market new and
innovative patented technologies in the cardiac medical device field.                                                           Mimotopes US eAST of Raleigh is an industry leader in the
                                                                         peptide and discovery chemistry sector. Mimotopes develops,
MastCell Pharmaceuticals Inc. of Raleigh focuses on                      markets and distributes sophisticated biochemical products and
the development of therapeutic agents for treatment of allergic          services for the biotech and pharmaceutical industries.

MDS Inc. of Raleigh is a global life sciences company that               Minu LLC of Pittsboro is an ophthalmology products research
provides market-leading products and services used to develop            and development company.
drugs and diagnose and treat disease.                          
                                                                         Molecular epidemiology, Genomics, environment and
Med-el Corp. of Durham is pioneering cochlear implant                    Health Research Center, formed by RTI International, will
technology and research worldwide. The Durham location                   accelerate research to understand the complex relationships between
manufactures cochlear implants and is also the North American            genetics, genomics, molecular epidemiology and their interactions
headquarters.                                                            with environmental factors.                                     

MedFaxx Inc. of Wake Forest is a specialist in alternative               Molecular orthopaedics Inc. of Chapel Hill is developing
medical technologies with proven effectiveness. It provides              gene therapies for osteoarthritis.
alternative solutions and relief for sufferers of back pain,
fibromyalgia pain, sciatica pain and other health conditions.

Monsanto Company in The Research Triangle Park is a                       Natland International Corp. of Morrisville provides custom
leading global provider of technology-based solutions and                 synthesis and contract research and development synthesis and
agricultural products that improve farm productivity and food             distributes rare organic chemicals.
quality. Monsanto analyzes genes used in the company’s corn     
and soybean research and development testing pipeline.                                                          Natural Products & Glycotechnology Research Institute
                                                                          Inc. of Pittsboro is developing new methods for the synthesis of
Morphormics Inc. of Durham develops and delivers medical                  oligosaccharides so that the molecules can be used to develop
imaging software systems to dramatically increase efficiency and          vaccines and diagnostic tools.
success rate in image-guided medical treatment planning, interven-
tion and diagnosis. It uses a patented, proprietary, image analysis       nContact Surgical Inc. of Morrisville is a privately held medical
method that recognizes and extracts anatomical structures in live         device company that develops innovative products for the
time from 3D and 2D medical images.                                       coagulation of cardiac tissue. nContact received U.S. Food and                                                       Drug Administration marketing clearance for its system (VisiTrax™)
                                                                          that coagulates cardiac tissue using radiofrequency energy.
MRPath Inc. of Durham provides magnetic resonance-based         
information for pathology-related applications that perform complete
toxicology, phenotype and teratology studies along with a la carte        NCSRT Inc. of Apex provides innovative filter modules and
imaging, software and consulting.                                         separation and purification solutions to help companies throughout                                                            the world better meet their bioprocessing and manufacturing needs.
MyCoSoL Inc. of Cary is a development-stage life sciences
company that has a unique, proprietary, low-cost platform                 NDimo Inc. of Durham develops new technology for accurate
technology that may safely and effectively prevent or treat microbial-    and efficient multi-dimensional tissue velocity measurement in
induced and microbial-exacerbated problems.                               medical ultrasound.
                                                                          Neeman Medical International Inc. of Cary is an India-
Mycosynthetix Inc. of Durham owns one of the largest                      based contract research organization that provides a full range of
collections of fungi in the world and uses them as a source of            clinical research services to global pharmaceutical, biotech and
new pharmaceuticals for a broad range of indications, including           devices companies.
new antibiotics for infectious diseases, such as tuberculosis and
other drug-resistant bacteria, and cancer, as well as agricultural
pesticides.                                                               Nekton Research LLC of Durham operates the complete                                                     research and development facilities necessary to shift from rapid
                                                                          proof-of-concept development to low-quantity production with ease.
NanoCor Therapeutics Inc. of Chapel Hill is a biotechnology               Nekton’s electronics capabilities encompass design, development,
company founded to create the first viable intracellular genetic          and prototype production supporting UUV and sensor development
protein therapy for the treatment of chronic heart failure.               programs, including PCS and DSP design, test, measurement and                                                        field support equipment.
NanoVector Inc. of Raleigh is a formulation-stage therapeutic
drug company commercializing a patent-pending nanoparticle                NephroGenex Inc. of Cary a new biotechnology company
drug delivery system.                                                     developing treatments for kidney disease utilizing the latest scientific                                                     advancements in molecular profiling.
National Institute of environmental Health Sciences
(NIeHS) in The Research Triangle Park is one of 27 research               NeuroScience Pharmaceuticals Inc. of Durham is a
institutes and centers that comprise the National Institutes of Health,   clinical-stage pharmaceutical company developing treatments
part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. NIEHS’s         for brain disorders.
mission is to reduce the burden of human illness and disability by
understanding how the environment influences the development and          New Direction Biofuels LLC of Raleigh is a startup biodiesel
progression of human disease.                                             production company seeking to build a commercial biodiesel plant                                                         in central North Carolina.
National Toxicology Program in The Research Triangle Park
addresses scientific, regulatory and Congressional concerns about         NextRay Inc. of Chapel Hill is developing and commercializing
the human health effects of chemical agents in the environment.           next generation x-ray machines that provide a detailed diagnostic                                                  image with low radiation exposure. NextRay will initially offer a 2D
                                                                          infant imaging machine and a 3D pediatric CT machine.

