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1.1        SUMMARY

      A.   Section Includes: Wal-Mart furnished and installed loading dock equipment.

      B.   Unless otherwise specified, all work specified in this Section will be provided by Wal-Mart at no expense to the
           Contractor. These specifications are provided as information to the Contractor.

      C.   Related Sections:
           1.     Section 03310 – Structural Concrete and Exterior Concrete Slabs: Concrete pit for dock levelers.
           2.     Section 05500 - Metal Fabrications: Steel angle frame around dock leveler pit.

1.2        SUBMITTALS

      A.   Closeout Submittals: Supplier shall submit the following to the Contractor for submittal in accordance with Sec-
           tion 01770 for equipment specified in this section.
           1.     Operations and Maintenance Manuals.
           2.     Certificate of Inspection.
           3.     Dock Leveler Warranty.


      A.   Installation shall be by manufacturer’s qualified and authorized installers. Installation by unauthorized installers
           will not be accepted.

      B.   All equipment provided for the project shall be by one manufacturer.

      C.   Provide on-site field inspection by a manufacturer’s authorized representative and authorized installer verifying
           installation and operation of all products specified herein are in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations
           and instructions.

      D.   Complete Certificate of Inspection included at the end of this section.


      A.   Product Delivery: Wal-Mart Supplier will deliver products to jobsite to be received by the Contractor. Contact
           shall be made between Contractor and Supplier to coordinate product delivery and installation.

      B.   Product Packaging: Dock equipment will be delivered in manufacturer's standard packaging with identification
           markings on each component or package.

      C.   Acceptance at Site: Contractor shall inspect products upon delivery of products to jobsite to verify quantity of
           products furnished and shall report discrepancies in quantity delivered or obvious damage to products delivered to
           Wal-Mart and Supplier.

      D.   Store and handle dock seals in a manner to avoid damage to fabric. Comply with manufacturer's published instruc-
           tions for minimum and maximum temperature requirements for storage.

      E.   Contractor shall handle, store, and protect products in accordance with Section 01600.


Lake Wylie (Clover), SC - 5745 - 0920010                                                                         June 17, 2009


      A.   Loading Dock Equipment Manufacturer and Wal-Mart Supplier:
           1.    Nordock, Inc.; Pewaukee, WI, Contact: Tom Barlow (888) 654-2687.

2.2        DOCK SEALS

      A.   Model: FPW-22V-WP8-WF by Nordock.

      B.   Description:
           1.     Side Pads: Length equal to clear opening height, beveled profile 12 wide at front and 8 inch wide at back.
                  If driveway approach is not level, taper side pads inward or outward as necessary from bottom to top so
                  that face of pad is perpendicular to the trailer bed when setting at the dock on the driveway approach and to
                  provide minimum 6 inch uniform compression of pad from top to bottom.
           2.     Head Pad: 12 inch height by length to equal 2 feet longer than clear opening width with projection to
                  match projection at top of side pads.
           3.     Clear Opening Size: As indicated on Drawings.
           4.     Provide breather slots for pads.
           5.     Core: High-density urethane foam core with supporting frame.
           6.     Cover Fabric: Vinyl coated nylon, 22 oz/sq yd, black.
           7.     Wear Pleats: Full height of side pads, 40 oz/sq yd vinyl coated nylon, with 8 inch exposure, black. Extra
                  40 ounce wearface on face of head pad, black.
           8.     Guide Stripes: Manufacturer's standard width stripe full height of side pads, yellow.
           9.     Supporting Frame: 2" Kiln-dried, preservative treated wood, fully encased with cover fabric, galvanized
                  steel hardware.

2.3        DOCK LEVELERS

      A.   Model: AirDock Air Powered Dock Leveler by Nordock.

      B.   Description:
           1.     Air bag operation, with low pressure, high volume air system to raise and lower platform.
           2.     7'-0" wide by 8'-0" long nominal size; minimum dymanic capacity of [ [35,000 lbs.
           3.     12 inch lip beyond bumper face, below dock control, secure from illegal entry, and full range side telescop-
                  ic toe guards.
           4.     Performance Requirements:
                  a.      Maximum gross moving load (forktruck weight + load): 13,000 pounds
                  b.      Maximum forktruck speed with load: 6 miles an hour.
                  c.      Forktruck wheel configuration: Both 3 and 4 wheel.
                  d.      Assumed Usage: Up to 4 trucks per day per door, seven days a week.
                  e.      Assume angled approach traffic pattern on and off deck.
           5.     Stump out elimination provisions.
           6.     Service Range: 12” above and below dock level.
           7.     Brush style weatherseal with galvanized steel frame at dock plate perimeter.
           8.     Extended night lock feature.
           9.     Dock Bumpers: Two steel faced dock bumpers, 20 inches high and 11 inches wide. Provide standard 4
                  inch bumper with steel face totalling a minimum 5.25 inch projection from face of dock.
           10.    Remote wall-mount push button controls with single phase 115v blower motor. Provide a hinged padlock
                  lockable cover and padlock.

