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                                                                                       GLOBAL REVIEWS
                                                                                                                     Quarter 1 2006

                 News                                                   Latest Results
                 » Global Reviews Client Seminar                        » Health Insurance Web CE Benchmark
                 » AICC Melbourne Luncheon                              » Savings Accounts Telephone CE
                 » New GR Blog                                             Benchmark
                 » New Clients & Re-subscribers                         » ISP Email CE Benchmark
                 » GR in the News                                       Other Updated Results
                 » New GR Staff
                                                                        New Benchmarks
                 » Australia: GR Office Move
                                                                        » Telephone CE Benchmark: Service
                 » NZ Retail Financial Services Forum
                                                                        » Telephone CE Benchmark: IVR
                                                                        » Email matters, or does it?
    » Global Reviews Client Seminar
    The 2nd Annual Global Reviews Client Seminar was held          Industry Roundtables were held for Banking and Finance,
    in Sydney on Friday, 31 March 2006. The seminar was            Health Insurance and Energy Retailers. Each discussion
    attended by around 80 guests from some of Australasia’s        centered on key issues within each industry and provided
    leading companies across a range of industries.                delegates with a rare opportunity to talk with peers from
                                                                   other companies in a positive, open environment.
    Hosted by GR Directors, Adir Shiffman and Adam
    Goodvach, the event focused on the concept of “Website         We would like to take this opportunity to say a special thank
    Customer Experience 2.0” and how to cope with the              you to our event sponsors, Eclipse (www.eclipsegroup.
    challenges posed by increasing demands placed on      We thank them for their contribution to the panel
    customer-facing websites. Presentations throughout the         session and during the lunch time address.
    day explored emerging trends in the online space and how
    these have the potential to impact more positive customer
    The first presentation of the day was titled ‘Web 2.0 - it is
    more than just a buzzword?’. The session looked at newly
    popular online features such as RSS feeds and blogs,
    and their anticipated effect on how people interact and
    communicate online.
    The Seminar program included an interactive Panel
    Discussion, titled ‘The growing range of personalisation
    options available online’, and combined speakers from
    across banking, airline, online media and website strategy
    organisations. They offered an interesting cross industry      Panel Session (L -R): Adir Shiffman, standing (Global Reviews), Nick
    perspective on the topic and encouraged interactive            Dalla Riva (National Australia Bank), John Lonergan (Qantas), Stuart
                                                                   Johnson (Eclipse), Scott Johnson (News Interactive)
    audience participation.

                            Coffee on arrival                                      Industry Roundtable: Energy Retailers

                  Networking over the afternoon break                   Networking Drinks (L-R): Nicole Leeson (Qantas), Sascha Hunt
                                                                     (Citibank), Lucy Mahony (Qantas), David Goldberg (Global Reviews),
                                                                                        Simon Blair (Global Reviews)

    Thank you to our clients and guests for attending, particularly those who traveled from overseas and interstate. We look
    forward to seeing you all again at next year’s event.

     » AICC Melbourne Luncheon                                        » New GR Blog

     The Melbourne branch of the Australia Israel Chamber             Global Reviews has recently launched its own Blog, to
     of Commerce (AICC) hosted a lunch at The Palladium,              keep our clients and other interested parties up to date
     Crown Towers on 27 February 2006. Guest speaker for              on the latest developments in the area of Customer
     the event was MD & CEO of National Australia Bank,               Experience.
     John Stewart.                                                    The GR blog reports on the statistical results of our Online
     As an AICC coporate sponsor, Global Reviews invited a            Consumer Monitors, up to date information about how
     range of key clients along to the event including HSBC,          and why customers are using various communication
     ANZ, St George and National Australia Bank.                      channels and new concepts in Customer Experience.

