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									An easy, nutritious and delicious shrimp salad recipe for your warm weather

During the warm days of summer, rare is the cook who wants to spend
much time in front of a hot stove. Here's one recipe that's easy and quick,
providing you with a tempting one-dish meal that is satisfying and nutritious
and gives you an opportunity to serve lots of those fruits and veggies we
all need more of in our diets. This shrimp salad recipe can also be
prepared ahead of time, thus giving you the best of all characteristics in the
culinary world. Let's see if you don't agree!

This recipe serves four, but is easily scaled up or down as suits your

Heavenly shrimp salad recipe
1 head of Hearts of Romaine lettuce
1 pound of salad shrimp, cooked
4 hard-boiled eggs
2 avocados
4 medium vine-ripened tomatoes, cut into wedges
4 tablespoons fresh chopped cilantro (leaves only)
alfalfa sprouts to taste
garlic flavored croutons to taste
1 medium fresh lemon, quartered

1.Chill dinner plates, if desired
2.Divide cleaned lettuce, torn into bite-sized pieces on individual serving
3.Mound ¼ pound of shrimp in the center of the salad.
4.Peel the eggs and slice, arranging the slices around the edge of each
5.Quarter the avocados, remove the skin and portion out half an avocado
per serving, forming a border around the shrimp mound.
6.Core the tomatoes, cut into wedges and place between the egg slices,
using one tomato per serving.
7.Sprinkle cilantro, alfalfa sprouts and croutons over each salad.
8.Dress with Thousand Island dressing and garnish with a wedge of fresh

If you wish to prepare this shrimp salad recipe ahead of serving time, place
each of the ingredients in separate plastic bags until you're ready to
assemble the salad, slicing the eggs and avocados at the last minute, to
prevent discoloration. You can also add a teaspoon of lemon juice to your
Thousand Island dressing mix for a little extra zip, if you like. When using
frozen salad shrimp, thaw overnight in the frig.

Our shrimp salad recipe is versatile. Don't hesitate to add or substitute
other favorite fruits or veggies your family enjoys. You can even substitute
crab or Krab(R) for the shrimp, keeping the rest of the ingredients as
listed above.

Any way you cut it, this shrimp salad recipe makes an elegant, filling meal
and is easy on the cook. Serve with a basket of garlic-buttered French
bread and you've got a winning meal everyone will love!
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