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In my home, bedtime stories were a staple for a very long time. Now that
my daughter can read very well on her own, she prefers to read with me
in the daytime, but before bed she snuggles down by herself to read her
own stories for kids. Books are important, and babies should have them as
young as possible, even if they only try to eat them. Exposure helps with
an eagerness to read later. You can buy piles of books for your kids, but
you want to find the ones that work with their age group for the best
results. A good reader is a lifelong learner.

When babies first see books, they often have no idea what they are. They
just want to chew on them. However, you can find picture books that they
will love to look at with you. The very best stories for kids this age do not
have many words. In fact, they really aren't much of a story. Babies love
to look at faces. A good book for your baby under one year is a book full
of other babies. They will be fascinated. Some also like brightly colored
pictures. Some have one or two words with each picture, which you can
read to them to help them learn words.

As your babies grow into toddlers, stories for kids that they are going to
enjoy are stories that mean something to them. These are simple stories
about things that they encounter in their every day lives. This might include
things like taking a bath, eating, playing outside, playing with friends,
learning to brush their teeth or use the potty, and of course, playing with
you. They also enjoy stories about animals of all types, as children are
fascinated with pets and animals they see at the zoo or on television

When children get a bit older, you can choose stories that prepare them for
the new things that will be coming into their lives. Stories for kids that are
of preschool age are about what it is going to be like when they go to
school and how life will be different. If they go to daycare, they can benefit
from stories that show them the difference. They are still going to like
stories about people and animals, but may also start to love fantasy stories
about dinosaurs and princesses. You can more easily choose stories now,
as your children a non stop fountain of clues at this age. Just listen to
them play pretend.

When children get into school, they are more able to pick out which stories
for kids they are going to want to read the most. Their teacher may read
them something they like, and if they tell you about it, you can go out and
find stories that are related to that story. They may even have a good time
going with you to a book store or shopping online for stories that they find
interesting. Many schools have book fairs, which are also a great way to
see what your child is interested in reading and what sparks their
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