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									                                   International Textile and Apparel Association
A global organization of textile and apparel scholars                                  Volume 32 No. 4—March/April 2010

                                   Remembering Charles Kleibacker
In this issue . . . . .
                                   Master of the Bias Cut (1921-2010)
Remembering Charles
Kleibacker, Master of the Bias
                                    A Personal Tribute to Charles Kleibacker        perfectionist and students adored him.
                       Page 1       By Sandi Keiser
                                                                                    Charles was a visionary in so many ways!
President’s Message                 Designer, educator, curator, Charles            He and sister led the College’s first trip to
                          Page 2    Kleibacker passed away on January 3,            Paris; it was at his suggestion that the
                                    2010 in Columbus, Ohio after a brief            department began collecting historic
If You MIss the Annual
Meeting, You Miss the Design        illness. I was blessed to know and work         costumes and textiles in the early 1970s.
Award Winners!                                             with Charles since       In 1971 Mount Mary College awarded
                       Page 4                              1977 when I joined       Charles the Gold Needle Award for his
                                                           the faculty at Mount     Professional Excellence and contributions
Dates to Remember                                          Mary College. Sister     to education. Charles loved to host
                          Page 5                           Aloyse Hessburg,                                    Mount Mary
2010 Conference—Building                                   the then chair of                                   students for a
Alliances                                                  Mount Mary’s                                        visit to his New
                   Page 6                                  Fashion Department                                  York studio on
                                                           had invited Charles                                 our annual study
NCCC-065 Tips for Grant                                    to serve as a visiting                              tours and often
                     Page 8                                designer critic in                                  took extra time
                                    1968---what was proposed to be a two                                       to lead walking
Student Choice as an                year term. Charles was gifted as an                                        tours of some of
Effective Learning Strategy         educator and mentor and the two quickly                                    his favorite spots
                      Page 10       developed a special friendship resulting in                                in New York,
                                    a 40-year collaboration. Charles would fly                                 including historic
Position Announcements              to Milwaukee three times during the fall        hotels and restaurants---enhanced by
                   Page 12
                                    semester to work with students in Sister        wonderful stories of his experiences and
                                    Aloyse’s couture construction class             the famous people he had worked with.
           ____________             introducing students to the bias cut, four-     He established the Charles Kleibacker
                                    ply silk crepe, and hand overcasting. The       Scholarship to help students who excel in
Please note: There are no           first visit focused on design selection; the    design and contributed to it annually to
Announcements/Calls in this
Issue as none were received.        second involved tireless days and late          ensure that it provided substantial
                                    evenings spent fitting muslins; and the         support. In 2004 he donated hundreds of
           _____________            third focused on fittings in the fashion        designer garments and accessories to the
                                    fabric. In those early years Many of those      Mount Mary Historic Costume Collection-
ITAA 67th Annual Conference         garments were included in ITAA design           ---many
    October 27-30, 2010
   Hyatt Regency Montreal           exhibitions. Charles would return in the
  Montreal Quebec Canada            spring to commentate our annual student
                                    fashion show, working his magic on the
                                    entire production. He was an unrelenting                  (Continued on Page 6)

Volume 32, No.4                                                         March/April 2010                                   Page 1
                                    President’s Message                            by: Nora   M. MacDonald
   2009-2010 ITAA Council

