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                               Pa c i f i c C oas t Ch apt er
                                                                                             2010 CLCA Executive Board
  2010 Board of Directors                                2010 Women’s Auxiliary
President                                                                                   President
Martin J. van Zeyl                     (310) 261-8845             President                 Bill Schnetz                   (760) 591-3453
                                   Fax (818) 754-0206                                       President Elect
Groundworks Landscape, Inc.                                     Jeanne Nagao
                                                                                            Robert Wade, CLP               (949) 413-6839
                                                            Honorary Life Members           Immediate Past President
Ray Garcia                             (310) 285-6756                                       Heath Bedal                    (916) 457-5925
                                   Fax (818) 366-0913
                                                                Frances Yanase              Secretary/Treasurer
RG Landscape Design, Inc.
                                                                                            Eric Wantanabe                 (818) 831-1390
Immediate Past President                                        Kazuko Endo
                                                                                            Director of Communications
Neil Sugimoto                          (805) 382-1217           Yaeko Haruma                                               (818) 300-0176
                                                                                            Chuck Carr
Sugimoto Landscape & Maintenance   Fax (805) 382-2448                                       Director of Chapter Services
                                                                  Ruth Kono                                                (916) 721-1635
Secretary                                                                                   Andrew Simpson
Jim Harmer                            (310) 390–2415              Members                   Director of Events
                                                                                            Michael Hertzer                (800) 761-9191
B & B Hardware                     Cell (310) 877-7691        Margaret Sakaeda              Director of Legislation
Treasurer                                                                                   Shari Collins                  (805) 552-9457
                                                               Michelle Yanase
Ken Nagao                              (310) 518-6267                                       Director of Education
                                                                                                                           (760) 945-4321
Groundworks Landscape, Inc.        Fax (310) 518-6896          2010 Advisors                Steve Jacobs, CLP, CLT
                                                                                            Director of Membership
VP, Programs                                                                                Javier Lesaca                  (661) 836-0229
Richard Emery                          (310) 391-6136                                       Director/Resource Management
                                                                  Ko Endo                   Frank Niccoli                  (650) 592-9440
Artisan Landscape & Masonry        Fax (805) 382-2448
                                                            Ko Endo Landscaping             Co-Director CPC North
VP, Membership                                                                                                             (916) 501-5393
                                                                                            Michael Mitchell
Neil Sugimoto                          (562) 920-0341         (310) 836-8019                Co-Director CPC South
                                                                                                                           (714) 541-1000
                                   Fax (800) 866-9053
                                                                                            Kevin Fairchild
Sugimoto Landscape
                                                             Masumi Haruma                  Associate Member Director
VP, Education                                                                               Tom Noonan                     (916) 652-9530
Ken Kono                               (310) 518-6267       Haruma Landscaping              Executive Director
                                                                                            Sharon McGuire                 (800) 448-2522
Groundworks Landscape, Inc.        Fax (310) 518-6896         (310) 327-9798
Vice President
                                                                Ken Nagao
Ko Endo                                (310) 327-9798
                                                         Groundworks Landscape, Inc.          California Landscape Contractors Association
Ko Endo Landscaping                                                                                        1491 River Park Drive, Suite 100
Associate Member Representative                               (310) 518-6267                                       Sacramento, CA 95815
John Domenici                          (714) 969-7960
Southland Sod Farms
                                                         Mission Statement
                       The Pacific Coast Chapter of the                           California Landscape Contractors
                       Association strives to uphold                              the traditions of the Japanese
                       American landscaper, promote                               professionalism through quality
                       work, and make the public aware                            of the landscape industry.

 Page 2
California State University Dominguez Hills 18-month long 50th anniversary celebration included a rededication of its Shinwa-En Japanese
Garden, Saturday, May 1. In 1978, the garden was built in nine months by local Japanese American gardeners, landscapers, and nurserymen.
The rededication event was a multi-faceted jewel, which included a traditional blessing, a tea ceremony by members of the Ogasawara Ryu Sen-
chado School; traditional dance performances by the Majikina Honryu Dance Company, koto music by Katsuko Teruya and members of the
Okinawan Association of America. Taiko drums provided the finale, performed by the Taiko Center of Los Angeles and Matsuri Daiko. The CLCA
contributed a stately display of prized orchids. Award winning author Naomi Hirahara was on hand to autograph copies of her latest novel “Blood
Hina”, featuring sleuth Mas Arai and set in the world of Japanese gardeners and flower growers.
For more on the CSUDH timeline on the web, including status upgrades, a major location change and several name changes, go to (Rededication continued page 8.)