Norcarex Bio Corp. in The Research Triangle Park is developing            Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics of Holly Springs is
technology that exploits the potential of host-produced antibiotics as    the world’s fifth-largest manufacturer and second-largest supplier
measures of stress and sources of novel pharmaceuticals.                  of influenza vaccines in the United States. Novartis is building a
                                                                          state-of-the-art facility to manufacture new cell cultured-derived
North Carolina Association for Biomedical Research of                     influenza vaccines. It will utilize Novartis’ proprietary cell culture
Raleigh promotes public understanding and support for bioscience          technology, which promises many advantages over traditional
research.                                                                 egg-based production, including greater reliability and a reduction                                                             in production lead-time.
North Carolina Biosciences organization of Durham is
North Carolina’s state-level affiliate of the national Biotechnology      Novo Nordisk Pharmaceutical Industries Inc. of
Industry Organization. Together, the two groups advocate federal,         Clayton manufactures injectable insulin products for individuals
state and local public policies designed to help the bioscience           with diabetes. The insulin production process includes product
industry fulfill its extraordinary promise as a source of economic        formulation with the mixing of human insulin crystals chemical
opportunity and improved life quality.                                    stabilizers and ultra-pure water, aseptic filling of glass vials or                                                      cartridges, inspection and packaging. In addition to its production
                                                                          facilities, the site houses administration and laboratories for quality
North Carolina Biotechnology Center in The Research                       assurance of raw materials, in-process testing and finished products.
Triangle Park is the world’s first government-sponsored organiza-
tion dedicated to developing the biotechnology industry. The center
is a private, nonprofit corporation supported by the N.C. General         Novovita Inc. of Raleigh is a bio-based agricultural technology
Assembly that provides long-term economic and societal benefits           company. The Novovita product line is a system of fibrous, mat-like
to North Carolina by supporting biotechnology research, business          materials that are bio-based and biodegradable.
and education statewide.                                        
                                                                          Novozymes North America Inc. of Franklinton develops,
North Carolina Clinical Research is an independent, multi-                manufactures and sells enzyme preparation and biocultures.
therapeutic outpatient clinical research site with locations in Raleigh   The facility is the largest multi-purpose enzyme manufacturing plant
and Chapel Hill. NCCR has conducted phase I-IV clinical trials.           in the United States, with departments that represent all business                                                              functions.
North Carolina Medical Device organization (NCMD)
of Durham is a member-funded nonprofit organization with a                Nufarm Americas Inc. in The Research Triangle Park has core
mission to make North Carolina’s medical device and diagnostic            capabilities in chemical synthesis, sales and marketing of crop
industry a research, development and production world leader.             protection, professional turf and industrial vegetation management
NCMD connects a broad sector of the industry, including research,         products.
development and manufacturing firms, suppliers, service companies,
hospitals, clinics and educational institutions. NCMD is primarily
focused on the medical device industry, including combination             ockham Development Group Inc. of Cary is a globally
products, diagnostics and medical information systems.                    operating contract research organization that provides integration                                                   of business, planning and development services to drug companies.
North Carolina State University Technology Incubator
of Raleigh, located on the university’s Centennial Campus, offers a       oncoMethylome Science Inc. of Durham is a molecular
truly collaborative blend of services and resources for the innovative    diagnostics company developing gene methylation tests for early
entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs with products as diverse as specialized       detection of cancer and for personalized treatment decisions. The
mold cultures, telecommunications applications and biotechnology          company provides treating physicians with novel, accurate and
breakthroughs call the Incubator their temporary home as they work        informative diagnostic tools.
toward commercializing their products and processes.            
                                                                          oncoscope Inc. of Chapel Hill is based on a novel method of
Novan Inc. of Chapel Hill has developed a nitric-oxide (NO)               optical biopsy that uses light signals to analyze cell structure. In
releasing nanoparticle technology. NO has garnered attention as a         laboratory tests, the Oncoscope prototype instantly, painlessly and
potential therapeutic because of its role in immune system response,      accurately assessed the presence of pre-cancerous cells before they
wound healing and blood pressure regulation.                              had a chance to spread.