               President            This year’s spring ITAA Council is being held in Minneapolis the first week
           Nora MacDonald                                 of March. My husband asked “Why Minneapolis in
         West Virginia University                         March?” Bill’s first trip to Minneapolis was at the end
                                                          of March to visit my family and he was welcomed by
            President-Elect                               an icy driveway and huge piles of snow. My response
            Jana M. Hawley                                to him was Council typically meets in the city that
         Kansas State University                          hosts the next annual meeting to get a better idea of
                                                          the conference hotel logistics and opportunities in
               Treasurer                                  the host city. We decided to hold the spring meeting
            Sandra Forsythe                               at a U.S. airport hub city in order to keep costs down
           Auburn University                              since the 2011 annual meeting will be in Montreal.
                                    Since many of us have been having cold, snowy weather this year,
               Secretary            Minneapolis in March shouldn’t be such a shock to those who reside in
            Melody LeHew            the south.
         Kansas State University
                                    Council, under the leadership of President-Elect Jana Hawley, is in the
               Counselor            process of updating the ITAA Handbook. This is a large task and one that
            Kim K. P. Johnson       needs to be tackled periodically. Because many changes have occurred in
         University of Minnesota    the recent past, a re-definition of structure, roles, and duties needs to be
                                    made in order for the organization to run smoothly. At the same time,
           Executive Director       we’ll address the potential addition or sub-division of committees such as
           MaryAnne Bobrow,         adding new structures for our international collaborations and re-defining
           Ex Officio Member        the efforts of the Design & Aesthetics committee as this has become quite
                                    a large group. Please feel free to contact the current committee chairs or
     Vice President-Education       Vice Presidents Kathy Mullet or Sherry Schofield-Tomschin if you have
       Elizabeth “Missy” Bye        ideas about these two areas of growth.
     University of Minnesota
                                    Progress has been made on many fronts since the 2009 annual meeting in
    Vice President-Operations       Bellevue, Washington. Sherry Schofield-Tomschin and her committee are
           Ann Paulins              hard at work on plans for the 2010 annual meeting. As information
         Ohio University            becomes available, it will be added to the ITAA web site so stay tuned and
                                    periodically check for meeting updates. It is shaping up to be an exciting
      Vice President-Planning       meeting in the beautiful city of Montreal. The ITAA calls have been
            Kathy Mullet            updated and clarified. Please let us know if the changes have facilitated
      Oregon State University       your understanding of details related to each call or if there are items that
                                    still need to be clarified.
    Vice President-Publications
           Nancy J. Miller          One of the fun activities I participated in during the 2009 annual meeting
   University of Nebraska-Lincoln   was the social for new members. This reception is scheduled for the hour
                                    prior to the opening reception. While all ITAA members are welcome to
    Vice President-Scholarship      attend this event, ITAA Council members attend in order to welcome new
    Sherry Schofield-Tomschin       members. Throughout the Bellevue meeting, I enjoyed running into new
       Kent State University        members I had met and being able to put name, face, and school or
                                    business together. One of these encounters even has led to the
     Graduate Student Liaison       collaboration on a classroom project between two four-year institutions
             Huiju Park             and a two-year college. You are invited to attend this event in Montreal as
     Oklahoma State University      it could lead to networking opportunities.
         Ex-officio member

Page 2                                      March/April 2010                                      Volume 32, No. 4
President’s Message (continued)

 New to the ITAA web site is a dedicated link to calls for    designers will be invited to attend.
 ITAA sponsored activities with our international
 colleagues from the Korean Academy of Marketing              Remember all of us can Make a Difference through
 Science (KAMS) and Thailand. The 2010 ITAA-KAMS              Design as Design is the planning and arrangement of
 Joint Symposium will be held in conjunction with The         materials or circumstances into artfully planned objects
 2010 Global Marketing Conference at Tokyo at Ryutsu          or events. Hopefully, we all contribute to a better built
 Keizai University, in Chiba, Japan, September 9-12. The      environment in our classroom, our business, our
 2011 ITAA-KAMS Joint Symposium will be held at Yonsei        organization, and our personal lives.
 University in Seoul, Republic of Korea, May 26-29 as
 part of the 2011 KAMS Spring International Conference.                                Nora M. MacDonald
 All of the accepted submissions for the 2011                                          President 2009-2010
 symposium will be considered for inclusion in a special
 issue of the Journal of Global Fashion Marketing. Kim
 Johnson will serve as guest editor.

 The 2010 call for the Queen Sirikit Institute of
 Sericulture Peacock Standard of Thai Silk Competition
 has been expanded this year to include graduate and
 undergraduate student designers. The top ten designs
 will be exhibited at The Queen Sirikit Institute of          Reference:
 Sericulture Peacock Standard and ASEAN Conference,           Caplan, R. (2005). By design (2nd ed.). New York:
 August 6-10 in Bangkok, Thailand; the top three              Fairchild.

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Volume 32, No.4                                          March/April 2010                                         Page 3
If You Miss the Annual Meeting, You Miss the Design Award Winners

  By: Sherry Schofield­Tomschin, VP for Scholarship

  One of the benefits of attending ITAA’s annual meeting         Paris American Academy
  is enjoying the Mounted and Lectra Live Gallery Exhibit.              Scholarship
  So if you were unable to make it to the Annual
  Conference, or you just want to see the winning                          Darling Doily
  designs again, read on to see the 2009 Design Winners.               Sarah Hunt-Bollhorst
                                                                     Illinois State University

       ATEXINC Award for
    Excellence in Marketable
          Textile Design                                        Patternworks International

