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					DACUM Competency Profile for Simulation Program Coordinator

The Simulation Program Coordinator is a healthcare professional who is responsible for the development, implementation and evaluation of the integrated simulated clinical
experiences to enhance participants learning outcomes.
     Duties                                            Tasks
A                            A-1                  A-2               A-3               A-4                   A-5              A-6               A-7             A-8            A-9
    Manage Daily             Establish &          Coordinate        Manage staff      Collaborate with      Manage           Oversee           Oversee         Oversee        Ensure
    Sim Lab Operations       maintain use of      staff             assignments.      internal & external   Supplies.        adherence to      equipment       equipment      compliance
                             policies and         scheduling.                         support services.                      regulatory        maintenance.    management     with core
                             safety guidelines.                                                                              agencies.                         and            measures.
                             A-10                 A-11              A-12              A-13                  A-14             A-15
                             Synthesize           Monitor           Manage and        Provide updates       Participate in   Participate in
                             simulation lab       utilization of    report            on simulation         budget           hiring process.
                             usage data.          lab.              simulation        operations.           management.

B                            B-1                  B-2               B-3               B-4                   B-5              B-6               B-7             B-8
    Coordinate               Train staff on       Provide           Provide PMI       Mentor educators      Provide          Coordinate        Utilize         Develop
    Simulation               daily operations,    training on       (Preventive       to facilitate         participant      continuing        simulation      partnerships
    Education                policies, and        operation of      Maintenance       simulation            orientation.     education         equipment for   with
                             procedures.          simulation &      Intervention)     scenario                               training (ie.     mandatory       community
                                                  clinical          Training.         applications.                          PALS; ACLS;       agency/core     agencies.
                                                  equipment.                                                                 NRP; BLS)         measure
                             C-1                  C-2               C-3               C-4                   C-5            C-6                 C-7
                                                                                                                                               programs.       C-8            C-9
    Facilitate               Identify faculty /   Recommend         Research &        Assist in             Develop        Modify existing     Develop new     Apply          Test new or
C                            course objectives.   scenarios to      recommend         alignment of SCE      implementation scenarios.          scenarios.      evidence-      modified
    Activities                                    meet course       simulation        (simulated clinical   plan per                                           based          scenarios.
                                                  objectives.       equipment &       experience) with      scenario.                                          practice to
                                                                    supplies to       curriculum.                                                              SCE.
                             C-10                 C-11              C-12              C-13                  C-14
                             Ensure supplies &    Ensure proper     Develop           Ensure patient        Assess
                             equipment are        setup of props/   simulated         safety goals are      student
                             gathered.            Moulage.          medical record.   met.                  readiness for
D                           D-1                D-2                D-3               D-4                   D-5              D-6               D-7              D-8              D-9
    Conduct                 Assure assembly    Ensure proper      Test              Assure safety.        Review           Operate           Set the stage    Support          Trouble-shoot
    Simulation              of equipment.      application of     equipment.                              scenario with    computer/         for SCE.         faculty in       problems
                                               props/                                                     faculty.         software.                          scenario         during
                                               Moulage for                                                                                                    implementa-      scenario.
                                               SCE.                                                                                                           tion
                            D-10               D-11               D12               D-13
                            Participate as a   Assess             Modify            Provide feedback
                            resource during    participant        scenario to       within assigned
                            SCE.               performance.       ensure unique     role.
E                           E-1                E-2                E-3               E-4                   E-5              E-6
    Conduct Post            Assess and         Gather             Discuss           Evaluate              Assess           Assure break
    Simulation Activities   evaluate           evaluation         process           equipment.            inventory        down and clean
                            participants       data.              improvement                             utilization.     up of
                            learning                              with staff.                                              equipment and
                            outcomes.                                                                                      supplies.
F                           F-1                F-2                F-3               F-4                   F-5              F-6               F-7
    Facilitate SCE          Provide feedback   Elicit feedback    Evaluate          Provide               Provide          Evaluate          Recommend
    Debriefing              with faculty on    from               scenarios for     performance           additional       simulation        areas for
                            participant’s      participants for   currency to       review materials.     teaching         experience with   improvement.
                            performance.       SCE                practice.                               resources.       faculty.

