Week-At-A-Glance PTA fundraiser Return those books! Canstruction by bradbutler


									Week-At-A-Glance                                          Canstruction!
  TEACHER APPRECIATION WEEK                               Congratulations to the JSA Architecture PACT
5/4  Chess Club luncheon                                  team. Their team, comprised of students from
5/5                                                       PACT students in the Cedar Rapids Community
5/6  Monroe kids visit JSA                                School District, participated in the Fourth Annual
5/7  GWAEA hearing rescreenings                           Corridor Canstruction on Saturday, April 18 at
5/8  Early dismissal @ 12:15 p.m.                         Sycamore Mall in Iowa City. Our team built the
     Lesson Recital @ 12:30 p.m.                          Great Wall to End Hunger and won a trophy for
                                                          Best Meal. JSA students and staff contributed 574
PTA fundraiser                                            cans. In all, 15,179 pounds of food valued at
Westdale Bowling Center is offering a great               $14,751 were collected. All donations were given
summer program. Bowling cards, available for              to the HACAP Food Resevoir. And, way to go
$15 each, get your child two games of bowling             Mrs. Zange and the PACT kids!
and shoe rental each day of the week — Monday
through Sunday — from opening until 9:00 p.m.             Free concert!
This program runs from May 15 through August              Linn Council for Prevention of Child Abuse is
15. Enjoy 90 days (that’s 180 games) of bowling           pleased to present a free concert by Sheltered
this summer! Each child must have his or her own          Reality on Thursday, May 7. The concert runs
pass to participate. The JSA PTA gets to keep $5          from 6 – 8:00 p.m. on the Polk Elementary School
for each child ticket sold.                               playground. Polk is located at 1500 B Avenue.
         Adult passes are available for $20 each.             “Doing good is fun,” is one of the messages of
Adult tickets also include two games of bowling           the Sheltered Reality youth group. With music, they
and shoe rental. An informational flyer with order        motivate others to advocate for those in need,
form was sent home, fill it out and return it to          especially for children and families. The concert
school by May 8. Make checks payable to                   features free snacks, beverages and community
Westdale Bowling Center. Find info online at              resources. Everyone is welcome. In case of bad
http://johnson.cr.k12.ia.us/PTA/fundraisers.htm.          weather the concert will be held in the Polk cafeteria.

Return those books!                                       Need help with school
Classes returning all library books get a Popsicle
party at the end of the year. May 18 is the last day      projects?
books can be checked out. All books must be               Relax and check out the resources at
returned (or if they’re missing, paid for) by June 2.     www.iowaaeaonline.org. Iowa AEA provides
If you have questions regarding a checked out or          resources you can trust at school and at home. To
missing book, please contact Mrs. Bode, our media         log on, a user id and password will be required.
secretary at 558-2864. Information has been sent          JSA’s user id is John1053 and the password is
home with kids regarding books that are checked           aea10. Use this free resource today!
out. Help your class earn a Popsicle party!
            April 30, 2009 • Johnson Elementary School of the Arts • 355 18th Street SE • 558-2174
Thank a Teacher!                                             Swine Flu information
PTA Teacher Appreciation Week is May 3–9,                    An outbreak of swine flu has caused the U.S. to
2009. How will you and your kids say thanks?                 issue a public health emergency. Although we do
You could:                                                   not have any known cases in Iowa, prevention is
• Write a personal thank-you note or e-mail, or              the key to protecting the health of our students
  say thanks the next time you see your children’s           and limiting the spread of swine flu. Our school
  teachers.                                                  nurses and District administrators are staying
• Encourage your children to say thanks to                   informed, working with Linn County and Iowa
  teachers past and present with notes, artwork, or          departments of public health as they provide us
  even a video.                                              with up to date information and guidance.
• Join PTA’s Thank-A-Teacher group on                             Some important things for you to remember to
  Facebook to post a message of thanks.                      stay healthy and prevent illness and the spread of
                                                             illness at school include:
• Hang homemade thank-you signs in the
  windows of your home or business.                          • Stay home if you are ill.
• Give teachers the gift of time by helping out in           • Instruct students to cover their mouth and nose
  the classroom.                                                with a tissue when coughing or sneezing. It may
                                                                prevent those around them from getting sick.
• Work with your children to create a list of five
  nice things they can do for their teachers during          • Avoid close contact with people who are sick.
  Teacher Appreciation Week.                                    When you are sick, keep your distance from
                                                                others to protect them from getting sick too.
• Find out what your school has planned and how
  you can participate.                                       • Wash hands frequently to protect against germs.
Check out the PTA Teacher Appreciation Virtual                  Wash with soap and water, or clean with
Gallery for all of PTA’s Teacher Appreciation                   alcohol-based hand cleaner.
Week resources—including brand-new posters—                  • Avoid touching eyes, nose or mouth. Germs are
and a collection of teacher thank-yous from                     often spread when a person touches something
students and parents. Plus, find out how to add                 that is contaminated with germs and then
your thanks to the gallery. Go to PTA.org/teachers              touches his or her eyes, nose or mouth.
                                                             • Practice other good health habits. Keep yourself
                                                                strong – and more resistant to disease – by
Trash to treasure corner                                        getting plenty of sleep, staying physically
Drink lots of milk and bring in those milk jug                  active, managing stress, drinking plenty of
caps to help earn dollars for our school. We                    fluids and eating nutritious food.
receive 5¢ for each specially-marked milk cap                Signs and symptoms of swine flu are similar to
redeemed. Check out the list of caps accepted and            other types of influenza including:
see if your family drinks any of these brands.               fever                    lethargy
Keep your body — and your school — strong.                   lack of appetite         coughing
Swiss Valley: gallon and half gallon milk; orange juice.     runny nose               sore throat
Kemps: plastic gallon or half gallon, or proof-of-           nausea, vomiting         diarrhea
 purchase from paper ½ gallon milk, cottage cheese and       If you have these symptoms see your health care
 sour cream
Land O Lakes: gallon jugs of milk and orange juice
Kwik Star: milk, orange juice, bottled water and Kwik             Information can also be found on the Web site
 Star’s line of fruit drinks. Price ovals from Kwik Star’s   at www.cr.k12.ia.us.
 Dozen and Half-Dozen boxes of Glazers Doughnuts
Morning Glory & GG Golden Guernsey: gallon and
 half gallon milk
                     Thank you for your support!
         Leah Ferring, BoxTop/Label Coordinator

             April 30, 2009 • Johnson Elementary School of the Arts • 355 18th Street SE • 558-2174

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