                                    CSUDH JAPANESE GARDEN                        REDEDICATION

                                                                                                                                Page 3
Sacramento, Calif., (August 26, 2010)                              •   Ensuring effective communication so employees can con-
 The California Occupational Safety and Health (Cal/OSHA)              tact their supervisor when necessary
Standards Board approved 7-0 on August 19 proposed revi-           • Observing employees for alertness and signs or symptoms
sions of the Heat Illness Prevention standard for outdoor places       of heat illness
of employment. The revisions were proposed by the Division of      •    Reminding employees throughout the work shift to drink
Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH), which enforces                  plenty of water
safety and health standards in the state's workplaces.             • Closely supervising a new employee for the first 14 days of
The proposed revisions are generally consistent with compli-       Exception: Not required if the employee when hired indicates
ance guidance DOSH issued in March 2009. As amended, the           he had been doing similar outdoor work for at least 10 of the
standard includes these major points:                              past 30 days for 4 or more hours per day
Water:                                                                             Training
An employer must have either:
                                                                                   •      Before starting work that should rea-
• One quart of drinking water per hour
    per employee on hand at shift's start or
                                                         Cal-OSHA                  sonably be anticipated to result in exposure
                                                                                   to the risk of heat illness, employees
•    Effective procedures to replenish the  Heat Illness Regulations (including supervisors) must be provided
    water supply so each employee can                                              with effective training in required topics on
    drink that much water                                 REVISED                  ways to avoid heat illness and steps to take
•    Employees must be encouraged to                                               if it occurs
    drink water frequently                                     •  Before supervising employees performing work that should
                                                                 reasonably be anticipated to result in exposure to the risk
Shade:                                                           of heat illness, a supervisor must be provided with effective
• Temperature > 85 °F: Shade must be present for at least        training in required topics including the procedures the
   25% of crew's employees so they can sit fully in shade in a   supervisor is to follow to implement the standard's applica-
   normal posture without touching each other                    ble provisions when an employee exhibits symptoms con-
•   Temperature < 85 °F: Timely access to shade must be          sistent with possible heat illness, including emergency re-
   provided upon employee's request                              sponse procedures
• Shaded area must be as close as practicable to work areas    •  How to monitor weather reports and respond to hot-
•   Employees feeling they need to cool down to protect them-    weather advisories
    selves from overheating must be allowed and encouraged         Written Procedures:
    to rest in shade for no less than 5 minutes                    • An employer must have written compliance and emer-
•    By showing it is infeasible or unsafe to have shade con-          gency procedures.
    tinuously present, an employer may use alternative proce-      High-heat procedures are now required for five industries when
    dures for providing access to shade that provide equivalent    temperatures reach 95 degrees or above. These procedures as
    protection                                                     previously listed include: observing employees, closely super-
High-Heat Procedures:                                              vising new employees and reminding all workers to drink water.
• Temperature ≥ 95 °F: In agriculture and four other specified     The industries specified under this modification are:
    industries, an employer must implement high-heat proce-
    dures, including to the extent practicable:                    (cont. top of next page)

                                                                                         California Landscape Contractors Association
                                                                                                1491 River Park Drive, Suite 100
                                                                                                     Sacramento, CA 95815

                                                                                                       (916) 830-2780
                                                                                                     (916) 830-2788 fax



  Page 4
(Heat Illness Standards cont.)

 1. Agriculture
 2. Construction
 3. Landscaping
 4. Oil and gas extraction
 5. Transportation or delivery of agricultural products,
   construction material or other heavy materials

     Aki Restaurant
     11513 Santa Monica Boulevard
     West Los Angeles, California
     (310) 479-8406
                                                                              Disneyland® Hotel

                                                                  Networking ... Professionalism ...
                                                                  The Trophy Awards ... Imagine It!

                                 CLCA Summer Family Extravaganza 2010
                                     Was held July 21—24 in San Jose
                                 CLCA Members with friends and families, enjoyed a fun filled array of
                                 activities in July, at the CLCA Summer Family Extravaganza at the
                                 Fairmont Hotel in San Jose. The activities included the return of the
                                 friendly rivalries of the annual North vs South softball game.

