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					Young Adult Books
Author:           Title:                               Location:            .
Lawrence, L.S.    Escape by sea                        YA    L     ASH                                                       A selection of
Wilkins, Kim      The pearl hunters                    YA    W     HAB
Marshall, Susan
Mulligan, David
                  The tartan helix
                  Heroes of Tobruk
                                                                                                                  NEW CHILDREN’S &
Wu, Di            Love and friendship in the
                  Chinese zodiac
                                                       YA    W     ASH                                              YOUTH BOOKS
                                                                                                                            Summer Reading
Marchetta, Melina Finnikin of the rock                 YA    M     ASH
Angyal, Erica     Gorgeous skin for teens              YA    A     ASH
Pratchett, Terry  Nation                               YA    P     ASH                                                  Staff Picks:
Flanagan, John    The kings on Clonmel                 YA    F     ASH
Clark, Margaret   Pulling the moves                    YA    C     HAB                                                                Santa Claus in Baghdad
Myhre, Lise       Nemi                                 YA    M     ASH                                                                By Elsa Marston Youth M ASH
HSC Resources                                                                                                                         A collection of fictional
Author:         Title:                                  Location:       .                                                             stories that express the real
                                                                                                                                      thoughts and beliefs of many
                Old/new world
Skrzynecki, Peter                                     HSC 829.4 SKR ASH
Pung, Alice     Growing up asian in Australia         HSC 820.8 GRO ASH                                                               Arabic Teens in the modern
Abdel-Fattah, R.Where the streets had a name          HSC 823.4 ABD ASH
                                                                                  Children’s and                                      world.
Stone, Judith   When she was white                    HSC 305.488 STO ASH        Youth Collections                                    The tales of Beedle
Pung, Alice     Unpolished gem                        HSC 305.895 PUN ASH       Books are in alphabetical                             the bard
Gaita, Raimond  Romulus, my father                    HSC 304.894 GAI ASH       order by authors surname.                             By J.K.Rowling JF R ASH / HAB
Pattinson, BruceJane Harrison’s Rainbow’s End         HSC 822.92 PAT ASH
Mitchell, Lewis Arthur Miller’s The Crucible          HSC 812.54 MIT ASH
                                                                                   Pink: Picture Books                                'You've never heard of The
Walters, Julia  Stephen Daldry’s Billy Elliot         HSC 371.33 WAL ASH        Board and picture books for mother                    Tales of Beedle the Bard?'
                                                                                   and child to share together.
Oakley, Kirsten Jane Yolen’s Briar Rose               HSC 813.54 OAK ASH                                                              said Ron incredulously.
Mitchell, Lewis Andrew Niccol’s Gattaca               HSC 791.4372 MIT ASH      Green: Beginner Reader                                'You're kidding, right?'
                                                                                Simple readers and graphic novels                      (From Deathly Hallows)
Burgess, ThereseWilly Russell’s Educating Rita        HSC 822.914 BUR ASH
Burgess, ThereseMark Haddon’s The curious             HSC 823.914 BUR ASH          for those learning to read.
                                                                                                                                      Toad Surprise
                incident of the dog in the night-time                              Yellow: I Can Read                                  By Morris Gleitzman JF M ASH
Hough, Lyndall  English A to Z                        HSC 428.1 HOU ASH         Short chapter books and graphics
                                                                                novels to build reading confidence.
                                                                                                                                       Toad Surprise follows the
Schill, Janne   New HSC Deconstructing                HSC 808.042 SCH ASH
                perspectives : a practical guide to the area of study                                                                  dream of Limpy to fond a
                                                                                White: Children's Fiction                              place where cane toads and
Smith, Cathy    Senior High School Hospitality        HSC 647.95 SMI ASH        Fiction books, graphic novels, and
Tregarthen, L.  HSC Chemistry                         HSC 540.76 TRE ASH        talking books to expand the mind.                      humans live happily to-
Patel, S.K.     HSC Maths Extension 2                 HSC 510.76 PAT ASH                                                               gether. Surely, this time
                                                                                       Orange: Youth
Baker, Lyn      Revise in a month HSC Math            HSC 510.76 BAK ASH                                                               Limpy will be able to show
                                                                                Fiction & non-fiction formats to sup-
McCarthy, Janet HSC Legal Studies                     HSC 349.94 MAC ASH           port life skill development and                     humans how nice cane
Hayward, P.     HSC studies of religion               HSC 200 HAY     ASH                 broaden the mind.                            toads can be? After all, it is
Campbell, Emma HSC mathematics: exam papers           HSC 510.78 CAM ASH                                                               Christmas. And isn't Christ-
                                                                                      Red: Parenting
                                                                                 Items that staff & parents recom-      mas a time of peace and goodwill to all
This list is only a short selection of the new HSC resources.                       mend as tools for parenting.        men? And cane toads?
The HSC Resources are available for 3 week loan, there are no renewals or
extensions on this collection. You may reserve an item.
Board books                                                                         Children’s Non Fiction
Author:           Title:                                    Location:         .     Author:             Title:                       Location:       .