      C.   Warranty: Warrant the following for the period stated from the date of installation.
           1.    Warrant complete front and rear hinge assemblies for a period of 20 years.


Lake Wylie (Clover), SC - 5745 - 0920010                                                                         June 17, 2009
           2.     Warrant structural components including deck lip or frame assembly and welding from structural defects
                  for a period of ten years.
           3.     Warrant all lifting components for a period of five years.
           4.     Warrant dock bumpers against defects in workmanship the dock bumper face against wear for a period of
                  10 years.
           5.     All other components shall be covered for one year from date of installation.


      A.   Model: Nordock Model EM-7220-W.

      B.   Description:
           1.     72 inch width, minimum 20,000 pound capacity.
           2.     Recessed mounting as indicated on Drawings.
           3.     Dock Bumpers: Two steel faced dock bumpers, 20 inches high and 11 inches wide. Provide standard 4
                  inch bumper with steel face totalling a minimum 5.25 inch projection from face of dock.
           4.     Block-out size determined by Manufacturer's standard width.

2.5        WHEEL CHOCKS

      A.   Model: L-88 by Nordock.

      B.   Description:
           1.     Laminated rubber pads assembled on 3/4 inch bolts and compressed between 1/4 inch plates. Unit will have
                  eye bolt or loop for attachment of chain.
           2.     Meets OSHA and DOT requirements.
           3.     Provide 20 foot long approved chain and attach to concrete wall at dock with expansion anchors. Locate on
                  driver's side of truck trailer.


      A.   Provide operation chart for dock levelers and edge-of-dock levelers outlining operational instruction. Chart shall
           be adhesive backed vinyl faced sticker suitable for permanent application to composite or steel dock doors. Chart
           shall not include maintenance instructions.


3.1        EXAMINATION

      A.   Examine existing conditions and adjacent areas where products will be installed and verify that conditions con-
           form to product manufacturer’s requirements. Verify that building elements required for product installation are
           ready to receive work. Do not proceed until unsatisfactory conditions have been corrected.

      B.   Verify size of pit and equipment anchorage requirements. Beginning of installation indicates acceptance of condi-


      A.   Install loading dock equipment in accordance with manufacturer’s published instructions at locations shown on the

      B.   Apply sealant between dock wall and dock seal as shown on the drawings.

      C.   Install wheel chock at each new dock door on driver’s side of door. Provide 20 foot long, 1/4-inch plated chain for
           each wheel chock. Attach chain to foundation wall by expansion anchor on driver’s side of door.


Lake Wylie (Clover), SC - 5745 - 0920010                                                                        June 17, 2009
      D.   Dock Equipment shall be installed by manufacturer’s qualified and authorized installers. Installation by unautho-
           rized installers will not be accepted.


      A.   Interface with Other Work:

      B.   Coordinate size and location of cast-in-place concrete dock leveler or edge of dock leveler block-outs, pits, rein-
           forcement, frames, inserts, and formwork with Contractor before start of concrete placement.


      A.   Installed equipment shall be cleaned and fully adjusted for proper operation at time of installation. In addition,
           dock levelers and edge-of-dock levelers shall be serviced, cleaned, and adjusted by the original installer within two
           weeks prior to grand opening. Documentation of final service performed on the levelers shall be included with the
           O & M Manual submitted.

      B.   Apply operation chart for dock leveler and edge-of-dock leveler on inside face of each dock door centered at 5 ft
           above floor.



Lake Wylie (Clover), SC - 5745 - 0920010                                                                         June 17, 2009
                                              CERTIFICATE OF INSPECTION
                                                    SECTION 11160
                                              LOADING DOCK EQUIPMENT

Project Location:                                                                       Date: ______________



Project Number:                                 Store Number:

The following loading dock equipment has been inspected and approved:

                    Dock Seals:                      Product Mfg and Model:
                    Dock Levelers:                   Product Mfg and Model:
                    Edge of Dock Levelers:           Product Mfg and Model:
                    Wheel Chocks:                    Product Mfg and Model:
                    Dock Bumpers:                    Product Mfg and Model:
                    Trailer Restraints:              Product Mfg and Model:

Statement of Conformance:

The undersigned hereby declares that the Product identified above by manufacturer's name and model number is the product
specified and is suitable for the intended use as defined within the Contract Documents and has been provided and placed in
operational condition by a manufacturer’s authorized installer and in accordance with the manufacturer's published instruc-
tions and the Contract Documents.


                                                                               Phone Number: (       )
(Contact name of supplier of above product)

(Supplier name and address)


                                                                               Phone Number: (       )
(Contact name of company installing above product)

(Company name and address)


(Contact name of Contractor)                                    (Contractor signature and Title of Signatory)


Lake Wylie (Clover), SC - 5745 - 0920010                                                                        June 17, 2009