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									Made In USA Policy Comment
Office Of The Secretary
Federal Trade Commission
Room 159
Sixth St. & Pennsylvania Ave. N.W.
Washington, DC 20580                                                           August 4, 1997

Dear Sir

/ strenuous/v object to anv chanae in the regulations concerning “MADE IN USA” labels for manufactured
      products. When a label states that a product is “Made In USA” , then that product must be fota//v 700%
     macfe, assembled in the United States. That is the only way I can determine to buy products that are made
     by our own work force and is not foreign labor produced. This type label helps protect our own working people
     from the low pay, slave labor, child produced, anti-American countries that greedy people in our own country
     are using to flood our markets with these goods to the detriment of our own working people.
As a ~, life long American worker, I cannot urge you more to help protect our people by not only keeping “Made
     In USA” the same as it is, but to further strengthen this statement to be 100?4. content and assembled within
     the United States ot its territories.

Thank You,


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