optotrack Inc. of Cary is a high-tech company leading                    Patheon Inc., headquartered in The Research Triangle Park,
in the research and development of novel optical, imaging,               is a leading global provider of contract dosage form development
chemical and biological sensors and microsystems. The company            and manufacturing services to the pharmaceutical and biotechnol-
is commercializing its proprietary intellectual properties based         ogy. The Morrisville site is the global headquarters and research
on microfabrication and nanotechnology to seize rapidly                  laboratory.
growing market opportunities in the industries of healthcare,  
communication and homeland security.                                                        Pathfinder Pharmaceuticals Inc. of Raleigh is develop-
                                                                         ing drugs for viral diseases and related cancers. Pathfinder
oriel Therapeutics Inc. of Durham is a leading respiratory               Pharmaceuticals focuses on the earliest stages of drug discovery
drug delivery and development company serving the pharmaceuti-           and development.
cal, biotechnology and diagnostic industries in the development
and commercialization of innovative pre-metered unit and
multi-dose dry powder delivery systems for medicines for asthma          Permafuels Inc. of Chapel Hill is developing a system of
and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.                               biodiesel production using supercritical alcohols that will make the                                                supercritical process cost competitive with base catalysis, even for
                                                                         high-quality fuel stocks.
oxygen Biotherapeutics Inc. of Durham researches, develops
and markets oxygen-related therapies. The Durham location is the         Pfizer Inc. of Sanford provides leading products in the areas
U.S. headquarters.                                                       of women’s health care, infectious disease, gastrointestinal health,                                                        central nervous system, inflammation, transplantation, hemophilia,
                                                                         oncology, vaccines and nutritional products.
Pamlico Pharmaceutical Inc. in The Research Triangle Park      
is an early-stage research company engaged in the discovery
of medicines with a primary therapeutic focus on the areas of            Pfizer Poultry Health Division of Durham was built upon
oncology, inflammation and metabolic disorders.                          the combined strength and experience of Embrex and Pfizer. Pfizer                                                    Poultry Health Division is committed to developing and commercial-
                                                                         izing novel therapeutic mechanical and data management products,
Paradigm organics LLC of Cary is a contract research and                 which continue to provide increasing value to the global poultry
development company focused on providing custom synthesis                health industry.
services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and chemical     
industries and government laboratories.                                                 Pharmaceutical Calibrations and Instrumentation LLC
                                                                         of Raleigh is a nationwide leader in providing calibration and
ParagonDx LLC of Morrisville develops and markets reference              calibration-related services for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and
controls for laboratory quality control and diagnostic kits that bring   medical device manufacturers.
personalized medicine to physicians and patients.              
                                                                         Pharmaceutical Product Development Inc. (PPD) of
Parexel International Corp. of Durham is a leading global                Durham and Morrisville is a leading global contract research
bio/pharmaceutical services organization that helps clients              organization providing discovery, development and post-approval
expedite time to market through its development and launch               services as well as compound partnering programs. Its clients and
services. These include a broad range of clinical development            partners include pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device,
capabilities, integrated advanced technologies, regulatory affairs       academic and government organizations. With offices in 31 coun-
consulting and commercialization services.                               tries and more than 10,400 professionals worldwide, PPD applies                                                          innovative technologies, therapeutic expertise and a commitment
                                                                         to quality to help its clients and partners maximize returns on their
Parion Sciences Inc. of Durham is a development-stage phar-              research and development investments and accelerate the delivery
maceutical company focused on the discovery and development              of safe and effective therapeutics to patients.
of new treatments for serious diseases in multiple therapeutic areas.
The primary focus is in pulmonary indications including cystic
fibrosis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and bronchiectasis.      PharmaDirections Inc. of Cary provides a range of clinical
Parion’s technology corrects defects in the innate defense of mucosal    and preclinical development services, including strategic planning,
surfaces by developing inhibitors of the epithelial sodium channel.      product development, preclinical, regulatory affairs and quality                                                           assurance.