   Post Modern Street Wear                                         Ombre Flower Trench
        Andrew Crockett                                            Lindsay (Luci) Kandler
    Virginia Commonwealth                                         University of Minnesota


    Eden Travel International
                                                             ATEXINC Award for Excellence in
        Please Save Me                                          Marketable Textile Design
          Tamara Hall
   Washington State University                                            Magma
                                                                Huiju Park & Diane Morton
                                                                Oklahoma State University

  ESRAB Award for Sustainable
                                                               ESRAB Award for Sustainable
   The Fair Trade Coffee Dress                                          Design
     Lindsay (Luci) Kandler
    University of Minnesota                                  Who Said I Couldn’t Wear T-Shirts
                                                                      to a Wedding
                                                                   Pimpawan Kumphai
                                                               Oklahoma State University

                                                                     (Continued on Page 7)

Page 4                                            March/April 2010                               Volume 32, No. 4
 Dates to Remember

          Dates to Remember for ITAA                                            May 26­29, 2011
                                                                        2011 ITAA-KAMS Joint Symposium
                    March 30, 2010                                              Yonsei University
                Submission due date for                                     Seoul, Republic of Korea
      The 2010 Queen Sirikit Institute of Sericulture
        Peacock Standard of Thai Silk Competition                             November 3­6, 2011
                                                                          ITAA 68th Annual Conference
                         April 1, 2010                                   Conference Chair: Joe Hancock
     Research Presentations, Technical Design / Fashion              Sheraton Philadelphia City Center Hotel
 Illustration / Textile Design , Teaching Presentations due                   Philadelphia, PA USA
            Faculty Awards and Fellowships due:
  Fairchild Publications Textile and Apparel Faculty Grant                  November 14­17, 2012
       Sara Douglas Fellowship for International Study                  ITAA 69th Annual Conference
      Graduate Student Awards and Fellowships due:                      Conference Chair: Andy Reilly
                    Lois Dickey Fellowship                            Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort & Spa
                  Marjorie Joseph Fellowship                             Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii USA
                 Joan M. Laughlin Fellowship
                    Oris Glisson Fellowship                                   October 15-18, 2013
                 Sarah Douglas Fellowship for                            ITAA’s 70th Annual Conference
                Professional Promise-Doctoral                          Conference Chair: Marianne Bickle
                 Sarah Douglas Fellowship for                                Sheraton New Orleans
                Professional Promise-Graduate                              New Orleans, Louisiana USA
  Undergraduate Student Awards and Fellowships due:
               AIU-ITAA Fashion Design Award                   Dates to Remember for Other than ITAA
             AIU-ITAA Fashion Marketing Award
                                                                             March 31­April 3, 2010
              Updated Information on the                      Popular Culture/American Culture Associations Annual
   Paris American Academy Scholarship Coming Soon!                    Conference—St. Louis, Missouri USA

                    June 1, 2010                                                   July 9, 2010
  Undergraduate Student Awards and Fellowships due:                Symposium—Alternative Practices in Design:
             Blanche Payne Scholarship                                The Collective - Past, Present & Future
                                                                      RMIT University, Melbourne Australia
                  September 9­12, 2010
            2010 ITAA-KAMS Joint Symposium                                       October 6­9, 2010
          Ryustu Keizai University—Chiba, Japan                  Textile Society of America Biennial Symposium
                                                              Textiles and Settlement: Plains Space to Cyber Space
                 October 27­30, 2010                                          Lincoln, Nebraska USA
             ITAA 67th Annual Conference
      Conference Chair: Sherry Schofield-Tomschin                             October 26-28, 2010
                Hyatt Regency Montreal                             The 2010 International Conference in Textile
               Montreal Quebec Canada                                     Composites — TEXCOMP 10
                                                                                  Lille, France

Volume 32, No.4                                 March/April 2010                                                  Page 5
2010 Conference – Building Alliances