                                 Educational workshops were led by Green Guru Frank Niccoli, Steve
                                 Jacobs and Barbara Landrith (who demonstrated how members
                                 could profit from the social networking sites Twitter, Facebook and

                                                                                                         Page 5
         A perfect day for golf
         greeted the volunteers and tournament participants in Montebello
         on July 24th.

         Volunteering was a family affair with the father-daughter team of
         Kenny & Shelly Kono and father-son team Ken & Dylan Nagao.

         Neil Sugimoto bravely manned the laptop for first-time scoring
                                        duties (talk about pressure!). He
                                        more than earned his meal!!!
                                        4th Place        Mr. Miyazaki
                                        3rd Place        Mr. Iwanaga
                                        2nd Place        Mr. Kato
                                        1st Place (TV) Mr. Otani

                                        Domo arigato to our sponsors,
                                        golfers and volunteers!

Page 6
After a hard day on the green, the
banquet provided the thirsty, hungry
participants with welcomed food and
Quiet Cannon provided a delicious
multi-course meal—a chance to
revive, catch-up and network.
Tournament Chairman Ko Endo and
Chapter President Martin van Zeyl
gave their MC-buddy act a final turn.
Ko Endo is going back into tourna-
ment chair retirement, and Martin
will turn over the presidential gavel
(chopsticks?) to Ray Garcia next
Domo arigato for all of the hard
work, Ko and Martin!

                                        Page 7
                                                                 (Rededication cont. from page 3)
                                                                 Volunteers from the Pacific Coast Chapter &
                                                                 CSUDH restored the garden last year. Several gen-
                                                                 erations are represented : Neil Sugimoto and Bill Ota
                                                                 fathers worked on the original installation. Three
                                                                 generations of Yamashiro family members, begin-
                                                                 ning with Haruo Yamashiro on the original team,
                                                                 have worked on the garden with Dennis Yamashiro
                                                                 and sons, Richard and Andrew, working on the res-
                                                                 toration last year; Stuart has documented the recent
                                                                 events in his photos.
                                                                  CSUDH President Mildred Garcia gave her personal
                                                                 thanks to the volunteers, and Tom Philo presented
                                                                 the volunteers with certificates of recognition from
                                                                 Rep. Laura Richardson (D-37th Dist.)
                                                                 Thanks to Tom Philo’s efforts as archivist extraordi-
                                                                 naire, there is a wonderful photo history of the origi-     Edgar Award winning
                                                                 nal installation which can be viewed at the web link       author Naomi Hirahara.
                                                                   Dateline/DH , the campus news, has several informative articles in their
From L: Ray Garcia, (President Elect), Ko Endo, Ken Nagao, Neil
Sugimoto, Ken Kono, and Martin van Zeyl (Chapter President, behind (search for ‘Japanese Garden’)

Sachi, posing
with Andrew
                 She also brought along some of the other         Front row, from left, George Tenpo, Joe Watari, Bill Nishimura, Dennis Yamashiro,
                 Yamashiro ‘usual suspects’...                   Andrew Yamashiro, Kuni Tamura, CSUDH President Mildred,Garcia, George Kamio,
                                                                  John Fujikawa, Masumi Haruma, Naomi Moy, Don Hata. Next Row: (left-to-right):
                                                                    Stuart Yamashiro, Ken Nagao, Kenny Kono, Ko Endo (directly behind Mildred
                                                                      Garcia), Bill Ota, Ray Garcia, Martin van Zeyl, Neil Sugimoto, Tom Philo,
                                                                                              (Photo by Stuart Yamashiro)

 CSUDH Archivist                                                    Stuart Yamashiro, equal to the task, coaxes the honored assembly
                       Dennis Yamashiro, Bill Ota and Stuart
 Tom Philo and his     Yamashiro.                                   into his historic photo shown directly above, and on the front cover.
 lovely wife.

         Page 8
Page 9
                                                 Upcoming tests:
                                                 Field Test Schedule

                                          Page   October 2 Buckeye Ranch, Petaluma, CA Sign up cut-off
                                                 date: August 21, 2010 Upon confirmation of application you
                                                 will receive location address and test start time.
ABC Nursery                               4
                                                 Landscape Industry Certified* Technician Written Test
Aki Restaurant                            5      September 25, 2010
Armstrong, Jose Laris                     3      Chapter: North Coast
                                                 Registration Deadline: September 4. Buckeye Ranch,
Bamboo Pipeline                           8      Petaluma. Visit
Ewing                                     11     for information and to download the application.
                                          3      *"Landscape Industry Certified" is the new name for the
Groundworks, Inc.                                "Certified Landscape Technician" program. For more info:
Kaneko Landscaping, Inc.                  2