PharmaLinkFHI Inc. of Durham is the first full-service clinical         Plexigen Inc. of Cary is a biotechnology company focused on
research organization to integrate clinical and technological           instrumentation and service for genetic and proteomic testing. Its 3-D
expertise in managing phase I-IV clinical trials online in real time.   biological microarray, the geneCube™, overcomes the traditional                                                   2-D array limitations of inflexibility and low throughput.
PharmaLogika Inc. of Willow Springs, Medical Care Division
is developing prescription medication and medical devices primarily     Polyzen Inc. of Apex is a leading developer and manufacturer of
for the treatment of Alpha 1-antitrypsin deficiency, Alzheimer's        disposable medical products and devices, such as medical balloons,
disease and other related neurological diseases.                        medical tissue bags, medical barrier sleeves and other medical                                                    disposables, for medical industry original equipment manufacturers.
PharmaNet Development Group Inc. of Cary is a global
drug development services company that provides a comprehensive         Pozen Inc. of Chapel Hill is a pharmaceutical company committed
range of services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, generic drug    to developing therapeutic advancements for diseases with unmet
and medical device industries. PharmaNet offers clinical-development    medical needs where it can improve efficacy, safety and/or patient
solutions, including consulting services.                               convenience. Pozen’s lead product candidate is Trexima™, which                                                       is being developed in collaboration with GlaxoSmithKline for the
                                                                        treatment of acute migraine.
PharmaSys Inc. of Cary is a contract compliance and validation
firm specializing in industries that must comply with the U.S. Food
and Drug Administration Code of Federal Regulations Title 21            PRA International, headquartered in Raleigh, is one of the
(pharmaceuticals, bioscience, medical devices and clinical trials).     world’s leading global clinical development organizations delivering                                                      reliable service, program-level therapeutic expertise, easy global
                                                                        access to knowledge and an involved senior management.
Pharmeng Technology Inc. of Durham is a full-service          
consulting and contract manufacturing company that serves the
pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries.            Precision Biosciences Inc. of Durham develops novel tools for                                                        genome manipulation. Its technology, called the Directed Nuclease
                                                                        Editor™ (DNE), can be applied to nearly every facet of biotechnol-
Phase Bio Pharmaceuticals Inc. in The Research Triangle                 ogy, including crop and cell line engineering, antivirals, antibacterials,
Park is a privately held protein engineering company focused            genetic diagnostics and gene therapy.
on developing the next generation of biopharmaceuticals. Phase
Bioscience’s versatile technology is based on biopolymers of elastin-
like repeating subunits to which drugs can be attached or peptides      Premitec Inc. of Raleigh assists companies in new product
and proteins genetically fused, enhancing therapeutic activity.         development by providing complete microfabrication design,                                                        development, prototyping, testing and initial manufacturing of
                                                                        advanced medical sensor systems and devices based on micro
Physcient Inc. of Durham is developing a next-generation                and nano-technologies.
surgical retractor that decreases tissue trauma and inflammation
during retraction and thereby decreases post-surgical pain,
healing and morbidity.                                                  Primity Inc. of Carrboro is a provider of cellular assays and                                                       services for drug discovery and is developing therapeutic treatments
                                                                        for various cancers utilizing the platform technology of antibody
Piedmont Biofuels of Pittsboro is a biofuels cooperative that           dependent effector ligands.
uses and encourages the use of clean and renewable biofuels   
in North Carolina.                                                       ProTrials Research Inc. of Chapel Hill provides clinical opera-
                                                                        tions, professionals and services to pharmaceutical, biotechnology
Piedmont Research Center of Morrisville, a division of                  and medical device companies. Founded in 1996, ProTrials enables
Pharmaceutical Product Development Inc., is dedicated to preclinical    its clients to cost-effectively conduct clinical trials in a wide range of
research and evaluation of anticancer agents and therapies.             therapeutic areas, from cardiovascular and central nervous system,             infectious diseases and oncology to transplants and vaccines.
Pique Therapeutics of Durham is a biotechnology company
seeking to become the leading therapeutic vaccine company,              Proventys of Durham is a personalized medicine knowledge
focused initially on the treatment of cancer.                           service provider focused on delivering cutting-edge risk prediction                                               technology to power personalized clinical decisions at the point
                                                                        of care.

Purity Systems Inc./Purity Systems Caribe Inc. of Raleigh                Rho Inc. of Chapel Hill is a specialty contract research organization
is the recognized leader in providing independent, third-party           with full-service capabilities that enhance the quality and speed of
assurance and analytical testing services.                               clinical trials, helping pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies                                                    swiftly develop new products.
Qualyst Inc. of Raleigh develops and delivers novel and propri-
etary ADMET products to the life sciences industry that increase the     Ribonomics Inc. of Durham is a systems biology company
efficiency and effectiveness of drug discovery and development.          focused on the development of innovative products for the diagnosis                                                          and treatment of human diseases.
Quintiles Transnational Corp., headquartered in Durham
is powering the next generation of healthcare by providing a broad       Ridge Diagnostics Inc. in The Research Triangle Park is a
range of professional services in drug development, financial part-      neurodiagnostic company offering its proprietary first-in-class
nering and commercialization for the biotechnology and healthcare        blood test for major depressive disorder (MDD) through its clinical
industries. Quintiles focuses on providing customer-centric solutions    laboratory improvement amendments-certified laboratory in North
that are the gold standard of the industry.                              Carolina. Based upon its proprietary human biomarker library and                                                             Biomarker Hyper-Map™ technology platform, Ridge Diagnostics
                                                                         has developed multi-variant biological marker assays and diagnostic
RadarFind Corp. of Morrisville is a private company that offers          algorithms to diagnose, select and monitor treatment for MDD and
a unique patent-pending real-time location system that uses a            other neuropsychiatric disorders.
platform technology for tracking medical equipment and patients.
It is designed to seamlessly integrate with the existing hospital
infrastructure and operations.                                           Rockwell Automation Life Sciences of Cary covers the                                                        entire life cycle of a pharmaceutical or biotechnology product.
                                                                         The complete architecture includes manufacturing execution solutions
ReALTRoMINS Inc. of Chapel Hill is developing an intensive-              spanning the phases of the life cycle from research and development
care monitoring device that continuously evaluates the condition         and clinical trial management through production, utilizing integrated
of critically ill children, enabling early warning to changes in their   architecture solutions.
conditions and thus faster, more-effective treatments.         
                                                                         RTI Health Solutions in The Research Triangle Park provides
Regado Biosciences Inc. of Durham is pioneering the discovery            leading consulting and research expertise to design risk-man-
and development of antidote-controlled therapeutics that act on a        agement programs, evaluate disease burden, assess safety and
specific molecular target. Regado's drug-antidote pairs are designed     measure value for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical
to give physicians the ability to fine tune the therapeutic effect       device products.
desired for each patient and in each setting.                  
                                                                         RTI International, headquartered in The Research Triangle
Remedease Inc. of Durham develops disposable products to                 Park, is a nonprofit research institute that offers innovative research
remedy nosebleeds.                                                       and technical solutions to governments and businesses worldwide
                                                                         in the areas of health and pharmaceuticals, education and training,
Research Triangle Park Laboratories Inc. of Raleigh                      advanced technology, surveys and statistics, international develop-
is a premier provider of analytical laboratory services for the          ment and the environment.
pharmaceutical, biotechnology, environmental, dietary supplements
and manufacturing industries.                                                         Ryscor Science Inc. of Wake Forest develops novel small-mole-
                                                                         cule synthetic reagents and methodologies for pharmaceutical and
Respirics Inc. of Raleigh is an inhalation drug products                 biotechnology companies worldwide. The company's technology
company focused on the development and commercialization of              is focused on biologically biased multifunctional boronic acids and
therapeutic products using the company’s proprietary, customizable       heterocyles used in diverse and target-oriented synthesis. These
Acu-Breathe™ dry powder inhalers. Respirics’ strategy is to develop      compounds enable researchers involved in drug discovery rapid
a suite of inhalation products for asthma and chronic obstructive        and reliable access to target molecules.
pulmonary disease and to enter licensing and co-development    
programs with large or specialty pharmaceutical companies.