G                           G-1                G-2                G-3               G-4                   G-5              G-6               G-7              G-8              G-9
    Coordinate              Develop and        Create written     Collaborate       Communicate           Promote          Encourage         Participate in   Participate in   Participate in
    Community               distribute         communication      marketing         simulation activity   simulation       multi-            advisory         health fairs.    disaster
    Outreach                marketing          tools (ie.         strategies with   (ie. current          internally and   disciplinary      meetings.                         medical
    Activities              materials.         newsletter;        PR                practice,             externally.      utilization of                                      response.
                                               web site)          department.       outcomes, future                       simulation lab.
                            simulation lab
H                          H-1               H-2              H-3               H-4                 H-5              H-6              H-7                 H-8              H-9
    Ensure                 Develop           Promote          Leverage          Participate in      Disseminate      Maintain         Coordinate          Provide          Utilize
    Sustainability and     recommendations   simulation       donations from    grant/proposal      simulation       communication    open session        alternative      simulation lab
    Growth of Simulation   for income        utilization by   internal and      writing.            efficacy to      with             time for            clinical         for participant
    Program                generating        community        external                              administrators   administration   participants.       experience       remediation.
                           activities.       partners.        partners.                             and other        regarding                            for
                                                                                                    partners.        simulation                           participants.

I                          I-1               I-2              I-3               I-4                 I-5              I-6              I-7                 I-8              I-9
    Maintain               Maintain          Maintain         Maintain          Maintain currency   Participate in   Participate in   Participate in      Participate in   Participate in
    Professional           professional      membership in    currency in       with new product    simulation       networking       faculty training.   research.        new
    Development            licensure/        organizations    evidence-         research and        conferences.     opportunities.                                        equipment
                           certifications.   that emphasize   based practice.   development.                                                                               acquisition
                                             simulation.                                                                                                                   training.
                           Present at
        DACUM Competency Profile for

 Simulation Program Coordinator
                    March 4-5, 2009

Produced by:
California Community College
Economic and Workforce
Development Program
Health Initiative
                              DACUM PANEL MEMBERS

Evangeline Fangonil-Gagalang            Aurelie Chinn
Simulation Coordinator                  Academic Nursing Skills
Chaffey College                         Specialist/Simulation Coordinator
5885 Haven Avenue                       Cabrillo College
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91701              6500 Soquel Drive
(909) 899-3731                          Aptos, CA 95003
afangonil@hotmail.com                   (831) 479-6253

John Cordova                            John Edwards
Simulation Program Coordinator          Clinical Skills Laboratory Technician
Mt. San Antonio College                 Torrance Memorial Medical Center
1100 N. Grand Ave. Bldg. 37 Sim Annex   3330 Lomita Blvd.
Walnut, CA 91789                        Torrance, CA 90505
(562) 544-8308                          (310) 257-5783
jcordova@mtsac.edu                      jedwards@tmmc.com

Diana Johnston                          Nancy Wilson
Professor/Simulation Coordinator        Simulation Coordinator
American River College                  Napa Valley College
4700 College Oak Drive                  2277 Napa Vallejo Highway
Sacramento, CA 95841                    Napa, CA 94558
(916) 484-8070                          (707) 945-0323
johnstdl@arc.losrios.edu                nwilson@napavalley.edu

