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									                                     You’ve seen her on “Oprah” now meet Sophie Uliano, author
                                     of “Gorgeously Green: 8 Simple Steps to an Earth Friendly
                                     Lifestyle” as she talks with Organic Diva. Sophie offers an
                                     upbeat solution-oriented program in “Gorgeously Green” by

                                     showing Divas how to live a sustainable life in style. “From
                                     lipsticks to light bulbs, you will learn how to feel gorgeous
                                     without polluting yourself or the planet.” Sophie’s program

                                     covers beauty, home, fitness, style, food, travel and gardening
                                     in an entertaining way thanks to her English wit.
                                     Show Sophie some Organic Diva love by picking up her book Sophie Uliano
                                     and making one of her suggested changes daily. You and your
                                     world will be even more beautiful. (Is that even possible?!)

                                     OD: You cover so many great topics in your book. For our purposes today, we’ll
                                     mostly focus on cosmetics. What is your advice to women who are just becoming
                                     aware of toxins in their cosmetics?
                                     SU: There is a great media buzz right now about how some cosmetic companies are taking
                                     all the “bad” chemicals out of certain lines or how a particular nail polish brand is completely
                                     safe; however, these claims should be based on scientific evidence and often aren’t.
                                     Most products claim to be natural or say that they contain botanicals or plant extracts.
                                     This means absolutely nothing—they may well contain miniscule amounts of these
                                     ingredients but they also use a plethora of chemicals and additives.

                                     OD: What else should Organic Divas watch out for?
                                     SU: Definitely the Dirty Dozen. They should also watch out for “unscented” or “fragrance-
                                     free,” which often means that synthetic ingredients have been added to mask the odor.
                                     Also be wary of “hypoallergenic.” Although the most common irritants may have been left
                                     out, the product could still contain other ugly stuff.

                                     OD: What’s a Diva to do?
                                     SU: Don’t waste another penny on a cream or lotions that wasn’t produced with your health
                                     in mind. If you are in doubt or confused by a particular product you own, you can go to a
                                     website and actually type in the product to get the safety scoop on
“I quite simply cannot list all      it. (And of course, shop at Organic Diva!)
the amazing aspects of this          OD: One of our Divas recently emailed to ask what she should do with her
book you are about to read,          old products?
but I can tell you this: I love to   SU: It’s true that all of the toxic chemicals in the products we use get washed into the water
shop. I love to cook. I love to      and affect fish and wildlife. I put my old toxic cosmetics out with our hazardous waste.
feel that I have done one thing      OD: What is your final advice to women who are trying to make healthier
a day to educate myself and my       cosmetic choices?
children in making the world a       SU: Read the ingredient labels on the products you use. Get a magnifying glass if you must.
better, stronger place to live in.   Also, try to use products that use 20 ingredients or less. It’s up to women to make healthier
                                     choices for themselves and their families. They can do this by educating themselves. A good
Easier said than done, right?        place to start checking the safety of their products is the Environmental Working Group’s
We would all do the right            site The EWG covers every aspect of the environment and is pushing
thing/things if only we had          companies that need it to make our world a healthier place.
the resources, the answers, the
advice we need. What can I tell      The following are a list of products on the Organic Diva website that Sophie
you, but here it is!”                recommends in her book:
from “Gorgeously Green”               “Suki has an excellent exfoliating lemongrass cleanser that you want to eat off your face
Foreword by Julia Roberts              as it drips down.”

                                      “Afterglow Cosmetics are made from pure crushed minerals and are really safe.
                                       Everything from my base to my eyeliner is Afterglow.”

                                      “UV Natural is a fabulous sunscreen that contains no chemicals, and I love that a little
                                       goes a long way. It’s extremely thick, so squeeze out a dime-size amount into your palm,                   rub your hands together and then apply (the heat of the hand rubbing helps to soften it.)”

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