Salix Pharmaceuticals Inc. of Morrisville is committed                   Serenex Inc. of Durham is an integrated drug discovery and
to being the leading U.S. specialty pharmaceutical company               development company committed to improving the lives of patients
licensing, developing and marketing innovative products to health        by developing best-in-class therapeutic products. Its most advanced
care professionals to prevent or treat gastrointestinal disorders in     clinical product, SNX-5422, is a novel, orally bioavailable, small
patients. Salix markets COLAZAL®, XIFAXAN®, OSMOPREP™,                   molecule inhibitor of heat shock protein 90 (Hsp90). SNX-5542
MOVIPREP®, VISICOL®, AZASAN®, PEPCID®, ANUSOL–HC®                        is currently in phase I in cancer patients. Pfizer Inc. is acquiring
and PROCTOCORT®.                                                         Serenex Inc. to extend its oncology pipeline and Serenex's access                                                            novel technology platform.

Schwarz Biosciences Inc., of Raleigh, part of UCB, is a                  Sicel Technologies Inc. of Morrisville develops telemetric
leading global biopharmaceutical company dedicated to the                systems that use miniature implantable wireless sensor technologies
research, development and commercialization of innovative                to continuously provide real-time feedback about biological and
pharmaceutical and biotechnology products in the fields of central       physiological changes in cell and organ systems.
nervous system disorders, allergy/respiratory diseases, immune 
and inflammatory disorders and oncology.                                                    Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society, in The Research Triangle
                                                                         Park is the international honor society of research scientists and
Scientific Calibration Inc. of Apex offers one of the most               engineers.
complete and flexible service, calibration and validation programs
in the marketplace. It offers complete pipette and labsystem multi-
drop cassette calibration and service programs in the United States      Sipcam Agro USA Inc. of Durham provides technology to
for all brands of pipettes.                                              protect the investment of growers in turf, ornamental and food                                                           crops in the United States and Mexico.
Scintellix LLC of Raleigh aggregates the talents of a large network
of professionals in service of biomedical technology development,        SIRGA Advanced Biopharma Inc. of Raleigh is an
medical opinion and market data, as well as tactical support of          early-stage drug discovery and development company, focusing
operations.                                                              on small molecule drugs to treat HIV and other diseases where                                                       drug resistance is a significant problem.
SciQuest Inc. of Cary is the global leader in helping academic,
healthcare and research-centric organizations realize the potential      SmartGene Inc. of Raleigh provides Web-based data manage-
of strategic procurement. SciQuest’s specialized knowledge,              ment services for the management, analysis and interpretation of
on-demand software and service-first approach empower more than          genetic sequences to identify bacteria, fungi and viruses.
100 of the best-known academic, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, 
research hospitals and ambulatory surgical organizations to
manage spend, drive ROI and advance their critical missions.             Source Food Technology Inc. of Durham is a food ingredient                                                         company specializing in nutritionally advanced cooking oils.

