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Job Title:           Artist-in-Residence                                        Post No: A518

Salary Grade:        Locally-determined salary - £15,131 pa + accommodation/studio

Faculty:             Media, Art & Communications (Pittville Studios)

Base Location:       Gloucester Cathedral

FTE:                 1.0

Special Conditions:          1 year fixed term contract with effect from June 2010 or as soon
                             as possible thereafter.
                             The post is based at Gloucester Cathedral. The post holder
                             may be based at any premises the University occupies and
                             may be required to work at any University site or any other
                             reasonable location where the University is undertaking its
                             The postholder is required to live and work in accommodation
                             The Artist will be provided with a studio in close proximity to the
                             Cathedral to be used solely for the performance of duties. Living
                             accommodation will be provided, subject to the normal Inland
                             Revenue regulations regarding benefits.

The consortium partners of the University of Gloucestershire, Gloucester Cathedral, Gloucester
City Council and Gloucestershire County Council have successfully secured funds from Arts
Council South West, which, have ensured the continuation of this residency.

This will be the twelfth residency and will run from June 2010, or as soon as possible thereafter,
for one year.

The post is additionally financed by, Gloucester City Council, Gloucester Cathedral and the
University of Gloucestershire.

The Dean and Canons of Gloucester Cathedral, staff and visitors to the Cathedral,
representatives from Gloucester City Council, academic staff and students at the University of
Gloucestershire, the County Education Officer.


Responsible to:

Line Manager Dean of Media, Art and Communications

1      Primary Functions:

1.1    To interpret the life of the Cathedral in an artistic context with reference to its physical,
       spiritual and community environment.
1.2    To produce work for work-in-progress exhibitions and a final exhibition that will conclude
       the residency.

1.3    To provide a total of 30 days teaching and community work to undergraduate and
       postgraduate students at the University of Gloucestershire and to selected groups of
       participants in the City.

1.4    To contribute to events that will bring the artist’s work to the local community of
       Gloucestershire. It is anticipated that these may take the form of illustrated slide talks,
       workshops or a schools’/community project. These projects are included in the 30 days of
       education and community work in 1.3.

2      Secondary Functions:

2.1    To attend meetings of the Artist-in-Residence Steering Committee and report on progress.

2.2    To attend Cathedral, University or Council events where appropriate.

2.3    To undertake any other duties and responsibilities, commensurate with the grade of the
       post, properly directed by the Line Manager. These variations will not change the general
       character of the post or the level of responsibility entailed.

Although the base location is as shown, the role holder may be required to work on any
University site.

This job description outlines the main duties and responsibilities of the post and should be
read in conjunction with the guidelines for determination of the duties of academic employees
and the library of academic role profiles. These are to be found in the Personnel Handbook:

This job description is a guide to the work the post-holder will initially be required to undertake. It
may be amended from time to time to meet changing circumstances by mutual agreement. It is
expected the job description will be regularly reviewed by the post-holder and his/her manager.
These discussions will normally take place during the Staff Development Review interview.
Where appropriate, an agreed amended job description will be produced or explicitly authorised
by the Human Resources Department.

January 2010

Closing date:        22 February 2010

Interview date:      9 & 10 March 2010

Job Title:              ARTIST-IN-RESIDENCE

Faculty:                Media, Art and Communications

Grade:                  Locally determined salary : £15,131 plus accommodation and

      Attributes          Essential                            Desirable

1     Attainments         BA and MA

2     Experience          Substantial experience of          Teaching experience at BA and
                          exhibiting and research in subject postgraduate level.

3     Aptitude/skills     Range of technical skills relevant   Experience of working with
                          to subject area.                     schools and/ or community
                                                               groups essential.
                          Organisational abilities.
                                                               Ability to initiate, plan and deliver
                                                               community projects.
4     Disposition         Open, friendly and approachable.

                          Ability to work in a team.

5     Circumstances       Able to relocate to Gloucester.

January 2010
Gloucester Cathedral Artist-in-Residence


The consortium partners of the University of Gloucestershire, Gloucester Cathedral, and
Gloucester City Council, wish to appoint an Artist-in-Residence to work at Gloucester
Cathedral from June 2010, or as soon as is possible thereafter. The residency is for one
year. This appointment will be the twelfth annual Artist-in-Residence at the Cathedral.

This project enables the consortium partners to link the creative energy of Fine Art at the
University of Gloucestershire, with the physical and spiritual background of the Cathedral,
and the City and their experience of working with the community.

The tremendous potential of arts and cultural activity to contribute to the process of urban
regeneration is well established and the consortium members plan to use the benefits the
successive residencies will bring, as a central part in the planned cultural development of
Gloucester and the region.


During the year, the artist in residence will interpret the life of the Cathedral and be offered
the opportunity to explore new directions in their work. The artist will be responsible for how
this is achieved, but the consortium is keen that they address the spiritual dimension of the
life work and community structures of the Cathedral rather than focusing just on its physical
environment. The artist will be expected to have an interim exhibition of their work in the
cathedral, within three months of commencing the residency, to be followed by a
comprehensive exhibition of their work in the cathedral, at the end of the residency.

