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					Advertising: A Review

Great buys at affordable prices! Buy 2 and get 1 free! The most convenient gadget in town!
We have high caliber booklets and flyers on digital printing! Top of the line products!

These are only some of the slogans, phrases and sentences you can find in many printing
reviews, whether online such as that of printplace reviews, or offline such as that seen in
magazines and newspapers. These words are also commonly used in advertising of products
and services. These just reflect how advertising plays a vital role on whether the business
grows or go broke.

Many institutions, companies, organizations and even small businesses rely on advertising
too much nowadays as if they won’t survive long in the business arena without an
advertisement in the marketplace. It has become an integral part of modern business. They
create images, styles, and approaches that can easily distinguish their products and the
company as a whole through newspapers, magazines, handbills, radio, television, etc.

With the advancement of technology, comes the development of the different types of
advertisement based on a more advanced technology of today. With trying to be “high-tech”
and getting on with the times, more often than not, the true essence or objectives of
advertising are overlooked. Some advertisements are crossing the boundaries of morality and
thus creating protests on the consumer and government side. It is therefore important to have
reviews on the objectives of the business’ advertising efforts to get business owners and
marketers back on track.

The primary purpose of advertising is to sell something – a product a service, or an idea. Its
general objective is to increase the volume of sales and improve on the profit. Companies are
spending too much on advertising so that their products are being pushed to the most
noticeable position; making the product remembered and liked, and consequently be bought.

Second objective of advertising is to support a selling program. Advertising may be used to
open customer’s doors to salesmen and to acquaint the prospect with the seller’s company. It
permits the salesman to make fewer calls and enables the company to maintain contact with
the customers between salesmen’s calls.

By advertising, you can reach people that are inaccessible for your salesmen to reach. You
are then able to connect even with top business executives and professionals who make the
buying decisions in a company. In either case, there is a good chance that all executives and
decision makers will read a journal or two, or a brochure which carries the ads or will see
your advertisement on television.

Next is to enter a new geographic market or attract a new group of customers. For instance, if
your business name is online printing company reviews that cater on online printing products
and services, in order to attract customers, try to make an advertisement that is fresh and try
to highlight your quality that others don’t have.

You have to advertise to introduce a new company product or a price schedule. Customers
are always attracted to new products especially if it is affordable. In addition, companies
advertise when they give a new packaging on their products or they have lowered the price,
and they even give out promos.

Also, to increase the use of a product is one significant objective of advertising. An
advertising campaign may be designed to lengthen the season for the product. Customers
have the tendency to support a product that they are constantly seeing and hearing on

Lastly, remember that a good display advertisement or television commercial must
accomplish four main goals before it can be effective. First, it must attract and hold attention.
Second, it must deliver a sales message concerning the product and its advantage, in a
meaningful and believable manner. Third, it must convey a favorable feeling towards the
product advertised. And, lastly, it must be remembered.