; Human Resources Manager in San Francisco CA Resume James Chin
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Human Resources Manager in San Francisco CA Resume James Chin

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James Chin is an experienced Human Resources Manager. He has best demonstrated Human Resource practices for B2B operations, food service, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, public entities, retail and technology industries and consistently reduced operating costs by more than $100k and developed human capital.

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									          (925) 200-9711                                  JAMES M. CHIN                                        JamesMChin@gmail.com

Best demonstrated Human Resource practices for B2B operations, food service, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, public
entities, retail and technology industries and consistently reduced operating costs by more than $100k and developed human capital.

Computer literate: Microsoft Office Suite-Visio-Publisher ADP/Ceridian/PayChex Payroll Systems HR Connect/HRIS
Security Clearances: Department of Justice - Live Scan and Department of Health & Human Services - Office of Inspector General

Corporate Culture, Vision, Mission Recruiting and Training Orientation Program Leadership Benefits, Health & Wellness
Employee/Labor Relations Organizational Fitness Profiling Process – HBS Management Coaching Succession Planning
HR/KOI Metrics Compensation/Incentive Plans Merger & Acquisition Due Diligence Payroll HRIS Labor Unions
Safety & Risk Management OSHA/DOT/FDA/EHS/Joint Commission Compliance Workers’ Compensation and RTW Programs

DIRECTOR - HUMAN RESOURCES, SAFETY & ADMINISTRATION                                         November 2009 – May 2010
Pulmonary Solutions, LLC – Santa Rosa, CA                                                   Offices in California and Nevada
Hired for short term HR & Employee Relations and Organizational Development & Fitness restructuring process for medical
company to strengthen their financial stability and human capital, and transition their corporate operations to Nevada.
Managed Human Resources, Accounts Payable, Purchasing and Accounts Receivable Departments & Administration

Challenge: Develop, implement and administer HR policies and programs for improving Employee Relations
Results: Drafted EE Handbook; formalized new employee orientation process; coaching & mentoring programs;
Implementation & administration of on-line payroll processing and payroll journal & tax reports
Challenge: Formalize Benefits and Risk Management processes for Federal and multi-State compliance
Results: Benefit Summary Plan reviews & open enrollment; unemployment insurance claims review, hearings and appeals;
Coordination of PDL/FMLA/CFRA Leaves, disability, COBRA, & Return-To-Work programs; OSHA compliance
Challenge: Corporate restructuring and succession management plans to increase productivity and reduce overhead costs
Results: Strategic planning via Organizational Fitness process & tactical implementation for 15% reduction in force
and administrative management for transition of duties to maintain continuity of key operations
Challenge: Develop and present formal education and training programs
Results: Business Etiquette; Customer Service; Diversity; Illegal Harassment & Discrimination; Joint Commission compliance
Challenge: The Joint Commission Accreditation to maintain uninterrupted continuity of business operations
Results: Periodic Performance Review reporting and ongoing staff training for recertification process

Spartan Shops Inc. (contracted services) at San Jose State University, San Jose, CA November 2004 – March 2009
501(c) (3) non-profit Auxiliary Organization –14 business units on 154 acre campus with 625 employees generating $30,000,000 annual revenues

Challenge: Reduce turnover of food service/hospitality employees while building bench strength and optimize on-boarding process
Results: Streamlined full cycle recruiting & training programs to increase bench strength and reduced turnover by 25%.
Updated employee handbook annually and reviewed legal issues & regulatory compliance for on-boarding process
Challenge: Corporate culture nonexistent for fostering safety & health philosophy with corporate mission and values
Results: Implemented corporate safety culture achieving 2006 and 2008 CSURMA Certificate of Excellence Awards
Challenge: Workers’ compensation loss ratio was the highest of 86 Auxiliary Organizations in the CSU system
Results: Reduced premiums by $500k and earned $266,000 dividends by implementing 150 safety training programs,
Sub Rosa investigations and Return-To-Work Programs for controlling cost of human capital
Challenge: Emergency Response and Homeland Security compliance as per CSU Chancellor’s Office directive
Results: Disaster Management, Documents/Records Retention Management, Pandemic Flu, and Business Continuity Plans
Challenge: Student Union building fire and major flood damage sustained on New Year’s Day shutting down all operations
Results: Facilitated full restoration of operations within 21 days via aggressive claims and risk management

