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									                                                                                                                                   October/November 2009
          A publication of the Center for Instruction, Research, and Technology, Cunningham Memorial Library, and the Office of Information Technology

               Arthur Cunningham Society                                                                                                    In This Issue
Cunningham Memorial Library is es-           well over 100,000, making it the larg-    are interested in providing financial
tablishing the Arthur Cunningham             est Normal School library in the United   support to strengthen the library, en-
Society, whose membership, drawn             States. Mr. Cunningham brought the        hancing its collections, and promot-         •	 Shaping	the	Future	of		
                                                                                                                                    	 New	Technology		 	 	 	 	 	 	 	 2
from the university and the communi-         Dewey Decimal System to St. Mary of       ing its usefulness. A Board of Gover-
ty, supports the library in its mission of   the Woods, Rose Polytechnic Institute     nors composed of individuals who             •	 A	New	Way	to	Communicate	
creating an environment that provides        and Fairbanks Memorial Libraries. He      represent the Society’s membership is        	 with	Students 	 	 	 	 	 	 	 	 	2
for the academic and social needs of         planned a library build-                                 being organized. Plans
                                                                                                                                    •	 University	Archives		
the global community through inno-           ing at the Eastern Divi-                                 are also underway for a
                                                                                                                                    	 Yearbook	Digitization 	 	 	 	 2
vation and dedication to the lifelong        sion of Indiana State Nor-                               gala event that will pro-
pursuit of knowledge. The Society is         mal School, now known                                    vide Society members          •	 Library	Assessment	to	Meet	
named in honor of Arthur Cunning-            as Ball State University.                                with an opportunity to        	 User	Needs	 	 	 	 	 	 	 	 	 	 	 	 2
ham who, in 1890, was appointed the          After his retirement in                                  learn about the excit-
                                                                                                                                    •	 E-mail	Migration		
first Librarian of the Normal School’s       1928, he continued living                                ing plans that the library    	 Continues 	 	 	 	 	 	 	 	 	 	 	 	 3
library, serving in that capacity until      in the community where                                   has as part of the Univer-
his retirement in 1928. Under his dy-        he’d made his home for                                   sity’s “March On!” cam-       •	 Special	Collections		
namic leadership, the school’s first li-     over 50 years. He died                                   paign. For further infor-     	 Continues	to	Grow	 	 	 	 	 	 	 3
brary building opened in 1895. A sec-        December 13, 1940. In                                    mation about the Arthur       •	 Making	a	List	and	Checking		
ond building, which became known             1965, the Board of Trust-                                Cunningham Society            	 It	Twice		 	 	 	 	 	 	 	 	 	 	 	 	 	 3
as Normal Hall, was dedicated in 1910.       ees renamed the library the Cunning-      and how to become a member, con-
The Dewey Decimal System was in-             ham Memorial Library in Arthur Cun-       tact Cheryl Blevens, Circulation Depart-     •	 The	View	From	the	Trees 	 	 	 4
troduced, service hours were extend-         ningham’s memory.                         ment Chair, Cunningham Memorial Li-          •	 Important	Dates		 	 	 	 	 	 	 	 4
ed, a department of library science                                                    brary, at,
was established, and the library’s hold-     Membership in the Arthur Cunning-         or by calling 237-2545.
ings increased from 5,286 volumes to         ham Society is open to individuals who