There is also a community aspect to this residency. Consequently it is vital that the artist has
the skills and experience to interact with the communities of the Cathedral, City, and
University on a regular basis, as well as well as through workshops etc.

Throughout the residency, the consortium partners will monitor the work of the artist and
provide a support structure. It is expected that the artist will work closely with the Dean and
Visitors’ Officer at the Cathedral, the City Council’s Visual Arts Development Officer and the
University. Support from the University of Gloucestershire will be provided by the Dean of the
Faculty of Media, Arts & Communication and Andrew Stonyer, Professor in Fine Art; who is
responsible for the residency.
Residency Details:

The Artist will be provided with a studio in close proximity to the Cathedral to be used solely
for the performance of their duties. Living accommodation will be provided, subject to the
normal Inland Revenue regulations regarding benefits. The annual salary is £15,131 and a
project budget will be provided to cover some of the costs and related expenses of the
residency exhibition programme.

The Consortium Partners:

The following information provides details of the structure that will support the successful
candidate during their residency.

University of Gloucestershire

From the beginning of the development of the Artist-in-Residence project and the formation of
the consortium, the Faculty of Media, Arts and Communication at the University of
Gloucestershire has operated as the lead partner. The Faculty is committed to the creation of
regional partnerships that will enable it to develop a range of art-in-the community projects,
and promote high quality artistic activities and wider access to the arts. The Faculty sees the
development of a range of distinctive projects as the means for embedding the work of
students and staff in the life of Gloucestershire.

The School of Art was established in Cheltenham in 1852, and the continuing stability has
given the School a strong identity and focus and has enabled it to develop a broad range of
relevant subject expertise and experience in the human and physical resources necessary for
the successful management of the Residency Project.

Gloucester City Council

The Council sees the visual arts as playing a key role in delivering their core objectives. This
is being achieved by developing the arts in the city to provide services of regional and
national significance. The aim is to create a framework for partnership and ensure arts
activities can contribute to the delivery of core Council aims of social inclusion, fairness and
diversity, and learning throughout life.

The Faculty of Media, Arts & Communication, along with the Cathedral and City, have worked
together on managing a number of art projects in a variety of settings. The joint aims of the
partnership have been to develop a pool of creative young talent that the councils can be
utilised for public and private arts developments, whilst giving the University students the
huge advantage of gaining professional experience as part of their courses. To date, a broad
range of art projects based in Gloucester city and involving the students from the Faculty
have taken place.

The Cathedral

The Church of the Benedictine Community, which had been in Gloucester since 681AD, was
rebuilt in 1089. Most of the Norman building survives, including the crypts and nave, with
their distinctive and powerful columns and arches. After the death of Edward II, whose tomb
is in the Presbytery, the East End of the building was transformed by the first development of
Perpendicular architecture in the country, culminating in its magnificent Quire. About 1351,
the east walk of the Cloister incorporated the invention of the first fan vaulting in Europe. At
the dissolution of the monastery in 1541 the Abbey became a Cathedral Church governed by
a Dean and Chapter of Canons. This constitution remains.
The Cathedral has a staff of about forty people of a wide range of age and experience, and
depends for the continuation of its daily life on the services of over three hundred voluntary
helpers. It defines its purpose as being above all a place where worship is offered to God
daily and where people are drawn into an awareness of God’s presence. It tries to make all
groups welcome – young and old, rich and poor, black and white, believer and non-believer.

The presence of an Artist-in-Residence is seen as part of the exploration of the spiritual and
social role of art of which Gloucester’s musical tradition is a notable example. The Choir,
under its Director of Music, Andrew Nethsingha, sings daily and has a wide repertoire of
traditional and modern music. In recent years they have built up an international reputation
with tours in the United States, Australia and New Zealand.

The Cathedral Precincts are the home of a community that would provide a supportive
environment for any artist willing to meet and engage with the wide range of people there.

Selection Process:

Applicants are asked to submit 15 – 20 slides or appropriate visual material, a completed
University application form, a curriculum vitae, and a written proposal of no more than two
sides of A4 that outlines the applicant’s approach to the residency. A stamped, addressed
envelope for return of slides should be included with the application.

A number of applicants will be shortlisted for interview. A selection panel with representatives
from the Cathedral, University, City Council and Arts Council England will form the interview
panel to ensure candidates of the highest standard.

Closing date for applications:    22 February 2010

Interviews will be held on:       9 and 10 March 2010.

Post begins on:                   June 2010, or as soon as possible thereafter

For an informal chat ONLY please Andrew Stonyer, Professor in Fine Art, tel: (01242) 714967
or e-mail

All applications should be sent to University of Gloucestershire, Human Resources
Department, Pittville Studios, Albert Road, Cheltenham, Glos, GL52 3JG

January 2010

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