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									                                                                                Sample Lists

Sample Lists
                                                                          Chapter 2
           This section explains how to create Sample Lists, how to change the appearance of
           the Sample List, fill the cells with data and how to import Sample Lists generated
           by other packages e.g. Excel.


           When you log on to MassLynx the MassLynx toplevel window will be displayed.

           Figure 2.1 The MassLynx Toplevel Screen

           The screen contains the top-level menu bar and a Toolbar which allow the user to
           define multiple Sample Lists and to access other MassLynx processes.

           Note: If a Waters 2700, Waters 2790 or Gilson autosampler is installed, and
           controlled via MassLynx, then the Bed Layout and Plate Layout is shown on the
           MassLynx screen next to the Sample List. The Sample List can be updated from
           the plate layout, see Updating the Sample List from the Plate Layout, on page 102
           for details.

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Sample Lists

The MassLynx Screen Toolbar

               Toolbar   Menu equivalent          Purpose
                         File… New                Create a new Sample List.

                         File… Open               Open an existing Sample List.

                         File… Save or            Save a Sample List.
                         File… Save As
                         File… Print              Print a Sample List.

                         Run… Control Panel       Display the Acquisition Control Panel.

                         Run… Start               Start an acquisition.

                         Run… Stop                Stop an acquisition.

                         Run… Pause Queue         Pause the queue of acquisitions.

                         View… Spectrum           View Spectrum.

                         View… Chromatogram       View Chromatogram.

                         View… Map                View Map.

                         Quantify… View Results   View Quantify Results.

                         Tools… Search Library    Perform a Library search.

                         Tools…                   Combine Functions.
                         Combine Functions
                         Tools… Strip             Strip Functions.

                         Tools… MW Calculator     Invoke Molecular Weight Calculator.

                         BioLynx… Proteins        Invoke Protein Sequence Chain Editor.

                         BioLynx…                 Invoke the Peptide Sequencer.
                         Peptide Sequencing
                         BioLynx…                 Invoke ProteinProbe database search.
                         Database Search
                         BioLynx…                 Invoke the ICAT Browser window.
                         ICAT Analysis
                         BioLynx...               Invoke Nucleic Acids Sequence Editor.
                         Nucleic Acids
                         BioLynx…                 Invoke the Oligonucleotide Sequencer.
                         Nucleotide Sequencer
                         BioLynx… Carbo Tools     Invoke the Carbo Tools main window.

                         NeoLynx… Test Editor     Invoke the NeoLynx Test Editor.

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                                                                          Sample Lists

                  NeoLynx… Results        Invoke the NeoLynx Results Browser.
                  Help… About MassLynx    Display program information, version
                                          number and copyright.
                  Security… Lock          Lock workstation.

The Sample List Toolbar

                  Edit… Cut               Cut the selection and put it on the
                  Edit… Copy              Copy the selection to the clipboard.

                  Edit… Paste             Paste the contents of the clipboard.

                  Samples… Add            Add samples to the Sample List.

                  Samples… Insert         Insert samples into the Sample List.

                  Samples… Delete         Delete samples from the Sample List.

                  Samples… Field…         Invoke the Field Properties dialog.
                  Samples… Field…         Invoke the Customize Field Display dialog.
                  Customize Display
                  Samples… Field…         Remove a field from the display.
                  Remove Column
                  Samples… Fill… Down     Fill down.

                  Samples… Fill… Series   Fill series.

                  Samples… Field…         Align text to the left in the current column.
                  Align… Left
                  Samples… Field…         Align text to the center of the current
                  Align… Center           column.
                  Samples… Field…         Align text to the right in the current
                  Align… Right            column.

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Sample Lists

Saving/Loading Sample Lists
           n   To Open a Sample List

               1.   Press the    Toolbar button or select Open Sample List from the File
                    menu. This displays the Open file dialog.

                    Figure 2.2 The Open File dialog

               2.   Select a data file and press the Open button.

           n   To Save a Sample List

               1.   Press the       Toolbar button or select Save or Save As from the File menu.
                    If this is a new Sample List, or the Save As option has been selected, the
                    Save As dialog is displayed.

                    Figure 2.3 The Save As dialog

               2.   Type a name into the File Name box and press the Save button.

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                                                                                 Sample Lists

Saving/Loading Sample List Formats
          Sample List formats can be saved and retrieved. A Sample List format is a
          definition of the columns to be used in a Sample List. MassLynx is supplied with
          three default formats Default, Diverse and Quantify.

          Note. If a Sample List is open and new format is loaded this will replace the
          current format.

      n   To Load a Sample List Format

          1.    Select Load Format from the Samples menu. This displays the Load
                Sample List dialog.

                Figure 2.4 The Load Sample List dialog

          2.    Click with the left mouse button on the required format and press the OK
                button. If the format is not present in the current directory then press the
                Browse button and locate the file from the dialog displayed.

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Sample Lists

           n   To Save a Sample List Format

               1.    Format the spreadsheet to include the required fields.

               2.    Select Save Format from the Samples menu. This displays the Save Sample
                     List Format dialog.

               3.    Enter file name, select location and press the Save button. This will save the
                     *.fmt file and display the Summary Information dialog.

                     Figure 2.5 The Summary Information dialog

               Enter details as required and press the OK button. Title is the text that will appear
               in the list box of available formats when loading formats.

Printing Sample Lists
           n   To Print a Sample List

               1.    Press the      Toolbar button or select Print from the File menu. This
                     displays the Print dialog.

                     Figure 2.6 The Print dialog

               2.    Select the printer, print range and number of copies and press the OK button.

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