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Books                                                            effects. The need to link exposure and health data
                                                                 forms the focus of chapter five, which offers
B1                                                               particularly useful advice on the strengths and
Title:International Political Economy of the                     weaknesses of different approaches to linkage
Environment: Critical Perspectives                               analysis, including the ecological method, time
Authors: Dimitris Stevis , Valerie J. Assetto                    series analysis uantitative risk assessment and
(ED)                                                             geographical information systems. The authors
Published By: Lynne Rienner Publications,                        alos demonstrate the solid guidance possible when
Year: January 2001                                               these tools, and the routine established data they
                                                                 rely on, are put to appropriate use. the concluding
B2                                                               chapter elaborates a basic framework for
Title:Linkage Methods for Environment                            decision-making based on valid, scientific data.
and Health Analysis: Technical Guidelines
Author: Cedlia Corvalan, M. Nurminen, H.                         B3
Pastides                                                         Title:World Agriculture and Environment:
Publisher: world Health Organisation,                            A Commodity-By- Commodity Guide to
Year:Jan, 1997                                                   Impacts and Practices.
Abstract:                                                        Author:Jason Clay
        A practical guide to the many existing                   Publisher: Island Press, March, 2004.
tools and methods that can be used to monitor
                                                                          World Agriculture and the Environment
exposure to environmental pollutants and quantify
                                                                 presents a unique assessment of agricultural
their effects on human health.Nothing that
                                                                 commodity production and the environmental
decisions concerning environmental protection
                                                                 problems it causes, along with prescriptions for
have far reaching and costly consequences, the
                                                                 increasing efficiency and reducing damage to
book responds to the urgent need to base on
                                                                 natural systems. The author examines twenty of
reliable data about real health hazards and the
                                                                 theworld’s major crops, including beef, coffee,
most appropriate measures for their correction
                                                                 corn, rice, rubber, shrimp, sorghum, tea, and
or prevention. The book also aims to encourage
                                                                 tobacco. For each crop, he offers comparative
closer collaboration between environmental
                                                                 information including:
appropriate measures for their correction or
                                                                 • a “fast facts” overview section that
prevention. The book offers abundant advice on
                                                                 summarizes key data for the crop
how to obtain information that is
                                                                 • main producing and consuming countries
reliable,consistent, focused on issues of real
                                                                 • main types of production
concern, quickly available and issued in an
                                                                 • market trend information and market chain
understandable and useful form. The book has
six chapters. Background information is provided
                                                                 • major environmental impacts
in the first, which discusses the magnitude of
                                                                 • management strategies and best practices
health problems linked to environmental pollution
                                                                 • key contacts and references with maps of
and introduces the many methodological
                                                                 major commodity production areas worldwide,
problems that can complicate the quantification
                                                                 the book represents the first truly global
of health impacts, compromise the validity of data
                                                                 portrait of agricultural production patterns and
and undermine their utility in the decision-making
                                                                 environmental impacts.
process. The second chapter explains how
carefully selected environmental health indicators
can provide vital support to the decision-making
process. Specific methods of assessment are then
discussed in separate chapters concerned with
exposure assessment and the assessment of health
Vol.1, No.4, December, 2004, IIPS, Deonar, Mumbai-400 088   11                          POPULATION-ENVIS Centrre
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B4                                                             News
Title: Population,Environment and                              N1
       Development: The Concise Report
Author: United Nations
Published: United Nations, October, 2001
         This publication analyses and looks at
trends, government views and policies, and the
effects of migration, health, mortality and fertility.

Environmental research at the East-West Center
focuses on critical interactions and
interdependencies between environment and
society. Individual projects respond to current
issues of regional significance, illuminate critical
gaps in scientific understanding, and explore
innovative approaches to establishing more                     National Wildlife Federation’s (NWF)
effective partnerships within the Asia-Pacific                 Population & Environment Program: Two
community that will sustain both people and the                programs          for      college      women.
environment.                                                           The first is a new fellowship opportunity
Further information on projects, under the                     offered through NWF’s Campus Ecology
following thematic areas also available                        program for students particulary interested in
Thematic Areas                                                 international issues, sustainable development,
Environmental Economics                                        women’s empowerment and other population and
Population, Environment, and Health                            environment related issues. This initiative
Land-Use and Land-Cover Patterns                               gives students the opportunity to create
Air Quality                                                    environmental change on their campus and in
Climate Variability and Change                                 their community while receiving valuable
Community-led Resource Management                              experience and money. Students can review grant
                                                               guidelines and apply online at:
to view the above thematic areas visit
                                                                        The second concerns our capacity
                                                                building initiative, Women for Sustainable
                                                                Development, which will consist of a workshop
                                                                held in January of 2003 in Washington DC. The
                                                                two day conference will offer skills building
                                                                workshops as well as trainings in population and
                                                                environment linkages. Applications for
                                                                participation in the workshop will be sent out
                                                                late August and campus recruitment visits will
                                                                be made during the fall.
                                                               Visit our website: to
                                                               learn more about the Population & Environment
                                                               Program and sign up for our Fast Action Network
                                                               (email listserv)

Picture: Land erosion by water stream will reduce
soil strength necessary water bounds are required.
Vol.1, No.4,December, 2004, IIPS, Deonar,Mumbai-400 088   12                          POPULATION-ENVIS Centre

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