SCyNeXIS Inc. of Durham is a premier drug discovery and                  Southcot Corp. in The Research Triangle Park specializes in
development company delivering effective and innovative drug             chemical and biochemical reagents for cancer diagnosis.
pipeline solutions to pharmaceutical and global health partners.
The company also focuses on developing a proprietary internal
pipeline based on cyclophilins, a class of drugs that hold significant   Southeast TechInventures Inc. of Morrisville is a technology
potential for the treatment of a broad range of diseases.                accelerator focused on developing and transitioning technologies                                                         from university labs to the commercial marketplace.
Seachaid Pharmaceuticals Inc. of Durham discovers
and develops therapeutic agents to treat human diseases.                 Sparton Medical Solutions of Durham designs and
The approach incorporates rational design with emphases                  manufactures devices, oversees regulatory and agency compliance
on synthetic, medicinal and analytical chemistry to generate             and testing, and provides research and development services.
candidates for drug development.                               
                                                                         Spectrofuge Corp. of North Carolina Inc. of Durham is one
                                                                         of the pioneer independent service organizations in the maintenance
                                                                         of bio-analytic research equipment and separations instrumentation.

SRA Global Clinical Development LLC in The Research                      Synergy Vaccines Inc. of Raleigh is a biopharmaceutical com-
Triangle ParkSRA's global clinical development unit, is a                pany engaged in the research, development and commercialization
full-service contract research organization focused on small- t          of novel vaccines using Synervax™ adjuvant technology to provide
o medium-sized companies.                                                effective and less-costly vaccines.                                                    

Stat-Tech Services LLC of Chapel Hill is a contract research             Syngenta Biotechnology Inc. in The Research Triangle Park
organization that provides biostatistical consulting and analysis,       is a world-leading agribusiness committed to sustainable agriculture
clinical data management, programming solutions, report produc-          through innovative research and technology. SBI researchers use
tions and regulatory support services to pharmaceutical and medical      a combination of science and cutting-edge technology to develop
device companies.                                                        innovative solutions that help farmers and food companies.                                       

StatWorks Inc. in The Research Triangle Park is a high-quality           Synpac (North Carolina) Inc. in The Research Triangle Park
specialty provider of biostatistical analysis and consulting, clinical   is developing a drug for the treatment of glycogen storage disease
data management and report-writing services focused exclusively on       type II (Pompe’s disease).
clinical trials and drug development.                                                        Synteract Inc. of Morrisville is a privately held, full-service
                                                                         contract research organization that provides clinical trial services for
Stiefel Laboratories Inc. in The Research Triangle Park, a               life sciences companies. Synteract focuses on clinical monitoring and
GlaxoSmithKline company, specializes in the research, development        site management, safety surveillance and project management.
and manufacture of prescription and over-the-counter skin care 
products to treat acne, psoriasis, hyperpigmentation and other
skin conditions.                                                         Synthonix Corp. of Wake Forest manufactures highly                                                          functionalized small molecule heterocycles and synthons designed
                                                                         with biological and pharmacological bias.
Straightfoward Solutions LLC of Raleigh provides guidance      
and assistance on industrialization of drug-delivery devices, from
concept through commercialization.                                       Synthon Pharmaceuticals Inc. in The Research Triangle
                                                                         Park discovers, develops and markets both active pharmaceutical
Sun Dance Genetics of Durham is marrying the insect resistance           ingredients and finished pharmaceutical dosage forms.
of wild grasses with commercial corn.                          

SunTech Medical Inc. of Morrisville is a medical device                  TAB Clinical Trials of Cary is a full-service contract research
manufacturer of non-invasive blood pressure monitoring products          organization that provides clinical trial support from a pre-IND
and technology.                                                          stage of development to post-market approval. TAB Clinical                                                       concentrates on helping small, mid-size and specialty biopharma-
                                                                         ceutical and pharmaceutical companies expedite the pace of
Symyx Technologies Inc. of Durham develops and applies                   drug development through efficient and cost-effective processes
high-throughput experimentation methods, instrumentation and             combined with attentive and responsive project management.
software to enable accelerated discovery of proprietary materials
and processes in the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical,
electronics, consumer goods and automotive industries.                   Tackle Design Inc. of Durham is an industrial design and                                                            research and development firm. Tackle Design has a particular
                                                                         specialty in inventing and developing prosthetics.
Synereca Pharmaceuticals of Chapel Hill develops orally        
active drugs that restore or increase the effectiveness of existing
antibiotics.                                                             Talecris Biotherapeutics Inc., headquartered in The Research                                                         Triangle Park, develops polymers, food additives, allergen products,
                                                                         plasma products, antibiotics and diagnostics, imaging technology,
Synecor LLC of Durham is a privately held business accelerator           organic chemicals and veterinary therapeutics. Its manufacturing
focused on creating highly proprietary, disruptive technologies in the   facility in Clayton produces blood and plasma-related products.
largest medical device and combination drug/device markets.              Talecris also has a research facility on N.C. State University’s                                                          Centennial Campus.