Ko Endo Landscaping                       2      For more information and to download an application:
                                                 please see
LCIS, Dan Dvorak                          3      or contact CLCA at (800) 448-2522 or

RG Landscaping                            4
Southland Sod Farm                        11
Target                                    9
                                                 Water Management Certification Test
Village Nurseries                         3
                                                 Test Date: November 04, 2010
                                                 City: Corte Madera
                                                 Venue: Marin Municipal Water District
                                                 220 Nellen Ave Corte Madera CA 94925 (Location Subject to
      2010 Pacific Coast View
                                                 Sign up ends: November 01, 2010
             Advertising Rates
                                                 Training 8 a.m.-11 a.m.
   Annual Rates (based on 6 issues per year)     Test: 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.
                                                 Note: Training covers written test and how to use study guide
          Business Card Ad: $200                 information in your business or job. Training session should
           Quarter Page Ad: $300                 not be in lieu of reading study guide in advance of
             Half Page Ad: $375
             Full Page Ad: $475

          Inserts: $200 per issue
                                                                    About Water Certification
          Please make checks payable to
                                                 Expert Certification: CLCA Expert Water Manager Pass the
           Pacific Coast Chapter CLCA            written test and manage five properties for one year and con-
                                                 tinue to manage five properties at or below the water budget
            Please send ad materials             established by the CLCA Water Management Performance
               by post or email to:
                                                 Full Certification: CLCA Water Manager Pass the written test
         Anna Bonam-Morton, Editor               and manage at least one property for one year and continue to
             Pacific Coast View                  manage a property at or below the landscape water budget
                                                 established by the CLCA Water Management Performance
             7530 Gloria Avenue                  Program. To become fully certified as a CLCA Water Manager,
                                                 participants must complete one year of satisfactory perform-
             Van Nuys, CA 91406                  ance on at least one job site, in addition to passing a written
         Telephone: (818) 781-6635
         Email:              Call CLCA Headquarters at (916) 830-2780 | (800) 448-2522
Page 10
                                             Nisei Week

      The 70th annual Nisei Week festivities brought enthusiastic crowds to Little Tokyo
      in July. There was something for everyone: Colorful tanabata flowed in the
      breeze, delicious temptations for the tastebuds, arts and crafts, the car show. And
      costumes of all types: traditional, even the little kimono club terrier paraded in
      costume; and the Cos Players brought an otherworldly element.
      Queen Lani Nishiyama presided over her court. And courtly dancers brought
      poetic movement to the music of the Grand Parade. This year’s choreographer is
      the legendary Fujima Kansuma pictured top center, flanked by costumed dancers.
      As twilight descended, to the beat of taiko drums, the nebuta owned the night to
      the delight of the parade crowd—the third year of this wondrous crowd pleaser.

                                 Genuine Marathon Sod
                     Southern California's Most Popular Lawn

Genuine Marathon Sod was first produced in 1983. Since then it has become the most
popular lawn choice of homeowners throughout Southern California.
Well suited to Southern California soils and climates, Marathon is desired for its green
year-round look. Thanks to a remarkable extensive root system—up to five times deeper
than blue grass—Marathon Sod uses less water and is tolerant of high heat.

                                   Southland Sod Farms
                                     John Domenici
                                      (805) 431-2825
                  Local Territory Sales & Service Representative
       Call 1-800-532-3489 when you want the best sod, most on time deliveries,
                          and most accommodating people.
                             Online at:

                                                                                            Page 11

             November 2010
                Chapter Meeting
              Second Thursday
             November 11, 2010
                       7:00 PM
                   Aki Restaurant

November 10-13 CLCA 2010 Convention               January 11, 2011 Leadership Conference & Installation
Disneyland® Hotel Anaheim                         Los Angeles

                                                  January 12-13, 2011 Landscape Industry Show
November 12, 2010 CLCA State Trophy Awards
                                                  Los Angeles Convention Center
2010 Trophy Awards Presentation on November 12,   For information about CLCA events, contact CLCA headquar-
Disneyland® Hotel in Anaheim.                     ters at (800) 448-2522 or or see

           Pa c i f i c C o a s t C h a p t e r C L C A N e w s l e t t e r H e a d q u a r t e r s
           c/o Anna Bonam-Morton / 7530 Gloria Avenue / Van Nuys, CA 91406-3045

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