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									Hire BlackBerry Mobile Application Developer India
Intelegencia, a one of the best blackberry mobile application development software company feels proud to
announce his continuation of the services of blackberry mobile application development.

BlackBerry is a abstracts centric device abundantly acclimated by businessmen. It has bigger screen and
keypad that makes an advantageous device. Intelegencia has a big team of BlackBerry developers which
totally working on the BlackBerry application development.

Intelegencia offers blackberry application development at affordable price and have development center
in India. India is a developing nation and you can find most of the companies offering casework of
BlackBerry programmers but selecting a reliable aggregation for your blackberry mobile application
development projects. Intelegencia is one of the best companies which offer blackberry mobile application
development at affordable price. You can appoint a BlackBerry programmer and get accomplished your
development with absolute satisfaction.

BlackBerry Areas of Expertise Include:

       Client/Server Application
       Wireless Solutions
       Wireless Entertainment
       Advertisement Applications
       Internet based Solutions
       Mobile, PDA, Embedded and Wireless technologies to bring innovative software development
        solutions according to your needs.
       Porting and Handset Testing
       QA Testing and Support
       Migration of applications from J2ME to Blackberry and vice versa

For more information on hiring blackberry mobile application developer please contact us at (404)889-7333
or email us at sales@intelegencia.com.

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