                     It may seem like you just got back        •       Montréal’s fashion industry ranks 3rd in North
                     from Bellevue, but it’s already time to           America, behind Los Angeles and New York.
                     start thinking about the 2010 Annual              Sign-up for one of the many industry tours
                     Meeting to take place in Montréal,                organized for you.
                     Quebec, Canada. So put October 27
                     – 30 on your calendar, and start          •       Montréal is the most bilingual (French-English)
                     making the necessary plans for                    metropolis on the North American continent; a
                     attending. There is so much that                  customary way to greet friends is to kiss them
                     Montréal has to offer, if you’ve never            on both cheeks, starting with the right.
 been to Montréal, you’re in for a treat. Some of the
 highlights include:                                           •       National Geographic ranked Montréal’s
                                                                       Underground Pedestrian Network as number
 •       In 2007, Montréal was named a “UNESCO city of                 one. The average October temperature is 8.1 °C
         Design”, becoming the first North American city               (46.6 °F).
         to hold that title for excellence in literature,
         music, food, cinema, folk art and digital design.     Hotel and Surrounding Area. The 2010 Annual Meeting
         Time will be included within the conference for       will be headquartered in Quebec's most vibrant city
         a walking tour of Old Town.                           from the comfort of the luxurious Hyatt Regency
                                                               Montréal Hotel, located in downtown Montréal. The
 •       Montréal is the city with the largest number of       hotel offers direct underground access to the Montréal
         restaurants per resident in all of North America,     Convention Centre and the Metro transport system.
         representing 80 different types of national and       The hotel is conveniently located within a short walking
         regional cuisines—many within walking distance        distance of Old Montréal, the Museum of Contemporary
         from the hotel (both above and below ground)
                                                                                (Continued on Page 8)

Remembering Charles Kleibacker - Master of the Bias Cut

                 (Continued from Page 1)

 of his own design and others that he collected by             interviewed him as part of the symposium in
 designers he admired. And it was Charles that                 conjunction with the exhibition on December 5 and he
 encouraged Sister Aloyse to launch Mount Mary’s               was delighted that so many friends from across the
 Friends of Fashion, an organization dedicated to              country were in the audience for that event.
 promoting and supporting the costume collection.

 Charles was an honorary member of ITAA. When the              For information regarding Charles’ storied career as a
 annual meeting was held in Columbus, he worked with           designer in Paris and New York as well as his work as a
 me to stage the design exhibition. His design work has        costume curator at Ohio State University and the
 been featured in numerous costume exhibitions at              Columbus Museum of Art refer to the websites for
 Mount Mary College, Kent State University, and the            Threads and the Columbus Museum of Art.
 Columbus Museum of Art. His techniques and design
 philosophy have been written about in Threads and             Editor’s Note: To see a video on Charles Kleibacker, visit
 other publications. Most recently he was honored to 
 have his work included in the “American Style”
 exhibition at the Museum at FIT. Patricia Mears

Page 6                                            March/April 2010                                      Volume 32, No. 4
 If You Miss the Annual Meeting, You Miss the Design Award Winners

    Lectra Outstanding Graduate
     Student Award (Best Use of
   Technology using Professional           ITAA Award for Excellence in Design
   Design Pattern Making or Print                   Using Draping
       Postcard from Morocco                   Diane Sparks & Juyeon Park
           Anne Porterfield                     Colorado State University
    North Carolina State University

                                            ITAA Award for Effective Use of an
    Lectra Outstanding Graduate                   Historical Inspiration
       Student Design Award
        The Blooming Scented                        Vincent Quevedo
              Mee Jekal                            Kent State University
         Hanyang University


                                            Sandra Hutton Award for Fiber Art
  ATEXINC Award for Excellence
   in Marketable Textile Design                       Neo-Geo
                                             Wonseok Choi and Yeon Hee Le
         Blue Walrus                             Hanyang University
  Kyoung-Hee Cho & Ji-Eun Lee
   Mokpo National University

    ESRAB Award for Sustainable                 Lectra Outstanding Faculty
             Design                                  Designer Award

      Poured Out and Dried Up                            Midnight
        Linda Ohrn-McDaniel                         Vincent Quevedo
        Kent State University                      Kent State University

Volume 32, No.4                       March/April 2010                           Page 7
NCCC-065 Tips for Grant Writers                                                                 by Nancy J. Miller

  These tips were developed by members of the multi-             for improving success in external grant funding are
  State research team NCCC-065 Indicators of Social              designed for those with limited experience in preparing
                       Change in the Marketplace:                proposals, whether they are graduate students or early
                       Producers, Retailers and                  or mid career faculty. The basic idea behind successful
                       Consumers. As individuals and as          grant writing is that the proposal reflects a clear idea
                       collaborators, this research team         about what the research will achieve, the importance
                       has received federal funding,             of the need, and the plan for meeting the need cost
                       reviewed grant applications for a         effectively. This seems so obvious, but grantmakers
                       variety of agencies, attended             find the majority of proposals fall short of these basic
                       numerous grant writing                    areas, subsequently producing apprehension and lack
                       workshops, and mentored faculty           of research support for faculty seeking tenure and/or
                       at various stages of their careers.       promotion
  Though the tips may seem overly simplified it is most
  often the most basic or fundamental aspects of the             General Problem. In a recent cartoon Ziggy approaches
  grant writing process that are overlooked or under-            a door that reads ‘RESEARCH (but not necessarily
  developed. This is the first set of tips in a series. If you   DEVELOPMENT)’ (Wilson & Il, 2009). We often think of
  would like to suggest tips for grant writers, please           R&D as operating in tandem within an innovative
  contact Nancy J. Miller at                   company. This concept could also be applied to our
                                                                 research. Our research is constantly in development,
  Fundamentals for Successful Grant Writing                      meaning we publish to invite peer response and we

