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									How To Do Business With The Government And Take
Your Company To New Heights Via Federal, State And
Local Government Contracts
Submitted by BH SKY Associates
12th November, 2010

Princeton, NJ - Each year the US Government issues contracts worth over a trillion dollars to
small and mid-sized businesses. In fact agencies are required to establish contracting goals with
at least twenty three percent of government buying targeted to small firms.

Many people associate government contracts with things like vehicles or missiles. The truth is
that the US government buys not only common commodities such as IT services,
medical/pharmaceutical, transportation and safety products, but every product or service you
can imagine. In fact, name a product or service and the government will usually have a need for

The gamut runs from sign language interpretation to paper clips and geese chasers! Why then
does only about one percent of the over 22 million small and mid- sized firms in the US
participate in any type of government contract bidding? The answer lies in the fact that doing
business with the government isn't exactly like doing business with any other customer.

Navigating through the process of identifying and procuring a contract may be a daunting
proposition. The cost of hiring or training a staff member to secure contracts is too high and
then there is the worry about employees being “stretched too thin” by wearing too many hats at
once. Enter BH SKY, a Princeton, NJ firm founded by Michelle Hermelee who has over ten
years of devoted experience in procuring and negotiating government contracts with federal,
state and local government agencies. BH SKY helps companies to realize increased sales
opportunities by identifying, securing, negotiating, managing and marketing government

The result is a low cost, high yield solution to taking companies to new heights! “My passion is
in helping you secure that government contract consulting you never dreamed you could
achieve!” - Michelle Hermelee

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