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					                                 Penn State University
                                     MIS 204.101
                                Midterm Examination A

1. Office automation systems are a type of:
A) Enterprise collaboration system
B) Operations control system
C) Process control system
D) Transaction processing system

2. A production manager needs a system to determine how much product to manufacture
based on the expected sales associated with a future promotion and the location and
availability of the raw materials necessary to manufacture the product. The production
manager needs what type of system to meet her needs?
A) Decision support system.
B) Enterprise collaboration system.
C) Process control system.
D) Transaction processing system.

3. The study of information technology is critical to all managers today because:
A) A basic level of knowledge of information technology is required by most companies
in our current era of technological innovations.
B) Because any manager may find themselves in the role of managing an information
technology department as part of their corporate career track.
C) Because information systems and technology are a vital component of successful
business organizations.
D) None are accurate, only information system specialist need to any signification
knowledge of information systems and technology as that is their expertise.

4. An information system application that is intended to replicate the knowledge of
someone who is extremely knowledgeable in a specific are is called a(n):
A) Decision support system
B) Expert system
C) Knowledge management system
D) Strategic information system

5. Within a modern organization there is one thing that should be protected as tightly as
money in a bank vault, it is the lifeblood of an organization, it is:
A) The company's computer technology
B) The company's data.
C) The structure of the company's telecommunications network
D) What information systems the company is using
6. The city of Albuquerque, New Mexico, designed a computer-based restaurant
recommendation system that can help any of their many visitors find a restaurant that
meets their particular needs. When visitors use the system, they answer questions
presented about their preferences for price range, atmosphere, food selections, and
location and receive a short list of restaurants that fit their preferences. This type of
information system is called a(n):
A) End user information system.
B) Executive information system.
C) Expert system.
D) Integrated information system.

7. An information system that supports the business functions of accounting, finance,
human resource management, marketing, or operations would be classified as a(n):
A) Decision support system.
B) Executive information system.
C) Functional business system.
D) Management information system.

8. Items such as microcomputers, servers and mainframes are:
A) Computer base information system technologies
B) Computer hardware technologies
C) Computer software technologies
D) Data management technologies.

9. Information systems often need to interact with other information systems in a
company, the boundary between systems that is often the means by which data is sent
from one system to the other is:
A) Data transfer conduit.
B) Interface
C) Middleware.
D) Open system

10. Information technology can be used to implement one or more of the five basic
business strategies. Which of the following is NOT one of the strategies?
A) Differentiate.
B) Innovate.
C) Lower costs.
D) Technological superiority.

11. Which of the following is a strategic use of information technology for a value chain
support activity?
A) Develop a state of the art logistics system that will make it possible for a company to
reduce the expense associated with transportation of a company's products.
B) Manage a warehousing operation.
C) Using Web portals to improve human resources recruiting effectiveness.
D) All of the answers are correct.
12. One of the four basic strategies that an agile company must implement is to leverage:
A) The impact of its people and the knowledge they possess.
B) The IT resources that it has purchased.
C) The resources it has both financial and human in the information technology
D) None of the answers are correct.

13. What can be said about barriers to entry:
A) Barriers are a nature of the business sector a company competes in and can rarely be
affected by individual companies.
B) Barriers are created by an industry as a whole in order to keep new companies from
entering a business sector.
C) Barriers to entry are generally a short term solution to keep other companies from
entering a business sector for a relatively short period of time.
D) Companies must work to create significant barriers to entry of new competition.

14. Innovative information systems linking suppliers and customers to a business can
make business partners dependent on each other. What strategy is this using?
A) Innovate.
B) Lower costs.
C) Switching costs.
D) Technological superiority.

15. Business process reengineering is:
A) A process of overhauling the manufacturing and engineering functions of a business
to improve the business processes associated with these functions.
B) A side benefit of implementing a new ERP system.
C) Fundamental rethinking and radical redesign of business processes to achieve
dramatic improvements.
D) The process by which a company can determine the best system to purchase for future

16. People are forming virtual companies:
A) As the best way to implement key business strategies and alliances that promise to
ensure success in today's business climate.
B) To allow employees to telecommute.
C) To make interoffice communication easier for a company's employees.
D) To reduce the expense associated with office space for a company's employees.