  Introduction. The following fundamental suggestions                             (Continued on Page 9)

2010 Conference – Building Alliances

                   (Continued from Page 6)                       these rooms, eliminating the need for poster boards.
                                                                 But keep a look out for further updates.
  Arts, the Performing Arts Centre, Théâtre du Nouveau
  Monde, Ste-Catherine Street, and the Latin Quarter,            Design Venue. Both the live and mounted gallery
  and all they have to offer.                                    exhibits will take place at the Marché Bonsecour, a
                                                                 beautiful historic building located in Old Montreal. The
  Conference Schedule. We have worked to adjust the              venue offers a magnificent view of the St. Lawrence
  conference schedule to include a little more free time         river, Old Port, and some of the most beautiful historic
  to enjoy Montréal, while still allowing plenty of              buildings of old Montréal. Marché Bonsecour is
  opportunities for presentations. In fact, we have room         considered one of the ten most beautiful historic
  for 300 presentations, 100 on each day of the                  buildings of Canada. And although walking distance
  conference. But to get that many scheduled, we had to          from the hotel, shuttle service will also be available.
  shift to more poster presentations and a different             Every effort is being made to make sure this is an event
  poster format. So there will be two poster sessions            not to be forgotten.
  running simultaneously with the concurrent sessions;
  each room (yes, poster presentations will be in a room,        So get your passport, or get your passport renewed
  not in the corridors) will have space for 15 individuals       (remember, if your passport is due to expire within six
  to set up their posters and discuss their topic with           months of the conference, you will not be able to leave
  interested participants. We are also trying to arrange         the United States) and your scholarship submissions
  for cork (or other reusable) boards to be available for        ready, this is one conference you don’t want to miss!

Page 8                                              March/April 2010                                      Volume 32, No. 4
 NCCC-065 Tips for Grant Writers

                   (Continued from Page 8)                    program. Their funding for the following year is
                                                              dependent upon funding important, successful
  seek funding to continue the refinement and                 research this year. The program directors are thus
  advancement of our ideas. An example of ‘research           seeking good research ideas that they believe will
  (but not necessarily development)’ is often evident in      produce scholarly results. Program directors cannot
  our initial research efforts. The last chapter of the       afford to fund a project that doesn’t launch or doesn’t
  dissertation or discussion/conclusion section of the        follow procedures outlined in the researcher’s
  paper addressing what the findings mean, the impact         proposal. It is crucial that the researcher evaluate his or
  of the findings on future research, or application to       her degree of experience including publishing and
  real-world problems is often the least developed            grant funding. If there is limited evidence, then
  writing. The concreteness of this section is frequently     collaborations are imperative for positive grant funding
  underdeveloped in both qualitative and quantitative         outcomes. In most program areas, collaborations that
  approaches to research.                                     cross disciplines or state boundaries are viewed as
                                                              strengthening the work proposed. Scholars with
  1.) Identify an Agency Fit. Think of grant writing as       numerous publications and prior grants often work
  starting from the opposite direction of manuscript          with others not only to enhance their funding potential
  writing. The outcomes are offered first, with a strong      but for the benefits of help with the project’s
  plan to achieve the identified outcomes. Furthermore,       management and the provision of multiple
  the outcomes meet a need that has been identified by        perspectives in addressing and analyzing facets of the
  the funding agency as a priority and it is clear that the   grant work.
  plan will be conducted by able scholars at reasonable
  costs. As the first paragraphs read when reviewing          4.) Follow Directions. The grant program solicitations
  proposals, it is important that the Overview Section        are usually large documents that are intended to help
  offer a compelling logic that engenders enthusiasm,         the proposal writer organize the work in a way that can
  quickly explains, and develops interest.                    be quickly and efficiently reviewed. This document can
                                                              be overwhelming to a first time grant writer. The
  2.) Address the Important Gaps. It is very likely that      document changes yearly, so often even experienced
  the particular funding agency program has a ‘home’ in       grant writers are ‘caught’ by not following directions
  a discipline other than textiles and clothing. Proposal     when recycling an unsuccessful proposal. Sometimes it
  writers should identify and then build upon theories        is an oversight, but frequently it is due to lack of
  and influential research in that particular discipline.     attention to detail. If in doubt about a piece of
  Areas that intersect or overlap with textiles and           information from the program solicitation, call the
  clothing research can be included to highlight the          program director and ask, do not assume. The
  convergence on similar problems or questions that           program directors want to hear the researchers’
  remain unanswered. Findings or discoveries from these       questions. Some program directors are more helpful
  prior research efforts will emphasize the importance of     than others, dependent upon their degree of
  learning more. The gaps in the knowledge will be            involvement in the selection of proposals for funding.
  identified with the funding agencies’ priorities in mind.   Generally program directors of federally sponsored
  In sum, address past and competing findings explaining      funding may not be able to provide as much feedback
  how the aims of this research are compelling or unique      in proposal development as program directors from
  and hold potential for advancing the science ultimately     private foundations.
  affecting the field. This information forms the
  foundation for the particular research approach             5.) Consider the Odds. As of March 2009, agencies
  outlined in the proposal.                                   reported funding 15-22 percent of all proposals
                                                              submitted (personal visits with program directors at
  3.) Reduce Perceived Risks. Each funding agency must        NSF, IES, NEH, and CSREES). Given the amount of
  show results for the money invested in their particular
                                                                               (Continued on Page 10)

