Larousse del Perfume y las Esencias The Larousse Book by bradbutler


									                                                        PRICE 18,75 €                                                                  PRICE 18,75 €
                                                        NUMBER OF PAGES 200                                                            NUMBER OF PAGES 232
Larousse del Perfume y las Esencias                     SIZE 19 X 26 CM       Larousse de la Dietética y la Nutrición                  SIZE 19 X 26 CM
The Larousse Book of Perfumes                           BINDING HARDBACK      The Larousse Book of Dietetics                           BINDING HARDBACK
and Essences                                                                  and Nutrition

A remarkable volume that collects extensive                                   Everything you need to know about nutrition to be
information on perfumes and essences. It examines                             able to enjoy a healthier life. A pleasant and
their evolution throughout history and the secrets of                         educational presentation of the properties of food,

the perfumiers. It also analyzes interesting aspects                          culinary techniques, the most appropriate and balanced
such as the external image of perfume as well as the                          diets, with 250 photographs, 40 drawings, diagrams
relationship between perfume and the fashion world.                           and explanatory tables.


                                                                              Rights sold in: Brazil

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