                                October is National Cyber Security
                                       Awareness Month
As we rely more on technology based          important to know who you’re deal-        Back up your important files. By            These programs are available at
solutions in our everyday lives, cy-         ing with. If you are shopping on-line,    creating backups of important data
ber security becomes everyone’s re-          check out the seller before you buy       on a timely basis, you ensure that
sponsibility. Today, the largest group       something. For example, a legitimate      your data will never be lost. This will     Use strong passwords or strong au-
of victims of identity theft is between      business or seller should provide you     not eliminate the inconvenience as-         thentication technology to help
the ages of 18 and 29. Students need         with a physical address and a working     sociated with a hard drive crash or         protect your personal information.
to understand risks associated with          telephone number where they can be        corruption, but, it beats the alterna-      A strong password should appear to
devices in the electronic age and how        contacted in case you have any prob-      tive of having to recreate tens, hun-       be a random string of characters to
to protect their personal information,       lems. In addition, legitimate business-   dreds, or even thousands of lost files.     an attacker. It should be at least eight
their computer and ISU data network          es will NEVER ask you to send them        Another option is to make sure you          characters long (minimum). It should
resources. In as much as we endeav-          an e-mail containing your password.       store your data on a centrally man-         include a combination of uppercase
or to serve as mentors and to educate                                                  aged OIT server which are backed up         and lowercase letters, numbers, and
our students we should all strive to         Keep your web browser, operat-            nightly.                                    symbols. To test the strength of your
convey the following information to          ing system, and antivirus software                                                    password visit http://www.micro-
them—not only during Cyber Securi-           up to date. When you connect your         Use security software tools as your
ty Awareness Month but all the time.         computer to the network it is essen-      first line of defense. Always make          checker.aspx
                                             tial that all of your software is up to   sure you have antivirus software in-
Know who you are dealing with                date. The most important compo-           stalled and that it is configured to        Learn what to do if something
online. As with the brick and mor-           nents from a security perspective are     automatically receive updates to vi-        goes wrong. At ISU this is as simple
tar world, there are dishonest peo-          your web browser (Internet Explor-        rus definition files. Malware preven-       as contacting the Office of Informa-
ple on the Internet. However, due to         er, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera) and   tion tools can be used to help remove       tion Technology Help Desk either via
the Internet’s anonymity it is easier        your computer operating system. The       Trojan horse viruses and other mali-        e-mail at: or
for scammers to impersonate a legit-         best way to do this is to make sure       cious software designed specifical-         calling 2910.
imate business making it extremely           automatic updates are enabled.            ly to damage or disrupt your system.

                 Shaping the Future of New Technology
Emerging Technology (ET) at CIRT is always investigating new technology and providing advanced pro-
gramming support to ISU faculty. A variety of projects have been completed recently in such areas as spe-
cialized application programs, web-based database programs, and high performance computing (HPC)
programs. Below are descriptions of some unique projects addressed during in the past year:

ISU Live—ISU Live is a free signage software created by ET that combines live TV, RSS news feed, weather,
and custom messages for display on a television like monitor. TV channels and news display are fully cus-
tomizable through Web interface. This customization allows an office or department to program the au-
dio and video to meet their individual needs.

                                              America’s Crossroads: Using Second Life and Geographical Information Systems to Build a Usable Past and a
                                              Better Future For a Small Midwestern City—Dr. Isaac Land, assistant professor of History is reconstructing Terre
                                              Haute in a virtual world. The America’s Crossroads Project (ACX) database provides storage space that serves as an in-
                                              dexed, searchable resource for scholars and historians on the past, present, and future of Terre Haute. Registered users
                                              may add and edit information stored in the backend database through this web interface.

                                            Microscope Slide Management System—Microscope Slide Management
                                            System is a project developed in conjunction with Dr. Timothy Mulkey, profes-
                                            sor of Biology. It is an e-commerce type of database system that provides on-
                                            line microscope slide order service to faculty and staff. A shopping cart pro-
                                            vides faculty and teaching staff the convenience of requesting microscope
                                            slides online for classes. All digital images related to a slide can be previewed
with a mouse rollover. Each registered user has a shopping history record. Database management interface allows the lab
personnel to add or edit slides, upload images, delete slides or images, and manage users. This program also has a search
engine that supports a combination of multiple search fields in Boolean search mode.

                                             Gene and Species Phylogenomics Inference Package (GASPIPE)—GASPIPE
                                             is a project used by Dr. Gary Stuart, professor of Biology. It is a parallel program
                                             package that automates computation and analysis of whole genome sequence
                                             to estimate and validate species phylogeny. Traditional methods compare sections of genome and try to identify
                                             matches. Using whole genome sequences requires a tremendous amount of memory and increases computational in-
                                             tensity, achievable only on a parallel computer system. Analysis programs that run on single processor and multiple
                                             processors are developed for post process of singular value decomposition results in order to analyze the protein and
                                             peptide representations.

