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I got rid of my desktop computer about three years ago, and haven't looked
back since then. There wasn't really anything wrong my that machine --
except for the fact that it took up tons of space in my tiny apartment
where I had very little room to spare to begin with. But it was around that
time that laptops emerged as reasonable replacements for desktop models
because of a massive increase in on-board storage and memory, plenty of
ports for external accessories, and all the computing power you'd ever
expect or need to have. This was especially true of HP laptop computers,
which is the brand I ultimately chose to go with. Now I can't imagine going
back to a desktop again!

There are many reasons that I think HP laptop computers are superior to
other brands out there. For one thing this manufacturer is a major player in
the computer industry, and its name alone practically ensures that the
consumer will get a quality product that delivers in every aspect of
performance and durability. For another thing, HP laptop computers come
with terrific features like a Blu-ray disc player and core 2 duo processors
for speed. I know other manufacturers now offer some of these features as
well, but not at the same price levels.

Speaking of price, that's always a major consideration when shopping for
laptops -- particularly these days when you can get everything from an
entry-level product for $200 to a state-of-the-art machine that can do
everything for $2,000 or more. When I was doing my product and price
comparisons, I soon saw that HP laptop computers provide consumers with
a relatively large number of the most desired features and capabilities for a
reasonable price. Plus, when you shop online, you'll be able to find the
absolute best deals on HP laptop computers from reputable retailers. These
discounts and special offers can translate into savings of 10 percent or
more, which is a pretty substantial figure when talking about laptops. Throw
in a discount on an extended warranty, and add free shipping to the
equation, and you come up with a deal that's very tough to beat.

There are plenty of different HP laptop computers to choose from, so I'm
sure you'll be able to find one no matter what your needs are. Whether
you're a college student looking for computer that won't take up precious
space in your dorm room, a casual home user with typical computing
needs, or a business person who needs a dependable machine that can
stand up to the demands of near-constant work and travel, there are HP
laptop computers built specially for you. Check out the new lineup of
products today, and get rid of that clunky, oversized desktop once and for
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