17. According to your text, which of the following is considered by millions of PC users
as the main function of the desktop PC?
A) To access the Internet.
B) To create local area networks.
C) To gain productivity through the use of applications such as Microsoft Office.
D) All of the choices are correct.
18. Which one of the following would perform the required mathematical and
comparison operations of a central processing unit (CPU)?
A) Arithmetic-logic unit.
B) Control unit.
C) RAID unit.
D) Fuzzy logic unit.

19. What are voice-messaging computer used for?
A) Allow voice messages to be recorded on a computer for retrieval by PDAs.
B) Eliminate the need for a standard mouse interface allowing users to use voice
C) User speech recognition to verbally guide users through the steps of a task.
D) None of the choices is correct.

20. Which one of the following printing devices uses an electrostatic process similar to a
photocopying machine in order to produce a high quality printed form?
A) Bubble jet printers.
B) Dot-matrix printers.
C) Inkjet printers.
D) Laser printers.

21. Which one of the following statements would best fit the description of a midrange
A) A computer that is larger and more powerful than most microcomputers but is smaller
and less powerful than most large mainframe computer systems.
B) A low-level mainframe computer system specifically designed for high-speed numeric
C) Large, powerful computer that is physically larger than a microcomputer but smaller
than a mini-computer, and usually has one or more central processors with faster
instruction processing speeds.
D) The smallest but most important category of computer systems for end users.

22. Which is true of peripherals?
A) CD and DVD drives are a necessity for software installation and multimedia
B) Per page costs are higher for laser printers than for color inkjet printers.
C) Smaller is better when it comes to hard disk capacity.
D) None of the choices is correct.
23. Which one of the following statements would best describe magnetic stripe
A) It is a form of computing where debit and credit cards have an embedded
microprocessor chip.
B) It is a form of data entry that helps computers read credit cards.
C) It is a form of technology that is commonly used in banks in order to magnetically
read checks and deposit slips.
D) It is a form of technology which enables you to shoot, store, and download still photos
or full-motion video with audio into your computer system.

24. A bit, the smallest element of data, can have value(s) of:
A) 0 or 1.
B) 0, 1, or 8.
C) 0 through 7.
D) 0 and 1.

25. Which of the following is true about custom software?
A) It is developed within an organization for use by that organization.
B) The organization that develops the software is not the intended audience.
C) The organization that purchases it has no control over the specifications, schedule, or
evolution of the software.
D) All of the choices are correct.

26. Your text illustrates that application programs can be segregated into two major
categories. Which statement best illustrates what these categories are?
A) Accounting, marketing, manufacturing, and sales.
B) General purpose and application-specific (business, scientific, and other).
C) Job management, business, scientific, and other.
D) Supervisor, business, scientific, and general purpose.

27. Which one of the following is a basic function that an operating system performs in
the operation of a computer system?
A) It performs resource and task management.
B) It performs file management.
C) It provides a user interface, utilities, and support services.
D) It performs all of the above functions.

28. Java became popular because:
A) It is more secure than Internet Explorer.
B) It is platform independent.
C) When introduced it was the most powerful development tool available to
D) Without Java the development of computer networks would not have been possible.
29. Programming language translators:
A) Allow the transmission of data from one language to another
B) Are used to facilitate communications between companies where the employees speak
different languages.
C) Translate programs into machine language so a computer can execute the program.
D) Translate the language programmer's use into a high level language a computer can

30. An operating system is best described as a(n):
A) Application specific program.
B) General purpose application program.
C) System development program.
D) System management program.

31. Your text illustrates that application programs can be segregated into two major
categories - general purpose and application-specific. Application programs consist of
programs that:
A) Control the use of the hardware, software, and data resources.
B) Direct the processing required for the solution to a specific user's problem.
C) Help programmers develop information-processing programs.
D) Supervise the operations of the CPU.

