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                      “Become the change you want to see in the World. “
                                     Mahatma Gandhi

Contact:       Mirko Vojnovic
               2335 Menzel Place, Santa Clara, CA 95050
               Tel. 408-644-2717          e-mail:

As things turned for the worse in the past few days, facing eviction from my own house, I
am left with no other option but to start a hunger strike in front of San Jose Family court. I
hope that my action will bring resolution that will benefit thousands of people who found
themselves in my position. DATE: Thursday, November 18, 2010 at 12 noon.
LOCATION: Santa Clara Family Court, 170 Park Avenue, San Jose, California 95113

Fraud and perjury in family courts is rampant and costly. Approximately 1.3 BILLION
dollars are spent by Californians in family courts every year to fight fraud and perjury
perpetrated by manipulative litigants, greedy attorneys and dishonest court appointed
specialists, thus directly hurting our children and our economy in these difficult times.
(NOTE 1). That money is not an investment which produces new value. How much of it
would be better spent to kick-start our economy, or be used by parents investing in their
children’s education? After all, isn’t the education of a new generation infinitely more
valuable for society than lining the pockets of the lawyers?

Many parents have lost custody of their children because of fraudulent character
assassinations committed by the other party. People have been cheated out of their hard
earned money and lost their homes. Lying in family courts has become standard practice
without repercussion to the perpetrator. Nobody is taking this problem seriously. There is
NO ACCOUNTABILITY for the party who chooses to not tell the truth. As a consequence
the other party ends up spending large amounts of time and money to defend themselves
from this lie while the perpetrator goes scot-free. The District Attorney does nothing, the
State Bar of California is so absurdly understaffed and therefore completely useless in
policing the ethics of their own members. The net result is that offenders are free to do it
again and again with impunity.

The American Judges Association states on its own website that in 70% of contested
divorce cases with domestic violence, the batterer is able to convince court-ordered
professionals that the battered is the unfit parent. This crisis affects 58,000 children
annually who are court-ordered into unsupervised contact with their identified abuser. For
more information go to: or Brochures and videos are available on this crisis.

I recently conducted a protest in front of San Jose Family Court. I was asking people to
sign a Petition to Stop Fraud and Perjury. In 15 days of standing in front of San Jose
Family Court I collected more than 200 signatures. Not such the Catholic Church Sex
Scandal has America seen such corruption.