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Resume: page 2/3.                                                 JAMES M. CHIN                                           (925) 200-9711
OneBPO Inc. - Fremont, CA                                                                                 May 2002 – June 2004
Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Solutions for HR, IT, Safety, Risk Mgmnt. and Payroll services

Challenge: Start up company without senior management team
Results: Sourced, recruited and managed HR, Sales, IT, Staffing and Finance departments
Challenge: Business and Marketing plans and Angel Investors required
Results: Designed and implemented Human Resource Consulting Services and HR assessment evaluation tools/programs.
Co-authored Business Plan, Sales & Marketing Plans, Executive Summary, and Private Placement Memorandum for Investor
Relations to generate revenue and funding
Challenge: HRIS and proprietary Payroll system needed
Results: Integrated HRIS with Payroll process by developing proprietary system as a value added service offering
Challenge: Manage company facilities and operations
Results: Managed all legal issues and regulatory requirements, stock option program and variable compensation and incentive plans,
budgets and P&L, billing and banking functions including leasing to control burn rate/overhead costs

SpinCircuit Inc./Cadence Design Systems - San Jose, CA and Bangalore, India                               September 2001 – January 2002
Supply chain software company founded by Cadence Design Systems, Flextronics, Hewlett Packard and Avnet

Challenge: Start-up company needed to conserve cash flow, optimize operations and human capital
Results: $60,000 placement fee savings via implementing rapid sourcing and recruiting process for strategic hires
$250,000 monthly savings via staff, payroll and facilities expense controls to reduce burn rate
Implemented H 1-B expatriate program for retention of key employees
Challenge: Develop, implement and administer HR policies and programs for improving Employee Relations
Results: Drafted employee handbooks for Human Resources and Safety (IIPP and EAP) Programs for regulatory compliance
Challenge: Compensation and benefits programs required review and enhancement
Results: Developed variable sales compensation, incentive, and managed stock option programs & corporate governance
Challenge: Workers’ compensation premium audit
Results: Initiated 60% workers’ compensation rate reduction for retro and recurring insurance premiums cost savings

Flextronics Photonics Wave Optics, Inc. - Santa Clara, CA     May 2000 – September 2001
(Wave Optics was a late stage photonic components start-up company acquired by Flextronics in February 2001)

Challenge: Late stage start-up company needed to ramp up operations to posture for M&A strategy within 18 months
Results: Streamlined sourcing & recruiting process for fast ramp model to increase staff by 325%
Expanded production to 24/7 operations with three - 8 hour and four - 12 hour shifts as a strategic HR Business Partner
Organizational development of supervisors, managers and directors for ISO 9001 Certification & increased production yield to 85%
Linked Human Resource process to improve business objectives as verified by Key Operating Indicator (KOI) performance metrics
Merger & acquisition HR due diligence and subsequent integration of cultures & policies

Challenge: Optimize Human Resources, Facilities, Environmental Health & Safety, MIS/IT & Security departments
Results: Staffed and managed 4 direct reports with an overall staff of 22 technical & administrative workers
Renegotiated temporary employment agency contracts to save up to 30% of costs for staffing agreements
Standardization and upgrading of MIS to LANS and Windows NT systems to improve efficiencies

Challenge: Develop, implement and administer HR and Safety policies and programs for state and federal compliance
Results: Developed & implemented CalOSHA IIPP Safety Programs and formalized HR policies & training programs
Managed benefits, disability and Return-To-Work programs; plus, 401k and compensation/incentive plans

