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									                                                           MAXX MOBILE FAQs


How can I change alphabets and number while writing the SMS in Maxx Mobile ?
By pressing the # Key during write sms, you can switch between 123, ABC and abc.

How can I insert symbols during writing SMS?
By pressing “*” Key during writing SMS.

How can I insert no. directly while writing SMS?
By long press of the Key the correspondence option keys will change, please select appropri ate.

What does number black-list and white-list mean?
It is firewall feature which lets you block or allow some numbers for incoming calls/SMS. Call/SMS filter setting can be set by choosing the same from
Settings > call settings or SMS > Message settings.

MP3 Player:

Which Music format is supported by Maxx Mobile?
MP3/MIDI/AMR/ACC and default Mp3 Ring tones comes in every handset. For exact specs of your Maxx handset please refer to your user manual you
get along with phone.

How do I set MP3 Song as a Ring tone in Maxx phones?
First of all check whether your Maxx phone support this feature (refer your user manual); if yes Profile » General » cus tomize >> Tone setup » List >
Empty , select required song and set the same as default RT.

How many megabytes (MB) are there in 1 GB (gigabyte)?
1024 MB is equal to 1GB.

How many bytes are there in 1 MB?
There are 1024 bytes in 1 MB.

FM Radio:

Which Maxx Phones Have FM Radio?
Almost all Maxx phones support FM Radio. You can refer individual mobile product detail on this web site ( for exact specs.

Can I record my favourite „FM channel‟ for later listening ?
Yes, it is possible in our new range of phones e.g. MX480, MX475g, MX460, MX488 etc.; but handset should have sufficient vacant internal/ex ternal
memory to store the recorded file.
How can I save my favorite channel in FM List?
      1.     You can manually input the frequency and save to channel list, or
      2.     Preset auto search (Auto Tuning) can save all channels automatically, or
      3.     Please read the Maxx user manual supplied with Maxx Phone for more help.
      4.     If you have lost the user manual, please download same from our “ download center” section of

Which Maxx phone have wireless FM ?
MX414 has the wireless FM feature, it does not require headset for activating FM.

What is Schedule FM recording in Maxx mobiles ?
This special feature allow the user to record the desired FM Program at the particular set time without interacting with the Maxx mobile. You need to feed
the recording START and END time; and that time recording will start and stop automatically. Make sure at the time of recoding FM Headset should be
plugged in the Maxx phone.


Why do images look dirty or smoggy?
Ensure that the camera lens protection window is clean.

How can we change still camera mode to video Recording mode and visa a versa in Maxx Mobiles.
You can do so by selection appropriate option (Camera OR Video Recording) from the Multimedia sub menu of Main Menu of Maxx M obiles.

Where are the pictures stored after clicking it with Maxx Camera Phone?
By default the pictures get stored in the Phone Internal Memory.

May I set my camera pictures as my display background picture?
Yes (in selected Maxx Phone, refer your user manual for same). In order to set wallpaper of the phone as the camera clicked p icture please follow the
following steps: In the idle mode Press Menu-»Settings-»Phone Setup-»Display Characteristics-»Wallpaper-»User Define-»Select Storage (Phone/Card)-
»Select the location of storage-»Select the File to be used-»OK-»OK to set as wallpaper
Please note that wallpaper images need speci fi c resolution (vary from mobile to mobile) , so you need to shoot image in that resolution on ly for better

What are the various supported image sizes?
The following images Sizes are supported in different Maxx models:

      1.     128 X 160
      2.     160 X 120
      3.     320 X 240
      4.     640 X 480
      5.     1280 X 1024


Which file formats does the Video player support in Maxx Mobiles?
In most Maxx phones, the media player supports: .3GP and .AVI format of Video Playback (formats varied phone to phone, check your phone exact specs
from the Maxx user manual).

Where are the videos stored in my Maxx Mobiles?
By default the Videos are stored in the Phone memory (if it’s there inside). However this default storage can be changed by you between phone internal
memory or microSD (or MMC card) external memory.


What is Bluetooth?
Bluetooth technology allows wireless connections for data trans fer between Maxx Mobile (having Bluetooth feature) with all Bluetooth-compliant devices
within a range of apprx 8 - 10 meters of distance.

I am not able to find my friend‟s device from my Maxx Mobile ?
     1.    Check that you have switched ON the Bluetooth in both devices & Bluetooth symbol appears on Maxx mobile screen.
     2.    Make sure you are entering the same pass key in both the Mobiles (or other device).
     3.    Check that the distance between the two devices are not over 10 meters (32 feet) and that there are no obstructions between t he devices/
     4.    Check that the other device is not in hidden mode.
     5.    Check that both devices are compatible.

GPRS/Internet connectivity:

Unable to access GPRS in Maxx Mobile ?
Check the settings in the Handset, Most of the Maxx Handset’s Path is: - Services-> WAP-> Settings-> Edit Setting (Select the appropriate SIM 1 or 2 ) ->
Select the profile nam e as per your operator OR create new one i f not available. then click on Activate. And restart the Phone Now.
For creating NEW gprs profile for your mobile operator; configurations settings are available in your mobile gift box (as sep arate paper) OR soft copy of
same is available at Download Center as WAP & GPRS Setting doc on
If you sill face problem , please contact our customer care number 1800 22 6299. We will be Glad2Help you.

How can we use phone as modem in Maxx GSM Phone?
Maxx is providing Dial-up software (mySync PC Connect application) , for almost every GSM phone. Please check compatibility and availability of
mySync application for your Maxx Mobile on our Download Center on

      1.     Install that software on your PC as GSM Modem connection basis,
      2.     Connect phone and computer via USB data Cable (Read User Manual carefully for detailed instruction and steps)
      3.     Use your mobile number as User name & Password.
      4.     Now you can connect the internet by dial the shortcut of mySync on your desktop.