        A New Way to Communicate                                                                  University Archives Yearbook
              with Students                                                                                Digitization
With the newly installed integration        content they want to have sent to             University Archives is proud to an-           Digitization projects are undertaken
between Blackboard and the Rave                 their cell phones via text messag-        nounce the upcoming digital release           with the broad goals of improving ac-
alert system, students will now be                 ing. In just a few clicks, students    of the Sycamore yearbook and Nor-             cess to materials and enhancing pres-
able to receive text-alerts                          can have all announcements,          mal Advance student publications.             ervation. The Normal Advance and
of course announce-                                   assignments, and calendar           Archives staff scanned approximate-           Sycamore yearbook are among the
ments, assignments,                                   events for all of their Black-      ly 27,000 pages of ISU history from           most frequently requested resourc-
and calendar events.                                  board courses sent to their         1895 to 1993 taking almost a year to          es and the scanning project will meet
Students have the op-                                 cell phone or they can acti-        complete. Compressed PDF versions             patron’s needs by allowing access to
tion to activate these                                vate the option for an indi-        of the yearbooks are already on the           the publica-
alert capabilities in                                 vidual course. Students who         archives Web site (http://www.ind-            tions at their
Blackboard by going                                   have not registered for RAVE          leisure with-
to one of their courses                               will be prompted to do so           books.htm) up through 1949 with               out hav-
and clicking on Tools,                                and will be walked through          the remaining years to be available           ing to han-
then clicking on Config-                              the process. Using RAVE in          over the next month. Uncompressed,            dle the
ure Rave Alerts. If they                              Blackboard gives faculty an         high quality scans will be retained on        originals.
have already registered                               additional way to reach stu-        the archives’ server as a permanent
for RAVE alerts, students                           dents with important informa-         preservation copy of these unique
will simply log in with their Sycamore      tion. Faculty do not have to activate         publications.
login and password and choose the           anything, everything is automatic.

                                         Library Assessment to Meet User Needs
  How can the library better meet the needs of faculty, staff, and students? That is the question that the campus was recently asked through a LibQUAL survey.
  LibQUAL is a suite of services that libraries use to solicit user opinions of quality of service. In addition, the library will open one day of its strategic planning ses-
  sions for campus input. On November 18th, the library invites students, staff, and faculty to help us plan for the future. Through the LibQUAL survey and the
  strategic planning session, the library hopes to better understand user perceptions and needs and to act upon the data to improve services and resources.

          E-mail Migration Continues                                                                  Making a List and
The Office of Information Technology
(OIT) continues to migrate GroupWise
                                               •	 Fairbanks	Hall
                                               •	 Fine	Arts
                                                                                                      Checking It Twice
users to Exchange/Outlook 2007 with
                                               •	 CPFA
the goal of having all active and retired                                                  I always cringe when someone tells me
faculty and staff migrated before the          •	 Art	Annex                                that they used someone else’s program

