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									The Experts 'New Way to Begin Saving Money - for the Most Part, Forget

The way uncertainties in life and the economic health of the country are
going, you could be forgiven for wondering if the retirement planners and
the economic experts who advise you on how to tackle it all could have a
good deal of control over their finances themselves. If those know-alls might
believably have a hard time with their own savings plans, what do the rest
of us do when saving money for a future we don't have the feeblest idea
about? Certainly, you have scientifically designed retirement planner
calculators and other online tools to help you, but they can know no better
than the best assumptions you give them. Whatever you tell it you will
make over the next 10 years, is the best it has to work on; and the same
goes for what you tell it about how your investment portfolio will perform,
what the rate of inflation is going to look like, what taxes you pay, and so

People are finally beginning to wake up to how unfair all of it is. They
slave at their jobs, make a thankless salary, and for all the sacrifices they
are willing to make saving money for tomorrow and the years to come, they
know that there is no telling how meaningful the financial planning sold to
them will be. Everything could evaporate in the blink of an eye. It breeds
weariness; a kind of fatigue.

So the financial gurus now have a plan where they ask you to work in a
way that completely ignores all the uncertainty. They don't want you to put
your life on hold so that you can save frantically for a future you know
nothing about. Instead, they want you to start saving money early, and to
merely think about the things you do have some control over, making
course corrections throughout your life. This new mantra seems to be, that
you are to place yourself in a comfortable-enough position that you will be
able to make a good deal of any future eventuality. Flexibility is now the
name of the game.

When you first start out at your career, the most important thing at this
stage would be to begin to form healthy financial habits. This isn't really the
time to double down and start saving money really hard. Look at it this
way - if you work hard at finding a job for yourself that you could really
enjoy, you'd probably end up making a whole lot more at it, because you
enjoy it. And that is the best way to make a good go of your financial life
at this stage. If you started worrying about saving money now, you would
feel encumbered by the pressure, and you wouldn't think clearly enough
about switching jobs, getting the qualifications and so on. Once you do
establish yourself at a career you love, you can finally look forward to
putting by 15% of what you make each month. Remember, even $5000 a
year invested in an IRA when you are 25 will work out to half a million by
the time you retire.

The best way to set about saving money would be to get rid of every
scrap of interest-charging debt you have in your life. There is no possible
investment on earth that could pay you as much as you lose on a debt.
Saving money doesn't have to mean depriving yourself of every earthly
pleasure today. If your heart's desire is to travel a bit and see the world,
or to buy your girlfriend (or boyfriend) the most beautiful piece of jewelry
ever, it's difficult to put a price on that. If you put things off now, you
could end up putting them off forever.
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