Volume 32, No. 9                                         March/April 2010                                           Page 9
Student Choice as an Effective Learning Strategy
 By: Sara B. Marcketti                                         motivation, and more immediate immersion in the
 Department of Apparel, Educational Studies, and               learning process (Starnes & Carone, 2002). Student-
 Hospitality Management, Iowa State University                 designed assignments are created to shift students from
                                                               the role of “individual consumers of education to co-
 For many undergraduates, history courses are                  creators of a common life” in the classroom (Rinehart,
 uninteresting citing the irrelevancy of historical topics     1999, p. 219).
                        and begrudging the need to meet
                        general education requirements         To create a learner-centered, student-collaborative
                        (Wineburg, 2001). Student              environment, I implemented “student choice” projects
                        complaints may be based on the         in my survey of history of dress class and 20th century
                        traditional methods of teaching        fashion history course. For their final class assignment,
                        survey history courses, specifically   students select from a list of 3-possible project types: a
                        the exclusive use of multiple          traditional research paper based on primary and/or
                        choice exams for assessment. This      secondary sources, an oral history report, or a portfolio
                        instructor-centered approach is        of student illustrations based on historical images.
                        convenient but does not actively       Students deliver their projects in their choice of several
                        engage students in the discovery       formats including a term paper, an electronic or paper
 and construction of knowledge. In contrast, learning-         portfolio, or a Website. The goal is for students to
 centered approaches actively involve students directly in     deepen their learning about methods of research and
 course material. Researchers have noted that                  details about a selected subject in fashion history
 collaborative classrooms in which students participate in     (McGinnis, 2007).
 the design of class materials leads to greater
 engagement in course material, increased intrinsic                             (Continued on Page 11)

NCCC-065 Tips for Grant Writers

                  (Continued from Page 9)

  available funding, even very good proposals don’t get        This review of five fundamentals for grant writing
  funded. Furthermore, if the odds are considered it is        covers many complex issues that often stymie
  perhaps more strategic to write manuscripts for journal      researchers. In sum, it is often not the idea that is
  submissions than grant proposals. Universities and           lacking but the way in which the idea is presented that
  current budget situations offer strong reasons for           prevents funding. Make time an asset in grant writing
  seeking external support of research. Writing and            by starting early and asking others for feedback. For
  submitting a proposal generates comments or scoring          the advancement of scholars in all areas of textiles and
  for improved re-submission. Though this process takes        apparel, an environment of critical reviewing should be
  considerable time, there is no better way to learn to        further cultivated. Professional development should
  write a successful grant proposal than by writing and        include asking difficult questions or offering guidance
  submitting. Further conversation with the agency             when we are formally or informally reviewing written
  program directors may offer insight as to how the            as well as verbal presentations of each other’s
  proposal can be revised and resubmitted for the next         scholarship.
  round. So, the odds for securing funding improve with
  communication followed by revisions or possibly a            References
  redirection of the research approach. University tenure      Wilson, T. & Il, T. (2009, March 10). Ziggy. Journal Star.
  and promotion committees usually give credit for grant       p. C4.
  submissions whether or not the proposal was funded.