Linda Zorn, RHORC Director
Butte-Glenn Community College
3536 Butte Campus Dr.
Oroville, CA 95965
(530) 879-9069
                                          Acronyms Used
A&P- Anatomy and Physiology                       ID- Identification
ABG-Arterial Blood Gas                            INT - Intermittent
ACLS- Advanced Cardiac Life Support               I/O- Intake/Output
ADN- Associate Degree Nursing                     IP- Internet Protocol
A/V- Audio/Visual                                 IR- Infraray
BG- Blood Glucose                                 IS- Information Systems
BLS- Basic Life Support                           IT- Information Technology
BP- Blood Pressure                                IV- Intravenous
BS- Bowel Sounds                                  IVF- Intravenous Fluids
BSN-Bachelor of Science in Nursing                IVP- Intravenous Push
CAT 5- Category 5 (Networking cable)              IVPB- Intravenous Piggy Back
CD- Compact Disc                                  JCAHO- Joint Commission on Accreditation of
CE- Continuing Education                          Health Care Organizations
CEU- Continuing Education Unit                    LCD- Liquid Crystal Display
CNA- Certified Nursing Assistant                  LR- Lactated Ringers
CO- Cardiac Output                                LS- Lung Sounds
CPR- Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation               LVN- Licensed Vocational Nurse
CPU- Central Processing Unit                      MB- Motherboard
CRT- Cathode Ray Tube (type of monitor)           METI- Medical Education Technologies Inc.
CV- Cardiovascular                                MSN-Masters of Science in Nursing
CVP- Central Venous Pressure                      NCLEX-National Council Licensure Examination
DMR- Disaster Medicine Recovery                   NICU- Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
DNS- Domain Name Service                          NPO- Nothing by Mouth
D5W- 5% Dextrose in Water                         MSDS- Material Safety Data Sheets
DV- Digital Video                                 NRM- Non-Rebreather Mask
DVD- Digital Video Disc                           NS- Normal Saline
DVR- Digital Video Recorder                       O2- Oxygen
DX- Diagnosis                                     O2 Sat- Oxygen Saturation
ECS- Emergency Care Simulator (METI)              OB- Obstetrics
ED- Emergency Department                          OR- Operating Room
EKG/ECG- Electrocardiogram                        OSHA- Occupational Safety and Health
E/MAR- Electronic/Medication Administration       Administration
Record                                            P&P- Policy and Procedures
EMR- Electronic Medical Record                    PC- Personal Computer
EMS- Educational Management Solutions             PNCI- Program Nursing Curriculum Integration
FERPA- Family Education Rights and Privacy Act           (METI)
FTP- File Transfer Protocol                       P.O.- Purchase order
FX- Fracture                                      PO- By Mouth
GI- Gastrointestinal                              PTZ- Pan- Zoom- Tilt
GU-Genitourinary                                  Pulse Ox- Pulse Oximetry
GUI- Graphical User Interface                     RAM- Random Access Memory
HD- Hard Drive                                    RFID- Radio Frequency Identification
Hep-loc – Heparin Lock                            RN- Registered Nurse
HIPAA- Health Information Portability and         RR- Respiratory Rate
Accountability Act                                RT- Respiratory Therapist
HPS- Human Patient Simulator (METI)               SBAR-Situation Background Assessment
HR- Heart Rate                                    Recommendation
HTTP- Hypertext Transfer Protocol                 STAT- Immediately
ICU- Intensive Care Unit                          TCP- Transport Control Protocol
TEMP- Temperature            UO- Urine Output
TJC - The Joint Commission   USB- Universal Serial Bus
TO- Telephone orders         VCE- Virtual Clinical Experience
TX- Treatment                VS- Vital Signs
TX-Transferred               WLAN- Wireless Local Area Network
                                 Worker Characteristics and Behaviors
Ability/willingness to learn           Dependable                            Patience
Ability to be creative                 Desire to learn                       Passionate
Ability to delegate                    Diplomatic                            Positive attitude
Ability to problem solve               Discreet                              Proactive
Ability to set boundaries              Effective communicator                Professional behavior and attire
Ability to work independently/         Empathetic                            Professional respect and
   self directed                       Energetic                                courtesy
Able to wee whole picture              Ethical                               Progressive
Accountable                            Flexible                              Respectful
Adaptive                               Fiscally responsible                  Responsible
Advocate                               High level of customer service        Self- motivated
Analytical                             Holistic view                         Sense of humor
Anticipates change                     Honesty                               Team player/collaborative
Assertive                              Innovative                            Thorough/detailed
Committed                              Inquisitive                           Trustworthy
Compassionate                          Integrity                             Visionary
Complete task timely                   Mechanically inclined                 Willing to go “extra mile”
Creative                               Mentor                                Works well under pressure
Cultural diversity/sensitivity         Multi-task
Critical thinker                       Open minded