University leaves for winter break.            •	 Dreiser                                  assessment plan as a model for their
                                               •	 Erickson	Hall                            own plan, When I ask why the particu-
It is difficult to provide specific dates                                                  lar plan was chosen, I generally get the
                                               •	 Residential	Life—all	buildings
for the migrations because some build-                                                     reply, “Well it was on the web and the
ings take a week, others take two, and         •	 HMSU                                     program just got accredited so it must
many times buildings can be combined           •	 Facilities	Management                    be good.” As educators, we are often
                                                                                                                                           with Gloria Rogers, Ph.D.
to create larger groups. The following         •	 Facilities	Annex                         faced with helping students know how
building schedule provides the expect-                                                     to filter all the “stuff” that is on the web,
                                               •	 Grounds	Maintenance
ed order of migration by building:                                                         which they tend to reference and some-
                                               •	 Gillum	Hall                              times (to our dismay) copy. One of the ways we help them is to provide guide-
•	 Technology
                                                                                           lines to follow as they search out credible reference materials, How do you know if
•	 Stalker	Hall
                                               Announcements will go out to each           someone else’s program assessment plan is worth emulating (whether you found
•	 Root	Hall                                   building the week prior to the migra-       it on the web or not)? How do you know if your plan is consistent with good prac-
•	 New	Theater                                 tion so that you can prepare. Howev-        tice? The following check list is designed to guide you in your evaluation.
•	 Science	                                    er, the Consultant will do most of the
                                               work when he or she arrives in your         Is the assessment question known and explicit? Is it clear what assessment ques-
•	 Holmstedt	Hall
                                               office at your scheduled appoint-           tion is being asked? Some possible questions are: Have we achieved our desired
•	 Family	Consumer	Sciences                    ment time.                                  program learning outcomes? Can we demonstrate the value added that our pro-
                                                                                           gram provides students? Each of these questions requires a different approach
                                                                                           and emphasis in the development of measurable outcomes statements, data col-
                     Special Collections                                                   lection processes, analysis, and evaluation criteria. In other words, it is important
                                                                                           that the plan includes demonstration of a clear understanding of the question that
                     Continues to Grow                                                     is being explored. It is important to note that even if the question implies summa-
                                                                                           tive assessment (i.e can we demonstrate that we have achieved our outcomes at
It probably doesn’t occur to most indi-        research which has often resulted in        the end of the program ?), it is good assessment practice to be taking measures
viduals when they hear of the Special          important scholarship. For example,         along the way to determine your progress BEFORE the end of the program (for-
Collections Department in the Library          Ernest Freeberg published Democ-            mative assessment) so interventions can be made if students are not making ade-
to think in terms of growth either in          racy’s Prisoner with Harvard Universi-      quate progress.
materials or services. But, in fact, Spe-      ty Press in 2008. The Kirk Collection of
cial Collections has a history of contin-      music, which contains 15,000 exam-          Are educational objectives clearly stated, developed with the input and review
ued growth in both its holdings and its        ples of printed popular music reach-        of your constituents and aligned with educational outcomes? For those who
services spanning more than thirty-five        ing back to the nineteenth century and      have attended assessment workshops or program evaluator training, this has al-
years. Among its many collections, the         sweeping forward to the early 1970s.        most become a mantra. However, if this statement is dissected, it demonstrates
Cordell Collection of Dictionaries is the      In the Kirk Collection is an important      the importance of aligning the curriculum with the needs of key constituents and
largest collection of historical diction-      repository, the user will find exam-        early career graduates. It creates an important relationship between faculty and
aries worldwide housed as a separate           ples of sheet music, dance band mu-         those practicing in the field and enables faculty to maintain curriculum relevance.
entity. The Cordell Collection, which          sic, and country music, to name a few
has been in existence since 1969, has          examples. In just the last three years,     Are outcomes defined and the number manageable? Because the definition of
grown from a few hundred books to              the Kirk Collection has been augment-       student learning outcomes is the most critical and overlooked element of the as-
approximately 8,500 titles. Typically, 40      ed by gifts of several thousand more        sessment- planning process, this is where serious effort and/or scrutiny should
to 60 books, often in multiple volumes,        examples of dance band music and            take place. Regardless of what you call the statements that define your outcomes,
are added every year. Researchers con-         sheet music. Both of these collections      each outcome should have a few high level performance criteria, that are the fo-
sult it frequently for many different          contain hundreds of digitized hold-         cus of your data collection process. In the absence of definition, it is impossible
kinds of information, from usages to           ings which can be viewed by individu-       to have any direct measures of student learning at the outcome level. If you are
word history and grammatical devel-            als or printed out. The process of digi-    benchmarking your student/alumni/employer responses against those of peer in-
opment. The encyclopedia holdings              tizing works in these two collections       stitutions, remember that in the absence of a common definition of what the out-
in the collection have provided fodder         continues as copyright coverage for         comes mean the usefulness of the data are interesting but not very informative for
for numerous articles and books, since         published materials disappears year by      the purpose of program improvement. That is, if a program finds that its students
in some instances the only writing on          year.                                       or alumni self-report that their level of achievement on a certain outcome is lower
particular topics, particularly in the                                                     than their peers, what can be done with that information? Certainly, program fac-
eighteenth century, found their way            The department has many other col-          ulty can discuss the issue and determine that they need to add additional modules
into encyclopedias. The Cordell Collec-        lections, including textbook collec-        on the outcome in their courses, but what would they add? What does it mean to
tion has over 135 of these early ency-         tions, a human memory collection, a         have “the broad education necessary to understand the impact of engineering so-
clopedias. The emphasis of this collec-        collection on the Lincoln era, the Indi-    lutions in a global and societal context”? What did it mean to those from your pro-
tion is on the development of English          ana Collection, the Faculty Collection,     gram who responded to the survey? What did it mean to the respondents of peer
and the relationship of English to oth-        and the Rare Books Collection. The          institutions? Is it possible that it means different things for different programs? Be
er languages, so seminal lexicograph-          subject matter found in the books and       cautious when the only evidence of student learning is based on self-report of ill-
ical works in many languages will be           other materials found in Special Col-       defined or undefined outcomes whether they are bench marked or not. These
found in its holdings. A research fellow-      lections relate directly to many of the     data cannot lead to well-focused program improvement. (Continued on page 4)
ship is available to assist users who of-      courses taught in the University. Spe-
ten come from afar to make use of this         cial Collections regularly hosts class-
world-renowned collection.                     es and provides lectures or instruction                   Training Opportunities
                                               on collection content and Special Col-                     
Another collection that continues to           lections maintains an extensive pres-
grow is the Debs Collection, which spe-        ence on the Internet. The Web site is lo-                                     •	 Faculty	Learning	Communities
cializes in books not only on Eugene V.        cated on the Library home page under                                          •	 Special	Interest	Groups
Debs but on social movements in gen-           “Services” or at http://library.indstate.
                                                                                                                             •	 Technical	Training
eral. This collection has tripled in size in   edu/about/units/rbsc.
the last dozen years and has supported

