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					                   Computer Service on a
                    Shoestring Budget                    WORK ORDER
Beck PC, LLC
                                                                                                 DATE: ___________________
PO Box 36054, Louisville, KY 40233
502.523.9460                                                                                            W.O.# ______________

  TO     Name:______________________________________                                    JOB

         Addr: ______________________________________

         City, State, Zip: _____________________________



         Email Addr:___________________________________                                Tech:

   QTY                                   DESCRIPTION                                      UNIT PRICE            LINE TOTAL

              LABOR ($65/home - $80/business - $85/printer service)/hr
              TRAVEL ($40 for outside Louisville Metro Area)
All Taxes, Shipping & Handling charges are included in the prices above.
                                                                                               SALES TAX                   n/a
Rates are one hour minimum and half hour increments after the first hour.
       The work has been completed and approved by the following. Please pay the tech either in cash or check. A receipt
        will be E-Mailed to the address above. Make a copy of the paid receipt for your records. All credit accounts are
                                          subject to NET 15, unless noted otherwise.

                 Name                                                                                   Date

             All work performed is guaranteed for 30 days. Parts are warranted by the
          manufacture. Travel charges will incur for jobs outside of Louisville Metro Area.
                           Make all checks payable to Beck PC, LLC -- Thank you for your business!

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