                                       Future Trends/Concerns

    Accreditation of simulation center                        Increased student population
    Additional collateral/supportive professionals            Institutionalizing position
       and occupations (vocational)                            Interface with administration & board of
    Automated simulation                                         trustees - our role
    Budget constraints/fundraising                            Integration into programs
    Certification and accreditation (CEUs)                    Lack of qualified faculty
    Change of market share in simulation vendors              Maintaining confidentiality of recordings
    Changing student population/culture                          (web-based)
    Distance learning                                         Maintain currency in equipment & supplies
    EMR                                                       Remote simulations
    Educating faculty and administrators                      Replacement of outdated or broken equipment
    Educational component – Bachelors/Masters                 Security & safety of simulation equipment
    Grant seeking/financial support –                         Training capacity (ACLS, PALS, NRP)
       Internal/external/sustainability                        Using simulation in licensure exams
    Incorporating multi disciplinary simulation               Virtual sim lab/hospital
       CE                                                      What is acceptable blend of simulation &
    Increase of simulation centers due to lack of                clinical
       clinical setting
    Increased realism
                           Tools, Equipment, Supplies, and Materials
                                   Cig. Packs                       Glucometer
3- pc small pliers set             Circuit testers                  Goof off
4- pc large pliers set             Clocks with a second hand        Goo gone
4x4 gauzes                         Coaxial cables                   Gowns
8- pc screwdriver set              Compressed gas                   Graphic design software
Locking tape measure               Computer(s) PC or MAC            Gurney
12- pc combination wrench set      Control Panel (gas)              Hammer
ABD dressing                       Cosmetic items                   Headphones
Abduction Pillow                   Multi-Drawer combo tool center   Hemostats/Clamps
Air cleaners (HEPA filters)        Crash cart with supplies         High Fidelity Manikins
Air compressor                     Cream based white makeup         Hospital supplies
Alcohol wipes                      Cream of Wheat                   Immobilization boot
AMBU Bags                          CRT Monitor                      Immobilization equipment
Ammonia                            Crutches                         Incubator/infant warmer
Angiocatheter                      Culture swabs                    Incentive Spirometer
Applesauce                         Patient Cup                      Intubation tray
Audio cables                       Debriefing software              Intubation tubes
Audio leveling                     Defibrillator                    INT caps
Audio mixers                       Denture cup                      Isolation cart
Automatic BP cuff                  Diapers                          IV arm
A/V equipment                      Disinfectant                     IV fluids
Baby powder                        Docu Camera                      IV pole(s)
Backboard                          Doppler                          IV pumps
Bandages                           Dressing change cart             IV saline lock
Band-Aid                           Duct Tape (different colors)     IV start kit
Batteries                          DV                               IV tubing
Battery chargers                   DVD                              Jello
Beds                               DVD Burner                       Kling dressing
Bedside table                      EKG Machine                      KY Jelly
Biohazard bags                     EMR                              Labeler
Blender                            Electrodes                       Laptops
Blood drain kit                    Emesis basin                     Laryngoscope
Body parts                         Enteral pumps                    Laryngoscope blades
Buckets/pails                      Equipment cases                  LCD monitor
Bounce boards                      Fetal monitor/belts              Lenses (telephoto/wide
B/P cuff/machine                   Fire wire                           angle/zoom)
Dry erase markers                  Flash memory stick               Light meter
Cable ties                         Foam                             Lights
Calendar/Schedules                 Foley catheter                   Linens
Camera controllers                 Food coloring                    Linen cart
Camcorders                         Food items                       Manikins/Low fidelity
Cane                               Food props                       Medical Air
Cardiac Monitor                    Frosting                         Medication cart
Chair                              Fundus kit                       Media managers
Chalk                              Gait belts                       Microphones
Chest tubes                        Gastric tubes                       (shotgun/omni/boom)
Chest tube drainage system         Gel effects                      Microsoft Windows
Chicken/animal bone parts          Glasses                            application (Word, Excel,
  Access, Power Point,      RCA cable                      Thermometer
  Outlook, Visio)           Refrigerator                   Tissue
Mini DV                     Respiratory cart               Tracheostomy tubes
Mini tool flashlight        Restraints                     Tracheostomy collars
Monopods                    Router                         Zip ties/Velcro Ties
Moulage book reference      Plastic wrap                   Toiletries
Moulage cart                SCE Clothing (Male & Female)   Tone generator
Moulage pot                   wigs                         Tool box drawer liner pads
Moulage Recipes             Saran wrap                     Toothbrush
MSDS sheets                 Scissors                       Toothpaste
Nasal cannula               Self -Cling dressing           Trash Cans
Nebulizer                   Sharps container               Tripods
Neck Brace                  Signal boosters                Unit software
Needles                     Signal splitters               Urinals
NG tubing                   Silicon spray/lubricant        Urinary drainage bags
Non-rebreather mask         Simulated blood                Urinary catheters
No touch suction catheter   Simulated charts               USB
O2 mask                     Simulated code drugs           Utility cart
Oatmeal                     Simple green                   Utility knife and blades
Office supplies             Simulated drugs                Ventilator
Orange spray                Sink                           Venti mask
OR cart                     Signal/network switchers       Video cables
Overhead projectors         Software for Adobe             Video capture/edit/print
Oxygen                      Soldering iron                    Software
Paint                       Speakers                       Video compressors
Pantyhose                   Spinal needle                  Video monitors
Patient Trash bags          Surgical Stapler               Video projectors
PCA pump                    Sterile water                  Video servers
Peri-Pads                   Stethoscope                    Vinegar
Phone (Cell or Landline)    Still camera                   Vital machine
Pillows                     Straws                         Voltmeter
Pitcher                     Suction                        Wall peg units
Plastic sealable bags       Suction canister               Water-based markers
Plastic Bins                Suction equipment              Water Pitcher
Pocket level                Super Glue                     WD-40
Powdered makeup             Syringes                       Wheel chair
Power adapters              Tape                           White board
Power cords                 Tape dubbing equipment         Wigs
Power strips                Tapioca pudding                Wire strippers
Projector screen            Task Trainers                  WLAN
PTZ cameras                 Transparent dressings          XLR
Puddings (all types)        Telephone                      Yankauer oral suction wand
Pulse Ox                    Television                     Y-cables
Q-Tips                      Textbooks
                                 General Knowledge and Skills