32. HTML is used to:
A) Create hypertext or hypermedia documents.
B) Has all the function and abilities of XML.
C) Is used for development of advanced computer applications.
D) Is a user interface.

33. The following protocols are used for the development of web services.
A) CASE tools.
B) Java and XML.
D) All the choices are correct.

34. The logical structure of information in a database is contained in the
A) Data administration subsystem.
B) Data definition subsystem.
C) Data dictionary.
D) Data manipulation subsystem.
35. The concept of data resource management involves the management of an
A) Data resources.
B) Data resources and its information systems functions.
C) Data resources and its information technology.
D) Data resources and its people.

36. Which of the following is an example of a use of data mining?
A) Discouraging customer cross-selling and profiling.
B) Encouraging customer attrition.
C) Finding root causes to quantity data.
D) Profile customers with more accuracy.

37. Some of the database models described in your text require that relationships be
specified in advance, thus not supporting ad hoc requests for information. The database
structure that does support ad hoc requests is which of the following?
A) Hierarchical structure.
B) Network structure.
C) Object-oriented structure.
D) Relational structure.

38. A graphic method of representing entity classes and their relationships is a(n):
A) Entity-relationship diagram.
B) Flowchart.
C) Intersection relation diagram.
D) Query-by-example tool.

39. When employees of a company use online data banks, either those that are free or
those available through subscription fees only, they are using which type of database?
A) Common databases.
B) Distributed databases.
C) External databases.
D) Local databases.

40. Which of the following statements is not accurate in describing recent trends in
A) A larger number of vendors providing telecommunications service.
B) Development of more parallel independent networks for a given aspect of
communications such as data or video.
C) Movement toward more government-regulated monopolies and away from
deregulated markets.
D) The pervasive use of telecommunications networks to support business operations,
management, and strategic advantage.
41. Which of the following does not correctly describes the business value of the
A) Certain types of transactions completed online, such as banking transactions, can
result in cost savings of up to 10 percent.
B) Certain types of transactions completed online, such as booking an airline reservation,
can result in cost savings of up to 90 percent.
C) Improved Web customer service and support contribute to increased loyalty of
existing customers.
D) Web marketing and advertising and online sales attract new customers.

42. In a telecommunications network architecture, a protocol is:
A) A communications service for microcomputer users.
B) A device that handles the switching of voice and data in a local area network.
C) A standard set of rules and procedures for control of communications in a network.
D) The main computer in a telecommunications network.

43. Telecommunications and network technologies are internetworking and
revolutionizing which of the following?
A) Business and society.
B) Business and globalization.
C) Globalization and networking.
D) Society and globalization.

44. Which one of the following statements would NOT apply to the Internet revolution?
A) The Internet's central computer system or telecommunications center is the most
powerful communications center in the world.
B) The Internet has become the largest and most important network of networks today,
and has evolved into a global information superhighway.
C) The Internet is constantly expanding, as more and more businesses and other
organizations and their users, computers, and networks join its global web.
D) All of the answers correctly apply to the Internet revolution.

45. A network that contains one or more host computers that provide some type of
service to the other computers in a network is a:
A) Client/server network.
B) Local area network.
C) Peer-to-peer network.
D) Wide area network.
46. When bad weather approaches, Wal-Mart overstocks its shelves with a certain item
that it has determined sells well then. What is that item?
A) Bread
B) Fritos Corn Chips
C) Milk
D) Strawberry Pop tarts

47. Who wrote the Academic paper describing the Relational Database model?
A) Charles Babbage
B) E.F. Codd
C) Lady Ada Lovelace
D) Paul Bazos

48. What does the ‘E’ in E.F. Codd refer to?
A) Edgar
B) Edwin
C) Edward
D) Efren

49. SQL is an acronym that stands for
A) Standard Query Language
B) Simple Query Language
C) Structured Query Language
D) Structured Query Latin

50. What was the original name of the Java programming language?
C) Oak
D) Starbucks

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