Page 10                                                   March/April 2010                               Volume 32, No. 4
 Student Choice as an Effective Learning Strategy
                   (Continued from Page 10)                           instructor is able to create a limited number of
                                                                      rubrics for assessment purposes.
  To assess the effectiveness of the student choice
  projects in promoting student learning, I created an        [       Recognize student choice projects are time-
  anonymous survey posted on WebCT. Students                          intensive for the instructor. It is advisable for
  responded on a likert-type scale from 1=strongly                    the instructor to meet with each student to
  disagree to 5=strongly agree the extent to which the                guide them in the narrowing (or broadening) of
  student choice project impacted their learning. Four                their research topic and to assist in the
  semesters of student responses (n=244) indicated that               acquisition of resources.
  the student choice project encouraged greater
  understanding in course material (m=4.39); encouraged       [       Require a first draft or abstract with a resource
  students to work hard to master the material (m=4.32),              list from the students to ensure there are a
  and to gain greater interest in the subject (m=4.28).               variety of project types, subjects, and that the
  Student comments supported these findings:                          students are utilizing appropriate sources.

  [       “It was a relief to get a choice; we focused on             ____________________________________
          something of interest that will be able to apply
          later.”                                             References
                                                              McGinnis, T. (2007). Costumer’s Manifesto. Retrieved
  [       “I learned a ton about the subject and how to       May 15, 2009 from
          use the library and other resources.”     
                                                              sses/costhist355/thr355syl      libus.htm
  [        “This was my favorite…. It allowed me to focus
          on a specific time and use my creative skills to    Rinehart, J. A. (1999). Turning theory into theorizing:
          illustrate designs inspired by that period.”        Collaborative learning in a       sociological    theory
                                                              course. Teaching Sociology, 27, 216-232.
  Allowing students the choice to select the topic of their
  final project automatically increased student
  involvement in their learning as they were responsible
  for finding an idea and formulating a plan for
  completing their research. By their very nature, the
  student choice projects were personalized to meet
  each individual student’s interests, needs, and
  capabilities. Due to the high quality of the student
  choice projects, students have included them in
  professional portfolios, graduate school applications,
  and even university-sponsored and peer-reviewed

  Based on my experiences, I would recommend the
  following for instructors interested in implementing
  student choice projects:

  [       Provide three to five general project types and
          then develop specific guidelines that the
          students can follow. In this way students are
          free to select the topic of interest and the

Volume 32, No. 4                                         March/April 2010                                        Page 11
Position Announcements

  Head of Fashion and Interior Design Department                Widdows, Search Chair; Purdue University; Consumer
  Missouri State University                                     Sciences and Retailing; Matthews Hall, Room 216; 812
                                                                W State Street; West Lafayette, IN 47907-2060.
  Missouri State University in Springfield, Missouri invites
  applications and nominations for the position of Head         Purdue University is an equal opportunity/equal
  of the Fashion and Interior Design Department. The            access/affirmative action employer fully committed to
  ideal candidate will demonstrate the competence to            achieving a diverse workforce.
  lead faculty, students, and staff, and will possess
  exceptional interpersonal skills, substantial strategic                _____________________________
  planning experience, and visionary and ethical
  leadership abilities. A terminal degree in Fashion,           Chair and Professor, Department of Consumer
  Interior Design, Family and Consumer Sciences,                Sciences
  Business, or a related field is required. Applications will   College of Education and Human Ecology
  be considered on a rolling basis with first consideration     The Ohio State University
  occurring on March 15, 2010. This appointment can             Columbus, OH
  begin as early as fall semester, 2010. Apply online at                The Department of Consumer Sciences seeks a chair
                                                                who will lead faculty, staff, students, and stakeholders
          _____________________________                         to new levels of scholarly/research excellence while
                                                                embracing a consumer perspective as an organizing
  Assistant/Associate Professor of Retail Management            framework. The chair also will guide the development
  Purdue University                                             of innovative approaches for preparing students for
                                                                productive careers in the three areas of study in the
  The Department of Consumer Sciences and Retailing of          department: Consumer and Family Financial Services,
  Purdue University is seeking an Assistant/Associate           Fashion and Retail Studies, and Hospitality
  Professor of Retail Management (tenure track).                Management.
  Responsibilities will include: teaching undergraduate
  and graduate courses in retail management, pursuing           We seek a candidate who possesses the following
  funded research, participating in graduate student            required qualifications: Ph.D. degree in one of the
  committees, and assisting in appropriate university,          Department’s academic disciplines or a related area;
  college and departmental duties.                              evidence of scholarly achievement sufficient for tenure
                                                                at the rank of Professor in one of the disciplines
  Applicants should have an earned doctorate in retail          represented in the department; experience as a Chair
  management or a closely related field. Background in          or other significant academic unit leadership position
  retailing or business would be welcome and looked             with responsibilities encompassing fiscal management;
  upon favorably. Evidence of teaching excellence is            demonstrated commitment to diversity; and evidence
  needed. Potential for excellence in research is very          of ability to generate extra-mural funding.
                                                                In addition, the following are desired: record of
  Salary commensurate with experience and                       mentoring and providing support for faculty and staff
  qualifications. Position available August 2010.               development; evidence of ability to build and sustain
  Screening will begin March 2010 and will continue until       strong relationships with industry stakeholders;
  a successful candidate is identified.                         experience leading and working in interdisciplinary,
                                                                inter-institutional and/or international collaborations;
   Applicants should send letter of application,                demonstrated commitment to outreach/engagement;
  curriculum vita, and the names of three people who            and experience with distance education and e-learning.
  could write a letter of recommendation to Rick