     Should any of our clients wish to attend a future event,         The GR blog can be found at:
     please contact:                                        
     Jane Winzer
     Corporate Communications Manager
     Ph: 03 9694 2023

    » New Clients & Re-subscribers                                » New GR Staff
    Below is a list of some of our clients who have               The GR team continues to expand following the arrival
    either subscribed or re-subscribed:                           of three new staff in our Melbourne office over the last
                                                                  quarter. We are pleased to welcome:
                                                                  Jeremy Barth, Senior Client Advisor
                                                                  Jeremy has extensive experience in eCommerce and
                                                                  online marketing management and consulting. He will
                                                                  use his expertise to work closely with a select group of
                                                                  Website CE Benchmark clients.
                                                                  Barry Sher, Operations Assistant Manager
                                                                  Barry has joined the GR team to assist in operations and
    » GR in the News                                              to contribute to the extensive quality control process
                                                                  undertaken as part of our Web CE Benchmarking
    Global Reviews’ story titled ‘Banks Failing to Deliver
    on Consumer Demand for Direct Mortgages’, was
    widely covered this quarter. A few who ran the story          Ellen Clarke, Contact Centre Analyst
    included The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald, AAP and          After working with GR on a casual basis, Ellen now joins
    The Sunday Times in Perth. The story focused on the           the Contact Centre Benchmarking team as a full time
    emerging trend of direct home loans.                          telephone experience analyst.

    The release of GR’s ISP Multi Channel Benchmark results       Global Reviews is currently recruiting the following
    was seen on InfoQuorum, the website belonging to the          positions:
    Contact Centre’s major industry publication, TelCall.         » Senior Client Advisor, Website Customer
    For complete media releases, visit our website at               Experience Benchmark (Full time) or contact:                             » Sales Manager (Full time)
    Jane Winzer                                                   Should anyone wish to receive more information about
    Corporate Communications Manager                              these roles, please contact:                              Brad Smith
    Ph: 03 9694 2023                                              Operations Manager
                                                                  Ph: 03 9694 2013

    » New Zealand: Retail Financial
      Services (RFS) Forum                                        » Australia: GR on the Move

    GR Director, Dr Adir Shiffman, was invited to be a guest      The Australian Global Reviews team relocated to newly
    speaker at the Retail Financial Services Forum in Auckland    refurbished offices in March. Our new details are:
    on 10 & 11 April. This was the inaugural event for New
                                                                  Address:         Level 1 / 102 Albert Road
    Zealand, following successful events held in Australia over
                                                                                   South Melbourne, VIC, 3205
    a number of years.
                                                                  Phone:           +61 (3) 9694 2000
    Adir’s presentation focused on how NZ banks are servicing     Fax:             +61 (3) 9694 2001
    their customers across multiple channels. Organisations
                                                                  Our new offices have been designed and fitted to
    represented on the day included Reserve Bank of New
                                                                  accommodate a growing team and the ever increasing
    Zealand, Kiwibank, ANZ and Westpac.
                                                                  demands on our team of analysts. The office comes
    Adir will also be speaking at the RFS Forum in Sydney         equipped with fully functional contact centre labs for
    from 20-22 August 2006. For further information about the     our telephone and email benchmarking analysts.
    conference, visit
                                                                  We would welcome any of our clients to our new office
                                                                  so if you’re ever in the Albert Park lake area, please feel
                                                                  free to drop in for a visit.

    Latest Results
    » Health Insurance Web CE Benchmark
    Australian Health Management (AHM) has scored the           Manchester Unity repeated their solid performance in
    highest benchmark score each quarter for the last 12        Q4 2005 to again rank 2nd overall, providing detailed and
    months. Their online member servicing was a particularly    easily comparable content on policy options. Medibank
    strong feature in the recent benchmark and they continue    Private’s performance was mixed, but their website
    to provide comprehensive customer support through an        content rated 15 percentage points above the industry
    extensive list of FAQ’s and a user friendly enquiry form.   average.

    » Savings Account Telephone CE Benchmark
    10 banks were assessed in Q1 2006 for the experience        percentage points clear of second placed BankWest.
    they provide to Savings Account customers via their call    NAB and CBA were benchmarked for the first time,
    centres. Suncorp ranked first with a score of 55.9%, 2       rating 3rd and 9th respectively.

