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									Not all Hotel Deals have Disappeared this Year - if you know where to

If you tried making reservations for your vacation this summer, you probably
noticed that there were no hotel deals, no recession discounts on offer this
year the way they were in 2009. No one is offering you a night free if
you buy two anymore; if you are lucky, you get a few hesitant half-hearted
offers and lots of conditions to go with them. But there still is a little
recession good cheer around in the form of generally low prices. The travel
industry still hasn't recovered well enough to begin to raise prices yet - not
even enough to keep up with inflation. To whatever modest discount you
might be offered, you could add the inflation percentage you've been spared
- if hotel prices had risen in step with the general inflation rates we have,
they'd be a lot higher.
If averages look more indicative to you, last year, the average hotel rate
was $97, and that's fallen about two dollars this year.

Luxury hotels have been laying off staff left and right, and they've been
cutting down on the luxury; if anything, they're looking to make a killing this
year, to try to recover from effects of the bruising couple of recessionary
years they've just come out of. So what kind of halfhearted hotel deals are
we talking about now? Hilton for instance, has its Hilton Worldwide Great
Getaway Sale that gives you a third off on the listed price at most of its
hotels around the world, if you buy before the first week of September. So
where's the halfhearted bit? It's in the little condition that you can't change
your mind - it's not refundable, and of course, the best deals at any hotel
are not eligible for the discount. They may apply it just to some of the
more pricey rooms. So before you get carried away by what's available on
offer, make sure that you compare the "offer price" with the best rate you
would get otherwise.

So much for the major chains; the smaller independent hotel chains have
deals that are targeted at a specific kind of customer. If you are a train
traveler, at Kimpton, you get 15% off off their best hotel deals; and a train
ticket counts even if you just bought a ticket to travel within the city. If
you'd like a website that'll tell you about all the hotel deals on offer, try According to this website, you'll probably see the best
discounts the country traveling to Las Vegas this season. You also see
plenty of deals for hotels opening new for the first time now. You'll typically
get 50% off when you pick such a hotel.

These hotel deals come and go really quickly; flash discounts is just how
the business operates. To keep on top of them, try a site like that will alert you on Twitter the moment these discounts
turn up; and you had better act quickly - they'll be gone in a couple of
hours. They have special secret sales where they don't tell you the name
of the hotel you you'll be getting - they only give you the price and
describe the room and property for you. Some hotels like Wyndham, Omni
and Kimpton will give you complimentary snacks and WiFi if you will just
sign up for their loyalty programs. It all depends on how quickly you snap
the deal up.
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