Page 12                                               March/April 2010                                    Volume 32, No. 4
 Position Announcements

  For more information or questions regarding the            of intent, and a list of three individuals who will
  position: Please contact Co-Chairs Dr. Golden Jackson-     provide references. Review of applications will begin
  Mergler (614-292-4575, or Dr.        immediately and continue until the position is filled.
  Jackie Blount (614-688-4571,
                                                             Chair of the FM Search Committee
  Applications: Applications will be accepted until a        Department of Family and Consumer Sciences
  suitable candidate is found. Applicants must submit a      Texas State University-San Marcos
  letter of application, complete curriculum vitae, and      601 University Drive
  the names, addresses, phone numbers, and email             San Marcos, TX 78666
  addresses of 3 references to: Anita Donaldson, College     Phone: 512-245-2444
  of Education and Human Ecology, The Ohio State             Email:
  University, 172 Arps Hall, 1945 N. High St., Columbus,
  OH 43210;                                  _____________________________

  To build a diverse workforce, Ohio State encourages
  applications from individuals with disabilities,
  minorities, veterans, and women. EEO/AA employer.                         How to Submit Articles for
                                                                              the ITAA Newsletter
                                                                      Please prepare your article in Word
  Full time tenure track Assistant Professor in the                   document (97-2003 compatibility) format,
  Fashion Merchandising Program                                       using 12-point Times Roman type.
  Texas State University-San Marcos.                                  Preferred length is 500-750 words.
                                                                      Submit an electronic photo of yourself
                                                                      with your subission (300 dpi -- JPEG or
  Qualifications: Required - Earned doctorate in Apparel
                                                                      TIFF). Articles on institutional
  and Textiles or a closely related field; evidence of                restructuring, strategic planning,
  research experience; ability to teach courses in two of             legislative concerns, tenure, and
  the following: aesthetics/branding, product                         promotion, innovative teaching, and
  development/technical design, visual merchandising,                 innovative programming in textiles and
  global economics; university teaching experience.                   apparel are always welcome.
  Preferred - Undergraduate and/or graduate teaching
  experience; peer-reviewed journal publications; grant               Email your submission to
  writing experience; teaching and research awards;          If you prefer,
  industry experience.                                                you can mail your submission on a CD
  Responsibilities include teaching undergraduate                     ITAA Newsletter
  courses and developing new courses to complement                    6060 Sunrise Vista Drive, Suite 1300
  existing undergraduate program; collaborate with                    Citrus Heights, CA 95610
  current program faculty in developing and teaching
  graduate courses within the proposed graduate                       Submissions will be reviewed by the
  program; supervising student research at the                        Newsletter Editor. Please allow at least
  undergraduate and graduate level; conducting and                    60 days from the submission date for a
  publishing high-quality peer-reviewed scholarly                     response as to acceptance or rejection
  research; and appropriate levels of service to the                  of your submission.
  department/college and to the profession.

  Contact: Applicants should mail a current vita, a letter

Volume 32, No. 4                                         March/April 2010                                        Page 13

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