             Note that we have 2 types of mySync , as per the OS of your Computer; please choose appropriat e type mySync for download for your PC as
             per the Windows OS of your PC.

How do I connect internet with the help of mySync application of Maxx phone via GPRS on my Computer/Laptop?
The software to create the Dial-up on your computer, you can download it from our website’s center, software
Note : Please check whether your phone support mySync or not first , as specified on download center page.

Which Maxx phones Support “Phone as Modem” connectivity?
Selected dual SIM GSM Maxx Mobile phones support mySync application (PC suit or PC Connect application).
We recommend you check the compatibility of same at download center page of our website.
You would need Maxx Data Cable & Dial-up software (mySync) to access internet on your PC/Laptop.


My Maxx phone is having usage issues, what should I do ?
Maxx has 350+ service centers (& number is growing everyday) across India. To locate Maxx Authorised Service Center (ASC) near your house, please
visit our web site, service page. You can visit our service center on all working days to rectify your phone usage issues. Secondly,
you can always write to us on OR talk to us on 1800 22 6299.

What document should I carry while visiting the Maxx Authorized Service Center (ASC).
Please carry your purchas e bill along with STAMPED warranty card of your Maxx mobile , as proof of purchase.

What is the price of Maxx mobile I want to buy ?
Please note that Best Buy price of mobiles vary from retailer to retailer (and state to state as per TAX of that state) as th ey run various types of schemes.
Therefore request you not to contact Maxx Customer Care for price , but rather contact your nearest mobile phone retailer for the exact buying price.

What is the price of Maxx mobile spares & accessories, as I think ASC person telling me inflated cost ?
Please note that Maxx Mission believes in total transparency; and customer satisfaction comes first. That is why, for the first time in the mobile domain,
we have provided the spares and accessories price of each and every Maxx model on our website;, services page. If any ASC person
try to charge you heavily, please cross check the cost on our website. Even then ASC does not satisfy you, please do not hesi tate to write to us on . We will conduct internal enquiry & take appropriate action.

My Maxx mobile is stolen , what should I do ?
Most Maxx mobile has unique Mobile Tracking feature (check you mobile features). If you have activated the same feature, you will start getting the SMS
of MSISDN OR MDN number of the thief when he inserts his SIM OR UIM in your Maxx Mobile. You can take appropriate action aft er that to recover
your phone. Apart from that, aft er theft, please call up your mobile operator customer care & get your mobile SIM or UIM numb er blocked immediately.

How do I connect my Maxx phone to my PC or Laptop ?
Most Maxx mobiles support data cable & PC Connect / PC suit called Maxx mySync You need to check the mobile features in your User Manual or our
website. Please visit our download center page on the website and see if your Maxx model supports mySync . If your phone supports, please download the
mySync application and install in your PC or Laptop. After that you can connect your phone with Data Cable supplied with Phon e to your PC or Laptop.

While I open website on my phone using GPRS, square boxes appear ? Sometimes it shows insufficient memory on the display ?
In most cases square boxes appear when the script language of website is not recognized by your mobile; therefore switch to E nglish language on your
website OR try opening only English language web site to avoid the issue. For 2 nd query, please note that most of the Indian websites are designed keeping
high PC memory in consideration and not low mobile phone memory; that is why you can open easily but not on your
Maxx mobiles. That is why on few HEAVY website pages , you will see the note that phone memory is insuffici ent to open t he website.

What type of memory card is supported by Maxx mobile?
Maxx mobile supports T -Flash or Micro SD memory card.

After inserting SIM / UIM card but my phone cannot read the card, why?
This can happen when either you have not inserted the card properly or your card is not valid, so please check for the same.

What is PUK code and what should I do if my phone prompts for the PUK code?
PUK (Phone Unlocking Key) no is normally required when you enter the wrong PIN (Phone Identification Number) Code. If your phone p rompts for PUK
number it means your SIM has been blocked. Please communicate with your SIM Card service provider to get the PUK cod e and use the code to unlock.

What should I do if I get poor talking quality?
Please check i f the phone signal is strong enough and come in the open area to get the good signals.

What should I do if the mobile displays the information such as “No Service”?
Please check i f you are in a weak signal area (e. g. in the channel or surround by buildings), change the area and retry.

What is Mobile Tracker feature and which all Maxx handsets support this feature?
Mobile Tracker feature is security feature which helps you track your mobile. If the tracking mode is on then while inserting any new SIM the added
tracking no.s will get SMS about new SIM detail which is using your phone. Most of the Maxx phones support Mobile Tracking, but we still recommend to
check the feature list before you make purchase decision for this feature.

How can I increase / decrease the Speaker volume in Maxx Mobiles ?
If there is no side key then Just Press the D-Pad up & down keys (or left or right keys) as indicated on screen of phone in mp3 player mode.

How many GSM Band frequencies are there in India?
Total Band Frequencies worldwide (in MHz) Works In India (in MHz) 850 900 900 1800 1800 1900
How many CDMA Band frequencies are there & how many works in India?
There is only one Band frequency i.e 800 MHz

How do I   get good battery backup?
    1.      By charging the battery up to FULL for the first time and subsequently for at least 1 to 2 hrs.
    2.      Charging the battery only after complet e discharge of battery.
    3.      Should not remove the battery more often.

What is a Data Cable?
Data Cable is the interface between your PC and phone. In which you can transfer the data from your PC to phone and vice versa.

Where do I get the mySync Software to connect the Phone?
If your Maxx phone support this function, you can download the mySync from; download center. You need it to transfer data
between your PC/Laptop & Maxx Mobile. Also for accessing internet through Maxx phone on your laptop/PC.

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