Challenge: Reduce G&A expenditures, cost of labor & production and cost of goods sold
Results: Facilitated cross-training of key engineering & technical staff to maintain continuity of operations
85% reduction in force strategy and three stage deployment cycle for WARN Act implementation for 425 employees
Road mapped operations overseas and shut down domestic production to reduce operational costs by more than 50%
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Resume: page 3/3.                                                 JAMES M. CHIN                                         (925) 200-9711
MywebHR.com/American Management Partners, Inc. - Concord, CA May 1999 – April 2000
Professional Employer Organization (PEO) for outsourced HR, Benefits, Payroll, and Safety Services

Challenge: Start up company without complete senior management team
Results: As employee #5 of start up company, recruited CFO and CTO, plus Regional Sales Director and IT/LAN Administrator
Managed 3 direct reports for Consultative Safety Services

Challenge: Recruit and train professional staff
Results: Full cycle recruiting and test-screening of professionals to staff Northern & Southern regional offices

Challenge: Execute business model
Results: Implemented web-based Prospect & Client profile analysis and Risk Management Information System
Developed and implemented over fifty safety programs & training for CalOSHA/FedOSHA compliance at Client sites

DIRECTOR - HUMAN RESOURCES, SAFETY & RISK MANAGEMENT                                                       June 1996 – March 1999
Control Building Services, Inc. - Secaucus, NJ & CA 4,500 employees in 12 states, $125 million service corporation

Challenge: Optimize Human Resources, Facilities, Environmental Health & Safety and Security
Results: Managed 8 direct reports for Western Region operations; and Divisional Manager accountability in 12 states encompassing
the Engineering Services, Facilities Maintenance including Shopping Malls with Food Courts, Landscaping and Security Divisions

Challenge: Insurance & Risk management and workers’ compensation program cost control
Results: Saved in excess of $500,000 in insurance premiums by innovative strategies involving Worker’s Compensation, General
Liability and Group Health/Medical insurance program risk management
Developed/implemented various safety programs/training resulting in a 10% Worker’s Compensation Experience Modification Rate
reduction and 10% reduction of liability claims at targeted sites

Challenge: High frequency of false I-9 (IRCA) documentation
Results: Initiated investigations which led to the formation of the corporate Internal Affairs Department
Over $2M recoveries for Payroll and Operations by controlling time theft, payroll ghosting and inventory/property misappropriation

Challenge: Negotiate renewals of key accounts in CA and reduce G&A expenditures to posture operations for M&A strategy
Results: Promotion & transfer to California to manage all Western Regional Operations while concurrently managing corporate HR
Relocated regional office to optimize operations and successfully negotiated renewal of 6 major accounts to improve profitability

ISS International Service System, Inc. - New York, NY 50,000 employees nationwide September 1993 – June 1996

Challenge: Establish corporate culture for fostering safety & health philosophy aligned with corporate mission and values
Results: Managed Site Supervisors/Project Managers for 22 Branches in 4 Divisions with 10,000 employees encompassing the
Building Maintenance, Energy, Elevator/Escalator and Landscaping Service Divisions for the Northeast Region
Implemented formal safety programs and training resulting in a 10% annual reduction in frequency of accident rates

Challenge: Corporate train-the-trainer program
Results: Instructor at corporate headquarters for ISS Academy & for Eastern Regional Training Center to train supervisors/managers
Conducted formal training seminars for general management skills and safety & risk management processes resulting in an overall
5% reduction in employee turnover and 10% reduction in accident rates for the Northeast Region

Challenge: Workers’ compensation premium audit
Results: Analyzed Worker’s Compensation classification codes and overtime assessments resulting in a 15% reduction in premium

Challenge: Employee/Labor Relations and contingency planning/implementation for organized labor strike
Results: Liaison with Corporate Attorneys for all contract and diversity/labor related litigation

City University of New York                                                           Bachelor of Science
California Chamber of Commerce                                                        HR & Labor Law Updates
Insights Discovery & Navigator HR Tools                                               Leadership and Team Building
Community Emergency Response Team/Homeland Security                                   CERT Leader
American Society of Safety Engineers                                                  Past President – Long Island Chapter, Metro NY

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