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									Best Horror Movies 2006

2006 was a banner year and the best horror movies 2006 list that I
present here will be somewhat controversial, but these lists always are. The
reason no one can agree on these lists is that while some people consider
all slasher movies to be horror, some only think that supernatural elements
make up the horror genre. We can’t be that picky so we will review them
all in the following compendium lest we offend any sensitivities out there.

“Feast” directed by John Gulager was actually released in 2005 but did not
hit the movie theaters until 2006. Featuring the typical zombies run amok
plot, it goes off track quickly and remains pretty unsettling. Very gory and
scary and definitely a must see.

Six girls get trapped in an underground cave labyrinth while spelunking and
are chased by albino earth-dwelling creatures in this very frightening film
directed by Neil Marshall. The best thing about this film is that they build
the story and characters very carefully so that we as an audience get very
involved with each person. We care about what happens to them and as a
result the scary parts are even scarier.

“Hostel” is also in my best horror movies 2006 list even though it does
not have a supernatural element to it because it is intensely frightening at
times and always disturbing. A group of backpackers going through Europe
get lured into a hostel that has gorgeous girls running around in skimpy
outfits. They get kidnapped and placed as victims into a “torture club” for
rich sickos. Definitely not for the kiddies.

Another of the best horror movies 2006 is “Turistas” which a lot of people
hated but I liked, mainly because I have spent a lot of time in the jungles
of Central America and can relate to the subject matter. Tourists being
robbed and set upon by the locals always makes for great suspense
cinema. Not really traditional “horror” but scary enough as a suspense film.
What constitutes “horror” anyway? Does anyone really get horrified
anymore? The most these films will do to typical jaded audiences is a
shock now and then that makes them jump out of their seat.
The last movie that was truly horrifying was “The Exorcist” which stayed
with you long after you left the theater. That feeling of dread which made
you scared to sleep alone at night does not come along very often. Another
movie which scared me like that was “The Blair Witch Project” but I know
a lot of people hated it and even got sick watching the moving camera
shots. “Paranormal Activity” was like Blair Witch, with lots of hand held
camera parts though not quite as many as in Blair Witch or Cloverfield.

Get the popcorn and gummy bears. Time to get scared!
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