                                              The View From the Trees
 The leaves are beginning to turn col-       their faculty member posts an assign-       collection.                                            place where Mac users can meet to
 or and soon they’ll be crunching un-        ment or announcement, they receive                                                                 share information. So if you’re a Mac
 der foot as you walk across campus.         a text message on their cell phone—         As many of you know—I’m a flexi-                       user, you will want to watch your e-
 And just like the seasons, things are       talk about convenience.                     ble kind of squirrel (I have both a Dell               mail for an announcement of an up-
 changing in technology. With my im-                                                     and a Mac). While I normally report on                 coming meeting.
 patient squirrel nature, I could hardly     And, keeping track of those impor-          windows based activities, I thought it
 wait to tell you what’s happening on        tant things like money and “holds”          would be good to provide a little bit                  Well—I’ve got to run. It’s time to be
 the technology front.                       has gotten a whole lot easier with a        of Mac information. The new Mac O/S,                   collecting nuts and getting ready for
                                             new portal feature. When students           Snow Leopard, has officially been re-                  winter.
 As you know, I spend a good deal of         log into their MyISU portal, they will      leased and is a “must have” upgrade.
 time around Gillum Hall—it’s amaz-          find a new portal channel that dis-         While many of the changes will have                                            Skratch
 ing what you can hear if you keep           plays important information (such as        you chattering, one of the most use-
 your ears to the window. Let me             outstanding balance, financial aid sta-     ful for ISU Mac users is the upgraded
 tell you, things are changing. First        tus, academic status, etc). What’s even     e-mail function. With this new release,
 I heard about a couple of new fea-          more handy—each item displays a             Mac now provides native Exchange
 tures that will help students keep          “green check” or “red X” giving stu-        support including calendar and ad-
 track of their information. Students        dents a quick “visual check” that alerts    dress book.
 taking classes that use Blackboard          them to issues that may cause prob-
 are now able to receive their course        lems when it comes time to register.        I will have more Mac news next time,
 announcements, assignments, etc.            I could use something like that to re-      but rumor has it that ISU is starting a
 on their cell phone or PDA. When            mind me about the status of my nut          Mac Special Interest Group (SIG) as a