De Paola, Tomie Jamie’s little Christmas angel              PIC D       HAB         Ebben, Katie        Basic stitches               JNF 746.44 EBB ASH
Brooks, Felicity  Trains                                    PIC B       ASH         Emerson, Jayne      New from old                 JNF 746.92 EME ASH
Bruna, Dick       Miffy                                     PIC B       ASH         Balance, Alison     Thieves & rascals            JNF 591.5 BAL     ASH
Bentley, J.       Dorothy the dinosaur goes camping         PIC B       ASH         Hawk, Tony          Professional skateboarder    JNF 796.22 HAW HAB
Taback, Simms     Safari animals                            PIC T       ASH         Pickering, James    World music                  JNF 780 PIC       HAB
Watt, Fiona       Farm                                      PIC W       ASH         Malam, John         Buried treasure              JNF 904 MAL       ASH
Randall, Ronne    Noisy noisy mooo!                         PIC R       ASH         Green, Jen          Saving energy                JNF 333.7916 GRE ASH
Randall, Ronne    Noisy noisy booo!                         PIC R       ASH         Schomp, Virginia    Stegosaurus                  JNF 567.9 SCH     HAB
Boynton, Sandra The going to bed book                       PIC B       ASH         Mattern, Joanne     Sharks                       JNF 597.3 MAT     ASH
Romanelli, Serena Let’s play ball                           PIC R       ASH         Tristan Boyer        Guinea pigs                 JNF 636.9359 BIN HAB
Buckingham, G. Five small stars                             PIC B       ASH         Marks, Anthony      Easy piano tunes             JNF 786.218 MAR ASH
Buckingham, G. Five little ducks                            PIC B       ASH         Schafer, Susan      Tigers                       JNF 599.756 SCH HAB
Child, Lauren     You can be my friend                      PIC C       ASH         Stefoff, Rebecca    The Asian empires            JNF 950 STE       ASH
Miller, Virginia  Be gentle!                                PIC M       ASH         Stewart, Melissa    Rabbits                      JNF 599.32 STE    HAB
Gleeson, Libby    Cuddle time                               PIC G       ASH         Otfinoski, Steven   Seahorses                    JNF 597.6798 OTF ASH
Child, Lauren     Boo! Made you jump                        PIC C       HAB         Blackwood, Gary     Debatable lies               JNF 920.02 BLA    HAB
                                                                                    Nicklin, Flip       Face to face with dolphins   JNF 599.53 NIC    HAB
Picture books
                                                                                    Manning, Phillip    Dinomummy                    JNF 567.91 MAN HAB
Author:            Title:                                   Location:         .
                                                                                    Raum, Elizabeth     Wild west legends            JNF 920 RAU       ASH
Fox, Mem           Ten little fingers and ten little toes   PIC F       HAB
                                                                                    Cooper, Adrian      Fair trade                   JNF 382.7 COO ASH
Dennis, C.J.       A Bush Christmas                         PIC D       ASH
                                                                                    Brooks, Alis        Chinese Australians          JNF 305.89 BRO HAB
Newbury, L.        Posy                                     PIC N       ASH
                                                                                    Carroll, Lewis      Lewis Carroll                JNF 821.8 CAR     ASH
Winton, Tim        Jesse                                    PIC W       ASH
                                                                                    Blaxland, Wendy     Pencils                      JNF 674.88 BLA    ASH
Base, Graeme       Enigma                                   PIC B       ASH
                                                                                    Maurer, Tracy       Mini Cooper                  JNF 629.222 MAU ASH
Niland, Deborah    The big green thing                      PIC N       ASH
                                                                                    Parry, Ann          Greenpeace                   JNF 333.72 PAR    ASH
Gordon, Gus        A day with Noodles                       PIC G       ASH
                                                                                    Chapman, Garry      Getting a job                JNF 650.14 CHA ASH
Child, Lauren      Snow is my favourite and my best         PIC C       ASH
                                                                                    Gillis, Jennifer    Aquariums                    JNF 597 GIL       ASH
Whybrow, Ian       Tim, Ted & the pirates                   PIC W       ASH / HAB
                                                                                    Armentrout, D.      Custom bikes                 JNF 629.227 ARM ASH
Van Allsburg, C.   Probuditi!                               PIC Y       HAB
                                                                                    Hudson, David       Blogging                     JNF 006.7 HUD     ASH
Child, Lauren      Goldilocks and the three bears           PIC C       HAB
                                                                                    Crocombe, A.        Climate change               JNF 551.6 CRO     ASH
Alakija, Polly     Catch that goat!                         PIC A       HAB
Calabrisello, A.   Spiderlings and their families           PIC C       HAB         Graphic Novels
                                                                                    Author:             Title:                       Location:         .
I Can Read                                                                          Hino, Matsuri       Wanted                       YA    H     ASH
Author:            Title:                                   Location:         .
                                                                                    Lee, So-Young       Arcana vol 1                 YA    L     ASH
Murphy, Mary       Parrot Park                              ICAN M      ASH
                                                                                    Raiti, Ashly        Mark of the succubus         YA    R     ASH
Browne, Eileen     Handa’s surprising day                   ICAN B      ASH
                                                                                    Tsukuyomi           Moon phase vol 1             YA    T     ASH
Feeney, J.         Robin Hood’s day                         ICAN F      ASH