Talecris Plasma Resources, headquartered in The Research               TIRF Technologies Inc. of Morrisville develops and manufactures
Triangle Park with operations also in Raleigh, focuses on ensuring a   total internal reflection fluorescence (TIRF) and TIRF-electrochemical
reliable and safe supply of plasma for the manufacture of medicines    biosensor systems for detection and control of biomolecular
that improve and save people’s lives in the United States and          interaction, such as protein-protein, receptor-ligand, protein-DNA,
around the world.                                                      DNA-DNA, protein-membrane and other biomolecular interactions.                                       

TearScience Inc. of Morrisville develops diagnostic and                Touch Scientific Inc. of Raleigh develops high-speed diagnostic
treatment procedures for ophthalmology.                                tests and equipment for the ophthalmic market.                                          

Teleflex Medical of Durham is a global supplier of medical             Toxicology Services Inc. of Chapel Hill provides drug-develop-
devices, surgical instruments and disposable medical products.         ment services to pharmaceutical companies and contract research
Teleflex is committed to solving the challenges of our changing        organizations. Toxicology Services specializes in general and
healthcare environment in the areas of critical care and surgical      genetic toxicology, reproductive toxicology and pharmacokinetics.
applications by providing solutions that are less invasive, help
reduce infections and improve patient safety.                                                Trana Discovery Inc. of Cary is a drug-discovery technology
                                                                       company that helps its partners find novel classes of drugs for
Tempest environmental Systems Inc. of Chapel Hill                      the treatment of serious viral, fungal and bacterial infectious
is a world leader in research, development and production of           diseases. The technology identifies compounds that work through
advanced technologies that address specific worldwide                  a unique mechanism of action: inhibition of the target pathogen’s
environmental challenges.                                              ability to use transfer RNA (tRNA) essential for protein synthesis                                                       or replication.
Teotten Diagnostics Inc. in The Research Triangle Park is
developing diagnostics for infectious diseases associated with         Transenterix Inc. of Durham is pioneering technology in
hospital procedures and the use of medical devices, such as            the area of incision-less surgery, developing a medical device
central venous catheters.                                              that decreases the number of incisions required for abdominal                                                        surgery. Its disruptive technology platform will access and
                                                                       treat the patient’s gastrointestinal system entirely through
The Hamner Institute for Health Sciences in The Research               a natural orifice.
Triangle Park is an independent, nonprofit organization that unites
academia, the private sector and government to conduct transla-
tional research for improved human health assessments and the          Tranzyme Pharma Inc. of Durham is a clinical-stage drug
development of new and safe medicines.                                 development company that discovers and develops novel small                                                      molecule drugs for diseases with a high unmet medical need, such
                                                                       as gastrointestinal and metabolic diseases.
The Institute of Forest Biotechnology of Raleigh supports    
the responsible use of biotechnology in forest trees. The institute
advances the societal, environmental and economic benefits that        Trevena Inc. in The Research Triangle Park is a drug-discovery
biotechnology can bring to forests around the world. It is the         company focused on developing pharmaceutical products targeting
only nonprofit organization to address the sustainability of forest    G-protein coupled receptors.
biotechnology on a global scale.                             
                                                                       Triangle Biomedical Sciences Inc. of Durham designs, devel-
Theralogics Inc. of Chapel Hill is developing effective inhibitors     ops, manufactures and markets a comprehensive line of innovative
of NF-kB and wants to bring these drugs into the clinical arena by     instrumentation, apparatus, reagents and consumables for the
establishing a network of investigators in academia and biopharm,      medical discipline of histology. TBS’s technology is marketed globally
each focused on one of the major NF-kB relevant target diseases.       through a network of regional and national laboratory distributors.                                          

Thrombotargets Corp. of Durham is developing medicines                 Triangle BioSystems Inc. of Durham offers a family of
based on advances in recombinant DNA and small-molecule drug           multiplexing channel analog multiplexing headstage subassemblies
technologies. Thrombotargets has expertise in haemostasis and is       that are used to provide a reduced wired connection between
focused on inherited and acquired hemorrhagic and thrombotic           implanted electrodes and neural recording and analysis equipment.