    » Internet Service Provider (ISP) Email CE Benchmark
    Of the 6 ISP’s assessed during Q1 2006, BigPond rated       the Readability category, thanks to their succinct replies
    as the best performer across the Email Benchmark. In the    and the use of customer friendly language. Dodo scored
    Expectations Management category, which measures            94% in the Product Benefits category reflecting good
    how companies communicate expected response times,          product knowledge and an ability to match products that
    BigPond achieved a perfect 100% score while each of the     were best suited to the customer’s needs.
    other 5 companies struggled. OptusNet scored well in

    Other Updated Results
    Website Customer Experience Benchmark                       Telephone Customer Experience Benchmark
    » Auto Insurance                                            » Credit Cards                      » Mortgages
    » Auto Manufacturers                                        » Internet Service Providers        » Savings Accounts
    » Auto Classifieds                                           » Mobile Phones
    » Credit Cards
    » Energy Retailers
    » General (Home/Contents) Insurance
    » Health Insurance                                              GR Quick Stat: Speed E-mail, Beat the Snail
    » Hotel Aggregators                                             Email is fast becoming one of the primary customer
                                                                    communication channels. The latest GR Online
    » Internet Service Providers
                                                                    Consumer Monitor for Email (N=1100+) indicates a
    » Online Savings Accounts                                       high level of usage across all Industries, particularly
    » SME Banking                                                   ISP’s, Banks, Travel Agents and Airlines.
    » Travel Agents                                                 Current cross industry performances highlight a unique
    » Travel Insurance                                              opportunity to develop a positive point-of-difference
                                                                    by providing speedy responses to email enquiries.

                                                                            Customer Expectation of Email Response Time
    Email Customer Experience Benchmark
    » Airlines                                                         > 72hrs
    » Credit Cards                                                 Within 72hrs
    » Energy Retailers                                             Within 48hrs
    » Health Insurance                                             Within 24hrs
    » Internet Service Providers                                   Within 12hrs
    » Mobile Phones                                                 Within 5hrs
    » Mortgages                                                      Within 1hr
    » Savings Accounts                                                            0   10      20     30      40      50      60

    New Benchmarks
    » Telephone Customer Experience Benchmark: Service
    This Benchmark measures the inbound service that call centre operators provide against that of best practice.
    Assessments are conducted on real customer interactions, recorded and supplied by clients, and are tailored
    to their specific call monitoring requirements.

    » Telephone Customer Experience Benchmark: IVR
    This Benchmark measures operator service levels when dealing with inbound sales and service and compares
    the use of call centre IVR’s against IVR best practice standards.

    For more information about these Benchmarks, please contact:
    Simon Blair
    Contact Centre Benchmarking Manager
    Ph: 03 9694 2018

    » Email matters, or does it?
    Global Reviews Email Benchmarking Executive, David                       online correspondence not only to provide a quality
    Goldberg, was recently interviewed by the Editor of the                  email Customer Experience but also to maximise
    online newsletter for SOCAP the Society of Consumer                      the opportunities provided by the interaction itself.
    Affairs Professionals. The interview resulted from a
    SOCAP member enquiry about existing programs                             For more information about Email benchmarking, please
    available to help organisations manage and best service                  contact:
    customers over the email channel.                                        David Goldberg
                                                                             Email Benchmarking Executive
    It is encouraging to see that some companies are starting
    to think seriously about this largely neglected channel.
                                                                             Ph: 03 9694 2016
    GR recently completed Email Customer Experience
    Benchmarks across eight industries. Amongst the
    Finance and Energy retailer results, up to one third of                      GR Quick Stat: [Inter] Net a Loan
    all emails were not acknowledged within seven days. Of                       Instead of using a broker, mobile lender or the
    those that were acknowledged, up to 35% contained                            branch network, banks are encouraging consumers
    spelling or grammatical errors. With consumers using                         to research and then apply for a home loan over the
    email more and more, these are significant findings and                        phone and even online.
    if not addressed, could ultimately have a considerable                       The good news for banks is that research indicates
                                                                                 ‘direct mortgages’ satisfy a real consumer demand.
    affect on company profitability.                                              The latest Global Reviews Online Consumer Monitor
    Providing customers with a positive experience however                       for Mortgages shows 1 in 5 consumers would prefer
                                                                                 to apply for a home loan online.
    and whenever they choose to contact a business
    is fundamental to establishing strong customer
    relationships. Why should a telephone operator receive                                Preferred Channel for Mortgage Application

    any more training than an email operator if organisations
    want to maximise the opportunities that every customer
    interaction affords?
    Email communication needs to be monitored, measured
                                                                              Mobile Banker
    and managed just like the phone and web channels, as
    part of delivering a consistent and integrated quality
    Customer Experience. It is becoming increasingly                                           0%   10%     20%    30%     40%    50%    60%   70%
    important for companies to effectively manage their

5              If you require assistance with any of this newsletter content, contact Jane Winzer at

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