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									     FA S H I O N F O R E C A S T S P R I N G / S U M M E R 2 0 1 0
 theme 4/styling trends/knitwear/accessories & jewelry

                                     TREND COLORS

        ®             ®               ®              ®                ®             ®
 PANTONE       PANTONE         PANTONE        PANTONE       PANTONE          PANTONE
11-0602 TCS   12-1605 TCS     16-4728 TCS    16-1338 TCS    13-0859TCS      16-1451 TCS

                          ®            ®               ®              ®
                PANTONE         PANTONE         PANTONE        PANTONE
              13-0648 TCS      18-1664 TCS    16-6340 TCS     19-3952 TCS

                                THEME 4            styling trends                               SPRING/SUMMER 2010
     Women’s wear

     Crisp, sexy, colorful, sportswear-                     Fabrics: A lot of solid colors in smooth, matte       are technical, light, matte, smooth, coated, with
     revival and self-dramatization                         and semi-matte optics, mono- structures,              pigment and high-tech finishing, as well as solid
                                                            satins, cotton stretch, colored denim, light-         colored satins.
     This theme is inspired by urban daily life, speed      weight nylon, glossy coatings in patent, metal
     and the corresponding nightlife scene, personal        and mother-of-pearl optics, openwork patch-           Styles: Colorful blazers, high-tech lumber and
     expression and playful self-dramatization, the         work, pixel-embroideries, colored lace and            parkas in neon colors, slender, glossy chinos
     art and music world. It revolves around a perso-       sequins.                                              and Bermuda pants, jogging pant types, shorts,
     nal style that consciously uses contradictions                                                               lumber, shirts with color blockings, biker jackets,
     such as sexy details and sportive styles with city     Designs: XS and XL prints, overlarge graphic          colored jeans, cargo pants, rugby shirts, T-
     wear, electric street wear and luxurious indivi-       motifs, kaleidoscopic patterns, ultra-contra-         shirts, tank tops with layered print effects, color-
     dual pieces. The theme is based on blazers,            sting stripes, checks, “lego” designs, colorful       ful shirts.
     biker-jackets, jogging and drainpipe trousers,         tie-dyes, jungle patchwork and psychedelic
     wrap-around tops, dresses with marked con-             motifs.                                               Colors: Intense pastels in royal aqua, citrus,
     trast-zips and tapes, overalls, bling bling acces-                                                           coral, red, rose pink, accents in black, grey and
     sories. Fabrics are technical, light, glossy, trans-   Men’s wear                                            white.
     parent, coated and complemented by leather
     and denim. The color chart shows intense               Colorful, urban, sportive, 70’s                       Fabrics: Solid-colored materials in natural sha-
     colors in solids, color blockings and mixtures         revival and culture-fusion                            des and mixtures, smooth, matte, semi-matte,
     with white and urban grey                                                                                    stretch-types, satins, mono-structures, blue
                                                            Playful and full of fantasy, men enjoy and live out   and black denim, colored denim, colorful
     Styles: Blazers, smocking vests with materi-           their creative potential by adding also a portion     shirting fabrics, lightweight nylons, metallic and
     al’s mix, high-tech blousons, leather-lumber           of humor and self-irony. Street wear combines in      glossy        coatings   in   lightweight   qualities,
     with accented shoulders and zips, drainpipe            a carefree way with retro-smartness. Influences       transparency, metal and paper optics.
     and jogging pants, wide roll-up pants, overalls,       from the 70’s, the hip-hop scene and a culture
     dresses and tunics with contrast-zips, tapes,          mix   characterize    the   scene.       Personal     Designs: Well-placed prints, colorful stripes,
     XL-prints, layering effect, T-shirts with wrap-        expression is the key: it plays on intense colors     checks, Madras-squares, colorful pixels, ringlets,
     around, layering or glossy effects, ringlets,          and contrasting designs, clear, well-defined          psychedelic motifs, délavés, camouflage and
     prints, printed and destroyed denim.                   shapes and striking accessories. The outfits mix      Hawaii motifs, ultra-contrasting stripes, geometry,
                                                            blazers with jogging-pants, colorful high-tech        graphic designs.
     Colors: Intense tones in yellow, pink, mango,          lumber with clean Bermuda pants, clean suits
     raspberry, green, lime, indigo. Also: combinati-       with shirts, rugby lumber with cargo pants, bling
     on colors such as white, urbane grey and               bling shirts with hoodies and satin shorts. Fabrics
70   black.
     multi colored

styling trends

     multi colored

styling trends

                                 THEME 4               knitwear trends                                SPRING/SUMMER 2010

