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					Search Engine Optimization

                        Optimization of the Keywords

There are two types of optimization – OnPage and OffPage. In this part we will cover
OnPage optimization. A brief discussion about OffPage optimization follows in Part II.

You have probably created a brand new website and submitted it to search engines in a hope
this will forced people in some way to buy your products. In a certain time only a couple of
occasional visits were accomplished and then you decided to optimize the website regarding
keywords in order to rank up in a huge multitude of similar websites. The time passes but the
luck is not yet with you. Some people give up or decide to make another website concerning
different target market. The worst is when the results force someone to lose hope and
withdraw. The question is HOW TO DO THINGS. What must be the first steps creating your

First of all determine your main keyword phrase. The Google Keyword Tool allows you to
build extensive, relevant keyword lists from one simple interface, to generate keyword ideas
and review traffic estimations for existing and new keywords.

Enter and choose “Advertizing Programs”. Click “Get started with
AdWords”. Then under heading “Which best describes you?” choose one of the options. If
you choose “I have an email address …” check “I'd like to use my existing Google account
for AdWords.” and go to Step 2. If you choose “I do not use …” proceed with Step1.

Step 1. Follow these:

      Create a new Google Account for use with AdWords. This includes E-mail address,
       password and reentering the password.

      Type the characters you see in the picture below to ensure you are human.
      Press the button “Create Account”

Now, set your time zone and currency:

      Time zone country or territory: United States

      Time zone: (GMT – 06:00) Central Time

      Select a permanent currency for your account: US Dollar (USD $)

Your time zone and currency settings can't be changed after you setup your account. Review
your choices carefully and then click “Continue”. You are congratulated for your new Google
AdWords account and informed that to your e-mail a verification link was sent. Click that
link to make them sure they have the right e-mail address.

Step 2. Sine in with your Google account. Then click on “AdWords Home”
You are now in the Google AdWords Campaign Management. From the menu bar choose
“Reporting and Tools” and from the drop down menu “Keyword Tool”. Click on “Advanced
Options” to set locations, languages and other stuff.

Let say, our main keyword is “website”. Write it down in the field “Word or phrase …”. Do
not check “Only show ideas containing my search terms” in order to achieve more
suggestions. Press “Search”. The result is striking. “Local Monthly Searches” are 16,600,000
out of total “Global Monthly Searches” 37,200,000.

Do not start optimizing your website with the keyword “website”. The competition will be
extremely fierce. For a brand new website, or one you are just beginning to optimize, it's
better to select more specific keyword phrases. Let try the keyword phrase “how to make
website”. The results are more acceptable - 165,000 for “Local Monthly Searches” and even
though the competition is declared to be high it could be got over using another ways of
optimization. We choose the key phrase “how to make website” for optimization process.
First of all it is good to buy domain with this name which is a benefit regarding search
engines. For example, in the time this article was written a domain “how-to-make-” or say “” were free. Choose appropriate and buy it.

Now, enter the key phrase “how to make website” into the Google search window. The
website with the highest rating for this key phrase is
guidelines.html. This is not a top level webpage, meaning it is not the root directory This fact is quite good for us. If subpage is good rated in Google it
will be our advantage to use this key phrase. If you have Google Tool Bar installed you can
see that the Page Rank of this webpage is 6. It is quite possible to obtain this rank and higher.

Next, view the Source Code. We have to look for several items.

   1. Are they using “h1” heather tag and are they insert the key phrase “how to make
      website” inside? Yes, they are. They inserted a title “How to make a website on your
      own”. And they use it only one time which is the right thing to do. Remember - no
      more than one time.

   2. Are they using the key phrase inside the “title” tag? The same as above. They
      included “How to make a website on your own” inside the title tag as well. The
      website title should include only the main key phrase. As least amount of words
      contains the title the more weight Google will give to the keywords and the rank will
      higher. So do the all major engines.

   3. Are they bolded, underlined, or italicized the key phrase. Fortunately they did not
      bolded it anywhere in the page. Bold key phrase throughout the website. You can bold
      and the plural of the key phrase “How to make websites”. Include the both forms.
      Make some underline and italic of the key phrase.

   4. Are they using “alt” tags for images placing the key phrase inside? No, they did not.
      Do it on your images when optimizing the site. And more, add images that are named
      after the main key phrase. For example, insert an image with a name “how-to-make-
      website-picture1.jpg” and similar.

   5. Finely, place the main key phrase once in the very beginning and once at the very end
      of the website. They did it with the title in the beginning but not in the end.
All these OnPage optimization factors Google deems as important. The main idea on ranking
for Google is to analyze the top ranked websites containing our key phrase for the items
shown above. Then do it for your site to be better one up which will lead to a better ranking.
You can include additional key phrases and go through the same process of analyzing the top
ranked websites. It is a good idea first to get some initial traffic from easier ranking keywords
with less competition.
What is most important - do not use left column, because Google will view all the text there
before the body of the home page. If you need to use some kind of navigation or other
information place it in the right hand column. There are another ways of eliminating the
effect of the left hand column but it is not a subject of this article.
In summary, OnPage optimization will make small changes in the ranking of the website, but
it is not quite a help to make dramatic growth in ranking.

                        Part II OffPage Optimization

Primarily big changes in ranking could be achieved by OffPage optimization.

                                  Get Indexed by Google

It is very important to get indexed quickly into Google. Instead of using their submission
form other more efficient ways exist. Search engines find new websites by visiting already
indexed website. Then they follow all the links out to visit next site. From the next website
they will do the same “crawling” say your site to find new information to place it into the
index of search results.

So, you have a completely new website just created. To index it the search engines need to
find it following link of high indexed sites. Right an article of the topic of your website.
Because the domain name of the site is the title of the article could
be “How to make website on our own”. At the bottom of the article include a link to the
website. Visit a multitude of popular directories on the web and submit the article. Once the
article is added the search engines will follow the link to your site and indexed it. The more
links you get, the quicker you'll get indexed.

Further, enter the broadest keyword related to your website in Google. In the considered
example it should be “website”. Find several websites with a Page Rank of 6 and higher and
search their content for contact information. Send them an email asking to link to your
website in return for linking back to their. They might respond and place a link. Contact sites
highly related to your subject and offer something of benefit to their visitors if they add a link
to you. A link from PR 6 site will indexed your site in 3 days, and a link from PR 7 site will
indexed your site in 24 hours. This task might be very tough so you can purchase links from
link purchasing websites with high Page Rank. Do it only for one month. There is no need to
renew because you are already in Google’s index.

                          Getting the Site to the Google Top

To optimize the website for the key phrase “how to make website” analyzes of linking
strategy of the 10 highly ranked sites are needed. Enter keyword “make website” and
remember the first 10 highly ranked sites. The first highly ranked website is
“”. To find the websites linking to this site go to Yahoo and enter in
the “web search” window: “link:”. This will return a large list of
websites that link to Against “Show Inlinks:” choose the option “Except from this
domain”. You have to send your article to as many sites with rank higher than 6 as you can –
100, 1000 or more. Let take the first one “”. Its PG is 8 which is
excellent. Now from the menu just under the main menu click on “Write for Technorati” and
proceed with the “writer application”. If you get your article published your website
immediately gets a link from this highly ranked site. Do not remember to include a link to
your site in the end of the article.

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