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									IV. LONG-TERM STRATEGY                                                                                                A Balanced Vision Plan for the Trinity River Corridor

THE TRINITY RIVER CORRIDOR AS                            The Trinity Project can be a Catalyst for            The Trinity Project can be a Catalyst for
CATALYST:                                                Improved Watershed Management:                       Improved Environmental Quality:

Summing up the Project’s Urban Design
Ambitions and Long-term Impact on the                    As a major park and recreational environment         There should be no settling for mediocre results.
Dallas Region                                            takes shape within the Trinity Corridor, and is      Greater environmental awareness goes hand
                                                         embraced by the citizens of Dallas, the public’s     in hand with higher standards of quality in the
It has taken many years and many people’s                desire for continued improvement to water            other major components of the project. A
efforts to reach the point when the conversion           quality will steadily increase.                      beautifully designed park and recreational
of the Trinity River into a great public amenity is                                                           setting will set the standard for all subsequent
no longer merely a long-term desire but an               Very few support the soiling or careless             parks and open spaces in the region. A
actual project ready to commence. It is an               management of a front yard - much less a             beautifully designed road will mean that all
enterprise that will span across a generation,           treasured city-wide amenity. The expectation         subsequent road-building projects will also be
with consequences affecting the quality of life          that the City of Dallas will have to better manage   expected to strive for context sensitivity,
in Dallas for generations to come. Therefore,            its storm run-off and other water pollutants will    dislodging the attitude that producing more
and because city-building undertakings of this           inevitably spread to communities upstream            capacity is the singular variable in transportation
magnitude occur only once or twice a century,            along the entire Trinity watershed. There are        planning. Taking advantage of the need for levee
every aspect of the Trinity River Corridor Project       examples of such citizen-initiated advocacy          raising and levee extensions to produce better
should support additional civic benefits and             throughout the country, but it does not begin        (not less convenient) connections between city
enable further investment in the neighborhoods           spontaneously. It begins with the determination      and river will overcome the perception that flood
of Central Dallas.                                       to protect something valuable. A stronger            control is inevitably a single-issue enterprise
                                                         environmental ethic will surely mark 21st century    that is indifferent to other city enhancing goals.
Throughout this report an overarching theme              America. In Dallas the turning point will be the     A first-rate environment must be goal of every
has been the idea of a balanced vision for the           redesign of the Trinity River Corridor.              aspect of the Trinity Project.
future of the Trinity Corridor, a vision that
considers and responds equally well to at least
five broad mandates, as elaborated in Section
II. It is equally important to expect that the project
itself, as it progresses, catalyzes further
achievement in each of these five areas. The
long-term benefits of this project will be

                                                                                                                             IV. LONG TERM STRATEGY

The Trinity Project can be a Catalyst for the        The Trinity Project can be an Early Indicator           The Trinity Project can be a Catalyst for
Creation of a Regional Recreational Area             of a Paradigm Shift in Transportation                   Economic Development:
of National Significance:                            Planning:

As ambitious as the balanced vision presented         It is important to change the way we think about       The redevelopment of urban waterfronts as an
in this report is, it must be considered but a       transportation planning for this corridor with          engine of economic development is a world-
part of the conversion of the entire Trinity         these points in mind:                                   wide phenomenon. It is easy to understand why.
watershed within the Dallas / Fort Worth             • In building a Trinity Parkway that is smaller
Metroplex into a regional open space.                      than some would wish but better integrated        People engaged in emerging economies
                                                           into a recreational setting.                      increasingly choose where to work and live on
Fort Worth is advancing its own ambitious plans      • In emphasizing context sensitive design               the basis of “life-style” amenities offered by a
for its portion of the Trinity. The Trinity Forest         standards for the parkway.                        locale. Surveys tracking locational choices
initiative is virtually without parallel as a        • In ‘deputizing’ Industrial Boulevard to better        among high-skilled workers consistently show
stewardship of four-to-six thousand acres of               distribute access from the parkway to the         that in addition to broad choices in particular
forest all within the boundaries of one city.              downtown.                                         job markets found in an urban area, the
Coordinated over time, these kindred ambitions       • In supporting more street grid connections            presence of culture and arts, a healthy
will produce the most astonishing open space               over only limited access high-speed roads.        environment, natural amenities, opportunities to
/ indigenous landscape / habitat enhancing           • In creating dozens of miles of trails and             pursue active lifestyles, a strong “sense of
environment / conservation corridor in urban                                                                 place,” and socially diverse and progressive-
                                                           access roads that may offer some
America. Wouldn’t that be the best rebuttal to                                                               minded populations are all important factors. In
                                                           alternative means of commuting along or
all those who assume that Texas urbanization                                                                 short, the various ingredients providing
                                                           across the corridor (such as cycling and
advances at the expense of, and only to the                                                                  opportunities for blending work and leisure prove
detriment of, its natural settings?                                                                          influential, and waterfronts are a ready
                                                     • In enabling the use of segments of the
                                                                                                             accommodator of such environments. There
                                                           levees for additional circulation and
                                                                                                             is little doubt that over a generation land values
                                                           development opportunities.
                                                                                                             and, therefore, reinvestment initiatives, all along
                                                     • In advocating the long-term reuse of the              the Trinity Corridor will flourish.
                                                           railroad tracks adjacent to the levee along
                                                           the Stemmons Corridor for a future transit

                                                     In all of these and other ways the Trinity initiative
                                                     may herald a more diverse, less highway
                                                     dominated, approach to mobility and traffic


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