(Assessment 101—Continued from page 3)
Are educational strategies aligned with anticipated outcomes? The concept of                Important Dates
curriculum mapping has become very common. Aligning curriculum with educa-                 Note: All events will take place in the Library’s Events Area unless otherwise designated.
tional strategies (usually through courses but not always limited to courses) pro-
vides a clear understanding of where in the curriculum students are getting op-
portunities to learn, practice, develop, and demonstrate the performance criteria           October
related to the program outcomes. This information provides faculty with the op-
                                                                                            24     ISU Homecoming
portunity to make informed decisions about data collection: where to collect the
data; from whom to collect the data; and how often to collect the data.                     28     Autism Workshop                                                 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
                                                                                            30     Latin Fest                                                                Events Area
Do assessment methods include both direct and indirect measures and are they
appropriate to the program context? When choosing assessment methods, it is
important to use a multi-method/multi-source approach to maximize the validi-               2      Oscar Wilde Symposium                                           9:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.
ty and reduce the bias of anyone approach. It is also important to have at least one        2      Day of the Dead—Sugar skull demos                               1:00 p.m.-3:00 p.m.
direct method that provides for the examination or observation of student knowl-            5      WV3 Anniversary Celebration                                                 11:00 a.m.
edge or skills. There appears to be almost exclusive dependence on the use of indi-
rect measures such as surveys. Although indirect measures have some usefulness,             December
they generally cannot provide the rich information of direct measures. Which as-            19     Commencement
sessment methods you choose should be appropriate to your outcomes and meet
your needs for validity and affordability (time, effort, and money) but remember
that at least one measure should be a direct method.

Are data collection processes systematic and flexible? When making decisions
                                                                                            A full list of campus events can be viewed at
about what outcomes to assess, how often to assess them, and from whom to col-
                                                                                            A list of CIRT professional development workshops can be found at
lect the data, it is important to remember that the focus of program assessment is
on the program and not on the individual student. A multi-year timeline should be
established that demonstrates multiple cycles through the process for each out-
come (at least two cycles). The nature of the timeline will depend on the assess-        etc.) will dramatically impact the anticipated results and the context within which
ment question.                                                                           evaluation will take place. Looking for other program assessment plans in order to
                                                                                         model or benchmark your own can be a very informative process. However, it is
Results are evaluated and appropriate action taken and/or success of outcomes            important not to assume that just because the program has been accredited that
achievement is validated. There is more to evaluating your success than just look-       the plan is appropriate for you or that another program evaluator may have the
ing to see if your learning outcomes are met. If you find that 95% of your students      same view of the plan.
could demonstrate the anticipated learning outcomes by the time of graduation,
there seems to be great cause for celebration. However, if only 35% of your enter-       If your assessment program includes the elements of this checklist, you are well on
ing students actually graduated, then it is a hollow victory. It is important to place   your way to establishing meaningful assessment processes, which will not only en-
the results In context of your program, who your students are, and the resources         hance the educational experience of students but also provide focused, efficient
you have available. The nature of your institution (open enrollment vs. selective,       processes for your program to monitor its own progress toward excellence.

   Shelley Arvin, Bob Barley, Cheryl Blevens, Eric Holt, Robert Jefferson, Carol Jinbo,
   Ed Kinley, Yancy Phillips, David Vancil, and Kelly Wilkinson

    Published by the Office of Information Technology
    Gillum Hall, room 103
    Indiana State University
    Terre Haute, IN 47809
    812-237-8439                                                     • •

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