 Adherence to compliance guidelines                   Cultural sensitivity for diverse population
 Anatomy and Physiology                               Customer service
 Audio Visual                                         Data collection/evaluation/reports
        o Editing                                      Decision making
        o Hardware knowledge                           Delegation skills
        o Processing (deletion)                        Developing Policies
        o Recording video                              Develop training modules
 Advanced clerical skills                             DMR local/state plans
 Advanced familiarity with electromechanical          EBP/research
   and pneumatic functions of equipment and            Electrical and mechanical knowledge
   devices                                                    o Aspect rationing
 Advanced reading and comprehension                          o Audio leveling
 Advanced familiarity with                                   o Color balancing
   mechanical/electrical repairs                              o Light balancing
 Budgeting/Accounting                                        o Video burning
 Building scenarios                                          o Video converting and compression
 Campus and department policies                              o Video dubbing/transferring
 Clinical practice                                    Equipment/supply
 Communication skills                                 Facilities maintenance
        o Written                                      Fund development/sustainability plans
        o Technical                                    General lab safety
        o Telephone                                    Group dynamics
        o Verbal                                       HIPPA guidelines enforced
        o E-mail                                       Hiring practices/legalities
 Computer and A/V troubleshooting                     Healthcare work experience
 Computer security                                    Interpersonal skills
 Computer skills                                      Job description/develop
        o CompTIA (Computing Technology                Leadership skills
            Industry Association)-certification        Learning outcomes
            not required                               Learn programming environment
        o Debriefing software
                                                       Inventory management
        o Hardware
                                                       Knowledge of bit rates
        o InfoCom (audiovisual industry
                                                       Knowledge of FERPA
            organization)-certification not
            required                                   Knowledge of Hazardous Waste/MSDS
        o Computer networking                          Knowledge of OSHA
        o Internet for research                        Knowledge of wireless networking
        o MAC and PC                                   Knowledge of medical terminology and
        o Microsoft Office suites                         abbreviations
        o Simulator software                           Knowledge of regulatory guideline (ie. Core
        o Software                                        measures, patient safety goals & MSDS)
        o Troubleshooting                              Marketing/Presentation
        o Video capture/editing software               Moulage
 Confidentiality                                      Networking skills with campus and off-
 Conflict Management                                     campus resources
 Creating implementation plans                        Networking skills with students, faculty, and
 Critical thinking                                       staff
   Organizational skills                                Quality Improvement
   Problem solving                                      Task prioritization
   Product research                                     Time management
   Professional development                             Web design knowledge and skills
   Professional organizations to join/credentialed