     Yarns: Fine to medium yarns, glossy and matte       Patterns: Geometrical jacquards, checks, dots         Men’s wear: An urban lifestyle, inspired by
     looks, compact stretch types, micro-structures,     and “bajadera” stripes are combined with each         dynamic day schedules and a vibrant nightlife
     multicolored moulinés and printed effects.          other in this sense. Surfaces may also be             scene, by pictures from the soul and pop scene,
                                                         embroidered with “oversized” crystals or rocks.       by humor and self-reliance. Personal expression
     Women’s wear: Collages are a principle that                                                               is the key. Sunny, light shades and a commitment
     also applies to pattern and style combinations in   Over-large,   graphic    motifs,    kaleidoscopic     to patterns enhance the degree of freedom.
     the new knitwear. Collages are more than patch-     patterns, ultra-contrasting stripes, checks, “lego”   From pastels to “acidulé” sports, this joyful vivid
     works: they demand new liberties and fresh          designs, colorful tie-dyes, jungle patchwork and      color palette encompasses all.
     ideas. The season provides plenty of impulses as    psychedelic motifs.
     a sort of “energy infusion” and as a stimulus for                                                         Shapes: Preppy polo shirts with white shorts,
     new developments. It offers many chances to         Knit wear in fine yarns, mohair, prints, art          color contrasts, clean hoodies, club logos, tank
     create something special, experimental and          jacquards, with shaggy and glossy effects,            tops.
     individual, to position your “own handwriting”.     ringlets, color-blockings, multicolored intarsia,
                                                         schematic and well-placed patterns.                   Patterns: Fresh stripes, colorful stripes, checks,
     Shapes: In knitwear, details are the salient                                                              “Madras” squares, colorful pixels, ringlets,
     point. Especially important are deep V-                                                                   psychedelic motifs, camouflage and Hawaii
     necklines, asymmetric collar shapes and                                                                   motifs.
     draping effects. Coarse and fine materials are
     combined together. Compact jerseys, sweat                                                                 Compact jerseys, sweatshirt types, smooth,
     fabrics, smooth or matte stitch patterns,                                                                 matte knits, mélanges, all with stripes, ringlets,
     mélanges, all with ringlets, tie-dye effects and                                                          geometrical patterns, contrasting details and
     contrasting details such as tapes and piping.                                                             especially striking, enhanced fastenings and
     Transparency and layering are part of all
     themes. Large pockets are not only useful but
     also decorative. Fine-knits are used for
     hoodies, cardigans and tops with layering

76   effects.
     multi colored

knitwear trends

     multi colored

knitwear trends

     THEME 4   accessories & jewelry trends                                         SPRING/SUMMER 2010

                        Materials                                            Belts & shoes

                        - Leathers are smooth, sometimes polished.           - Woven belts

                        - Color combinations play a role as piping or        - Boat shoes

                          contrasting edges and contours.                    - Color updated sneakers

                        - Comics-inspired prints and applications are
                          eye-catching effects.                              Jewelry + watches + sunglasses
                                                                             - Collage motifs are in, even here.

                        Bags                                                 - Watches in a variety of colors

                        - Bags are also updated by combining materials       - Synthetics in shades and designs reminiscent

                          into collages.                                       of Asian-artificial influences are turned into

                        - Bags in a variety of colors also prefer the new,     decorative wide armlets and chain links.

                          softer basic shapes. Rucksack or backpack          - Large patterned or colorful sunglasses.

                          shapes in red, green and blue are a novelty.
                        - Shoulder bags

                        Ties & shawls
                        - Fresh Vichy and two-tone ties
                        - Bandanas

     multi colored

accessories & jewelry trends


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