Triangle Biotechnology Center of Durham is a                            Unit Dose Solutions Inc. of Morrisville provides outsourced
20,000-square-foot research and development facility for life           drug repackaging and sterile preparation services in accordance
sciences companies built for access to high-quality, dedicated          with current good manufacturing practices.
and robust R&D and critical wet-lab facilities for this highly
specialized industry.                                     United States environmental Protection Agency in The
                                                                        Research Triangle Park develops analytical tools and models used to
Triangle Medical Research of Raleigh is an independent,                 assess pollutant exposure, investigate human and ecological effects
dedicated multi-specialty research center for conducting phase          of environmental pollutants and utilize engineering approaches to
II-IV clinical trials.                                                  mitigate or limit industrial and indoor air pollution. RTP’s campus is                                    the largest facility ever designed and built by the EPA.
TriboFilm Research Inc. of Raleigh is a one-of-a-kind
entrepreneurial research incubator with material scientists,            United Therapeutics Corp. in The Research Triangle Park
chemists and engineers from diverse industries, including medical       is a biotechnology company focused on the development and
devices, semiconductor materials processing and polymer and             commercialization of unique products to address the unmet medical
textile chemistry.                                                      needs of patients with chronic and life-threatening cardiovascular                                               and infectious diseases and cancer.
Trie Medical Inc. of Morrisville provides innovative turnkey
medical device design and U.S. Food and Drug Administration             Urogenix Inc. of Durham provides preclinical research focused
documentation services for highly regulated therapeutic and             on urological disorders.
diagnostic devices.                                                     Valencell Inc. of Raleigh designs, manufactures and markets
                                                                        portable, non-invasive, biomedical diagnostic solutions that use
Trimeris Inc. of Morrisville is a biopharmaceutical company             microelectronic sensor technology.
engaged in the development and commercialization of novel     
therapeutic agents for the treatment of viral disease. The core
technology platform of fusion inhibition is based on blocking           Varian Inc. of Cary has a scientific instrument division located in
viral entry into host cells. FUZEON, approved in the United States,     Cary that is a leading worldwide supplier of scientific instruments
Canada and European Union, is the first in a new class of               and vacuum technologies for life science and industrial applications.
anti-HIV drugs called fusion inhibitors.                                Varian provides complete solutions, including instruments, vacuum                                                        products, laboratory consumable supplies, software, training and
                                                                        support through its global distribution and support systems.
Trio Clinical Research LLC of Durham is an innovative         
clinical research services company supporting the pharmaceutical,
biotechnology and medical device industries in their quest to bring     Vascular Biosciences Inc. of Durham Vascular BioSciences
novel products to the market.                                           is dedicated to enhancing and prolonging human life. Innovative                                            technologies are being developed to detect and treat vascular-based
                                                                        disease, the leading cause of serious illness and death in the
TRx Pharma of Chapel Hill is a specialty pharmaceutical                 industrialized world.
company focused on acquiring, marketing and developing therapies
for metabolic and chronic inflammation diseases.                                                       Vasus Scientific of Raleigh is a distributor of lab supplies for
                                                                        molecular biology, cell biology, drug discovery and diagnostic
Tryton Medical Inc., headquartered in The Research Triangle             laboratories.
Park, is the leading developer of stents that are designed to 
definitively treat bifurcation lesions. The Tryton Side-Branch Stent™
is a unique balloon-expandable, 5-French-compatible system that         Venganza Inc. of Raleigh is a plant biotechnology company that
is delivered with a single wire.                                        continues to advance its proprietary RNA interference technology                                                   to control plant pests (fungi, insects, nematodes, etc.) and reduce the
                                                                        application of fungicides and other pesticides.
TÜVRheinland of North America Inc. of Youngsville is          
a global leader in independent testing and assessment services.                                                          Viamet Pharmaceuticals Inc. of Durham discovers and
                                                                        develops small molecule compounds that target metalloenzymes
                                                                        in the fields of infectious disease, inflammation and oncology.

Victory Pharma Inc. of Cary is a specialty pharmaceutical                 Zylera Pharmaceuticals of Chapel Hill is a specialty
company committed to providing pain-management solutions that             pharmaceutical company focused on developing medications
enable a better quality of life for patients.                             that will treat multiple diseases arising within the inflammation                                                     and immunosuppressive pathways. Its near-term pipeline includes
                                                                          products for diabetes, elevated cholesterol, osteoporosis and
Vijaya Pharmaceuticals LLC of Raleigh develops antimicrobial              osteoarthritis, utilizing proprietary and patented chemical entities
agents active against multi-drug resistant pathogens.                     designed to restore key metabolic processes.
Vindica Therapeutics Inc. of Raleigh develops an anti-infective
urinary catheter that acts through controlled release of nitric oxide.
Its Raleigh location is the global headquarters.

Virus Detection Systems Corp. of Cary uses a proprietary                  Source: Research Triangle Regional Partnership
separation technology combined with commercial scientific
equipment to produce an innovative virus detection system that
quickly, conveniently and affordably detects, determines the size
for an initial identification and quantifies viruses.

Vision Share of Apex is a not-for-profit consortium of
cooperating independent eye banks that provides human donor
tissue for medical research.

vivoPharm Ltd. in The Research Triangle Park is a contract
research organization that offers integrated preclinical services in
different disease areas (with a focus on cancer) to the biotechnology
and pharmaceutical industries.

Wemco Inc. of Raleigh specializes in automated laboratory
equipment, including media grinders, pick-and-place robots and
glove boxes.

Weststar Inc. of Holly Springs is a rapidly growing contract
manufacturer of precision devices, components and assemblies
for commercial and industrial applications.

Xenobiotic Detection Systems of Durham offers a full range
of diagnostic services. The XDS-CALUX® Assay is ideal for use as
a low-cost research tool to determine biological activity of a specific
substance. It can also be used as a screening assay to measure
contamination levels at industrial sites.

X-in8 Biologicals Corp. of Chapel Hill develops technology
to prolong organ transplant potential.

Zen-Bio Inc. in The Research Triangle Park is a supplier of life
science discovery tools and in vitro contract research services for
metabolic disease researchers. Zen-Bio sells human adipocytes,
preadipocytes adipocyte cell extracts, contract assay services and
research kits.
“The Research Triangle Region is a prime location. It is great for
   business. The workforce is very strong. You have the research
   and development, the universities, the quality of life...                                              ”  Agnes Speight
                                                                                                            Merck & Co. Inc.

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